Walking & Talking for Peace

March 2014

Birmingham Visit

I had planned from January to go and visit some of my wonderful family, who have been very supportive of my peace journey, and I wanted to say goodbye to them before I set off on my next episode of my peace journey this time around the world.

So I went up there on Thursday 27th February and stayed with them till Saturday morning 1st March, before I headed back to London for a couple of important events. I have to say here that I had a great time there, and it was a refreshing time for me to see most of the Birmingham family. However, due to the weekend coming Occupy General Assembly, and the Peace and Justice for Syria vigil and walk, the visit was short and my return was very kindly arranged by a wonderful peace sister and very supportive occupier – so I managed to get back to the capital, and arrived at the Euston station at about 11:30 am, just on time to walk down to Trafalgar Square before the peace vigil.

Peace Vigil, walks, and talks on 01.03.14

So after arriving to the square in front of the national gallery for the vigil from 12:30 – 13:30, which by the time I got there it was a bit early to see any peace brothers or sisters around the area, so I found a spot and I tried to engage and talk to people, and it was here that I saw a few people who I hadn’t seen since OccupyLSX camp (http://occupylondon.org.uk/) back in 2012, and after a bit of catch up I also saw a few more people from other groups, then I saw my peace brother Dan with his famous rainbow peace flag, so I went and joined him at a place which earlier when I arrived was occupied by few jugglers or street performers. I have to say here that around the square it was all fenced up, ahead of a Russian event for the next day.

So about half a dozen peace brothers and sisters had turned up and we managed to talk to some people, who were interested to know why we were there, and also a lot of people were coming to the square and were asking us about another gathering in the square ahead of a walk from the square to the Ecuadorian embassy in solidarity with Julian Assange (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikileaks/10376799/Julian-Assange-my-life-in-the-embassy.html – a person who was a speaker in occupylsx in 2011), so I was making sure to direct them to the right place from the square, after letting them know about our peace vigil and then our walk to St. Paul’s to join an Occupy GA which was organised for the 2nd anniversary of the OccupyLSX camp eviction (http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-revival-2-years-after-olsx-eviction/), where I was scheduled to talk for about 5min.

After reaching consensus peace brother Russ and I had about 20min to walk around the square to talk to more people ahead of our walk to St Paul’s, and also we wanted to find out more about the second gathering on the south side of the square, where I came across some of the people who I knew. We spoke to some of those people on our way back to join the rest of our Peace and Justice for Syria group, to be ready for the walk, and at the square peace brother Russ has taken some photos which you can see below, from the peace vigil day at the Trafalgar Square.

IMG_0636 IMG_0637

Also for more photos from the vigil, walk, and talk, which has been taken by our peace brother Dan, you can visit this link and share: https://picasaweb.google.com/vd2012.pics/SyriaPeaceJusticeVigilAndWalkToStPaulS

(Especially one which shows a hanging in the air Jedi at the square with me!)

For a different perspective of the day at the square, and more details of the group’s future events, you can visit the weblog http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/

After saying goodbye to the Trafalgar Square and heading east to St. Paul’s, we stopped by the Australian house to show our support for the people over there which have been gathered there to show their concern about the life of dolphins in Australia, and also we told them about what we are doing, then started walking again and as we were walking by the royal courts of justice our peace sister Maria pointed out to us an invisible and strong foundation for a wall which was going to be built to protect the court, like what has been done near to the parliament; the reason I point this out is to say that fear of our citizens is something that has been created, and this system would like to see that more and more, due to its foundations, which need to be changed fundamentally – not just polishing on top.

For more photos you can see the same link:


So finally we got to our destination at St. Paul’s Cathedral and waited there and talked to people until people were slowly coming for the Occupy GA, and we joined the anniversary of Occupy GA for about 2 hours, which for more details I would like to ask you if you have time please visit the Occupy London website on http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-revival-2-years-after-olsx-eviction/ for more details of the event.

Here also I would like to say I have found the livestream and the dropbox of my talk in the general assembly which you can listen to for more clarification:



Photos for St. Paul’s are here as well: https://picasaweb.google.com/vd2012.pics/SyriaPeaceJusticeVigilAndWalkToStPaulS

Then at the end of the GA, we said goodbye to some and later on we gathered at a local pub for more individual talk and plans of action for the future, later that day I said goodbye to most of my wonderful brothers and sisters and I walked back to my resting place.


Today I visited an occupied place in Barnet (http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-barnet-meeting-minutes), where I met a few more wonderful occupiers and then sat in a Rainbow Gathering circle and we talked about a few different issues, including “fracking”, food sustainability, also future gatherings, then we headed back to another wonderful occupied building in Camden Town (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/squatters-sect-move-into-camden-church-closed-for-maintenance-9172616.html), and we rested for the night there.


After our food circle we had another morning council and in the circle we reached consensus to gather for the next new moon at Glastonbury area for the exact date and location you can read as below from our rainbow brother Teo, who has wrote it down well:

“Hey rainbow family, we had new moon council in London again and the consensus was for next new moon council to be in Glastonbury. New moon is on Sunday 30th March, so the council will be on the following day. We will meet on Monday 31st at the memorial in the High St. and at some stage move to a comfortable place for council. There was also consensus for the rainbow walking caravan to begin at the new moon in April from Chepstow castle where the Wye enters the Severn estuary. The new moon in April is on the 29th, though there will be a seed camp presence some days before. The caravan should begin moving on the 30th. Check the W.I.S.E. Isles Rainbow family announcement page for updates. The vision as consensed last year is to walk up the Wye to the Rainbow Gathering of Tribes, somewhere on the Wye or its tributaries in June. Last year’s journey up the Thames and then across the Cotswolds to the Malvern Hills gathering was truly epic. We completed the journey in two months. This journey begins later in the year and will only last a month, but there may be a walking caravan back to London this year.  We will be walking through towns and villages with the spirit of the old troubadours.  Wheelbarrows are very useful going along large rivers as the going is pretty flat and they make good armchairs.  Please don’t think you cannot bring bikes and vehicles, it just makes the experience different. With vehicles you will have to find your own parking, but they can be great for fetching supplies, people and stuff.  Remember your cup, bowl and spoon and shelter, (though the weather should be warm enough to sleep by the fire if there is no rain).  Please pass on this info to friends and family and post on any rainbow networks you know of. One love from the Rainbow family to the Rainbow family.”

Later in the day I had a sound interview with a wonderful human being named Tom who was new to me and it was his first rainbow family gathering as well, also he told me he will upload our conversation into his website in the future on http://tendingthepathuntochange.org/about/

Then after that I had another interview with a Daily Mail journalist Sian Boyle “telling people stories” about my peace mission and my Occupy involvement.

Later today, I visited another two occupied buildings and I spoke to some old and new people about my old and new peace mission. Also, I was asked by a couple of people in one of the occupied buildings to do my best to help them by facilitating a meeting for the group of young boys and girls there, who were in a situation where it was difficult for them to decide which way was the right way to go; and we all together managed to reach a point, in which after a bit longer thinking, they could make their own minds up and make a decision on the issues… which was not straightforward to decide on at the beginning of the meeting.

Then after a long day I said goodbye to the group and started walking back to my resting place.


This time Peace and Justice for Syria group (http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/) organised a peace walk then vigil to coincide with the International Women’s Day (http://www.millionwomenrise.com/), from Bond Street to Trafalgar Square. Despite being told by the organisers that we can’t join them for the walk, and we had to walk on the pavement, we managed to draw a lot of attention from the people present in the Women’s Day march, and from people on the route from Oxford Street and on the route to the Trafalgar Square, and while we were doing our peace vigil we interacted with more people, and I spoke to some wonderful people from Peace News who were advocating peace and international women’s issues (http://peacenews.info/node/7518/2566). Also I have to say here we were welcomed to have some food and fruit from Hare Krishna (http://harekrishna.com/col/philo/phi-what.html), who did march with us from the beginning to the square, and after we said goodbye to an almost empty square, at the end of Women’s Day event, they kindly offered us more cakes and bagels.

Then with a few peace brothers and a peace sister we went to a local pub and had an enjoyable time in there by having a wonderful drink everyone according to their need, and I was offered my favourite cappaccino very kindly by peace brother Dan, and then later outside I was offered my favourite orange juice with bits, and an oyster card to get me back to my resting place, by another wonderful and kind peace brother, and before I said goodbye to everyone our peace sister offered me travel passage on the same oyster to visit an old occupier friend, who is in the hospital in Tooting, which I was happy to go and see him next day on Sunday and it was after this that I gave a wonderful heart to heart hug to everyone and saying goodbye to them all, I headed back to my resting place in the east London.

Here are some more photos from the day which has been taken by peace brother Dan:



I met a peace sister who offered me travel to south London yesterday at about 11:30 at the Tooting Broadway underground station and we walked to St. George’s hospital which wasn’t far from the station, and as we got to the hospital and in the right wing of the hospital and finding the right room, we found out that due to a wonderful sunshine and a good weather our occupier friend has gone out. so we went out and started the game of hide and seek to find him, and before we got bored from this game there he was – our occupier friend known as Catweazle (named after this tv series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catweazle), and he was absorbing sunshine and taking in some vitamin D right near to a place which we entered earlier into the hospital.

By this time it was just after midday and a member of the hospital staff who was taking care of our friend asked us to go back to the ward with them and find out whether it is ok for us to go out with our friend for more sunshine and more into the nature.

After going back to the ward and finding out what was the necessary things to do, we headed out again to a very lovely local cemetery. We were wheeling our wonderful friend with a less than outdoor-friendly wheelchair, but we finally managed to get to a good area to rest – after a long vibration of our friend’s body and just before he gets dizzy – and we managed to settle down and rested there for a good hour. Our peace sister offered us to go and get our favourite drinks and as she said goodbye and went to a local cafe, Catweazle and I had a brief time talking about how he came to know us from different places of occupations. If you want to hear our audio conversation you can email me at earthiankvn@gmail.com

We were just about to finish our conversation when our sister came back with three wonderful drinks and we had them with some Krishna cakes from yesterday, and then slowly we headed out from the cemetery to a local cafe where Catweazle wished to go, but we were told it is closed as we entered the café, so we had to head back towards the local high street and by the time we got there into another local cafe it was about 3pm. I was offered another drink from our peace sister and our friend Catweazle did have his favourite food and drink as he was hungry by now, and it was here that our sister got a phone call from our friend Crazy Red Fox who was near the hospital, and she told him we were on our way back there, and as he had just time to stay with us till 4pm, we had to start wheeling our friend and walk back.

We managed to get back to the entrance of the hospital and saw our friend Crazy Red Fox and had a good chat and catch up before he said goodbye, and then our friend Catweazle asked us if we could wheel him back to his ward at about 16:30, then after saying goodbye to him we walked back to the station and from there I said goodbye to my peace sister, and headed back to my resting place.


Today we have an evening gathering for the Peace and Justice for Syria group, to plan further future events and bring peace closer to today’s Syria and Middle East in particular and the rest of the world as a whole too:

Wednesday 12 March – Syria Peace and Justice group planning meeting at London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, 6.30pm for 7pm start, until approx. 9pm.

Then the following Wednesday will be the Peace and Justice for Syria info evening, with some wonderful Syrian peace sister(s) and brothers lined up to speak and answer all your questions:

Peace and Justice for Syria: How Can It Be Achieved?” An evening of talks from UK-based Syrians, short films and discussion concerning the current conflict in Syria, with an aim of providing some objective clarity on the situation and addressing practical steps we can take to help achieve a just peace in the country.  PLEASE JOIN THE GROUP IF YOU CAN, that’s on Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6.30-9.30pm, Venue: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fielgate St (corner of Parfett St), London E1 1ES (Nearest tube: Whitechapel / Aldgate East  / Aldgate). Map: http://tinyurl.com/k3qajlh 

Before the next Peace and Justice for Syria meeting there are some other interesting events, including:

A vigil in Trafalgar square has been organised by “Banksy” (http://banksy.co.uk/) please come and join us on 13.3.14 at 1800 hours.

then Occupy Faith (http://occupyfaith.org.uk/): a film show at Friends House Euston from 13:30-17:00; on 15.3.14, so come and join us for a better world.

And then afterwards, at 6:45pm-11pm, there is Z-Day 2014 with the Zeitgeist Movement, at Conway Hall | 25 Red Lion Square | London | WC1R 4RL. This is an annual ZM event, with talks, presentations, videos, music & more. Contact tom@thezeitgeistmovementuk.com for more details.

On the 17.3.14…

…This will be my final day here in London before I head out towards the west of England to join my western brother and hopefully nephew for the Spring Equinox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox) or (Nawroz) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz) – the beginning of another new year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ReLOYRxSj4), so come and join me to say hello and goodbye from 12:30-14:30, on the steps of St. Paul’s and a home to old occupylsx camp (http://occupylondon.org.uk/), of course if you have time, and a means of connection.

So until another episode of my peace journey and this time around the planet.

With much love and peace

Your humbled Earthian brother

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Peace, blogs and a consideration of wrongs

February 2014

It was this week that I was in touch with Steve Rushton. In December 2013, Steve found time to come with me when I was on my peace pilgrimage around the world embassies, he has written for Occupy London (www.occupylondon.org.uk/author/steverushton), and he told me that he has just written a story for the New Internationalist (NI) blog about my peace journeys: Around the world, one border at a time. It was on this NI website where a first story about the beginning of my Peace Journey to the Middle East was published (A one man peace mission) by Emma Fordham, who is actively writing on different subjects including this new NI article about the recent flooding in Britain (Money’s no object – to creating floods), and blogs from Barton Moss and other places on her own blog website (www.hazelhedge.wordpress.com). (For more about Barton Moss and the struggle against fracking, see www.frack-off.org.uk). Anyway, if you have time I recommend you read both Steve and Emma – I have a great respect, and fascination, for their writing.

So, back to my good news which Steve gave me to say that my story has been published, and also he asked me if I could go to a place in number 238 Gray’s Inn road for an event in a new Bank of Ideas on Saturday 08.02.14, for an hour’s talk about my peace journey. I have to say here that it was a great place and I had a wonderful time talking at the opening of a week long programme on free education at this place, and it was a day full of great speakers, talks, assembly and entertainment from 1pm to 11pm, which you can access via Occupy London website (www.occupylondon.org.uk), or at bambuser.com channel occupylsx.
Below are some of the photos of the day in the new centre called “Bank of Ideas”, these were taken by some of my good friends.

080220142945 080220142931 080220142932 080220142934 080220142935 080220142938 080220142943

I went to join peace and justice for Syria group (www.syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com) for a peace vigil in Trafalgar Square in front of the national gallery, where about a dozen people turned up, and it was started at about 18:30 and after about half an hour waiting there, due to windy weather we couldn’t light up our candles and the square was very quiet, so about half of us decided to do a peace walk around Leicester Square, and back. Throughout our peace walk we interacted with some wonderful people including a nice lady from the Liberal Democrat office from the Parliament, who came across us and we had a good conversation with her, and she told us she is going to check on our peace group and will tell more people about us.

Then, after spending about an hour in the area we came back to join the rest of the group at the Trafalgar Square, then we formed a circle and we had a 5 minutes silence to reflect on the world around us for peace, and in respect to all those who have lost their lives across the planet, especially those in today’s Syria, then everyone had a chance to talk for a minute or so about themselves and their point of view, also their suggestions for future events and gatherings for the group, then at the end about 21:00, slowly we were saying goodbye to one another and I started walking back to my resting place as well.

Below are some of the photos taken by some peace brothers from the group which reflect on the day.

safe_image P1020503 P1020506 P1020509 photo_1 photo_1-1 photo_2 photo_2-1 photo_3 photo_3-1 photo_4

There was a conference on Syria in the context of the Arab Uprisings from 11am to 1800 at the Theatro Technis 26 Crowndale Rd. London NW1 1TT, also St. Pancras Community Centre 30 Camden St. London NW1 0LG, which you could follow (#syriaconf) on twitter at the time of the conference. I have to say the conference was organised by the Syrian community in the UK, International Socialist Network, Socialist Resistance, Anticapitalist Initiative, Workers’ Power, and Left Unity (www.leftunity.org), and with contributions of many other individuals with strong and in some cases biased views on the conflict.

As I arrived well before the start, I told the organisers who I was and what I was doing, then they kindly helped me with getting into the conference and I allocated a little space for myself and my writing boards so people from the conference could see me, so I could get in conversation with people at the time of breaks.

