Still In London!

Last week I managed to connect with some more wonderful peace brothers, and sisters here in London.

Starting with a “Walk in Peace” at the Speakers Corner Cafe in Hyde Park near Marble Arch Station, which was organised by a wonderful woman from , and through

I was there on Sunday with a peace sister and later a peace brother joined us for a wonderful lunch in weatherspoon.

I meet up at the “Hive” for a meeting with some of my wonderful peace brothers and sisters and I visited the Hive twice to talk about how we could make a difference in the world we live in and advocating a sustainable way of living, and I tried my best to help out with anything I could help with.

I also meet up a peace brother in a famous Housmans book place in King’s cross (, which I went for an event about “who’s afraid of the Easter rising?” 1916-2016 with James Heartfield, and as I couldn’t get in for the talk , but later on I managed to get some literature from there and see inside the book place which I have never been there for an event and I think it’s a good place to visit if you have time to find out about some other future events if you feel to do so.

Then on Thursday 7th of April I visited the LCW in GCH again for a film show.   The film was about a young woman called Hadewijch (Celine) life and few other people and their turmoil of how to coup the inner and outer peace of their mind, which personally will not approve to make or view such movies, but if you’re curse to see search for it on Youtube under the name “Hadewijch 2009”, and watch it for yourself, after watching the movie we had a good evening meal in the community, so please get in touch with them if you would like to help out in any way on

On Saturday 9.4.16 I met up with some more wonderful peace brothers and sisters in Kingsley Hall in east London for a day of nonviolence training with a group from, which was a wonderful day full of joy and knowledge, and at the end we visited the room which Gandhis had lived back in 1931 for number of weeks, where he made his famous speech, for more details visit or see

If you would like to get in touch for June action at AWE Burghfield please visit the above website and I hope you can make a change by your peaceful and supportive action.

On Monday 11.4.16 I went to Stratford court in solidarity and support for anti-arms fair people and I meet some wonderful peace brothers from Veterans for Peace or some others and I spoke about my peace journey with some of them as we’re waiting outside the court, so please if you are around come and join and show your support for a world with no weapons.

With much love and peace from your humbled Earthian peace brother back in London, England for a little while!?

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Back In England!

P1060605                                          P1060607 Back in London!

Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you’re all well, and in the good hands of universe.

I have to say that yesterday, after a long journey out of England since last May, I managed to get back into London safely, and I was welcomed back by my wonderful peace brother Dan, and  after making our way to a talk by John Dear ( who is an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence, and a long time activist, popular lecturer, and movement organiser, author of 30 books and hundreds of articles, including “Living Peace”, “Jesus the Rebel”, and “The Nonviolent Life”, also he was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu!? if you want to know more about him just type his name on any search engine yourself!?), in Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in central London, which was a wonderful talk and it’s very encouraging and very useful meeting, but before this on our way to the talk I was offered a nice cup of tea in my peace brother’s mum place, which I talk to them about my latest peace journey for more photos about the talk from peace brother Dan, you can visit

Then in the meeting I meet some more new wonderful peace brothers and sisters, and I talked to them very briefly about my journey. The talk was organised by Ekklesia (,  in collaboration with the London Catholic worker (, it’s a wonderful evening which I enjoyed, also I was a bit tired after more than 24h of travelling, then I made my way back to the LCW community place to put my head down for the night.

Please get in touch and let me know if you and/or your community would like me to come along and talk more about my latest peace pilgrimage journey around the world.

one love

your humbled Earthian peace brother back in London in England


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Happy Spring Equinox (Nawroz)!?

Happy spring equinox to all my wonderful sisters and brothers across the blue and green planet Earth, I hope that this new beginning in nature will help you to have wonderful new start to the season and focus on doing good things for the planet, humanity and other species, I think this new beginning will be celebrated across the planet in a different way and with a different meanings and names.

In England people visit Stonehenge and other places to celebrate this new beginning of the season.

In the middle east and some part of Asia will be celebrated as a coming new year across many different nations, and cultures as well.

So let me take this opportunity once again to welcome this new change in nature, and wish everyone who is celebrating it a happy time, and I hope it’s a good reflection time on their future.



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BBC’s news on 8th March on Instagram!?

“BBC NEWS 8TH MARCH: The BBC met a young Yazidi woman who was abducted, raped, beaten and then trafficked by the so-called Islamic State militant group.  She gave birth to a boy.  She later escaped but had to leave the baby behind.  We are not identifying the woman because she has family members still held captive.  Find out more: #Iraq #Syria #Yazidi #BBCShorts @BBCNews”

In response I had to say that “History is repeating itself, same thing has been done centuries ago, in the region and now we’re witnessing live victims”.

I refer you to this article first ( to read thoroughly to understand in depth knowledge about the Region, Religion, National, Cultural, and Historic differences before you make any judgement, and talk about the subject!?

I try my best to bring more written related articles about the subject, so you can make up your own mind to understand the complexity of the region and the subject, which wouldn’t be easy to comment on a BBC’s Instagram short video and to hurt others feeling without a knowledge, after all we want to have a better world without violence, in peace and harmony with one another not creating more differences and intolerance towards one another!?

So if you have time you can read more articles to understand, digest and have more knowledge about the subject:



one love


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Still In Bishkek!

20160105_122736 20160105_124600 20151221_10353320151115_205106 20151115_205154

Bishkek has become a very warm home for me for a while now, and I don’t know for how long, but I’m still here, alive and thriving, and not just surviving.

