Stay or Go?

In Peace Camp in Azadi Park it is a sunny day and I am planning to go and visit Chris and Hanna for the Christmas Dinner today.

A lot of people are asking me to stay here for a bit longer before I carry on with the next step in my journey, especially being with my mum in this cold period, so I am thinking about it! What to do next? I already have a problem of how to get to the Jordanian border and wonder now how long to stay here with my mum and then say goodbye to her? It is a bit hard but I am sure a good solution will come, maybe in its own time.

I have been writing to the people of Occupy London about how the main reason that I started my journey was to put two rules of the capitalist system under question. One rule is that of artificial borders and national identities, and the second is the monetary-based economy.

I have walked and hitch-hiked for a distance of more than 5000km and have tried not to use money, which has become a cancer tumour between people. Money has made us waste a lot of our good intention, time and potential.

One of the main reasons I do not want to use money is the darkness of it, that makes us forget what is the real potential of humanity. If money was just a medium of easy exchange I would love to use it as well, but instead it is a medium of distraction and troublesome.

Occupy London has a little money that a lot of kind people have donated, so I want to say “let’s make the best out of it and not spend it on something of which there is plenty around.”

I have an idea what we could do, we could help people to make an international ID with the planet Earth on its background, which does not separate people into nationalities but contains all the necessary details for an individual citizen to travel all around the world without any problem caused by anyone. I’d be quite happy to carry one international ID like this on my peace mission.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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