Occupy Dover

23rd October

Camped at the base of the cliff at Dover, on the way to the centre of the earth in Iraq.

Local people are very hospitable. A generous Iraqi origin person in a kebab house is giving food. Tried to get a lift with a lorry, but they are not allowed to do this anymore due to regulations, so I will try cars instead.
I have given up my British passport. If you have a passport from a country it is like calling yourself a Muslim or some other religion. It all divides us from each other. Even if I go to prison I will not accept that the walls are counted as borders because I believe there are no borders and there shouldn’t be any borders.
I am going to tell the passport people this and tell them I am going to Iraq and maybe they will let me through.

I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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