The conference had about 15 different speakers from different areas in the world, and also via Skype some could connect to the conference as well, we had student, lecturer, researcher, Dr., professor, blogger, law graduate, anthropologist, director, activist, and finally an MP (John McDonnell) who were present in the conference, and I have to say here that the MP promised people to book a room in the Parliament for those who want to go and discuss the Syrian conflict in there, so hopefully MPs will listen to their constituencies’ needs, and other people’s demands not to get involved in the Syrian conflict militarily, and ask for an immediate ceasefire, and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Over all I had a very positive and good day in the conference, and some people had a chance to speak their minds, and ask questions at the Q&A sessions including myself, also we had an occupier who joined later and was kindly doing some livestreaming of some parts of the conference which might be available on the Occupy News Network (www.occupynewsnetwork.co.uk) or (bambuser.com channel occupylsx), also peace brother Dan, and a peace sister from the peace and justice for Syria group were present in the conference as well, and this helped us to participate in both venues, and advocate our peace mission to the audiences. I have to mention, in the conference, brother of a late Dr. Abbas Khan was present and he spoke to the people of his and their family’s ordeal, and then at the end Dan and I had a chance to see him and share our sadness about their loss and took a memorable photo together in the conference.

Dr. Abbas Khan’s brother and I at the conference, taken by my peace brother Dan

After saying goodbye to all those people I knew in the conference, I walked back to the final day of the new “Bank of Ideas” place, and I managed to share some of my thought with people over there in an assembly which was about the free education, which was a great discussion and hope that we can open up many of similar centres like this in the future, as this one was its last day, then after saying goodnight to people who I knew I started walking back to my resting place.

Today I went to a meeting which was called “Global peace & unity- can it be done?” After getting there just on time I waited for the meeting to start, which was organised by the Zeitgeist Movement London (www.thezeitgeistmovementuk.com) and One People One World (www.onepeopleoneworld.net), in the evening from 19:00-22:00 in Elixir Bar 162 Eversholt street, Euston, NW1 1BL.

James Phillips from (www.tzmeducation.org) was one of the first presenters. He put forward his idea of how we might be able to live in peace together, and he told us all his presentation materials should be available on his site very soon, then after a break we had another speaker from One People One World, who did hand out some leaflets about a future conference on 4th October 2014 and asked anyone to participate towards this unity, and hopefully this will help the current non functioning system be changed to one which he was advocating; also he asked people to think about it really seriously, and ask any question that they might have, so I recommend if you have time, go and find out for yourself, and participate if you can in both sites.

At the Q&A session people had a chance to ask their question and I managed to talk to the audience about my ideal world, one which could be in peace and how we could start to help out towards it, many liked what I said and afterwards I spoke to some other people, and explained my reasoning for why I am doing my peace mission in this way, at the end I said goodbye to all and walked back to my resting place.

On Wednesday I attended Peace and Justice for Syria meeting, full details of the discussion are on the group blog (www.syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com), all I can say here is that it was very positive and very motivated. Less than half a dozen people were present, but we got consensus on some meet ups, peace walk, talks and vigils to be planned for future, which you can check on the group weblog for more details.

Also Dan and I had an opportunity to briefly talk about the Syrian conference which I have mentioned earlier, and also I told them about the Global peace meeting from the day before in Euston, and I did give out some leaflets about the event, so hopefully these wonderful people will examine those hand outs and in the very near future we can co-operate and collaborate together.

Today I decided to go and visit a Strategy Meeting in Common House near Bethnal Green station, which has been organised by a group from Occupy London (www.occupylondon.org.uk), and it has been a monthly meeting for the last six months or so, as far as I know, and I did notice for the duration of 2 hours or so that I was there that people have changed a lot, and their decision making, and their behaviour, has changed since the time of Occupy Lsx camp General Assembly, and the way that they were trying to do things has been moved on from the real consensus, due to – as some of them were putting it – “frustration with blocking of a decision”.

In the meeting there were about 14 people in the room and there were discussions on a few different issues and out of those 14 people, 2 of them were new to me and it wasn’t long before both of them left the room, and I heard one of them tell the people present in the room “I am in a wrong place”, as he believed the Occupy he has heard of wasn’t like what he was seeing now, and at the meeting this person was very upset about the way others were treating their fellow occupiers, and as he told one occupier “you are bullying the other occupier”, so the conflict was so strong that if I was new to the movement, and if these people were going to represent Occupy, I would have been the next to leave – as I told the occupiers in the meeting.

The thought for the end of the month
So as some of you might know, London is a big city, so called a great capital of wealth and power in the continent of Europe, if not the world. Where I stay is very close to the City of London, which is another city within the city – the so called financial city – and as I don’t have the will to be getting my food from supermarkets, then I have to go and fetch food in places where food is given out for free, and also I go to those places which waste their food due to date expiration policy… as I am not in a countryside, or in a farm, then I have to get my food from somewhere, and there are different sources which are providing food daily to hundreds of people if not more across the capital.

Many of the 33 boroughs of London are providing some of the necessities for life to those so called vulnerable people, and especially in the City of London I have seen and had a chance to speak to some of those people like, Jesus Army, “Order of Malta”, “Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT: www.amurt.org.uk), Salvation Army, Hare Krishna, different churches, and many more charities, organisations (www.thepavement.org.uk), and even some individuals and so on, who are coming out to some particular areas in the city to provide help without expectation, every day of the week especially in the evenings. All of these provide help out of  what they see as their courtesy to humanity… they will provide people with what they can get from different sources, and offer this stuff to people “in need”… Sometimes, as I have seen myself, the hand outs could be an expired food or drink of almost a year out of date, given out to hundreds of people, so if you are not careful it could have more bad effect then good!

So anyway, some people kindly are trying to help out of the goodness of their hearts, but I have to say here I don’t think this is the right solution. They are just trying to be helpful, but sooner rather than later, if we don’t find the real solution, these handouts will not be there as well, as the system and so called law enforcement are trying to limit and prevent this sort of hand out, as they have been doing in some 6 boroughs of London already, and also the government is trying to pass a law to make it a criminal offence if for whatever reason you sleep outside, like they did make a law against occupying (squatting) an empty residential building, and now they are trying to do the same thing with commercial buildings as well.

It is like the issue of prostitution; I don’t believe for a moment that there should be prostitution, and there should not be sleeping rough and having to occupy disused buildings and giving old food handouts either… but outlawing these things only harms those at the tough end… If our economic system was supporting the people who are doing these kind of activities to live in a harmonious and balanced way, then we would see the end to these activities, not by making laws against them.

At the end of my thoughts, all I want to say is in order to have a society living in harmony with itself, every citizen of that society has to be in harmony within, and it will be great to finish this thought with an adaptation of a famous Carl Sagan saying, in which I have changed some negative-sounding words to let me think positive, and be positive, to see the change that I want to see:

“The world is one organism and an organism at conflict with itself hasn’t got much to feel good about itself”.

with much love respect peace and harmony to everyone out there on this planet

Your humbled Earthian brother always within your reach.

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Geneva II, Davos & Syria

Week 4


I announced last Wednesday at the Peace and Justice for Syria group meeting  that I had an intention to do a peace walk. Also on Saturday 18.01.14, during the peace vigil ahead of the Syrian peace talks in Montreux and Geneva (so-called “Geneva II”) in Switzerland, I mentioned that I will wait at the south side of Tower Bridge, close to the entrance of the Mayor of London’s office between 11am and noon, and then I/we will walk from there to London Eye ,close to Westminster Bridge.

On the day, I got to the place just after 11am, and as soon as I got there a security person turned up and asked me what am I protesting for and why am I there? I said to him “I am here to start a peace walk from here to London Eye, to coincide with the Syrian peace talks in Switzerland, to just support peace, and I would like to see it as soon as possible in the region, and the reason I am here is because I couldn’t make it to there, so this is to show my solidarity for peace with the people who are in the conflict area, and I’ll wait here till midday to see if any of our group or anyone from the public shows up, then we will start the walk”. He told me as long as you are not protesting it is fine and it is no problem, and he went, then I waited there and for the duration of the hour that I was there, a few different security people turned up again, and even some police officers and they all asked me if I am ok, and I told them “all I am doing is advocating peace and I am very well indeed, and thank you for asking”, and then they were going.

I received a message from my peace brother Dan to say he’ll join me en route, and just after midday, as I was about to start my walk, he turned up and after saying hello and having a hug he suggested we take some photos with the mayor’s office in the background, and soon we were told that we can’t take photos with the banners and flags in front of the mayor’s office so we said ok, and Dan suggested again we should take some photos at least with the Tower Bridge as our background and I said ok. I have to say here that he is quite meticulous in his photo taking, and later on it became more apparent that it might take quite a long time before a photo of you might be taken, especially if you are holding anything that must be read easily by people who will see the photos – he has to zoom for a while before he can get the final shot, which you can see in some good photos below which shows our starting point. Anyway, finally we started walking, and it wasn’t very long, just about a few hundred metres further, there was again another statue of a warrier, and Dan wanted to take some more photos with the big peace flag and many different writings, and I don’t want to go into the details of how long did it take for us to move on from there, but it became apparent to me that Dan will take enough photos which by the end of our peace walk then we can write a book with having enough photos and if I go into the details of every stop, so I was telling to myself it is just for this small peace walk, that we need these much details, and I don’t know how many years it was going to take me and Dan to get to the Middle East if we were going to do the peace walk together with this pace! I told Dan on our way that the way I operate is that I tell myself that I do things as there is no rush at all, and as though we have got all the time in the world, and I think he did pick up on this quote very well, and he was doing exactly as I mentioned to him earlier so I said to myself ok, no rush, we will get to the end of the peace walk before it gets dark, and sometimes I had to say “My wonderful brother Dan, I think we should move on before it gets dark, and if we go with this pace we have a long way to go”, and then we’d start our walk again.

P1020348P1020350 P1020356 P1020362 P1020365 P1020369 P1020372

Some photos from the start of the peace walk, and a bit further by an statue.

Then soon after we saw a wonderful old ship like Catty Sark and again we waited there for some time, and Dan kindly took some photos as well, and then further down by an old ruined building of an old palace then an old prison museum , so as we go a long I mentioned to Dan that we have plenty of sushi to give away and we just gave some to a person who was handing out Big Issues to people near to the prison museum, and further down was Shakespeare’s Globe where we took some more photos, and on our way we were trying to give out some 30 leaflets about what we were doing, which Dan had kindly printed out and we were trying to give them out to people who we thought wouldn’t put them in a bin immediately.

Then we carried on walking again until near to Waterloo Bridge and Royal Festival Hall, then we sat down there and displayed what we had with us in terms of written materials, and we tried to talk to people who were passing by and some different people from very different backgrounds were quite interested to talk to us and take photos with us, and it was near here that another wonderful person from the group came and joined us. We were taking some photos of a couple of ladies statues from Pride of London, and we were talking to an art person and he was quite happy to get in touch with us and help to advocate peace with his artistic way.

P1020379 P1020380 P1020382 P1020393 P1020398 P1020409 P1020414 P1020422 P1020424 P1020425 P1020433 P1020439 P1020447 P1020452

Then we got a phone call from a musician who we’d seen busking along the way and we’d left a leaflet with him while he was singing, and he very kindly called us and came and joined us and we got into a wonderful conversation with him about why we are doing this peace walk as well.

P1020456 P1020459 P1020461

He was telling us that when he saw the leaflet he thought it was going to be a flood of people on our route and he wanted to come and join us, but now all I can see is just 3 of you! “How are we going to change people’s minds?”, he wanted to know, and also he said “I wanted to see what can we do about the situation in today’s Syria?”, he also told us after seeing a program on Channel 4 called Dispatches about day to day life in Syria back in summer he wanted to get an update from us about what was going on since then and right now. We did tried our best to explain who we are and why we are doing the peace walk, also I shared the famous African proverb with him which it says “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito!” Then he calmed down a bit and started to think that everything we do has a consequence  – even if it might not be so obvious to ourselves, it will still have a great effect on our surroundings, and we should think very carefully before we do something without thinking of its consequences. Also we said that what we are seeing in the mainstream media is just a little highlight of the real destruction and the consequences of a manmade conflict, but we could solve it if we all wanted this to happened, but many of the involved powers in the conflict don’t want to see a resolution, they look at it as a source of income even with human suffering, and all we can do is say we don’t support the conflict, and to ask for an immediate end to the conflict, to all involved parties.

Then we took some photos and had another conversation with some more security people on our way, especially between London Eye and Westminster Bridge where we were told that we can’t walk on the pavement while we are holding our flags and placards in the air, as the pavement is private property, and we have to go around to get to the bridge, and finally after some discussion we managed to get through with some compromise from both sides and finally just before we got on the Westminster Bridge the Big Ben struck 4pm. It was here that we said goodbye to our wonderful musician and busker, then Dan, myself and another peace advocator from the group headed towards the Foreign Office after crossing the bridge and into the Whitehall.


In front of the Foreign Office we took some photos and talked to some more people, and over all I say we interacted with about a good 20 people on our peace walk, and we hope the outcome of the Geneva 2 will be a very positive and soon peace will be installed back in today’s Syria, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, and many other regions on our wonderful planet will be in ever lasting peace.

P1020484 P1020486 P1020495

A few photos of us in the white hall in front of the Foreign Office

Then we said goodbye to our third peace brother, then Dan kindly invited me for a wonderful cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake  (after a frustrating time for him with the security people between London Eye and Westminster Bridge, and as he put it all these laws are going to restrict us so much that one day we might not be able to even walk freely) in a local Wetherspoons not far from Trafalgar Square, then we headed towards Charing Cross and it was here that we said goodbye to one another and I headed towards Holborn to meet up with another friend.

After getting to my place of meeting, there wasn’t any sign of my friend, but I saw another friend and we stayed and chatted there for some time and then after walking back towards the City of London we said goodnight to one another and I headed back to my resting place.

Coincident with our peace walk for Syria, I just wanted to mention here that at the same time as the peace talks in Switzerland there was something else which is called World Economic Forum in a place called Davos, and in there about 2000 so-called influential people of the planet are present to talk about something which is going to affect us all, but it seems not a lot of people are knowing about it, and like Builderberg conference it is almost unknown to many. Despite what is discussed in there will affect all of us, we do not have any say and things are decided for us, and it is really sad to see in 21st Century, and with the advanced technological age, a couple of thousand people will decide for the world of billion people, and as long as they are safe and they can accumulate more and more wealth, the rest of us will be irrelevant. It was something that I have to mention and say that this was a forum on an economy which for sure they know it is not functioning for the rest of us, and we the whole citizens of the planet have to put up with it, and despite that we could have an alternative economic system which is going to be much more fairer and will bring people of the Earth out of today’s misery… but not only they don’t talk about alternatives, also it has been ignored because there is no profit in this type of economy – a resource based economy – so they carry on with their devastating plans with the broken monetary based economy.

imagesCA2GDU5E imagesCA9KHDZF imagesCAF89V4Y imagesCA3XHZWK

Some photos of Davos in Switzerland!?


Myself and a friend visited Occupy Barnet building to see a few short films including one about rents in 1960s, second was about coal miners from 1984-85, third was about poll tax in 1989-93 and finally the forth was about cuts from 2010 to present day. In all of them one message was resonating and it was unity to overcome all these problems, and in order to do this we have to communicate and understand each other well, without it we can’t move forward and build a better world.

All those four short films were made by Jubilee Debt Campaign and after each two films, two different groups were trying to discuss the points raised in the films in more detail, which was a good idea, but after seeing all four of them, I felt the concept of communication with each other wasn’t quite right and I had to mention this to the group at the end of the discussion, as well as introducing myself, because there hadn’t been a brief introduction of ourselves to the group at the beginning, so at the end of the discussion I was telling them a bit about why I was there and how I hoped that we could all help each other for a better world.

The place was mixture of all different kinds of people from across the planet and it was a great sign of unity to overcome our differences, and I am looking forward to see more gatherings like this in the near future.

week 5


I attended another meeting of the Peace and Justice for Syria group at LARC (London Action Resource Centre), and three more peace advocators were there and we started the meeting by interviewing one of the group who is from a city in today’s Syria who wanted to give a personal account of the situation there, and you can see it here ( https://www.dropbox.com/l/T45rZzUCjQqGylnKTb9wlf ), so hopefully soon more people will understand what is going on there and how it is not right to humanity and must be stopped as soon as possible.

Then I briefly talked about the peace vigil and the peace walk in the city, we also reflected back on our peace pilgrimage for Syria on 10th December last year, then we talked about future activities and at the end we got the consensus to have another candle lit vigil for Syria in Trafalgar Square followed by the group meeting, and for full details you can always visit http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/ for more information for the coming Wednesday 12th of February, and for further future events.


