Many meetings

A couple of days ago I met some of the people who are involved in a charity place called TIME CENTRE (, and I stayed with them for about an hour and told them all about my peace mission. They were quite happy to help me to get in touch with the director of the centre, and they gave me his contact details so I can get in touch with him myself. I will see if he can link me with some other organisations such as UNHCR (the UN refugee agency).

There’s another university here in the capital called  Salahadin as well, but I tried to get in touch with them and the phone isn’t being answered so I have to just try again tomorrow.

I also have an appointment with a person who I was told is good at designing, so I am hoping he might be good to help me with the international Earthian ID as well.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Many meetings
  1. rhein says:

    bonjour de France,
    Nous sommes un couple de français qui vous avaient pris en stop sur les petites routes d’Irlande.
    Nous sommes rentrés maintenant et nous découvrons ton blog.

    Bravo, bonne continuation
    Vive la paix et l’amour de son prochain.
    Murielle et Michel
    de Vendée

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