Uni of Kurdistan Interview

These are the answers I gave to the University of Kurdistan:


I was born more than four decades ago in a village called “Noryab” about 200 miles in the south east of the Kurdish capital.


Half of my life was in so called eastern culture, and the other half in western culture. I am an electrical and computer engineer.


My life-long peace journey has made me come here.


Throughout my journey I have seen so much, there have been ups and downs, I can’t sit still and mention all of it here, but I have to say the best thing is that I have to managed to make it this far. Overall my journey has been great.


I came from Great Britain (UK) to France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and here, Kurdistan – my homeland.


My main mission is try to extend one day of peace to a week of peace, lasting from 21.09. to  28.09 of each year. Also I am advocating war to be stopped immediately all across the world especially here in Kurdistan, Syria, Palestine, Mali etc. I also advocate having a resource based economy rather than monetary based economy; also I would like to see the abolition of borders, the death penalty, and weapons of mass destruction.


I want to see free movement of all human beings across the planet. Where and when ever they want to go, they should be allowed, without any restriction of visas and the rest. Also I want to see every human being on the planet to be able to have access to basic necessity for life, and health, and education free of charge.


I have a lot of comments to make, but in the next meeting or next lecture it would be great to say more.


I have had so many interesting moments, but to mention one is my week stay in Slovenia, and Hungary.


I have left London the capital of Great Britain (UK) on 23.10.2012.


I hope that I answered all of your questions and please don’t hesitate to question me if any thing is unclear, until than may peace be upon all of you at the University.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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