Today I visited a garden centre in Camden, hoping to meet some Rainbow brothers and sisters and finding out about the new moon circle the next day, but after waiting for more than an hour in the centre no one from the family turned up, so I left the centre hoping that next day I’ll see some more of them in a council circle.

Next day someone else wanted to join me in the evening, so I didn’t make my way to the place until evening and by that time the person who wanted to come with me decided to cancel the visit, so I went to the centre again myself alone, and by this time in the evening the Rainbow family council circle had long finished, so I couldn’t see most of the people who I thought I might be able to see, but I managed to see a couple of them, one in the Camden centre the second one in another new local occupied building, and I managed to find out about what was discussed in the council circle, also the next month new moon meeting place, which I was told the Rainbow family has reached consensus that will be held on 1st March in another occupied building in north London.

For more details about the gatherings and future events please visit (www.rainbowcircle.co.uk), also (www.rainbowgathering.org.uk).

I spent some of my time in the 1st month of 2014 to find out how we can help one another with food and drink across London, and preventing these resources from being wasted here in the capital, and I am hoping with some help we can produce some video of those who are already helping people to get these free resources (food and drinks).

Also by publicising these videos hopefully it’ll prevent the system from closing down some of those mobile vans and cars, which are distributing these free resources across London, which I have heard that already from south London the current system is preventing this help to take place.

Also I have to say here again that I am fully behind a fairer system, as I always mention we have to find a solution to this broken system of capitalism, which is in crisis, and I think the only way is to manage all our planet’s resources and produce according to the needs of its inhabitants and not according to the greed of the few. You might have heard about the Oxfam report that just 85 people on the planet have the equivalent (if not more) wealth to 3.5 billion of the planet’s inhabitants; is this really a fair system? Clearly not and we must act very soon before it gets really too late.

So supporting many like-minded people out there is really very important. Really, if most of us can concentrate on those main issues which are in the public domain – like those who support a frack free planet and Barton Moss camp in north west (http://occupylondon.org.uk/barton-moss-protection-camp/) – and also help those who support free food and drink to everyone in need rather than going to waste, and many more things from our list of changes that we want to see in the world… then this is a great way forward to connect with all those people, and to share our strong belief in the changes we want to see for a free and fair planet.

with much love, and peace


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FrackFree Planet Earth



I started my final peace walk towards the centre of London, towards the so-called London Eye.

I left Tower Hamlets and entered the City of London again, and after passing Bank, St. Paul’s, the Strand in Charing Cross, then because Whitehall was closed I had to walk around the area behind Downing Street, and by St. James’s Park, into the Parliament Square, but due to closure of the Westminster Bridge I had to walk down to Lambeth Bridge by Parliament, then after crossing and passing St. Thomas’ hospital and south side of the Westminster Bridge, finally I arrived at London Eye. My aim was to do a final peace pilgrimage circle by crossing the Waterloo Bridge and back to the Strand, but due to closure of the area I had to stay by one of the famous turn-of-the-century icons of London, well-known across the world as “London Eye”, for the final countdown of 2013AD, and entering 2014 AD.

I managed to engage and talk to many people throughout my final peace journey of 2013 in London and a lot of people has kindly offered me food and drink and taken photos, and have told me they will follow my blog and that they are looking forward to seeing me in many other parts of the planet in the new coming year of 2014 and beyond – especially the many visitors from India at London Eye. I saw a lot of fireworks on the wheel and on top of the river, and then slowly made my way towards east. I did walk at least 10 miles today before I had a chance to rest at my resting place.

Many photos were taken by many kind people; if I get any in the future, you will be able to see some over here on my blog, hopefully.


I had a prior arrangement to see my wonderful western brother and his kind and beautiful partner at the Royal Festival Hall, after another wonderful walk through the north and south of the river Thames. I tried to speak to people throughout my walk but I found the city was very quiet and most of the people were either in a restaurant or a bar and busy eating and drinking, so I didn’t come across many to speak to, but I managed to be just about on time, before we headed towards the National Theatre in the Shed, where we managed to catch up with some updates from each other over a cup of tea, then we saw another two wonderful occupiers who have just showed up and we had enough time to speak about what has brought us all here in The Shed, and guess what, it was the so-called “Protest Song”, which has been shown from 16 December 2013 to 11 January 2014, at least 2-3 times a day.

Protest Song is a true story of a person called Jimmy, and played by an actor called Danny (Rhys Ifans), who sleeps rough on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and has done this for years, then one morning he wakes to see a canvas city being erected in front of him, so Jimmy finds himself swept up in the last occupation of London.

The story has been written by a person called Tim Price, and he very elegantly wants in a funny and savage monologue to explore the reality of a remarkable political movement – the “Occupy London”.

So just after saying goodbye to everyone who was going to see this wonderful and remarkable true story, I decided to find out if there was a possibility for me to go and see it as well, and as someone who has spent more than four months at the camp and known the person as well, I just wanted to see it for myself and describe it. I have seen it in the camp, and now that has become a play for people who didn’t have a chance to be in the camp, so they could go and have a feeling about the day-to-day life of the occupiers.

So I got in touch with information desk and a nice lady directed me to a person who was responsible at the box office. I was told by her that the play was full for the night but if I want to see it in the future I should get in touch with him and I did so by an e-mail, but I was told due to no seats left I wouldn’t be able to see it, and after doing this and speaking to some more people my wonderful old occupier friends had just come out and I was asked to go and join them closer to the entrance to the theatre and the bar where the actor was there as well, so I went there and I saw another two brothers who I knew them since the beginning of the occupy camp, and we sat down and chatted and caught up with what we couldn’t finish just before they left me to see the play.

So my brother and I managed to speak to the actor Danny (Rhys), and he showed his gratitude towards us that we have liked what he is truly doing to show more people the real life of the occupiers. Then after a bit more catch up and talk my brother and his partner had to say goodbye to us due to a long journey heading west, so the rest of us stayed there until the security person wanted to lock up the premises then we came out and as they were going west so I said goodnight to them, and started walking towards east London on the south bank of the river Thames to my resting place as well.


A photo of me collecting people’s stuff to take out of the cordoned off area, to those who couldn’t get back into the evicted camp on the night of OLSX eviction.

The rest of the week I was trying to get in touch with some friends to see if we have a chance or a possibility of occupying a building and using it as the first Earthian embassy here in London. A few of my friends and I did try to scout some empty buildings and then some other days I visited some other centres and place around the capital to see if any of those places will be suitable for the Earthian embassy project, and to see if I could speak to anyone who would be interested in helping us to run the project.



I managed to link up again with a wonderful person who I met during the festive time in one of the Crisis centres in west London and I told him that I can come to their head office in the new year to see how we can help each other, so I made my way there and I visited the centre (the headquarters of Crisis in Aldgate), and I saw this wonderful person and we spoke about what I can do and what he can do to help each other to spread the message of love and peace all across the planet, and after being around the centre and meeting some new people again I said goodbye to the people at the centre and headed out towards the east London again, in the hope of meeting some more of my old friends and talking about the future of the empty buildings occupations for those who are in need.

The way that I see it, the mainstream media is trying to portray people who are occupying these empty buildings as a group of immigrants who don’t want to contribute towards the society here, and are trying to dodge tax and are playing the “soft touch” of the police and the system… the current government is slowly and nicely preparing an act like it did in August 2012 for criminalising squatting in the residential buildings, and now it is a time to do the same for the commercial buildings, and this is how the mainstream media is preparing a smooth ride for the future criminalisation of people who strongly feel they don’t have a voice and they can’t be heard.

So I think we should be much more careful about how we do speak to mainstream media and how we can show our solidarity to the local people who are suffering from the cuts of their main services like their hospitals, fire stations and libraries which are shut due to shortage of so called local budget, and this is all part of the austerity measures which we are facing since the collapsing of the banking systems here in Europe and America.

I spent a day or so catching up with some of my old writing from my first peace pilgrimage journey and still more to do before another episode of my peace journey which is approaching soon in the near the future, and also I got in touch with one of my wonderful rainbow brothers from east Sussex, and I managed to find him through some of my wonderful friends from Occupy in a Grow Heathrow type of eco village place in north London.


After finally finding my rainbow brother and staying in this wonderful place for the night and catching up since our last meet up, then the next day we arranged to go further north and visit some other people in another building – those occupiers who were involved in many different building occupations in north London, and after staying with them for a couple of hours we headed south and this time further than south London and way outside London.

After passing many boroughs of London we finally got to Sevenoaks and then a train change towards Hastings, so after passing Tonbridge and a short stop in Tonbridge Wells and paying a quick visit to one of its famous parks, then we got our final train towards a place which is called Stonegate.

On our way between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Wells my wonderful brother got us a delicious chips and a special sauce for our dinner which was indeed tasty, delicious, and unforgettable.

Then before we start our almost one hour walk towards our resting place near the Broad Oak village, we put out our thumbs and just before we left the carpark of the train station two wonderful human beings gave us a lift, and after speaking to them and trying to thank them for their kindness the driver of the car has just told my wonderful rainbow brother that while he has been doing leafleting in their local area he has seen him, and the driver was recognising him, and then we started talking about our plan of action for the coming weekend and hope they can make it for the fracking film show.

So it wasn’t long before we got near to our destination, and we said goodbye to them after thanking them again, and then we started walking towards our resting place, and as we were walking we were looking at the moonlight of the sky and seeing even the bright Jupiter as far away from us, and many other stars through an application which is called night sky tools, it wasn’t long before I just lost the sense of timing and felt we have been walking for hours in the countryside, that was how much staying in London has affected my senses, and I realised this when we finally arrived at their place and he introduced me to one of his neighbours and asked him whether he might have time for us to go and visit him later on the evening – and then I realised it was still only early evening.

After our long day of travelling in and outside London a nice cup of any warm drink would have been great so I went for a nice cup of Barley with hemp milk, then checking our film showing equipments to see everything was alright, which I realised sound was something which might have been a concern after watching a film through the projector and then we tried our best to see if we can find a solution before the coming weekend, then slowly we prepared ourselves to rest and said goodnight to one another.


After having a wonderful morning food, then a morning council with the rest of the family, we had a chance to outline our vision for the coming days and how we could help each other for the village hall film showing on fracking (a film called “Gasland” by Josh Fox, a controversial independent documentary on the industry of hydraulic fracking in the USA), and to ask people to search for “growth and infrastructure act 2013″ which implies that corporations can apply directly to the secretary of state for planning permission for oil/gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing technology, bypassing local and county regulation, and also you can search for “environmental report for the further onshore oil and gas licensing” on the www.gov.uk – this is a public consultation and there is an option for submitting your view. Then I was told there was a chance for me to talk about my peace journey.

Also we did some wood missions before lunch time and then we did some gardening and sorting out, as well as having a nice fire in the garden, then after a rest and a wonderful evening meal then later on we said goodnight to each other.

We managed to get in touch with some of their friends to see if we can solve the problem of the sound and someone kindly brought some cables and an old and wonderful soldering iron and we managed to solve the problem of the sound for the film show.

Next day my wonderful rainbow brother took the kids to a neighbouring place for a gymnasium session and his wife got in touch with her parents and I stayed at their place using my magic box (a laptop) to see some more episodes of a film which I got involved with in order to find out why these series of films has been made in first place (star conflicts), then at about 1pm I started to walk towards the Broad Oak village hall, and at about 2pm I got there which after setting up the equipments with my brother we were waiting for people to turn up and between 2-3pm about 5 people were turned up and we did have a circle in which we used a clove of garlic as a tool of facilitation and my brother and I had a chance to talk about what has brought us there and connected us to them. At about 1630 hours the majority wanted to see the film before its scheduled time of 1830 hours and we agreed to show the film and if more people turned up at the scheduled time we will show it again, and it happened that about 20 more people were turning up at the scheduled time as well and as they were arriving I was directing them to a room until the first film show finished and then we can start the next one.

Just before the start of the second showing of the film my brother and I had a chance to again introduce ourselves to the audience and tell them why we were there and what brought us all together in here, and then the film Gasland was shown again then at the end people did help towards the event and we exchanged some contact details as well, and we were helped to pack up and then got a wonderful lift by some wonderful locals named Sharon (a local who kindly helped with the sound cables and soldering iron), and her husband Trace. I gave them my weblog address so they can follow and read my peace journey, and after our arrival at our resting place we had another wonderful cup of relaxation drink and then we said goodnight to each other.


A photo of the time of RTP camp, near Balcombe, where I was looking after the main entrance to the camp after people were marched out to the drilling side and I decided to look after the camp.


After our wonderful morning different varieties of food my brother, his wife and their children went for a walk and then they went to visit my brother’s wife’s parents. I planned to do some small wood mission to keep the fire going and some general tiding up and then using my magic box to see another episode of my film show, and my brother came back a bit early and he kindly cooked something wonderful food for our evening meal, and then after an evaluation from last night’s fracking film show to the locals, and some more catching up on the future events, we said goodnight to one another .



After a wonderful breakfast we headed out to do a water mission from a local spring, which after some distance walking we managed to discover a new spring a bit earlier than the original spring, and I was shown a few local streams and a river then we managed to fetch the collected water back to the house just before our lunch time and then after having our lunch we headed to the town of Heathfield. We visited quite a few places including a library to take back some books and cds/DVDs, then a bank so my brother can sort out his Environmental Community Action Team (ECAT) account, so hopefully people in Lush cosmetic company will help them to do what they think is right for a better environment. Then we visited a local grocery then a health shop, and finally co-op supermarket before we headed towards our next town of Mayfield for a Mayfield Transition Town meeting about fracking at 1830.

As we were on our way a wonderful lady who we met at the health shop earlier, and knew my brother very well, very kindly offered us a lift to the town and we were very grateful for her kindness, so as we got to the town a bit early then we had a chance to pay a visit to famous St. Dunstan’s of Mayfield church, and then slowly we walked to the pub where the meeting was going to be held. As we got there a bit early my brother got in communication with pub lady and she was quite keen on knowing how we can prevent the hydraulic fracking in the area.

Just before the time people were coming and at about 1830, about 13 very dedicated people turned up and they were quite keen on getting on top of the issue before any drilling come around their area, and soon after going through their meeting agenda and updating the rest of the group on different issues regarding to fracking, they started to set up a series of film showings in different venues around the Mayfield town and even the neighbouring towns as well in February, and they were all keen to help with spreading the awareness and information loud, clear and wide.

Just before the meeting finished I was allowed to talk about my reason for being there and how we could all help each other to solve problems which are going to affect our lives deeply, and then we did a shout out for a lift back to our resting place.

After another long day then getting back to our resting place late evening we had our wonderful cup of resting drink and slowly we winded down and we said goodnight to each other.


So I had another wonderful morning food with my beautiful rainbow family outdoors due to a great sunshine and a break from rain (also a shortage of wood for the woodburner, which was a very nice burner which I have come across one like it in the same region from my last apple picking farm at the village of Benover – it is a burner on which you can boil a kettle, cook food, and have your hot water for your bath/shower all from the same stove – and I have to say here I love to maintain one in a place which is far from any modern equipment, and I hope to integrate it with some help from a few of my wonderful friends which I have met throughout my peace journey and before, and I would like to run a sauna with it as well…). Then, we headed out there for a longer wood mission at the barn of the farm, and we did so till about our late lunch time, then after having our wonderful lunch all together, then after some rest from wood chopping mission we started to prepare ourselves for another long day ahead of us, then because I planned to come back to London after our last meeting at the town I had to say goodbye to the family and tell them how much I loved spending some of my time with them and how much I enjoyed their vegan food, and to mention  here that the diet they had greatly I felt on my body.

Then my brother and I headed out to the town of Heathfield for a parish council meeting, and we wanted to make sure the parish council will take note of our concern about the danger of the hydraulic fracking in the area, before it gets too late to act upon it, like what happened in little town of Balcombe not far from there.

On our way walking to the town we came across my brother’s partner’s father who was waiting for a lift from his wife to go and see a film about Nelson Mandela’s book “A long way to freedom”, and after saying hello to him and telling him what we were doing and where we are going he kindly offered us a lift, so we waited till his wife turned up and after saying hello to her as well and again telling them what we are doing, then we safely arrived at our town destination, and then after thanking them for the lift we said goodbye to them, and after some more walking we realised we are a bit early, and my brother decided to go to some grocery shops  to fetch some food, and I headed on walking towards the place of the meeting which was in a rather small room in the outskirts of the town.

When I arrived there I met a wonderful lady who I have seen at the last two meetings in different places and after some talking again about fracking, she was telling me how much she has learned and found out about the whole issue of fracking and now knows a lot more about different organisations which are advocating Frack Free Sussex/Britain. There are “frack off” villages, towns, and cities all across UK, and I hope my rainbow brother and her with the help from us all together can eradicate fracking from the area.

