Black Wind of Sulaymaniyeh

I hope that everyone had a great Xmas and Boxing Day. These celebrations are not in my tradition but because of the gathering of families it is a good time to enjoy and use the time as well as possible.  I was invited to visit Chris and Hanna, and there I saw Richie who is on a cycling and couch-surfing trip from Turkey and around the Middle East, and Adam and  Ben who are teaching with Chris and Hanna, and Tom who is teaching as well like them but in Howler and not here. As well two more local people visited and they have brought us plenty of food including turkey and also some local traditional food which is called Dolma.  So I had a day with a plenty of food and good company.


Chris and Hanna told me I can stay over with them, and I did stay over with them. I think I forgot to mention Sulaymaniyeh is famous for a very high wind known as ‘Rasha Bay Sulaymaniyeh’ meaning ‘The Black Wind of Sulaymaniyeh’. The next day after staying at Chris and Hanna’s place, when I went back to my peace camp in Azadi Park, there wasn’t any sign of my peace camp and my donated tent with everything I had inside it. I was asking the locals and they were all puzzled about what has happened to my very big tent and everything else inside it, and then, when I and some other good people were looking for my things, we saw the tent inside the lake floating at the far end of the lake. To cut the long story short, finally after four hours I managed to take the tent, and everything else from inside it, out of the lake. I organised to move everything to a good person’s place and wash everything and wait for all of it to get dry, and then try to see what to do next?

All this is at the time when my mum is here and I am trying to be with her as much as possible, before she goes back and I move on.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Black Wind of Sulaymaniyeh
  1. bombadil130 says:

    Well I think you have way with people which brings you good fortune when most other people would be facing extreme difficulty. Most people would find it absurd to travel without spending money and enter countries without using your passport over the distance you have travelled. Well done! We have not reached Utopia yet but maybe you have. Did you like my Occupy occupuppy manifesto?

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