Elusive Officials

I am still in the hotel which has been provided by the governor and during the day I am going out and trying to make best use of my time while I have the privilege of not being under a  tent and having two main meals a day – it is a good news isn’t it? Yes, I think!


Today I started my day by going to the parliament of the regional government. I was hoping to see the head (leader) of the house of parliament / prime minster (head of the ministers) or the leader of the regional government. I have manged to get into the Information and Enquiries building and after that I was told “What time is your appointment and who has sent you to come here?”. It seems to be that in order to see any of these people you need to have a great link and someone has to recommend you and know you very well. I told them “I don’t know anyone and I am here to make an appointment and nothing else”. They were refusing to give me a number, so that I can make an enquiry to make such an appointment, so I came out of the information building of the parliament and made some phone calls with the hope of getting somewhere, but with no luck.

I came away from the parliament building and headed out to go to another department, this time the Kurdistan regional government council department of foreign relations. After about an hour’s discussion about my ideas and plans they told me they can’t do much about what I need, and they recommended another ministry building, so after a long hitch-hiking struggle I managed to get there, but by the time I got there they told me it is closed now. So, I did another hitch-hike to see the Director of Relations of the Iraqi Kurdistan NGOs’ Network (IKNN) www.facebook.com/ahmad.jamil.165. Because he had another meeting he asked me to send him what I want him to do for me, or what help from him do I want, and he can get back to me afterwards.


All this is because I wanted to have a safe passage to Jordan and wanted the regional government to help me organise to carry an Earthian ID with me to avoid paperwork problems. The government seems to be far from doing this very quickly, so while I am going from one place to another, here and there I go to different high schools, colleges and universities to make appointments, so I can talk about my peace mission in these places.


I feel I haven’t done much to satisfy what I am doing here, but I do my best to feel I have done what I can and have to do, so that afterwards I won’t regret and think “why haven’t I done enough?” I have my limitations as well, as soon as I feel I am not doing what I came here for, I’ll move on to the next stage, but I think that while I have the opportunity of the place that I am staying in, I shouldn’t give up so soon. I am hoping I can find someone out there who can help me with my ID and transportation, as they did with my accommodation; that is all I want from the regional government and I hope they will listen to me for the sake of just being human beings trying to do the right thing.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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