By this time more and more people were turning up and the time for the parish meeting at 1930 hours was soon approaching and very soon the small room got packed and people who were there to show their concerns about fracking within the room and even more from outside were listening to see what the parish has got to say, then the public were asked whether we are all there concerned about the fracking and indeed about 20 people all said yes. Mainly two people were talking, my rainbow brother and another person who was not happy about fracking, and he was planning to candidate himself for the parish, so hopefully will help the locals to not allow anything to be passed without the locals approval. So these two people mainly raised the questions that the concerned public were there for and wanted to be heard by the parish, and this went on for about 20 minutes, then after assurance from the parish that nothing is going to pass about fracking without the locals approval, we left the room and this time in the hallway everyone was engaged in how to tackle the problem for almost another 30 minutes, then I said goodbye to everyone including my brother, and then the wonderful lady that I spoke to at the beginning of the meeting kindly gave me a lift to the same station which I came from London to the area almost a week ago, and after a long chat I gave her a heart to heart hug and I wished them every happiness and strength that together with my rainbow brother will make more people aware of the fracking problem, and then I said goodnight to her and soon after I caught 2130 hours train back towards London.

After crossing some local stations and the main Tonbridge Wells and Tonbridge, then back into the London Bridge, and soon after my arrival I was called by a friend to meet up and then after that I walked back to my resting place.


Today after almost a long wonderful week in a village and almost in the woods I managed to do some washing, and then I prepared some of the materials which I could prepare for my brother, to help him with the frack off Brighton group, as well to prevent any future fracking in their area. Then I went to a local station to pick him up and go back to LARC for our peace and justice for Syria working group meeting, and then after about an hour my brother finally had a chance to introduce himself and say what he was busy with and also to leave his email for future communication with the group and vice versa, and then we said goodnight to them because he had to go back to his resting place here in London.

As for the group meeting about five people turned up plus my brother and his little daughter, which they left early, then the group had an agenda for what it has done so far, and what to do for the future, which I recommend you to visit syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com for further details of the meeting discussion which I can’t go into the details of it all here. I can say here that due to Geneva 2 approaching, next week on Sat 18.01.14 we have a peace vigil in front of the national gallery in Trafalgar Square and whoever wants to join me can, and then it looks like I have my third peace walk of 2014 on Wednesday 22.01.14 from Tower of London (south side of the river close to the mayor of London’s office) where I will be waiting from 11am -12pm, and afterwards walking towards the London Eye. If you would like to join me I welcome you. I am doing this due to not being able to make the Geneva 2 peace talk in Switzerland, so please feel free to contact me for the events and we take it from there.


Today I managed to get to the Trafalgar Square after walking for some time through the centre of London, and then in front of the national gallery after hearing a lot of different noise from different street performers I started to bring out my peace flag and my handwritten board, to say why I was there to the public, and then slowly after 1430 hours those people who were there for the peace vigil came and joined me and we were there for about two hours. After coming across two different groups of people who I knew and after having some talk with them about what I was doing and what they were doing (which a group of them were telling me they feeding homeless people who have been collected by police), then I headed back to my resting place for the day.


Some of the photos on the vigil day on Saturday 18.01.14 in front of the national gallery in Trafalgar Square.


Today I started my day by doing another peace pilgrimage journey, this time not to a public place but to a private place to visit a wonderful occupier from the time of OLSX. I have heard that he was very ill and I did find his place after some walking and asking some different people, and as soon as I got there I saw another person who was there to visit him as well, so the people who were looking after our friend took both of us to his room.

As soon as he saw us he was so happy that he couldn’t believe his eyes and tears started pouring down from his eyes and immediately I asked him if I can hug him three times, one for myself and two others for my wonderful sister and brother who I knew they know him, and if they were around and close to him would have done so themselves, and due to far distance they couldn’t make it, so I did tell him about them, and he was happy to hear from them.

Both of us were with him for about two hours and during this period we managed to make some tea and coffee and update some of his phone communications and also go out for a lovely walk to a surrounding park near to a very local church to his new place, and while we were going out we met two more wonderful friends of his coming around to visit him, which I knew one of them as well, so when we came back after our walk two of us said goodbye to him, so this would give him more time to be with the next two new friends for a longer time. I was told our friend’s condition has been improved very much compared to a few weeks ago, so I would like to say here if anyone would like to visit him please make sure you go along just 2-3 of you maximum at a time, due to his circumstance and being very tired.

Until next time, take good care of yourself and each other.

your humbled Earthian brother a messenger of love and peace across the planet Earth

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Solstice and Crisis

week starting 16.12.13

I was told by someone from the time of Occupy London Stock Exchange, who I met at a day centre where they help people who are in need for food and other necessities of life, near the City of London, that there is going to be a meeting on 18.12.13 in the evening about UK Common Rights Project, which is a campaign for the rights of homeless and marginalised people to access food, water, shelter and sanitation, it is a project of Housing Justice, in partnership with Just Fair, The Pavement and Open Cinema.

The launch was going to include the first showing of a new film highlighting the stories of street homeless people and the daily struggles they face to access food, water, shelter and sanitation to which they have rights in the UN declaration of universal rights, and I was told that my friend and someone else have participated in the film, so they had an invitation to the launch of the project, and I was asked if I can go or find someone else to go in their support.

Speakers who were going to be present at the launch were : The Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP; Alison Gelder, Housing Justice; Jonathan Butterworth, Just Fair; Stephen Bowen, British Institute of Human Rights; Prof Geraldine Van Bueren, Queen Mary Human Rights Collegium, and if you would like to get in touch you can contact Housing Justice (http://www.housingjustice.org.uk/) 02035448094 and you can email at (info@housingjustice.org.uk).

I tried to get in touch with a few people who might want to go, but I didn’t get any reply, so I tried to go myself, but in the end it was too late for me to go in, and I just managed outside the parliament to speak to some people who were coming out from the meeting, and they were saying the film was good and the whole project is a good start. I think the subject does need discussion and it can be done, without any doubt, it is just matter of facilitation, implementation and management of the project.

On Friday 20.12.13 at about 10am I set up my peace pilgrimage journey towards Stonehenge and Avebury in south west England.

After leaving the borough of Tower Hamlets and entering Westminster at 1231 hours on my way towards south west London, I came across Republic of Sudan and I handed in a letter of our peace pledge for Syria to a member of the embassy, then I carried on walking towards Knightsbridge, where I visited for the second time the Singaporian high commission at number 9 Wilton Crescent SW1X 8SP at 1306 hour, but I was told by the security officer that he can’t accept my letter calling for peace for Syria – again, for the second time.

So I carried on walking and it was there, near Harrods, that a wonderful person from Lebanon very kindly offered me a lunch, then after a break I started walking again towards south west London, and after walking through Putney Bridge, then towards Wimbledon, and then Richmond, I managed to get to North Sheen at about 2030 hours, and just before I got to the train station I went to a Sainsbury and I asked if I can speak to the duty manager to see if they can get some food to be part of my dinner, and after a little waiting I spoke to him and he very kindly offered me some food out of his managerial courtesy, and then I walked to the station.

At the station, after some discussion with another member of public about my best way to get to Stonehenge, then finally I decided to head on towards Clapham Junction, but just before I boarded the train a single right hand “Thinsulate thermal insulation” glove was gone missing, and I couldn’t find it. I didn’t know if the wind took it to the side of the train, or underneath of the train, or else it disappeared, and I couldn’t make a decision whether I should go or wait till the train goes, to see if I could find it. I found out, through conversation with a member of public, that it is on the track area, but I didn’t know whether there would be another train, or exactly the situation with the weather, so I couldn’t make up my mind. Finally, just before the train left the station at 2053 hours I jumped on it, and that is how I lost my single right hand glove, which in fact belonged to a friend, which made it so difficult for me to forget about it.

I have to say here that later on, when I got back to my friend’s place, I found out that I have a spare single glove, of a totally different make, but in fact it is for the right hand, so I hope my friend will accept it from me as a replacement.

Anyway, after more than 10 hours of walking and a missing single right hand glove at North Sheen train station, I found my way through the southwest train lines and after saying goodbye to the helpful member of the public at Clapham Junction, I started my peace journey towards Stonehenge.

I got on board of a train from Clapham Junction towards Basingstoke but after speaking to a supervisor of the train she didn’t allow me to carry on towards Basingstoke and she asked me to get off at Woking. There I managed to get on board of another train towards Basingstoke and after going through four more stations including Hook , I managed to speak to the supervisor of the train and he very kindly let me stay, after understanding what I was doing.

So that is how I got to the Basingstoke station and from here I got the last train to Salisbury, which I found out at the station is the nearest train station to Stonehenge, and after passing five more stations including Overton, Whitechurch, Andover, Grately and one more, then finally I arrived at Salisbury at about midnight.


I stayed inside the Salisbury train station till about 0115 hours, then I was asked by the supervisor of the station to stay out of the station till about 4am, so myself and two others stayed out of the station in a bit of sheltered area by a vending machine till about 4:15 am despite a heavy rain and wind outside, so the manager of the station kindly let us in again to the waiting room area after 4:20am and we rested there till about 0630 hours, then one of the people who was staying outside with me, whose name was Simon, kindly offered me a lift with a taxi with another person named John from the US who was staying in a hotel in the town near to the Stonehenge, so at about 7am we headed towards the stones after picking up him from the town.

It was about 0730 hours that we got to our destination and I thanked Simon and gave him a heart to heart hug just in case I couldn’t see him again due to the area being very busy, also I said goodbye to John and the taxi driver as well, so that was a brief peace journey which the universe got me connected to the Stonehenge just before the sunrise at about 0800 hours, but due to cloud and rain I couldn’t see the sunrise.

I saw some wonderful people again whom I met at different festivals and gatherings during the spring and summer of this year and met some new people as well, below is a photo of me taken by a wonderful universe brother.


Stonehenge on 21.12.13 winter solstice

After being at the Stonehenge from 0730- 0900 hours we were asked by the security people to leave the area, and during the time I was by the stones, I met a wonderful rainbow brother and he kindly offered me a lift to Avebury, after I told him Avebury is my next destination, so I left the stones area onto a road very near to the stone circles, which used to be one of the old cattle roads, and it was here that our rainbow brother introduced me to Mardi Lee, who is advocating an open access to Stonehenge (www.openaccesstostonehenge.com)/ (www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-round-table-enter-into-discussion-about-open-access-to-stonehenge).

After some talking to some wonderful local people, who were coming to the Stonehenge almost every year, my rainbow brother and I headed towards Avebury at about 11am, after a wonderful conversation and update on what we’d been doing since our last meet up on 10th December, during our peace pilgrimage walk for Syria in London. We arrived at about midday in the village of Avebury, and after saying goodbye to one another I went to a local old English inn to dry myself and familiarise myself slowly into the life of the village.

After a wonderful warm up and a bit rest in this nice warm pub(inn), I started to go around the village and explore it for myself and despite a very heavy wind and rain, I managed to go around some of the stones circulating the village, and also speak to some locals and visitors to the village, I found almost everyone around the area were wonderfully kind and lovely, and due to a much heavier weather forecast then was expected, and not be able to find a good peace camp area, and also finding an opportunity to head back to London, I didn’t hesitate to head back. Two wonderful human beings helped me get from the village to one of the M4 junctions close to Swindon, and on our way we chatted a bit about why I am doing this and I told them about my reasons, and they kindly offered me some homemade sandwiches, and a piece of fruit, then we said goodbye to one another.

So, after some walking to the right side of the junction I started to show my board and try to get a lift towards London, and soon just about 15min a wonderful couple name Martin and Hennie Symington gave me a lift all the way to a petrol station near to junction 11 on the M4. On our way I told them who I was and what I was doing and they were quite happy giving a lift to a peace pilgrim, and even they asked me to talk to their son who was driving behind them, and I told them my weblog address for them to go and visit if they find time, and after asking them to drive with care due to the torrential weather I told them I hope you all enjoy your evening.

The couple very kindly offered me some money and after I told them I don’t accept any, the wonderful husband “Martin” despite his backache, came to the petrol station and got me a sandwich and a drink of my choice, then after my usual heart to heart hug I said goodnight to them, and wished them safest journey to their destination.

I stayed at the petrol station for about half an hour before another wonderful Steve turned up and he asked me “where?”, and I told him London, and he said jump in and that was it, he took me all the way to my friend’s place near the City of London.

On our way we started to talk about what we were doing and what has made us to see each other. He told me he has left London same day about 1pm and got to Walbury Hill (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walbury_Hill) at about 4pm for winter solstice and also he asked me to find out about Lowbury (http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/site/9401/lowbury_hill_camp.html), and Aldworth yew (http://www.aldworthvillage.org/Localinformation/StMarysChurch/StMarysChurchhistory/tabid/70/language/en-GB/Default.aspx) and giant (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldworth) for summer solstice in Berkshire.

From about 1815-2015 hours we were talking to each other and we did enjoy our different subjects of conversation, he told me he has been abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan as an accountant for the ministry of defence, and he was quite happy about what he was doing, at the end I did offer him a cup of tea and some bread and butter, and then he told me he has to go back to west London to join his daughter before it gets too late, despite my offer of staying and resting here in almost east London, so then my usual goodbye and goodnight, and I asked him to get in touch with me if I can be in any help to offer.

week starting 23.12.13

Today myself and two other peace advocates for Syria, from our peace and justice for Syria working group, had an appointment at 3pm with a councillor of the Turkish embassy “Alper Aktas”. Just before we start our talking he offered us some drink, and we all asked for a special Turkish coffee which usually comes with a glass of water due to the quality and thickness of the special coffee, which reminded me of my Middle East peace journey when they were serving me this everywhere very kindly, then we were down to our talking and briefly I told him what I have been doing and others did mention their concerns and questions and also one of the members of the group was taking some notes of what the councillor was telling us. I recommend, if you have time, to visit  www.peaceandjusticeforsyria.wordpress.com for more details of the meeting in terms of figures and numbers which the councillor was mentioning to us throughout our one hour long conversation. He was quite happy for us to get in touch if we have any concerns or need any help in the future.

Next, I allocated most of this week to go around and visit all the five centres of a charity called Crisis (www.crisis.org.uk), which as I have observed has been offering lonely and a percentage of homeless people a place to go and enjoy their time during the festive season (Christmas time), for a warm meal and some advice and some other activities which they might not be able to do during the whole year round in the capital.

I was told all the day centres including colleges and academies has been donated, and about 8000 volunteers support the project, every day from 24-29 December from 9am-9pm.


I headed towards my first destination which was east London day centre (the city academy Hackney) Homerton Row E9 6EA. On my way there I visited old Occupy Nomads places at Ion Square and Haggerston Park, then I went through a fruit and vegetable market where I came across Mark and Andria (who I met at the Small World festival and I ended up going back to their place and helping them for more than a week apple picking in Sussex), so I saw them in the market and we were so happy to see each other again and Andria kindly offered me a wonderful cup of apple juice as usual and some bananas, also a little branch of mistletoe in hope of spreading more love around the planet, then I met again Mark’s brother, and Andria’s daughter, and another wonderful young man who told me he has been helping Mark for almost two years. After some conversation with him I asked him to check my blog and read about my peace journey if he has time, then after some catching up and some laughing with them I said goodbye to them and headed towards my main destination, the Crisis day centre in east London.

So as I approached my first day centre I was greeted by some wonderful volunteer people, and then I was asked for a name and address, or the borough you were coming from, nationality, language etc. This information was requested before they offer you a wristband, so my only answer to all their questions was “Earthian, a messenger of love and peace, the rest is irrelevant to me, if that is not enough I should say goodnight to you all wonderful people and try other centres from tomorrow”, and they kindly accepted what I said and I got through their gate with a wristband.

Now what I have observed inside was very interesting – some of the people were looking at the food and drink as a commodity, and taking as if there was no tomorrow, and some were quietly sitting in corners and just watching what was going on in front of their eyes, as they couldn’t do anything to change things, so why not be quiet and eat and drink as they were given food and drink by the volunteers at the centre.

