End of this era

I had about an hour meeting with the designer and he was quite happy to help me with the ID, but today I called him back and he told me still not finished, so I am still waiting to see what is going to happen after the first draft of his design, and also waiting to see if any Occupy London people can help me who have design skills.

On 10.02.13 I went out with the aim of making an appointment to see the leader of the regional government, but soon I was told the person I am there to see, who could help me make an appointment to see the leader, has got a lot of other appointments. I was told to come back next day, so I planned the rest of my day by trying to go to the governor’s office so I can get a letter from him to see the head of the parliament,  but over there as well I didn’t have any luck,  and I was told to come back tomorrow, so I started to go to a few other places and spoke to a few more people about my peace mission, then went back to my resting place at the Malito (means “your home”) hotel room.

Next day I started by going to my first appointment at the PDK office, soon I was told the person I have an appointment with doesn’t wish to see me and I should forget trying to see him, so I decided to abolish the idea of trying to see the head or the leader of the regional government, and soon headed down to the governor’s office again to see if I can see him and thank him for his hospitality, and also to see if I can get a letter to go and see the head of the parliament. I was told he is having an important meeting and I should come back the next day to see him,  so I headed out to a meeting that with the head of the Time Centre.

The head of the Time Centre did welcome me and told me all about their projects and his secretary took some photos and he promised to publish them on their Facebook. He also offered to make some other appointments for me including for a radio interview, seeing the UN, and going and doing a symbolic tree planting in the disputed area between Hawler/Erbil and Kirkuk. So, after the many disappointments, I had a good meeting with this NGO charity.

On 12.02.13 I went back to pay my last visit to the governor’s office, but before even I got to his office I was told I have to go to the council of ministers, so I headed down there and I was told I have to go to another government building, because they can’t do much there, so I headed down to this new building,  and soon I was told the person I am there to see, he is abroad, and they can call me to make an appointment for sometime in the next two weeks. It wasn’t even 11am and already I had received three rejections,  so I decided to go to some other government and NGO building, including to see the mayor of Hawler (Erbil) municipality. This time I was hunting totally different things – maps – and as I was going through the capital’s main park (Shanyder), I realised there was a cave here where the skeleton of a neanderthal human dating back 80000 years was found. I met a group of student who were on a tour of the park and I told them about my story and they were quite happy to talk with me and they started taking photos to put on their Facebook.

I started to visit all those buildings and people looking for maps and everyone was quite helpful and I got a map from one of them. I then started to walk back to my peaceful resting place, and as I put up my board showing my direction on it, a car stopped and a group of young people came out, and they told me “We have seen you on Facebook and would like to take some photos,”  and I told them “No problem, you are welcome,” and after that they asked me if I need to take a lift, but I told them “You don’t have enough space, so no worries, there will be some others.” Immediately after they left, a taxi stopped and asked me come on board and before I explained anything he told me ” Just jump on, I want to help.”

I got back to my hotel and as I arrived at the reception I was told by the receptionist that I have to pay for the hotel for tonight, and I said “What’s happened?” and he told me “We have got a call from the governor’s office to say this” and I said “Well now it is to late for me to find anywhere, but perhaps I can just put up my tent outside till tomorrow, because I don’t use money,” but the manger of the hotel said “No problem, I’ll pay for it tonight, and for dinner as well”. So the hospitality of the capital’s governor has finished, and now I have to thank everyone here in the Malito hotel and the governor’s office for my stay here and from tomorrow, I’ll be back to the life of camping, unless I find some other kind people here in the capital who put me up while I decide what to do next.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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