Practising patience

Today I have managed to get to the information and enquiries building
of the interior ministry, but soon I found out I have to have a link or someone has to recommend me to them, or I have to have a letter from someone
who they know, before they will see me. So I headed out to go and see the mayor or the governor himself, which is the only link I have got in order for me
to maybe get an audience with the ministers. When I got there, again I was told to come back tomorrow. Over here work days finish at about 2:30 – 3 pm and you have to wait until the next day.

So, I am walking around the capital and talking to people again about what and why am I doing this mission. Some people are very kind and helpful and some make me very disappointed, but I always tell myself if I have managed to get as far as here, I can carry on and finish the rest of my journey.

Interestingly I am now well known as the first man to walk and hitch- hike here in the Kurdish capital and a lot of people are stopping and asking me what am I doing, holding this board with my destination on it! Many people just stop to ask me out of curiosity and then I have a chance to explain all about my peace walk and peace mission.

As an example, today a car stopped and he told me “yesterday I saw you on the ring road and I couldn’t stop to ask you what are you doing, so now I see you again today and am stopping”! I explained and he told me “unfortunately I am not going towards your direction”, but he offered me a bottle of water and a Turkish delight. Also some of the taxi drivers are just wanting to help me and get me from one government building or one centre to another, although some other times I have to walk all the way, but it is all new and interesting.

Sometimes people are asking if they can have a photo with me, because they have seen me somewhere on TV or in a newspaper, or on Facebook or a website or somewhere else.

I am telling myself that as long as I have this place to stay, I can be active and try to arrange and do a lot of good things here, so while I feel I am doing something just about enough to satisfy my feelings, I will carry on with trying to make contacts and get official help for the next phase of the journey, and hopefully soon I will be ready to go.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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