I tried to exercise some of my rights to see how some of the volunteers responded, but they didn’t have anything near to an  answer to my concerns about what was going on: for example, a man came to a refreshment area (tea, coffee, fruits) and he held a bag and filled  it up with about 20 mandarins/tangerines, and despite others were just taking one or two, he was doing this action in front of everyone, without anyone saying anything to him, and I went there and I asked the volunteer who was kindly helping and was trying serve, and I said “is that ok if I go and get a bag and get as much as he has?” and the volunteer said “yes, go ahead”, so I realised there wasn’t a sense of limitation, not because there was plenty of the fruit, but because they were scared of telling people what is enough, and they were not realising that these people every day have to run from one place to another in order to get enough food to go through the day, and so now, despite he knew there would be a tomorrow with plenty of those fruits again, but past scarcity has made him to store as much as he can, just in case tomorrow the fruits might never come. On the other hand, it was about dinner time and I asked a volunteer if they have any bread and they told me they don’t have any, and just five minutes later another volunteer brought not only bread, but jam and butter and a second time meal for another member of the public, so clearly there was pettiness and double standards among those who had offered their time to do good, and to feel good, not knowing that their time has just been used not really to solve homelessness as a whole, but for making the charity called Crisis bigger and more competitive in a system which really and truly doesn’t want the homelessness to be solved anyway.

I had some refreshment, used some internet and had a light dinner, and a dessert, though I nearly missed my dinner due to being told dinner is between 1900-1930 hours and the time was just 1935 hours, but it wouldn’t have been any surprise to me if I wasn’t getting any dinner, due to my earlier explanation.


One of the main reasons I was visiting Crisis centres during this festive period was to find out how they can solve the problem of homelessness. At the Occupy London camp we approved in one of our General Assemblies that we were supporting to solve homelessness, and we approved that there is a big issue of homelessness, which we had some working groups like the Next Step group to work on this, and many other people tried their best at the time to come up with a solution, but we had not enough resources in hand to do so. So it was this made me to take my peace pilgrimage journey into these day centres of Crisis to find a solution, as I have read about the charity which has been around for more than 40 years, like another charity which is called Shelter – they both came about more or less in the late 1960s.

So today I start walking towards the south London day centre city of London academy Lynton road, SE1 5LA in Bermendsey.

During two hours of walking I visited another Occupy Nomads places in east London – Occupy Shadwell, which was in King Edward memorial park, and was very controversial, because although we were there to give local support, we moved there only based on rumours that it was a good location, with no discussion or clear indication from the local community, and it was a mistake to do so. Here you can see in this video I am trying my best to say “we are here to support you and if you think we aren’t we will move on”, but the locals were telling us “we want you out of here as soon as possible”, and after moving out from the disputed location, we couldn’t sustain ourselves and finally after our rainbow brothers left us to go to south east London for a Rainbow Gathering, we had to go and join back with our other occupiers at Occupy Mile End park again, and it was after this occupation I decided to go ahead and Occupy Everywhere rather than just a location, a park or a building here in London, and since then I have been occupying everywhere on my peace journey (http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk/occupy-wapping-shadwell-kemp-11042012/).

I also visited near Occupy Limehouse, and I managed to walk for more than a mile underneath the Thames water in Rotherhithe tunnel, and as I was heading south I met another pedestrian who was a young man heading north almost in the middle of the tunnel, also I saw a cyclist just before I reach the exit of the tunnel, and then after another few miles finally I found the south London day centre.

When I arrived I went through the officials then just at the refreshment area I was greeted by one of the old occupiers from Occupy Mile End who was called Red Jim (on twitter @thesocialistway), and he asked me to join the table where he was sitting with a group of his friends, and just at the same time I met another occupier who I’ve come across often recently, coincidentally, so I said hello to them and I joined Red Jim’s table, and he introduced me to his friends and he told them about my story, then we exchanged some contact details. Later on I went to explore the area and went to the library and I found a book about peace. In every centre I tried my best to get hold of a book or something to read which I was interested in, or anything about peace, and I found  these: “5 a day what’s it all about nhs.uk/5aday” (http://www.nhs.uk/LIVEWELL/5aday/Pages/5ADAYhome.aspx),and “Three cups of tea” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Cups_of_Tea) in the south centre. Then I came down and had a wonderful Christmas dinner with no gravy , and a good dessert as well, and it was just before dinner when I met Fredrick from Occupy LSX/Finsbury and Limehouse, who did kindly help me during the night of the occupation at Limehouse.

Then I used some internet, got some drink and with a friend we said goodbye to the centre, and we got a lift to near Tower Bridge as well, then I visited the friend’s place but due to sleeping limitations I had to say goodbye and walk back to my resting place.

Overall the centre was much more organised and volunteers were doing their best to help everyone compared with east London.


I managed to get to the centre of south east London day centre Lewisham college Deptford campus 2 Deptford Church Street, SE8 4RZ at about 1730 hours and the first thing I noticed was that everything was almost winding down and they were just concentrating on feeding people and serving people, also the centre was closing earlier as well, and there weren’t any transportation facilities.

I couldn’t find any book in their little library of a couple of boxes of books, and with five minutes remaining time of internet I managed to use internet just enough time to check a few e-mails and that was it.

Then I had some refreshment and some dinner which was good enough to fill up till next day, then I spoke to some people in the centre which was busy and small compared with the rest, just before I left the centre and tried to make my way to my resting place I got into a conversation with a volunteer near to the exit and I told her what I was doing and she kindly offered me some more refreshment and after a heart to heart hug I offered her my blog address to visit if she had time, and then I said goodnight and headed back to my resting place.


I managed to get to the west London day centre Ealing, Hammersmith & West London college Hammersmith campus, Gliddon Road, W14 9BL. The centre was quite big compared with the others, it was more like Bermondsey and more people were there as well, and they were busy playing different activities like chess, table tennis, singing, karaoke and art as well. Like at some of the other centres things were winding down after 6pm and the centre was concentrating on feeding people and volunteers were serving people here as well like in some other centres.

Again I couldn’t find any library or internet due to the time being after 6pm and they were all shut, but I managed to get some refreshment and speak to some members of staff, and I was telling them what I was doing and also coincidentally I came across an ambassador called Michael for the “Crisis Skylight” (http://www.crisis.org.uk/?gclid=COP12dKa2rsCFabLtAod_CkAZA), which is a programme that runs around the year and not just in the festive periods, and they wanted more people to get involved and know about what Crisis is doing the rest of the year. After telling him what I am doing and how I am doing it, he was telling me that they are advocating peace as well and they would like to help me as well, and I told him no problem, this is how I can help and I’d like to see how Crisis can help me, and we got into some discussion which we both agreed that some other ways should be found to solve the issue of homelessness, I have to say still I have an appointment with him for 6th January 2014 and I’d like to see how we can help each other.

So as I said there wasn’t any peace book here to find, but I had some refreshment and met some of the old occupiers including the famous heavy tent owner filled with scrap metal called John and his mum Christina. I remember we wanted to install some solar panels at the back of the Tent City University at OLSX and their tent was very close to it, and I asked some other kind occupiers to help them to move their tent to a place near to the Occupy Anonymous area, and I believe it took some people almost a day to just move their tent, so I asked John “what did you do with all that metal stuff?” and he told me most of it got evicted, and also I have to say his mum was complaining about her son that he is keeping a big storage place and paying £X a week (which I could organise and manage the entire budget of OLSX camp on!) for something which he doesn’t use. It was so funny for me to see them again and share this little story with you, as I can’t forget their presence at the camp LSX. So here I was, seeing them in a Crisis place and telling myself “Good luck to Crisis if they want to bring these two wonderful human beings back to so-called normal life and out of homelessness, because both have a place, but because of too much stuff in their places they can’t go back and they prefer to sleep here and there”. Definitely they need a couple of the most sophisticated robots to catch up on an inventory of their collection of plastic bags and many more other sorts of stuff.


I went to the last centre of Crisis at north London day centre Westminster Kingsway college 211 Grays Inn Road London WC1X 8RA, and the centre was quite big, similar to Bermondsey in south and Hammersmith in west London. People were busy doing different things and things were more under control here, especially the IT room, which was programmed to be used in 20 minute slots because it was so busy, and there was a library as well but not many books. I managed to find a book called “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kite_Runner), which drew my attention. I met two volunteers at the centre who remembered me from the time of Glastonbury festival, when George (an old Occupy friend) introduced me to them, and they were part of the green movement at the festival. They said they are still involved with green stuff and were quite happy to see me there, which I was likewise, and they said they were happy to come and help Crisis as well. I didn’t have much time to sit down with them and see how they got involved with the charity, but I hope their good intentions will help on the way to the right changes.

Then I headed down to the refreshment area and then dinner time which was a very good dinner and I enjoyed it and after talking to some more people in there, and telling them about my journey, I said goodbye to the centre and headed to see another friend in a new year party place. After getting near to the area I couldn’t find my friend but I found another friend and after staying there just for a short period of time I said goodbye and headed back to the centre and ended up finding myself in front of St. Paul’s cathedral again, and then I said goodbye to the city and went to my resting place.

As new year 2014 is approaching I want to say – last year at this time I was in the Middle East part of the Asian continent and this year here I am in London Europe, and maybe next year in America… wherever we are, if we are contributing towards a better world I believe there should be our home, and this should be irregardless of which part of the planet /continent or country/nation we are in. We should all advocate love, goodness and peace towards that land, and all over the land.

your humbled messenger of love and peace


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Peace & Justice for Syria III


I looked for the embassy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and also the Republic of Cyprus, as I visited all the territory of Cyprus on my first peace pilgrimage to the Middle East. In my opinion the only divided capital in the world has to reunite and people on either side of the divide should live side by side in peace and harmony – a lot of people are suffering because of the division, and my hope is to help reconciliation of that divided nation – but anyway, I couldn’t find any of them and I had to move on to my next embassy in line.

So I started walking towards the Barbados embassy, and I arrived at the reception of the embassy at 1210 hours, but I was refused to leave or give anything in the embassy regarding our group peace and justice for Syria statement about our “peace pledge”. Despite telling her and reiterating it is not going to look good on the world that Barbados didn’t accept our pledge for peace, the receptionist didn’t accept or show any sort of sympathy with our cause, so I told her I’ll tell the world through my free media of thinking and writing that Barbados has not received my peace plea for Syria, and that is why you are seeing it here, so it is up to you to go or send them a letter to say Why didn’t they accept our pledge for peace? and What harm was it going to do, if they were accepting it?

Then I headed towards the Mexican embassy and at 1230 hours I managed to speak through the intercom of the embassy to a lady in the embassy and she asked me to put the letter through the letter box into the embassy, then she will pass it to the ambassador later in the day, and I said goodbye to her then walked towards my next embassy.

At 1302 hours I managed to hand in a call for peace to a security guard of the Canadian embassy here in London in Grosvenor Square, despite having already left one at the Trafalgar Square branch, just to make sure the ambassador will get one at least. Then I walked to the Argentinean consulate at 1311 hours and I was told I have to go to the embassy at the back of the same building, so after visiting Italy at 1313 hours and handing one of our peace pledges to them, which was accepted very kindly, then at about 1320 hours I managed to go back to the Argentinean embassy at the back of the consulate and hand in one of our peace pledge statements to a member of the embassy so it can reach to the hand of the ambassador later on.

At about 1331 hours I visited the US embassy and the security people at the embassy told me that they don’t accept anything in hand and they asked me to post our peace pledge, so they joined with the Barbados embassy in being the only ones refusing our peace pledge so far, from the above list of the embassies.

One thing that I have noticed on my peace pilgrimage journey around the world’s embassies here in London, was that in front of the US embassy, there were a number of gazebos and marquees with some members of an opposition organisation to the current Iranian government and a number of them were on hunger strike, and if you want to find out in depth about the matter you can search ‘hunger strike in front of the US embassy in London’ (http://www.demotix.com/news/2857882/hunger-strike-outside-us-embassy-london#media-2857838), and you can find out we are all in one way or another in struggle with each other… just imagine when we all live in peace and harmony with each other, what we can do for humanity and the planet as a whole then.

I walked to the Indonesian embassy, which is very close to the US, at 1334 hours and I managed to hand in our letter to a member of the embassy and then I said goodbye to them, and walked to my next embassy, which was surprising as I was looking for the Bahamas embassy and I came across Monaco instead, so at 1339 hours I handed in one of our peace pledges for Syria to the security officer of the embassy and hopefully he will hand in our peace pledge to the ambassador, who I was told she wasn’t available at the embassy at the moment.

So at about1350 hours I handed a call for peace into the hand of a female police officer in front of the Egyptian embassy, so I hope she will hand it in to the security of the embassy where they couldn’t take my pledge for peace for Syria, and I hope the ambassador will receive our pledge for peace as soon as they get back to the embassy. Then at 1402 hours the embassy of the Republic of the union of Myanmar (Burma) refused to accept our peace call, but I managed to put one into the embassy’s letter box in any case for their consideration, despite a man from the embassy saying that they were closed.

Then I handed in a call for peace for Syria into the hands of one of the two armed police officers in front of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabian embassy here in London at 1410 hours, and they kindly told me they will hand our pledge for peace for Syria to the security people of the embassy later on, and then hopefully it will reach to the hands of the ambassador and hopefully they will consider their position to help us towards peace in Syria.

At 1421 hours I got to the Qatar embassy and a security person in front of the Qatar embassy told me that they don’t accept anything by hand and they will accept just by post, and I made sure to reiterate that I’ll tell the world that our peace pledge for Syria has been refused and this is not going to look good on the ambassador, but still I didn’t get a positive response, though at a later date I have heard that they have accepted our group peace pledge, which was good news after all.

At about 1430 hours I handed in one of our peace pledges to the Bahamas embassy, and at 1438 to Panama’s embassy, and then I start walking to the Japanese embassy but at 1445 hours the embassy refused our peace pledge for Syria and they told me they will not accept anything in hand, so very surprisingly to me they joined the list of the embassies which refused to accept our peace pledge for Syria, despite their very bitter past – I didn’t know how to explain this one to the wider public.

I handed in one of our peace pledges to the Libyan embassy at 1503 hours and they kindly accepted our pledge.

At the French embassy at 1515 hours I was told by someone from inside the embassy that I am in front of a political building and I don’t understand the significance of the building and I should find another means of passing our peace pledge for Syria to the ambassador of France, and I was refused to be allowed to hand in anything. I was astonished by what she told me, about the significance of the building.

Just opposite to the French embassy was the state of Kuwait embassy and at 1518 hours they kindly allowed me to go in and they did accept our pledge with their kindness and the receptionist told me he will pass the message to the ambassador, after here I did manage to pass our message at 1543 hours to the Omani embassy and also, despite being closed, at the Iranian embassy a member of the embassy first told me to post it but when I explained to him the significance of the message he kindly accepted our pledge at 1552 hours. I have to say I did already hand in to the Iranian consulate our peace pledge for Syria, and they did accept it over there as well.

I did manage to hand in our message to the Ethiopian embassy at 1554 hours and Tunisian embassy at 1557 hours as well, then I handed our peace message to the ambassador of the UAE at 1601 hours after some explanation at the front of the embassy on the door steps, and I shook his hand after he said he is the ambassador, then I visited the Afghanistan embassy at 1603 hours and a member of the embassy did kindly accept our peace pledge for Syria.

Now at the Israeli embassy at 1630 hours I spoke to a security person in  a booth before getting to the embassy and he told me he can’t accept anything by hand, after confirming it with someone else from the embassy, and I was even told I can’t pass through the road to get to the Romanian and other embassies on the same road and I have to use an alternative route, and I did so and at the back of the embassy I did see two armed police officers and I asked them do they protect an embassy here, and they replied no we are just waiting for our van, and I said goodbye to them and I started walking towards the Romanian embassy.

At 1636 hours I handed in one of our peace and justice for Syria peace pledge statements to a member of the Romanian embassy in front of the embassy’s gate, then at 1650 hours to a member of the Nepalese embassy at the gate, despite they said they were closed, but after explaining the significance of the message they did kindly accept our peace pledge for Syria.

At 1655 hours I managed to hand in our message to a member of the Russian federation embassy, then at 1700 hours to a member of the Slovak embassy and at 1705 hours to a member of the Czech Republic embassy, and finally I called a day of my visiting around the world’s embassies here in London.

I have to say today at the end of the day I managed to visit a total 28 embassies, and out of all those I had merely 6 refusals, and I am glad of one ambassador meet up, and the rest have promised to hand in our peace pledges for Syria to all the ambassador’s of the embassies.


Today was our peace and justice for Syria group peace pilgrimage, so I planned to visit some more embassies which I haven’t done so far, and in this way I was hoping I can maximize the number of those ambassadors attending our candlelit vigil in front of the Syrian embassy at the end of today at 6pm.

