Today I started my day by going to the ‘Council of Ministers’ and there I managed to speak to someone who told me I have to go to another building, and see someone else, to make an appointment to see the leader of the regional government (Mr Masoud Barzani), who is out of the region at the moment. After some walking and hitch-hiking I managed to get there, and I got into their building, and I met a group of people who had all been living outside the region and now are all advisers to the PDK, of which Barzani is the head.

After a warm welcome they all advised me not to go to Jordan/Gulf States, because in those places are dictator governments who won’t respect my peace mission and won’t understand my message and “We all worry you will go missing”. They advised me I should see more organisations, maybe the head of UNHCR and more media outlets too. They think I should make here, the Kurdish capital, the end of my mission.

So, I told them “Thank you all for your concerns and advice, I’d like to make an appointment with the leader of your party who is also the head of the regional government”. As I knew from before, they told me he and many others are outside of the region and “We don’t know when he is coming back, but if you
come back on Sunday, you’ll see a person can make you an appointment for seeing the leader”.

I thanked them all again, and I told them that for time being I can’t do much until I see him and then I will make my decision, and I left the place, heading back to see the governor.

By the time I got there, the governor was busy again, and I went back to a person who is sort of his deputy, and he took my number and told me he is going to call me back. He also asked me to go and see another person in the area of identification, so I went there, and I met this person, and he told me all about how you can get an Iraqi ID! I told him “This is not what I am here for and I am not interested in getting one, all I need is something called an Earthian ID but I think you would not be able to make me one”. After taking
a photo of me with him, he called back to the governor’s deputy office again
and he told them that what I need wouldn’t be made here.

I then headed back to the governor’s deputy’s office and he again sent me to another office. I told the head of this office as well that what I need is something new, and that I have to speak to the head of the government, which is why I am trying to make an appointment, and that is the only way to go forward. I went back to the governor’s secretary’s office and I told him that really all I need is a letter so that I can see the head of the regional government/parliament, to see if he can help me with this ID or not. He told me to please come back on Sunday, because “it is too late now”.

After this I went to a place called Peace Radio. After two days of trying, I managed to get into their office and speak to the manager and exchange
details. He told me he is going to make an appointment with me, and will call me back to talk about my peace mission. I have to mention their fruit hospitality was great, it was just in time!

Next I headed out to another government building but when I got there the office was closed. As I was talking to the person in front of the gate, I was told, “How come you haven’t got a map from Britain? We have been told the UK has the best and most accurate map of Kurdistan from 1895, before the border creation and the division of Kurdistan between five different countries and the redrawing of the whole of the Middle East after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire”.

So, I think if I need to abolish some borders I have to start with some here, which have been created artificially and not according to the will of local people. I need some deep research for finding this map, which must exist in Britain and I am not aware of it. If anyone has seen one, please let me know.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Borders
  1. Susan says:

    Hi – I am finding your blog fascinating and really admire your courage. I found this after googling maps of Khurdistan – is it any good to you? Let me know if I can be of further help.

    • earthianblog says:

      Hi Susan, thankyou very much for your support and for reading this blog and for the link which I will check shortly. If you keep reading the blog and telling other people about it too, that would be very helpful. Sometimes I will ask the readers of the blog a question or ask for information or help so there will be more chances to help in the future if you would like to! Thankyou again.

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