Sulaymaniyeh Peace Camp 5

After spending some good time with my mum I am now in my fifth and final camp in the city of Sulaymaniyeh, in the middle of Azadi Park, away from high buildings and car noise. I am using another kind person’s laptop. Unfortunately there is a pond
and workers are trying to fence around it and they, as well as the pond’s ducks, are compensating for the city noise that I have escaped from. Still, I like my new campsite over all.

Today I had visitors including my mum and some good friends and I spoke to the director of all the city parks and he was quite happy for me to stay here as long as I like and I said to him, “I’ll be your guest just for a few days, or maybe a week, and then I’ll leave here in peace and harmony”.

Someone has kindly donated a larger tent for the duration that I am here and now people can come inside the tent for a cup of tea or coffee.

Chris and Hanna from Occupy are teaching here, they saw my name on a board which I wrote and put by my tent, so they came back to find me. I have spent more than half a day at their Centre (the New Generation Institute) and talked to their adult students about my peace camps and peace mission, and they have kindly taken some photos and they have invited me to have Christmas dinner with them as well.

They also asked me about if I would like to have an interview with Globe magazine, a weekly regional paper in English.

I will post a photo soon and some more messages for Occupy London.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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