West & South

I have managed to get into a little seaside town of Tasucu in the  province of Mersin in south-western Turkey, after a long walk and hitch-hiking with the help of peace-loving people. I have gone through Gazintap, Iskendrun in Antakia and Adana in southern Turkey to get here. Even the police helped me to get onto a main road when I was hitch-hiking towards Mersin city.

Last night I put up my tent and made my first peace camp here in Turkey. I did this in the bus terminal of Mersin city. I slept a little and then I could hear that people were talking about my protest/peace tent and that I needed to get to the town of Tasucu, and then they woke me up to help me get there – the story everywhere in the terminal was about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I explained “This is a peace camp and I don’t have anywhere else to go and sleep and this is where my journey has brought me and that’s why I have camped here.” After my explanation the people were very helpful.


In the town of Tasucu I spent from morning to late afternoon trying to convince private ferries to cross me to Cyprus, but this was difficult and I didn’t have success. Later in the afternoon I came up with the idea of going to speak to the mayor or the governor of the town, but before I could even get to the town hall someone found me who could secure a ticket to Cyprus for me without any problem. After that I came out to a cafe which looks out towards the island of Cyprus,  and I hope by tomorrow I will be there and then I will try to get a step nearer to Lebanon and then Palestine… but let’s hope to get to Cyprus first and then think about the next steps.


I didn’t keep trying to go to Baghdad because the people at the last checkpoint wouldn’t let me go through with what I had in my hand in terms of paperwork, so to carry on would have meant the risk of hiding from the authorities and from the insurgents and I would have had no help. Sometimes you feel when a problem becomes so obviously clear, then to still try to do it is going to be a madness. I decided not to risk it when it became so obvious and clear. So that is why I am now trying this alternate route.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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