Finally, after one month and two days I arrived in the regional capital of the Kurdish rule in north of Iraq.

This has taken me through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey since the Hungarian government arrested me for not carrying my ID. I was released by them, after they got my British ID from the British embassy.

I managed to put up a tent inbetween the Bulgarian-Turkish borders, on no one country’s territory. Next day the Bulgarian border control came and they told me “you can’t carry on putting up your tent here” and I said to them “no problem, if I am upsetting anyone here I’ll move on, because I am bringing peace to here and the Middle East and everywhere”.

Last night I put up my tent here in the historic capital of the regional province (Hawler/Irbil). Regional TV channel ‘Gali Kurdstan’ filmed when I was putting up my tent and did an interview in Kurdish. Also, in Turkey I had an interview with Anadolu news agency.

My next destination is Sulamaniyah province to see some good friends, relatives, and hopefully family. There I hope to make my Earthian citizenship ID, and then move on to do the rest of my journey.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Kurdistan
  1. chris says:

    Hello I met you at smallworld just gone, completely agree with all of your principles if you find yourself in Dover again here’s my number I will be happy to help you in anyway I can 07532168401

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