meeting more people

Yesterday morning I saw some people and I told them why I am here and also in the afternoon I had an interview with a local TV channel called “Rojhalat TV”, and also an interview with a local newspaper called “Hawalati”, I hope to get the links and post them here soon.

Today I did speak to some young people here and it was very interesting to them what I am doing. They have taken some photos and they said they are going to upload them on my facebook, so I hope to get them and post the link again.

Also a photographer from Hawalati newspaper turned up and took some photos for my yesterday interview and he was hoping to come back and do some more when I am inside my tent and at the time of eating and so on… He was saying “we would like to make it like a story rather than just a news piece”.

After that I went to a place which is called Caffee 11, it is quite close to the camp and it seems to be a very good place to meet up with people from all over the world, and this was shown to me by a member of CPT (Christian Peacemaker Teams), and he also kindly bought me some chips and vegetarian sandwich, I have to say he is being quite helpful to me.

Now I had my nephew’s laptop for the last hour or so and I have managed to check some of my e-mails, write this and listen to some news as well, and all this inside my tent at the Nali’s Garden Peace Camp.

Still hoping that the Governor will get back to me and help me with some tent and other facilities, otherwise I am planning to put up another tent myself with the help of my nephew, for when my mum comes hopefully within the next ten days, to accommodate her in my peace camp, and also to make the matter more known to the public.

Many thanks again as usual to all the people from Occupy who are supporting me and other people who have supported me on my journey, and greetings to all the people from Occupy London who are present at the next General Assembly.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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