Around Slovenia

After a night occupation of the capital of Slovenia (Ljubijana), today at around 2pm I said goodbye and headed out to the second largest city in Slovenia.  Arrived Maribor at around 5pm and now I am occupying the parks, streets, hostels, trains, and bus station of this city. I missed the last bus to the town of Lendava, the small Hungarian/Slovenian border town. I am hoping this time I can get through to the capital of Hungary, and hopefully way to Sofia, and then Istanbul. Wish me best luck, and hope to update you soon, many thanks again for everyone’s support and kindness, and good night.

I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Around Slovenia
  1. Joshua says:

    We hosted Earthian in “Gustaf” in Maribor. He stayed after a great concert of an italian art-rock Band, called “Blue Willa” to share some time with us;

    I also interviewed him, you can hear it on non-commercial Radio station, called “Marš” around 16:30:

    Good luck at the borders!!! Unfortunately the most important luggage were our passports when me and my girlfriend hitch hiked from Germany to Istanbul. So if you make it, it will be a non-violent symbolic act of breaking borders 😉

    Best Regards
    ps. I apologize for saying it is a “funny” idea, it is a great idea and I meant it that way 😉

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