I walked towards my first embassy which was going to be Slovenian, I was looking for the Slovenian embassy flag around the Westminster area, when I was stopped by a group of armed metropolitan police and I was questioned for about half an hour and I told them what I have been doing and what I was going to do. During an intense investigation some of the officers were telling me my green peace flag worried them and I might be a greenpeace activist and I might have a plan to climb a government building around the area. They meant the Home Office, Scotland Yard or Parliament – at least these were the main important buildings around the area which I believe they were referring to – but I told them and reassured them that I don’t have any such intention, I was just going to join our group after visiting a few more embassies around the area, but now after what I have gone through I don’t feel like to visit any embassies alone. I told them “the shock of your investigation for the first time in more than 15 years being here in the UK has made me so upset, I don’t know how long it is going to take before I can carry on to do any more of these embassies alone again”, and also I said “you have just reminded me of some parts of the Middle East where I did go through such intense questioning” and I couldn’t believe myself I’ll be going through such investigation here.

Then by now the time was just after 1500 hours and all I could do was to go and join the peace groups in front of the US embassy, so I walked as quick as I could to join my peace pilgrimage group at the embassy, and I did manage to get to the group just before 4pm so I could rest there for a bit and have something to drink/eat, then I merged myself with the rest of the group for the remaining time of the day’s activities, which were shared with the whole group. There were about 30 people who took part in the day’s events, including about 25 that participated in the candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy but for more details if you have time please visit http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/.

Below you can see some photos of me in the event with the group.


Sitting in front of the US embassy in Grosvener square, the rest of the photos below are in front of the Syrian embassy with the group






most of this photos has kindly been taken by a journalist from DEMOTIX (http://www.demotix.com)


I took my peace pilgrimage to a university this time to UCL SOAS section in solidarity with some students who were not happy about student tuition fees, cuts, and education in total, also I saw some of my old friends from a different time of Occupy London.

Then I managed to meet up with a representative of a student union through an Occupy friend and I gave him one of our peace and justice for Syria working group letters, hoping that he can spread our message of peace for Syria into the wider world of student audience, also I managed to speak to some students and show my feelings about today’s education and how we can change it for a better one. Due to yesterday’s incident with those metropolitan armed police I tried to avoid going to any embassies, so I wouldn’t have a flashback from yesterday’s event with them.

Later I went and visited a few friends from different areas of London, then I headed back to my resting place.


It was a day to catch up with some web connectivity since my mobile communication was finished, so I had to go and arrange with a local library to find out some news from far and near across the planet and arrange some other activities for London in the coming weeks.


Today as I arranged from before I met a good friend from Occupy London, who since my return from my first peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East has wanted to arrange to come and see me and write about my peace journey, but because of both of our circumstances we had never managed to get together until finally today he decided to come out with me and spend a day doing a peace pilgrimage for Syria around the world’s embassies here in London. While we were walking he could ask any questions and also get involve in signing our statement from our peace and justice for Syria group, before we hand it into the embassies.

So I listed about 20 embassies to visit, and despite him not feeling very well due to his cold and starting late a bit about midday, still we managed to finish more than half of the listed embassies. At the end both of us were happy to call it a day and he very kindly invited me for a soft drink and finally to do the interview on my peace pilgrimage to the Middle East many months later then we thought, and now he could add to his writing my around-the-UK festivals and gatherings journey and then finally my peace pilgrimage for Syria around the world’s embassies, which he did participate in almost a whole day with me.

So please watch out for his article which is going to come out soon from maybe some of the well-known free media, and not the mainstream one, I’ll link you to it when it becomes available.

Here I have to say we managed to visit Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, Greece, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Cameroon, Georgia, Paraguay, and finally Jordan, and all of these embassies did kindly accept our call for peace for Syria, and we did not get any refusals.


I had another wonderful day spent catching up with my writing, and later on going to an end of the year gathering of some groups of friends old and new who were all somehow affiliated to Occupy London’s “Strategic working group meeting”, here in Common House in London, so I saw some old and met a few new faces as well.

There were a few things discussed and some other stuff is going to be under discussion in future meetings of the group and I am sure if you visit Occupy London http://occupylondon.org.uk/ and bambuser livestream by Obi, you can see a brief note of the meeting as well, so I don’t have to go into details here, about what was discussed.

with much love and peace to you all


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Peace & Justice for Syria II


I visited 4 places which came out on my embassies search as below: out of 4 of them, 1 refused to accept my call for peace for Syria.

At about 1400 hours I visited Multi Travel Visa Ltd. (http://www.multitravelvisas.co.uk/index.php), and 1st4Immigration Ltd. (http://www.1st4immigration.com/about.php ) they kindly did accept my call and sent down a representative to me (Mr Harpvzzt Gile), and I spoke to him and few others about my cause, and they appreciated what I was doing, but they did say, they don’t have any power to help towards my call for peace.

Later I headed towards monetary authority of Singapore (http://www.mas.gov.sg/), but before I get there I stopped on my way and some wonderful person very kindly helped me with some food and drink, then between 1530-1730 hours I waited in front of the MAS building to speak to them, but they sent a few different security people around to ask me to move on, then the head of building’s security, who said he is running the buildings which MAS office was there came himself personally, and told me they don’t wish to speak to me and they would like me to move on to the rest of my embassies.

As I knew I have to attend a meeting at 1845 hours at Farringdon, so I did move on and went to the next on my list of embassies, and it was Kuwait Investment Office (http://www.londononline.co.uk/profiles/94377/ ) at 1740 hours.  A person who was at the reception was very kind and encouraging and asked me to visit Kuwait embassy for my request for peace in Syria, and then I said goodbye to him and headed to my meet up with my peace brother Dan at Cafe Diplo near Farringdon Station. In all of these places I have left a leaflet for our call-out for 10th December, to say “if you can, come for our candlelit peace vigil in front of the Syrian embassy on international human rights day”, and they have all accepted one apart from MAS.

I got to number 70/77 Cow Cross Street EC1M 6EJ just in time to speak to the organisers and I told them about my story and they were very welcoming and offered me some drink and snack, then they said to me I can ask questions but wouldn’t be able to speak as the event has been organised for David McDowall who has written a book about the Kurds “A modern history of the Kurds” (http://www.ibtauris.com/Search%20Results.aspx?query=David+Mcdowall) and I told the organisers that it is fine by me, so I sat down and rested after a long walk through the streets of London and then my wonderful peace brother Dan turned up at the time just before the talk started, and I listened to David very carefully and he pretty much summed up with the title of his book. There was not very much material that I wasn’t aware of, just a few controversial points which I wasn’t there to discuss and also there wasn’t time, but I hope in the future I can discuss those points with him, and the wider world. At the end I had an opportunity to tell the audience why I was there, and what I was thinking about the situation now, and what should be the solution for a future Kurdistan, so some were agreeing with the idea of what I was saying, and hopefully one day it would be part of my book about “Earthian world peace” and the Kurdish question will be a chapter of that book and it is just a thought for now, also I would like to slowly collect materials for my new blog on this topic “Earthian World Peace”, hopefully will be available for all in the future.

So after this I spoke to a few new people who told me they might be able to come and join us for 10th December peace pilgrimage for Syria, and also we had another peace brother Russell there but we didn’t have much time to talk to each other. My wonderful peace brother Dan has kindly brought a supply of food, drink and reading material to keep me busy through my peace journey to the world embassies here in London and in a jokey way I told him “are you going to make me busy with books, so I won’t have time to get engaged with people who I am out there to speak to?”, and he did laugh a bit, but I have to say here that he has been my best ever support team throughout my journey this week.

Then after some catching up and talk, I told him I am walking towards Angel station to find somewhere there to put my head down till next day and to visit Eritrean embassy (http://eritrea.embassyhomepage.com/) next day, so after a heart to heart communication I told goodnight to Dan, and I headed towards north London (Angel station). I got there just about 10pm and I started to talk to people until the station was closed some time after midnight, and I spoke to some wonderful people who were really concerned about what is going on right now across the planet and what solutions we should have for those problems.

Then I looked around for a place to put my head down, and I found an empty basement, and I did rest there for few hours despite it being quite cold down in there.


I started my embassy hunting by going to the Eritrean embassy, and at the reception I was told that no one is there to see me and I left my peace advocacy for Syria at 1020 hours to be handed over to the representative of the people of the Eritrea, and then I left the embassy heading back towards central London and this time the Sierra Leone (http://sierraleone.embassyhomepage.com/ ), and Cuban (http://cuba.embassyhomepage.com/) Embassies. On my way near number 90 High Holborn at about 1202 hours surprisingly I came across Jeremy Clarkson (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Clarkson) with another person, and I said a loud “Hello Jeremy”, but he didn’t reply and carried on walking, and I did the same, hunting my embassies. Then I came across a peaceful and nice human being who did ask me, after reading my board, “so you are doing a peace pilgrimage?”, and I said “yes and right now I am trying to do one around the world’s embassies here in London, and I am looking for these two embassies”, and he told me “come with me, what you are doing is not going to change the world and I have done activism and humanism for many years, and you are not going to change anything”, and I said to him “let’s go and see how you are going to do the change then?”, and he took me to a place which was called “Hare Krishna Temple” (http://www.bhaktivedantamanor.co.uk/home/?p=597)( http://www.krishna.com ), then I spent my time there from 1230-1430 hours and I did listen to their music, then a talk by one of their members, and finally their vegetable meal which I volunteered to help with serving some. I saw an old friend from Occupy Finsbury Square in there as well, then I said goodbye to the place and came back to hunt for the embassies in question. I don’t go into the details of what was going on in there and what I think about their way of life because it is going to be a long discussion and I hope it will come up on my future forum “Earthian Unite Forum”, also I would like to find a way to engage with every citizen of this planet on different topics sometime in the near future. All I can say, for the time being, is to say I respect their point of view and their peacefulness and I recommend people go there and to see it for themselves.

So coming back to my embassy-finding, I managed to find the Cuban embassy, but by this time I was told it is too late for them to see me and I was told to come back next day between 0930-1230 hours and I said “if you can take my leaflet?” and handed it over to the representative of the Cuban people, so I don’t have to come in to see them, and I was told I have to put it in writing whatever I had to hand in, so I said to them goodbye, and start walking towards the Sierra Leone embassy. I finally did manage to find it and I handed in one of our leaflets to their receptionist, and they said they will pass it on, and I started walking towards my next in line which was the Australian embassy. By the time I got there it was just past 4pm and it was closed, so then I went to the Indian embassy, where I managed to hand over one of our calls for support to someone who promised to hand it in to the ambassador.

Then just before 5pm I managed to get into the Zimbabwe embassy and I was told by the receptionist that it is closed but I asked him if he could kindly pass on our message of peace for Syria and I was told he would if I can leave one leaflet for him, and then I walked towards the home office for a candlelit vigil for a person called Isa Muazu who has been on hunger strike for more than 100 days asking home secretary not to deport him (http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/dec/05/asylum-seeker-isa-muaza-granted-more-time-uk).

On my way there I met my peace brother Dan in Whitehall and we walked down to the home office and I was there from about 6-8pm for the vigil, where we were told the full story about the person and many other ongoing daily cases, and we wanted all those people to be freed back into society.

While I was there Dan kindly introduced me to a group of wonderful friends and at the end of the vigil he asked them if I could go with them for a dinner, and they all kindly welcomed his request, and I have to say here I am grateful for their wonderful evening meal at a very posh Kaka ( I think Japanese ) restaurant not far from the home office building – it was very high in calories and protein after a long walking day it was just perfect for the purpose! Also over the meal we shared some of our stories and also we were all a multi-background gathering around a table for a meal and all were supporting one man to stay here in the UK, this was what found us united, and I hope in the not far future, humanity will see all these as very basic things, and we can flourish on our planet as a whole and not in dispute with one another. After the wonderful meal and evening, at about 10pm we said goodbye to each other in a couple of stages, and as usual I had to communicate with them with my heart to heart hug, then they all headed to their place of rest and I headed to an unknown location to put my head down for the night. I said an unknown location because you can’t think I would have slept there if I have said so.


I did start my day by going to the Uganda, Burundi, embassies and I handed in our call to people there and then by accident I saw someone from the Consulate of the Ecuador embassy as well which she did kindly accept my call for peace, and said she will hand it in the next day because they were closed today for public.

I walked to the South African embassy but they didn’t accept anything and they told me it has to be in writing, then to Canada, and Brazil which they accepted my call, and even better in Kazakhstan a senior member of the embassy came to speak to me in person and even I shook his hand to thank him for his time and breaking the ice and being my first senior member of an embassy to come in person and meet me and listen to our pledge for peace in Syria.

Then I walked to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea where they did accept my call, but they said to see anyone it has to be by an appointment.

Then I walked to the Philippine embassy and after some waiting finally I did meet a member of the embassy and I shared my deepest condolences to what has happened in Philippines and I mentioned “imagine if we didn’t have these manmade conflicts, we could respond to natural disasters like the recent typhoon very quickly and with more efforts ” and explained how I hope to see no more conflict around the world and then we will be more prepared for natural catastrophes in the future, and he thanked for this and showed his solidarity with us and he said he is going to hand our call to the right department and they will hopefully help us to call for peace in Syria. Then I headed down towards the Korean cultural centre (http://london.korean-culture.org/navigator.do?siteCode=null&langCode=null&menuCode=200710260001&promImg=1198673942197.gif&menuType=CH&subImg=1198673942197.gif ),and I handed in one of our cals there as well and a bit later handed in another call to the Nigerian high commission security person to hand in to the representative of the people of Nigeria here in London, then I started walking towards Parliament Square in support of a person who is believed to be held in Guantanamo Bay prison innocently for 11 years, so I headed down to show my support for him to be released with a group of people who are doing this every Wednesday from 1-3pm in front of the parliament.

I got there just before 1pm and I managed to see the group and show my support and also I told them about what I was doing and they did know about our 10th December but they had a meeting in House of Commons about the case of the Shaker Aamer. Next I headed towards the south Korean embassy, and on my way I found out there is another embassy  – Macedonia – and I asked the receptionist if I can see someone from there and I was told just by appointment, and I handed in one of our calls to him to be passed on to the ambassador, then I said goodbye and headed towards my intended south Korean one, which I managed to find and handed one in there as well, then I headed to Belgravia area which I was told is full of embassies.

I managed to visit in total more than 24 embassies before it gets very dark and I set up my peace tent right on the corner of the square just 50 yards from the Syrian embassy, and I spent a night in my pop up peace tent, in solidarity with the suffering people of today’s Syria. Of course I have to say that out of all those embassies, none of the ambassadors met me and I have to just hand in our call for peace, and Germany has refused to accept anything and the Syrian embassy was closed. As part of the naming and asking for reconciliation, so far South Africa and Germany have to reconcile with us in our call for peace, hopefully they will do when we put it in writing.


I woke up after a very cold and wet night and I managed to pack my pop up peace tent, despite it took me 2 seconds to pop up last night, but it took me more than 2 minutes to pack it, so as a joke in our next camp we will do a pop up training course for pop up tents, so if you want to make some people busy at your camp and make them to pack up the pop up tents it is a good challenge to start and learn about how to pack a tent indeed.

Later on a police officer turned up and asked me, was it me inside the tent last night? and I said yes and he asked me if I let them know what I was doing and what was my plan for today and I told him why I was there and what was my plan for the rest of the day and they were quite happy for me to carry on as long as I am not causing any problem to anyone and I told them – absolutely not!

Today I carried on by walking and visiting another long list of embassies here in London (about more than 30) before I met up with my wonderful peace brother Dan, who as I said before has been a great logistics support team since I have started my peace pilgrimage journey around the world embassies for Syria here in London. We met near high street Kensington station, and after a long chat and catch up while we were having our wonderful tea break some police officers turned up and they asked again about my plan and what I was doing in there and I explained what I was doing and I told them I don’t have anything to hide as I have told some of their colleagues earlier today in the Belgravia area near Syrian embassy as well, and I handed over one of our pledges for peace in Syria and then they moved on. Dan and I stayed there for a bit longer before I made my way towards some other embassies around the area, but by the time I got to some of those they were all closed and I couldn’t carry on visiting any more embassies due to the time and I had to think of somewhere to put my head down.

It was in Holland Park area that I came across a book store which was called “Daunt books” and I went in and I asked them if they can let me know whether they have got any book about peace, and I asked them when was last time that they have watched a film about peace?

They kindly looked and brought me 2 books (a peace to end all peace by David Fromkin, and The ARABS A history by Eugene Rogan), also they told me I can find more about the topic on Housmans radical booksellers since 1945 (www.radicalbooksellers.co.uk ), and the alliance of radical booksellers ( http://www.henryholt.com ) and at the end they told me they have never watched a film about peace and they hoped they will see one in the future, but at the moment there is no profit in it, and while our society is based on profit we might not see one very soon. I have been so troubled by why we have to make things for profit, why can’t we do it not for profit but for humanity, and since the start of my journey here in London advocating peace I have been looking for a book about peace but there are not a lot to find. Educating with such a book at schools and institutions is the most urgent way to make people to be more aware of why we have to have peace in order to flourish; without it we are going to destroy ourselves, and the planet with us, we really need a real peace.

