New Year on Salam St

Here on New Year’s Eve, I packed all my stuff after three days of cleaning it up at someone’s kind place, after the wind-blown incident at my fifth peace camp in Azadi Park.

I put all my stuff on a ‘hand trolly’, which was contributed by a kind person, and visited all the sites where I had my peace camps around Sulaymaniyeh, and as I went I spoke to people about the second leg of my journey. Also I walked from one end to the other of the main street in Sulaymaniyah (Salam St.), which is famous for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and I spoke to a lot of young and
other people, who were all out there for the celebrations and for the music stages along the street.

I had an interview with a famous TV channel here called NRT (, and later on people were calling me to say “we have just seen your interview on the TV” – I think this was quite a good beginning for the new leg of my journey. Also, I met some new American teachers here, and some others from Europe (one of them already had an interview with me to send to a Dutch magazine), and after midnight I went back with Chris and Hanna and other friends to have a good rest.

So, then I had a good New Year’s Day out here in Sulaymaniyeh with some of my good Occupy friends, and hopefully I will be heading towards the town of Halabja on 2nd of Jan, 2013.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “New Year on Salam St
  1. wyrdsis says:

    Glad to hear you are ok and seeing in the new year with joy, wishing you well on your travels.

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