Difficulties and Reunions

It has been about a week, when I couldn’t get in touch and update what is going on here.

After three times going to the Governor’s Office, and six times going to the Sulaymaniyeh Regional Office to see a person who I was told could help with a place to accommodate myself and my mum, I finally saw the Deputy Director of that office. He told me “We can’t help you,” and “You have to get a letter from the Governor himself”. Which is why I have seen the Governor in the first place and he promised to help me, but after three times going there they sent me to this office six times – and all with no luck! or help!

So, I started to talk to people about what had happened and many people kindly told me “Don’t worry, when your mum comes we can find somewhere for both of you.” Already people had warned me that the regional government might not be able to help me. So I gave up and told the officials “I can’t keep coming here and there without any result, as  you know I am not using any money, I am not in a hotel or travelling in taxis and buses while in the city, only going on foot, so I will leave my mobile phone number with you. I am going to camp in a public park (Bakhi  Gashti), if you have any news about the Governor’s help I can be contacted, and then I can move from my camp in the park.

After this conversation I went to the park and I have camped there ever since, sleeping there at night and during the day I have been speaking to many different people.

I have spoken to some Chinese people (I have used my Chinese everyday conversation small pocket dictionary) and also to some Indians; I have mentioned to them about the story of the Indian man (Satish Kumar) who did a moneyless trip at the time of Cold War, and they were quite happy about this and they helped me to write and translate a little peace message from my peace camp with the help of a Kurdish man too. This was a good experience, talking and seeing their handwriting in their language. I have also spoken to some people from Nepal and they were quite kind and offered me some money, I told them I don’t accept any money only food and drink. They were quite puzzled but they kindly went and brought me some food. Also I have spoken to some people from Bangladesh.

All this was on Friday, it was a good day. Friday is a day off here for many workers and they all come to the main city park which I am camped in, so it was a good opportunity for me to talk to them despite the language barriers.

I had difficulty at the beginning with the security forces here, but luckily after going to their office a few times and having a meeting with some of their high responsible people, I convinced them that I am just a beacon of peace and there is not going to be any trouble at the park, despite having a few people every night coming and drinking themselves to the highest level drunkenness, but so far with no problem.

Good news is, last night finally after more than two weeks waiting, I saw my mum near my camp and we went back to my nephew’s place and I had a good shower after a dusty week and a good night’s sleep there in the company of my mum.

Today on my way back to my peace camp I have stopped in a place called Cafe 11, it is a place where people from different countries are meeting up and talking all different kind of matters. I am using a good person’s  iPAD and the Cafe 11 wireless and so have managed now to communicate with you all of you kind people again, and then I’ll be heading back towards my peace camp at the park.

I am planning to move my camp soon to a new place less crowdedwith buildings to prepare myself for the 21 December when I will do a peace meditation connection with the rainbow family back in London, I hope to do this peace meditation with many people.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those people from Occupy London for their kind letter. I will show this letter at my next border control, and hope it will bring me one step closer to the visa-less peace walk journey.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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3 comments on “Difficulties and Reunions
  1. Bombadil says:

    Hi Earthian,
    Well done for keeping going ! I will be Singing Occupy carols and playing guitar on Tuesday ( ie we change the words) around liverpool st banks with a group of us from Occupy. Protest on monday on the eviction by the courts of Occupy from the Library at Freien Barnet. At least they cannot now build on the site. However the Council acts high handedly by taking votes in secret rooms. See vids.
    Cheers have a happy Xmas

  2. wyrdsis says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated, always good to hear you are ok, good travels to you and we wait upon your return.

  3. Dear Earthian,
    t is so good that you have met with your mum, will you be together for a while? It is amazing that you have already travelled so far, and we are following your journey with much interest. We all hope that the letter of support will help you, everyone here is busy preparing for Christmas but I will be focusing on world peace at this time, especially on the 21st. Take care of yourself,
    with love from,

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