Many appointments

I am still at the hotel which the mayor brought me to and the governor has approved of me being here. They have not said anything to me yet about leaving here, and so I am arranging to go out during the day and making different appointments and seeing different people.


On 02.02.13 I had an interview with a TV channel called KNN and they told me they will let me know when they publish it.

After that, as I promised to the Kurdish Syrian Society, I went and met those who are helping the refugees who are coming and needing help. I spoke to them about my journey and they took some photos and wrote down what I was doing, and why I was doing it. They wanted to put it all on their facebook and their website,, and they were quite happy for my visit.


On 03.02.13 I went to see the governor to see if he can help me with my international Earthian ID and also finding a safe passage for me to get to the Jordanian border without encountering any problem, so that I can spread my peace mission further through getting on with the second phase of my journey. Because it was Sunday, and here Sunday is like Monday, it was very busy, so I couldn’t  see the governor himself. I managed to see someone else almost like his deputy, and he took my number and told me he is going to get back to me, so I left the governor’s office.


Next I headed out to the historic Erbil citadel (the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the world ) and again I was speaking to the public about my peace journey. A lawyer was showing interest in helping me to get to the border of Jordan via a route he was saying used to be a silk route from here to Amman. I also came across two people from Halabja, who were here in the capital from an environmental organisation to meet with minsters about environmental problems. They were quite happy to help me if I go back to Halabja ever.


It was about 4pm by this time, when I got a phone call from my new friend from the Kurdish Syrian Community. I was told a bad news – one of his relatives has been killed in a bomb blast in Kirkuk, and he wondered if I could go again to see the Syrian community and speak to them some more about my peace journey, so I did so and met more Syrian people. They were quite happy for me being there again, at this sadness time, and I did send my deepest condolences  on the tragedy, to the family, relatives and friends of the victims.


Later on I left the community and went back to my resting place, and thought about something which struck me about the funeral culture at this community, and that was all the people who were coming to the funeral were offered cigarettes, and this made me feel sad.


On 04.02.13 I started my day by going to the University of Kurdistan. This happened after I managed to make an enquiry about giving a talk at the University, and I got a phone call from Sazan M. Mandalawi, director of Media & Public Relations, who said “I have got your message from yesterday at our main reception that you wanted  to come and speak to us”, and so they invited me. As I arrived they kindly arranged for me to have a walk around the University and were taking some photos and also they kindly provided me with a nice lunch. I spoke to some students here and there throughout my tour and after that, the director asked me if I can answer some questions which she is going to publish on the university website and Facebook as well. She can hopefully then arrange for a time for me to go and talk to more students. Later on in an e-mail I replied to her and I will post my answers on this blog in a separate post.


Now I am waiting to hear from her for the time of my talk. She also gave me a contact number for an NGO organisation called START, a social development organisation. Straight away after leaving the university I made a phone call and with my hitch-hiking skills I managed to get there quickly to START and gave about an hour-long talk. The head of the organisation asked me if I can stay and help them, but I said I have a bigger mission to accomplish and thanked him for the offer. I then got another contact for the main person who can get me in touch with about 600 NGO organisations. This is through an organisation called IKNN, and immediately I called the person in charge and he told me to get back the next day as he was out of capital but might be back very soon.


After that, as I was walking along, a young person was asking me if I have time to go and talk for one of his programmes about my journey, so we exchanged numbers and I said “no problem”. Then I tried to go to the parliament  but it was closed. I have to go tomorrow for making an appointment with the head of the ministers and also the head of the regional government. I  hope to see if they can help me with my requests which I have put forward to the governor’s office, about which I haven’t heard anything yet.


I hope to have a good few good days ahead.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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