Peace Flag Problems

Not yesterday (the day before) I went to see the Director of Immigration to extend my stay from 15 days to 2 months and people who were working there, they were quite helpful and they have given me a 2 months visa with no problem, and even they helped with paying for the visa as well.

Then I headed to see the Governor again, to see if he can help me with a place for my mum and also help me with my peace camp, but unfortunately he wasn’t there and his deputy asked me to go back next day. I headed back towards my peace camp, and on my way back Ali from Faloja and another friend kindly prepared me a big lunch and then I went back to the camp to speak to some more people.

At the end of the night there were 2 persons who were drunk and telling me that my peace flag belongs to the gay people in Denmark and it is offensive so I should not show it (this was the second time that they told me about the peace flag issue, which is a rainbow flag with the word ‘Peace’ on it). I calmly told them this is nothing to do with gay people in Denmark and, it is for peace for all, and the colours show the mixture of everyone. To cut the long story short, after about one hour the security forces turned up and they told me “people have been offended by your flag so could you bring your flag down and come to our office tomorrow”, and they asked some other questions like “how long have you been here?” and “why don’t you go and stay in a hotel?” etc…

Finally they went and I slept till next day.

The next day I went to the security office (Asayashi Razgari) in the area that I have put up my peace camp and saw the manager of the security forces. He asked me to pack everything and go, and “don’t put up anything until you bring me a letter from the headquarters of
the Sulaymaniyeh security forces, if you do that, then you can put up your tent and camp”.  I have found out that before me there was a camp in this place and a lot of people were there and that has made them nervous about this place.

After that I went to see the Governor and from the Governor’s office someone asked me to go and see the Mayor of Sulaymaniyeh to see if he can do something about helping me with my camp and also a place for my mum. I tried but I couldn’t see him and now I am waiting and planing to see what I can do next, without a camp and a place for my mum to stay, hope everything will be solved very soon, because my mum is preparing to come and see me very soon.

I’ll keep in touch and update soon.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Peace Flag Problems
  1. Bombadil says:

    Well Earthian Occupy will write you a letter of support for your peace walk.

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