The reason I mentioned the topic was because as so many of us know, a lot of us busy working our way towards a system which has totally forgotten about the humanity side of us, and it is saddens me to think for how long we are going to carry on like this before it gets too late.

Anyway after a long search around the area I couldn’t find somewhere to put my head down till next day, so I decided to head back to my friend’s place near the City of London, so I could have a good night’s rest and get ready for another day of embassy visiting again in some other parts of London.

I have to say on my day of embassy visit I only got 3 refusals: one from Germany; the second from the Ecuadorian embassy, which is understandable because  with Julian Assange there I felt there was a lot of pressure on them, full security cameras and at least 3 police officers were present in there; and finally from Netherlands where I did manage to give one of our pledges to a kind lady who told me she has an appointment at 3pm and I asked her to deliver one of our leaflets for us and she kindly did accept it. The rest of the embassies were fine to accept my pledge for peace in Syria.


I started my day by going to the Visa section of the China embassy to hand over one of our group’s calls for peace for Syria, and they told me I have to go to the embassy and they don’t accept anything from me, so before I go there I headed back to the Cuban embassy which they told me come back between 0930-1230 hours and when I got there they said to me they can’t accept anyone so I went to the consult section at the back of number 167 High Holborn and they did kindly accept our pledge and then I said goodbye to them and headed to my long list of embassies around Oxford Circus.

So today I managed to visit a total of more than 20 embassies here in London and again apart from China, Poland, and Rwanda the rest very kindly accepted our pledge for peace, and I hope these embassies will reconsider their position, when I get in touch with them in writing and they will respond to us positively.

After my embassy hunting I headed towards Paddington station to see if I can catch up with a good friend from Occupy times, after some searching around I couldn’t find them, but I managed to speak to some more wonderful people around the area including Paulo from Brazil who has very kindly offered me some wonderful nice hot tea, soup and oat biscuits, from his boat where he was displaying winter clothing from different south American communities and far east places like Nepal; also another wonderful person has given me a book on peace (the unconquerable world by Jonathan Schell) from his boat library near the Paddington basin and the station. I was engaging with people about why I was there and what I was doing till late evening and then after my heart to heart communication with some of those wonderful people I headed back to my resting place after another long walking day on the streets of London.

So as some of you might know by now I am still doing embassy visits next week and on Tuesday our group in two sections have a larger group of people doing embassy visits as well and then a peace vigil at the end, about 6pm in front of the Syrian embassy in Belgrave Square, so please if you have time join us and support us for a better world and right now the subject is Peace for Syria (http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/).

So till next time may love and peace always be upon you all.

your humbled free citizen of the planet Earth

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Peace & Justice for Syria

In the week of 18.11.13 I visited the 8th Kurdish film festival (http://www.lkff.co.uk/) with a very good friend of mine in London, Hackney area, and also I helped another wonderful friend from Occupy with an event to raise awareness about the Balcombe anti-fracking camp and the Reclaim The Power camp, which was about fracking as a whole, and showing how it is going to devastate the planet earth, and also how it is causing problems here in the UK and right now in Barton Moss (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SAYNOTOFRACKINGONBARTONMOSS/?fref=ts). If you want to coordinate with your local fracking issues you get in touch with the below campaign (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NAFCG/?fref=ts).

At both events I was there to advocate peace and let more people know about my peace journey, and about the current “Peace and Justice for Syria” group, which I have been working with, and about my current peace pilgrimage around the world’s embassies here in London, which is ongoing in November and December 2013.


A photo of me showing the above two events.

On the week  beginning 25.11.13, I started my peace pilgrimage journey from central London by walking from Whitechapel to St. Paul’s and on my route I came across my first embassy in Whittington Avenue EC3, which is very close to a famous market near there, called Leadenhall Market (“a restored Victorian covered market that sells traditional game, poultry, fish and meat. Although there has been a forum (market place) where Leadenhall Market stands today since the first century AD, the current wrought iron and glass building was designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones – architect of Old Billingsgate and Smithfield Markets. Close to the Lloyd’s of London building and the Bank of England, it’s a popular place for city workers on lunch break so the best time to visit is early lunchtime as it gets very busy by 1pm. It’s open Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm and is found in Whittington Avenue, off Gracechurch Street.  Leadenhall is not only a scenic market place which makes for a lovely stroll around, it also sells some of the finest food in London”). I found out that the nearby embassy was empty, and I said to myself “here we go, this is another empty building here in London again, and it could be occupied by a few of my best and dedicated friends and we could set it up before my next year’s peace journey round the world, and if we get the consensus we could call it the “Earthian Embassy”, and next time on my pilgrimage, if they ask me “how do we know that you are coming from London?” I could say “You can contact my embassy in London, and this is the address, and the phone numbers!” and it would be up to them whether they contacted or not… And also, of course, we could have a place to stay for those people who don’t have anywhere to go for the duration of the winter period.

There were some people around the embassy, but they didn’t know anything about the closed embassy building and it had a flag on top of its door but I couldn’t recognise it; if anyone help me with this puzzle it will be a great relief.

After my first visit to an empty embassy I walked towards my old OLSX camp place and St. Paul’s Cathedral, then after a brief stop and remembrance I started walking towards Holborn and then Tottenham Court Road underground station, and I managed to speak to some wonderful people around those areas, and again spread the message of peace. It was here that I remembered I had a message from some old Occupy friends asking for my support about the current housing and shelter issue here in the UK, and particularly here in the capital, which they had started an occupation in north London to highlight. This occupation was at 212 Ballards Lane, North Finchley, and was outside the office yard of Mike Freer member of parliament (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Freer), and Mrs Marina Yannakoudakis MEP London office (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_Yannakoudakis), and it was there to raise the public awareness about empty buildings in London.


A photo of the camp with my KSA tent embassy at the far left end.

So I headed north to give support, and I stayed with them for almost a week, until on Thursday 28.11.13 at 0603 hours, when I and seven other members of the occupation were asked to leave the area due to our so-called trespassing into the yard of the office building of the above people. We were asked to leave by bailiffs from http://thesheriffsoffice.com/articles/protesters-evicted-from-margaret-thatchers-former-offices#.UpeLNKZ4xfU.facebook, and three types of police, who later asked me and others to even leave the public pavements, which I believe every person should have a right to stand on as long as they want to, if they don’t cause any problem to anyone, and specifically one of the officer asked me to leave the pavement or face, as he put it “you will be nicked”.

At this place for the duration which I was there I met and spoke to many other new wonderful people in the camp, and some members of the public, and I told them why I was there and how I can be a little help by my presence to my fellow human beings on this planet.

Despite our eviction from the yard we managed to stay around the area. A General Assembly had been called a few days back by the occupiers and other supporters from Occupy London and squatting groups. We managed to go back to the front door and the yard of Mike Freer, despite police presence, and we had a wonderful GA which around 50 people turned up for, and we approved a statement to go out in support of our peaceful demand for sustainable housing and shelter for anyone without any, then we had an after-party until near to midnight, and then I had to say goodbye to those wonderful new and also old people, who I met for the duration of my time here with my famous peace tent which survived even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also I did my best to advocate a move from a “Tent Embassy” to an “Earthian Embassy”, and see whether I can find support to find a building rather than a tent.


A photo of us all in a new camp site opposite to the old camp after our eviction.

The latest news from this place is that some people are doing a candlelit vigil there, and this is a livestream link to some of my friends who are still there (http://bambuser.com/v/4144054).

Below are some links to the events which happened in the occupied place:

Occupy Mike Freer front office 212 Ballards lane N12 in north London http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xy-F5Ehn70,

also a guardian article on our eviction http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/nov/28/tory-mp-mike-freer-police-daft,

also Phoenix – one of the members of the occupation – has a weblog talking about the event http://phoenixrainbow23.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/mike-freer-mp-illegally-evicts-anti.html,

and here is another video which has been produced about the event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJiwKB62Bs8&feature=youtu.be.

Also on the GA night, the  Evening Standard had an article about Mike Freer, in which he calls us “numb-nuts”, and the police “daft”, and already people are calling it the “Daftgate” saga http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/tory-mp-mike-freer-calls-police-daft-and-protesters-numbnuts-in-email-gaffe-8972282.html)

After almost a week in my peace tent (Tent Embassy), I received a message from one of the “Peace and Justice for Syria” working group members, to say that I and another five members of the peace group have been invited for a dinner in our wonderful peace brother’s place, so I managed to get there and I had a wonderful evening full of joy, good food, and exchanging of wonderful ideas on how we can promote peace all around the planet, and how can we spread our message of ceasefire and peace for today’s Syria, right now, and also I shared some of my stories from a few borders, countries and festivals, and I hope that they have all enjoyed it.

Out of 5 invitation 3 of us turned up, and later I got some leaflets on “Peace and Justice for Syria” for carrying on the continuation of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world’s embassies in London on Monday 02.12.13, then we said goodnight to our wonderful peace brother and later on 3 of us to one another.

If you would like to join me on Monday second of December please get in touch via 07466838320, and if you want to join the group walk here are the meet-up details for the Peace Pilgrimage for Syria which is taking place in London on Tuesday, 10 December.  So we can get around to all of the embassies of the countries involved in the Syrian conflict, there will be two groups walking around different parts of London before both meeting up at the American Embassy at 3.30 p.m.  You are welcome to join either group.  Please bring food and drink to share (if you have a thermos flask, please bring it along).

- Group A will meet outside High Street Kensington tube at 12noon;

- Group B will meet outside the office of the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) at 12 noon. Address: Strand Bridge House, 138-142 Strand, London WC2R 1HH

Map: http://tinyurl.com/kbjf6hs

At 6 p.m. there will be a peace vigil outside the Syrian embassy which will end no later than 8 p.m.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact: syriapeaceandjustice@gmail.com

So, please try to promote, and share our new group event and this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqIlAUKppaw), which has been made by few members of the group.

with much love and peace



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Exploration of the Capital!

It has been more than fortnight now since my last update, briefly I would like to update you to say what I was busy with.

On 31.10.13 and 1.11.13 I visited few of the thousands of empty buildings here in London, which have been occupied by many different types of people.

In one of them, some of the occupiers have organised a massive party where I tried my best to keep talking to people to love each other and be in peace with one another, but of course sometimes when it comes to the monetary system everything gets out of hand, if you are not very careful with what you are doing with that piece of paper (so we call it “money”), things might not go according to what you wish to see and have a good outcome. So I was advocating my peace journey at Waterloo Station to very young party goers, who were invited by the people in the building. I would like to sit down with many of my friends and talk about what I saw during the period I was there, which I don’t feel comfortable to talk about on this public weblog, due to not having a solution for the situation.

On 2, 3, 4.11.13, being busy seeing my wonderful nephew coming from Cardiff and spending some good time with him, and then visiting some other good friends here in London to push on the progress of a few issues which I was in touch with them to resolve.

On 5, 6, 7, 8.11.13, as many of you might know there was a call for November 5th, and I did my best to advocate peace on this day by marching from Trafalgar square through the Whitehall and then Parliament Square to say we need a better solution to our materialistic world in order to coexist and live side by side in peace and harmony with our mother nature.

I attended a monthly meeting of a centre, which is called LARC (London Action Resource Centre) (http://www.londonarc.org/), in their meeting they did discuss a few of the centre’s issues and some of the more prominent members reported back on its financial outcome and the functionality of the centre, and how it did manage to run itself by different gigs, groups and projects which got involved in the centre, and suggesting a few solutions to some of the problems raised in the centre.

Also I did a preparation for a 2-day peace vigil in Cenotaph opposite to number 10 Downing Street in Whitehall, by getting in touch with a few friends and peace campaigners, to make the vigil more obvious to the public.

On 9, 10, 11.11.13, I did a peace vigil with a peace campaigner, and/or striker “Maria” (www.peacestrike.org), and managed to speak to some wonderful people, and send across my point of view on peace and explain to them how we should remember and say enough is enough, and never again once more, and we should not see any life lost in any conflict in the world, especially right now in Syria. Remembrance for those people who lost their lives in two major worldwide conflicts – which started here in Europe and then spread across the planet Earth – remembrance for what is so called “the glorious dead”, which in reality it was not glorious but has been glorified by the mainstream media… well, we have to come out of this state of mind, in order to progress forward.

When I was there I came across a group of people “Gurkha” ( www.gurkhavoice.com), which they were on hunger strike, due to the discrimination between two different nation’s forces, and as I was explaining my point of view to people over there that we should abolish any forces above the people and we shouldn’t join such forces let alone do a hunger strike and try to lose our precious life for it, but at the end of the day it is individual choice, and they are harming themselves which is not a desired and good outcome for humanity as a whole, we have to do more publicity and awareness on the subjects of “Abolition of all forces above the people”, and explain that how we can coexist without the use of such forces in the communities and societies as a whole.

Also I have to say on Sunday I did walk a bit with the Veterans for Peace in the UK (www.veteransforpeace.org.uk), to be with their voice to say “Never again”, and I spoke to some of them, which have decided to pull out from what I call “forces above the people”, and join back into the life within their community or society. Later in the evening we did a candle and poem vigil with some more people who were peace campaigners, as well as some other wonderful human beings.

Maria and I went to a meeting on the evening of our last day of peace vigil on 11.11.13, which was held by “Brent Stop the War” (http://stopwarbrent.wordpress.com/), which they have asked an eyewitness called Ewa Jasiewicz (http://www.theguardian.com/profile/ewajasiewicz), who has visited Syria and she talked about what she has seen in Syria.

On 12, 13, 14, 15.11.13 I attended for the second time LARC, for another peace and justice for Syria working group, and some members of the group helped with showing two short documentary films which illustrate in different ways the desperate situation which people living in Syria are facing regarding the crisis in Syria.

The first film was about ‘The Bombing of Al-Bara’ (36 mins), it was made for PBS by journalist Olly Lambert. Olly was in the town of Al-Bara meeting a group of rebel soldiers on the 28th October 2012 when jets bombed the town, Lambert captured the devastating effects of an airstrike at first hand filming from the moment the bombs fell. As well as showing the chaos that the conflict in Syria creates, the film also illustrates just how devastating the practice of aerial bombardment is (used widely in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and so on), (http://video.pbs.org/video/2364991831/).

The 2nd film was an 8 minute short called ‘The Wound’ made by a Syrian film maker: Wael Kadlo. Kadlo’s film tries to portray the situation and feelings of his friend experienced during her work as a nurse in the makeshift hospitals of Syria and the danger that accompanied her in every moment.  (www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0s3kuWRGg)

Following this we discussed our feelings about what we had seen in the films and also heard from people who had direct experience of the Syrian conflict. We then had a planning meeting where we continued to plan upcoming activities to support the movement of peace and justice for Syria.

On 16, 17, 18.11.13 I did go for a peace march, which was called by some people who weren’t happy about one of the mainstream media which is been funded mainly by people of the UK, but did not covered a march by 50,000 people to stop privatisation of public services, including the NHS, in Manchester, in September 2013. So, I marched with this group of people from Portland Place BBC’s HQ towards Trafalgar Square then through the Whitehall to the front of number 10 Downing Street, and back to Oxford Street, then finally back to our starting point (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9wnWJxrtkc), after the march a good friend from Occupy, and a wonderful live streamer, did kindly offer me help to print out the “peace and justice for Syria” working group statement, so later on I could use them at our working group meet up in RFH, I had to say that I was offered a delicious dinner as well.

Later on in our “peace and justice for Syria” working group meeting we discussed how we can improve the group statement in a way it would be presentable to the embassies which we are going to visit, and talked about our planning on the routes and how we can do a full day of peace activities in London on 10 December on the day of human rights (http://www.ohchr.org/EN/ABOUTUS/Pages/HumanRightsDay.aspx), here in London.

Rami (another member of our group) and I did a short video, which was going to be put up by two other members of the working group on YouTube and some other social media, so hopefully more people will join our peace campaign to appeal and ask for immediate ceasefire and peace for Syria.

I did go to a strategy meeting which was held in Common House, the second series of its kind about the future of Occupy and many other topics in the agenda, which it was a very useful and good gathering and throughout the day I managed to talk to a few new people, and tell them about my journey and my new involvement here back in London in two groups “peace and justice for Syria” and the old “Shelter” working group which is up and running again, and over all I believe it was a fruitful meeting, and if you would like to know more in-depth about the meeting you can visit the OLSX website (http://occupylondon.org.uk/).

