Nali’s Garden

Despite not hearing anything from the Governor I have  moved my peace
camp, due to a lot of dust and noise from passing cars, from the underpass to a park called Nali’s Garden, which on its right has got Sulaymaniyeh’s main library and on the left is an old tobacco company. The security guards for the tobacco company gate kindly have offered me dinner and tea tonight.

I have seen some members of an organisation called Christian Peacemaker Teams in their office earlier today and also arranged for some interviews with local TV and newspaper for tomorrow.

Here inside the park is a bit chillier than the underpass so I might hunt for some wooden pallets to raise my tent tomorrow.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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4 comments on “Nali’s Garden
  1. Good to get this update. Hope you get the pallets and have enough warm clothes. Sending you warm thoughts ! Liz

  2. wyrdsis says:

    Thanks for blog, good to hear your OK.

  3. maxoccupylsx says:

    Wish I was there so we could have one of our pallet runs
    Followed by a cup of tea
    Power to your elbow and keep strong

  4. andria says:

    Earthian, you are something else. Be strong and wise forever

    Andria x

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