So still here in Bishkek in Central Asia, Teaching English, and now also ICT (Information Communication Technology), waiting and thinking on my resettlement with my new family before I carry on with the rest of my peace mission.

During the past two months (almost), I had a chance to visit Kazakhstan again, and after five days of journey across south west, which I wasn’t able to see on my first trip, I was hoping to see two different places. After a short lift with the kindness of a wonderful peace brother from Bishkek, and a a few miles of walk into Korday, then outside, from there I managed to get a connection to Shu train station and from there after waiting for about two hours I got on a train bound to Aralsk in a hope to visit and see Aral sea. When I got there after some questioning by the Kazakh transport police and getting some connection with the local people, next day I was told I wouldn’t be able to see the remaining water from the dried Aral sea, due to the cold weather and no transportation to get there, and as someone from a petrol station in the city told me that very recently someone has drowned and people don’t want to go there, also they’re thinking I was doing an expedition and I have got a lot of funds behind me, so I was told if it’s absolutely necessary they could get me there, if I could provide some funds, but as I explained to the Kazakh transport police the day before, and to others, I was just merely making a peaceful observation and there is no expedition and no funds available for my visit.

So I was told, I would be better off to change my direction due to the very cold weather and not having appropriate clothes and supply of food, which, they said, meant I couldn’t simply walk to the sea despite the distance was just only about 50 km or so. I decided to head on south bound towards to my second destination this time “Baikonur” the famous space station here in Kazakhstan, but as I got off in Bikbauli, which I was told it was Baikonur, then transport police again questioned me for quite a while before I could get anywhere, then they told me Baikonur is a secret city, and I can’t go there as a civilian, then they asked me to leave the area as soon as possible towards Taraz.

So next day when I was on my train bound southwards to Taraz I realised from “” app on my smart phone that the staff from the train had told me that  Bikbauli was Baikonur, which I was really upset and not very much happy about, but as I was told it’s a secret city, then I really didn’t want and feel comfortable to go to the secret city anyway. As I arrived in Taraz in the early hours of the next day I came across a group of young people who were under the influence of alcohol and wondering what I was doing there, and I was trying to explain to them, but with no hope, and I began to feel uncomfortable, so I managed to get out of there and back to the station safely, and waited there till next day before I make my way towards “кербен”.

After connecting with some wonderful and good hearted people I managed to connect back from Taraz to Talas, then after a long and difficult car journey and going through a mountain full of snow I managed to get back to my family resting place here in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.

 Since I have been back I have tried to reduce my main social media connection specially through Facebook and after watching this video ( a YouTube I decided to deactivate my Facebook completely for the time being and reduce my connectivity to just my blog and Instagram (earthiankvn) only. Not knowing that my reasons for deactivating my account wouldn’t be shown to my Facebook friends, I didn’t realise I may be causing concern to some of my wonderful brothers and sisters, so please if you have anything in your mind, and would like to get in touch with me through these two continuing media and my e-mail, you’re welcome to do so!

So until the next episode of my peace journey, may my love and peace be upon you wherever you are on our beautiful blue and green planet.

One love

Your humbled Earthian peace brother still from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.



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Not Only a Refugee Crisis

This was written by Aphrodite Vati Mariola (hotel proprietor, Lesvos) (with a little assistance from me). It’s about the impact on the island and people of Lesvos of the ‘refugee crisis…

Source: Not Only a Refugee Crisis

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Back in Bishkek

On Wednesday 02.12.15, I arrived back in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to meet up with my wonderful partner and our son, as it’s about three months that I was away from them.

Due to my circumstance in Japan and finding no way to get out of Japan by means of the sea to America, I decided to move out in an unusual way, and move on.

After greeting and meeting with my family and a wonderful man who I met back in the summer when I was helping out with some teaching activities, this man explained he was going for a month or so to be away from the university, and he asked me if I could help out with his lessons at the IAAU (International Ataturk Alatoo University), which I was happy to do so while I was back, till next year.

So after going back to my partner’s place and resting, taking a shower, and eating something than I was given a lift to the university to teach a group of beginners English language from 2-5pm then back to my new resting place.

On December third I helped out with a pre-intermediate class for about 2 hours, then met up with a few people at the university to let them know that I am covering for a lecturer who has left for a short period, then on Friday 4.12.15 I got in touch with BLC (British Language Centre) where I was helping them with their summer camp to let them know that I am back and see how could I help them with anything for the days that I was off from the university and weekends as well. I met up with the manager and she kindly asked me to help out with some individual and group activities to teach at pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate levels, so I have been busy helping out for the weekend.

On Friday 18.12.15 I met up with a researcher from Germany who I met back in London and he’s now doing his research on anthropology in Osh. After his visit to BLC and a cup of lemon tea together we chatted about our activities since we have left London long time ago and we hoped to meet up again before he heads back to Osh from Bishkek, you can visit his blog on, and find out more about his research.

So for the past month I have been very busy teaching English at the university and at the language centre, also visiting a few people and places, and being in a celebratory mode of the Xmas, and new year, and having enough time to find out and get in touch with some wonderful people and I think it’s worth to mention here my wonderful peace sister who I found out, while I was back here in Bishkek, she has taken on a challenge of going out and helping some needy people in southern Europe, so you can read more about her stories on:

It’s so fascinating what individually we can do and just imagine if we all come together what we can accomplish in any area we think things needs to be done and improve for a better planet and all its inhabitants.

I don’t want to review 2015 but I hope 2016 will bring us more harmony to come together to look after our planet, and everything else on it, so on this note wishing you a great year ahead of you and hope to meet more wonderful people on my way, and to learn more from them.

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