So as you might know by now I am planning a peace pilgrimage journey this time around the world embassies here in London and asking and appealing to every country on the planet which has representative here to help us and join us to ask for immediate ceasefire and peace in Syria and help us to stop the conflict as soon as possible, as I am helping and seeing myself as part of a peace and justice for Syria working group as well, so we are planning a full day of action to visit the most involved countries of the world in today’s Syrian conflict.

Please feel free to come and join me or the group whenever you can, my journey will start on 25.11.13 to 25.12.13, so hope you can find me somewhere around central London and we can visit a few embassies together or on the day of the group action, which is planned for 10th December “the human rights day”, on this day on our peace pilgrimage journey we will call for an immediate ceasefire and a Syrian-led peace process, asking and appealing on all parties to address the desperate humanitarian situation and end the human rights abuses without the use of further violence expressing solidarity with Syrian activists non-violently working for peace, freedom, human rights and social justice, and calling on all foreign actors to stop fuelling the conflict through arms supplies and other forms of military interference.

The journey will consist of visits to the embassies of key players in the Syrian crisis, both those supporting and opposing President Assad and his government, as well as the UN High Commission for Refugees and Downing Street / the Foreign Office, ending with an evening candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy.

Also the next meeting of the Syria Peace and Justice group will take place at the London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel on Wednesday 27th November, around 6.30pm . the group is hoping to get a Syrian speaker to address the meeting, and will continue on planning of the December 10th event, so please feel free to go and join the group.

finally please check on my facebook (earthiankvn@gmail.com) and twitter (@earthiankvn) for a quick message of my whereabouts so as to join me, towards the end of November, and in December, to visit embassies.

that’s all for the time being with much love and peace


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Today after waking up a bit late I had to say a quick goodbye to my wonderful brother, because he had to go out by 10am and then I managed to eat something then prepare myself for the journey back to London after almost two months away. This time I was returning for my two year anniversary of Occupy and a year anniversary since I set off on my peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East.

After preparing myself for the walk and for being on the road again, I said goodbye to my west England home at about 1230 hours, and I started walking towards a main road (A419 between Cirencester and Swindon). After walking for a good few miles I stopped at a main roundabout on A419, and after surviving a very strong wind and heavy rain hitting on me for about two hours, finally a wonderful human being offered me a lift to J15 of M4 and I have to say here, I was so happy when this very kind person stopped and offered me a lift that was just my first step in getting closer to London. I can’t forget the moment he told me “I’ll take you to a close place to Motorway 4″, because just then I was thinking about my previous occasions in this spot, and about when I was trying to get from J15 of the M4 and I waited for nearly six hours and finally couple of police officers kindly gave me a lift to my destination… So, I was remembering myself being in all those past situations and now the situation was even worse under a very heavy wind and rain, but perhaps the universe wanted to try my patience on those occasions and this time didn’t want a repetition of the last incident with the police, and so sent me this wonderful human being. You can’t imagine how happy I was when he stopped and offered me the lift, it felt just like he had taken me all the way back to London, despite it was really about 10 miles of distance. The memory of my previous journeys, and the response that I had based on previous experience,s was just indescribable! Here I have to thank this person and hope the universe will connect us together again in the future.

So this was the start of my first great leap into my journey to London, which was triggered by him, and the rest was just like somehow I knew it was going to happen one after another.

After I was dropped off in a lay-by somewhere very close to the mouth of J15 roundabout on M4 towards London I gave him my special heart to heart hug and said goodbye to this incredible human being, then I started walking again towards the slip road on the mouth of M4, and it wasn’t a very long time for me to wait and stay under a heavy rain and wind before a beautiful woman called Jaqui Barnes from Demand the Best (http://demandthebest.weebly.com) turned up, and gave me my second lift all the way to a junction very close to Slough on M4 . Before she dropped me there she did stop at Reading service station, and she very kindly offered me a nice warm cup of tea and a cheese tomato sandwich for my lunch, and later in her car she offered me some candies ( sweets) as well, then after resting for about half an hour from 1600 to 1630 hours at this service station, she drove for about another 25 mins before finally she dropped me off at this Slough slip road. She kindly took a photo of me and when we were at the service station she got my communication details and she said she will contact me, hope to get in touch with her again (and get a glimpse of all my wet stuff through her photo).

I will try to add a photo here…

After waiting here again not for a very long time I was offered my third lift by another wonderful human being. This time a very surprisingly the universe has connected me to a very posh Windsor Castle coach and a very nice driver called Venson, who was very busy talking to all his passengers through the coach mic and telling them all about different historic things about England, and London (passengers were mainly from Russia, America, and some other places on the planet), then after stopping in a few different coach stops across west and central London, finally after being with him for more than an hour (1715-1855 hours), I thanked him and said goodbye to him at the Hyde Park Corner near Marble Arch station.

Then I started walking through a very busy Oxford street, and I stopped for a rest near to Bond Street underground station, and as people were coming and going and being very busy with their daily eating, consumerism and destruction of the planet, somehow a wonderful lady just turned up, and asked me what am I doing?, and as I told her very briefly, she offered me a bag full of different food and she said to me “you can have it all”, and she said goodbye and she was so in rush as well that I couldn’t even give her my usual heart to heart hug.

After waiting there for less than an hour (1910-1950hours), I started walking again and this time towards Tottenham Court Road station, and as I was walking and approaching towards the station somewhere between the two underground stations I saw a very good and close friend of mine from the time I was maintaining and servicing the ticket machines of London buses, back in year 2007 and 2008. My friend was busy and I had my heavy rucksack and the rest of my luggage on me, so I very briefly told him what I was doing and he told me that despite his age of retirement having passed two years before, still he was happy to carry on in his work until the end of this year. He asked me whether I am happy with what I am doing and I told him yes, and it was the same for him as well. After offering him some food and cookies, and he took some cookies, I asked him to get in touch with me and follow my blog, also to say hello to everyone else that I knew from those times who were still with him. As he saw on my board “Australia” he asked me whether I have been there and I said no, not yet, and he told me if you are anywhere near there at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year just let me know, and I said yes to him, and we said goodbye to one another.

So I carried on walking towards the Tottenham Court Road underground station, and after getting there I stayed there to rest for a while again and I wanted to see whether I would be able to engage to talk the people who were so busy and rushing to get from a-to-z with not a lot of time on their hands for talk. After a while a homeless person came out of nowhere, and asked me whether I am getting all of his customers’ money, and he was telling me how last time someone had taken all of what he was calling his “business” from him, and he was wondering if it was the same this time as well, whether am I doing the same, and so I explained what am I doing and how am I doing it and he thanked me and apologised for the accusation, and he said goodbye to me. Then after that I had a few good conversations with some new people and a very nice person offered me some more food, and even a person from the time of the early days of Occupy was there, telling me about how he did some journalism about Occupy events and how his so-called “boss” had sacked him, and he said he is going to send me an email with the letter, and he was telling me how great the Occupy movement was, and what a shame it disappeared, and I told him “it is not disappeared, it has just changed its way of continuation”, and explained that what I am doing is the same but in a totally different way, not in St. Paul’s any more but everywhere across the planet, and others that I know are doing a lot of great different things in different ways too. He offered me some money and I told him that I don’t accept any money, just food and drink, and now all you have to do is just follow my blog, that is everything that people can do, and just help me some time. We said goodbye and after staying there for another hour (2030-2130 hours), I headed towards my final destination – LSX, and St. Pauls.

On my way, at about 2200 hours, I met a few Occupiers coming back from a talk by one of them around Holborn station, and I told them where I was going and they wished me good luck and I offered some of them food as well, but they were telling me that they were ok, and had eaten and after a little talk we said goodbye to one another.

Further down and closer to my final destination I remembered that I was near a place where the tricycles are stored and they go out to different parts of central London and offer people rides, and a few years back I knew someone in there who helped me to build the base for my bicycle trailer, and I wanted to meet him again and say hello. I went in and asked about him, but a person who was in the office couldn’t recollect the person I knew, and I vaguely could remember the person who was there, so after leaving my communication details with this person I asked him if I can use the toilet and he said it is ok, then I used the bathroom, and as I came out and was looking at the surroundings, suddenly this very tall woman started swearing at me and telling me “who are you”?, and “why are you here?” and I told her who I was and why I was there, but she couldn’t understand what I was saying or it wasn’t making sense to her, so she was kept saying “get out of here and leave here!”, that’s all she knew, and I calmly told her “I am going, I just wanted to find out about this good friend of mine who helped me years ago, but now I am going, don’t get upset”. After saying goodbye to the person who I spoke to at the beginning, and confirming my communication details, then I went out of the place, but I stayed outside for a while so the clock will turn into midnight and then I can head down towards my final destination, St. Paul’s. Despite the bad incident inside the place, I stayed outside the place, on the public pavement, and there were some Thames water people in their vans and cars outside which I asked about, and apparently they were there to repair some water problem. I knew that the person who wanted me to go away wouldn’t enforce her will outside the building, so I stayed there for nearly two hours, and then I walked towards St. Paul’s Steps half an hour after midnight on 15/10/13, exactly two years since the Occupy movement started coming to this place. I wanted to celebrate that memorable day in what has been my ever-changing life since.

When I went up to the main gate of the building there was someone already asleep in their sleeping bag and I sat there and went through my years of thoughts and memories, and why and how I ended up to be here in this moment of time in the history of my life, and I wanted to share my thoughts with those people out there who had access to the web, but apart from a text message I couldn’t do much, so I just shared the memories with myself. I was sitting there and resting, knowing that trying to go to sleep without setting up a peace camp wasn’t going to be easy because the wind and rain weren’t going to allow me to go to sleep at all. Finally I managed to get to the end of my long night and at about 6am the homeless person who was sleeping there woke up and I said to him good morning and before I make any conversation with him, I saw he packed everything and went without saying anything. I didn’t want to be any inconvenience to him  so I went down to the place of the Tent City University marquee (where it used to be) and by the main tree I put down everything and I went into the Starbucks to use their bathroom and then came out and since I had plenty of food from last night I started eating and waiting to talk to people about why I was there, but hours just passed and all I was seeing was a lot of people looking at me but they didn’t want to make any conversation with me (perhaps they were all short of time as usual). It is not part of my mission to go to people and try to talk to them, so as long as I had plenty of necessities of life I just waited to see if anyone would like to know why I was there.

It took quite a long time before a nice lady came and started to talk to me and slowly others came. I have to say here that there were a lot of visitors and they were quite impressed with the beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral more than with a little peace pilgrim with his small sign board, and also the language barrier was making them avoid coming and speaking to me as well. Some police officers were coming and wanted to know what am I doing and what are my plans, and I told them why I was there and what were my plans, and they were not harsh apart from couple of them on horses coming to me and one of them asking “Are these junks belonging to you?” and I told him “My wonderful human being, they are not junk, they are my home, and this is how I do my peace pilgrimage journey,” and he told me “You know, you can’t leave your stuff near to an iconic building, and if you leave them we will destroy them” – this was all happening because I went to a toilet in Starbucks and I wasn’t there with my things for about 5-10 minutes, so after that I couldn’t go anywhere without taking all my stuff with me, and somehow I didn’t have a good feeling to talk to people after the city police were keeping coming by in many different outfits and checking on me, and also there were not too many tourists interested in what I was doing, though I did engage in conversation with a few wonderful people. Then a person with her son turned up and told me that an Occupier has told her they will be here at about 1pm, and I told her I hadn’t seen anyone that I know since midnight. I offered them some food and cookies, and she kindly offered me a cup of coffee, and also asked me to go with her to an old building which was a pub in Chelsea at Bramerton Street sw3, near Lawrance Street, to visit some Occupiers I know who were there.

At about 1500 hours I said goodbye to the historic place of Occupy 2011 camp, on its second anniversary, and on the first anniversary of my peace pilgrimage, and I headed towards the southwest by taking a new no. 11 bus, and we got there at about 1600 hours. After saying hello to a lot of old and new friends in the place I offered them all the food I was carrying and then explored the place. As I was preparing a place to stay there overnight, suddenly I got a phonecall from a kind and very good supporter of my peace journey to ask if I can make it to the Royal Festival Hall for a talk by David Graeber (who I spoke to and met personally at the end of his talk) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Graeber). The talk was from 1800 to 2000 hours, about the Occupy movement two years on, and despite being very tired from the past two days, and wanting to stay where I was and sleep, I said to myself and my wonderful peace sister “Yes I’ll be on my way”. Immediately I headed towards there and got there at about 1845 hours and stayed there with a lot of other Occupiers in the until about 2030 hours, and then again I walked back with some of them to St. Paul’s for a little celebration all together. We got there about 2100 hours and some of us were nostalgic about the place and we stayed there and talked to one another and re-read the original Occupy statement with one person saying each point one at a time and then the final point was said by all of us as a human mic. We did have a good time there and these wonderful people offered me some food to take back to the people who I was staying with, and then I headed back towards the southwest of London again at about 2230 hours, and I got back to my resting place at about 2315 hours then I told the people in the place about the evening event that I was just coming back from, and then I said goodnight to them and rested there for the night.


Today I was waking up in a very draughty place (I thought it was ‘drifty’ at first, meaning a place where you feel air is coming but you don’t know from where?). I didn’t know last night, when I was cleaning it for my sleeping time, that it would be so draughty and no one told me that someone wouldn’t be able to rest very good in that place, so I told those people I saw today that the place I have slept last night was very cooled, from somewhere cold air was coming in, and if someone doesn’t have a good sleeping bag they will be finding it really difficult to sleep in that place, it is like you are sleeping outside! After this I met few more new people and I told them a bit about my peace mission and where to read my blog, then after eating some food and a cup of coffee and telling some of the people in the building about an event on Saturday 19 October – Anarchist Bookfair (www.anarchistbookfair.org.uk) at Queen Mary university of London – and also about on Sunday 20 October a Balcombe gathering at Trafalgar Square to say No to fracking in the UK (and in solidarity with Romanian group campaigning for the same goal). Then I thanked the people in the building for their hospitality and I headed out and this time went towards east London to go to see a very good friend of mine who has very kindly welcomed and hosted me every time I have been back in London throughout my peace journey. I went there to spend time catching up with the rest of my journey, and to have a good rest after two long months away from there, and also to prepare myself for the next episode of my journey in the future.


These two days I helped with a general clean up and preparation of my friend’s place and didn’t attempt to go anywhere due to wet and windy weather also. By now I found out that one of my devices was no longer functioning and I had to arrange to go to a local library to try to update my blog, but due to a very slow internet connectivity and short time allocation I couldn’t do much and soon I had to abandon the place – it wasn’t helping me to do anything satisfying. Soon I had to do something to start writing up the story of my journey back to London, but in the meantime I tried to rest and organise my time schedule for the weekend and the rest of the next week, until an alternative device could be found.


It was today that I was looking forward to go and visit the bookfair and as soon as I arrived into the area somehow it was reminding me of an environment like a Marxism gathering which I think every year is taking place at the University of London in central London, which I think is run by socialist workers; but then when I went into the book stall I found many different types of activists from different places are involved. It is more like a conference really than a bookfair, there were so many talks going on at the same time in different venues, and you had to choose which one you wanted to go and attend and also at what time.

After going all around the places in the campus, and attending a few talks in some venues and engaging in some of them, I also saw some Occupiers, including a whole outreach group from Occupied Times. After saying hello to them one of them was telling me that he had read my recent blog about Hebden Bridge and he liked it, and I thanked him and the rest for following my blog and they kindly offered me the latest issue of the OT (#22 august2013 -  I didn’t ask at the time why in October this issue is the latest one), then I said goodbye to them and headed out to a few more of the talks and workshops which were available in the remaining time from 2pm to 6 pm. I attended a little bit of “Black Power Movement 1965-1973″ by JoNina Abron-Ervin, also some of the talk and Q&A session about Anarchism versus Marxism, which somehow some of the Occupiers were in there posing questions to the speakers, then I headed to a workshop about deportation charter flights and how to help stop them, and then I walked down to the main entrance and I started to talk to people to say why I was there in the bookfair and talked about my point of view on today’s society and how we can change it. After 1830 hours people were already started to go to the bookfair after-parties, and I headed out to one of them with a few friends from Occupy. There were few of the after bookfair parties apparently and after getting into one of the local ones and having some food and drink and talking to few people I headed out to the second one, and the second one had a much bigger space and again in there I met few old Occupy friends and met few new people as well. Then, after some catching up and talking I started walking back to my resting place.


Today was the day of vigil and remembering the Balcombe camp and singing songs, also of solidarity with the Romanian people in Trafalgar Square, London as well. The event was organised by Simon, a Balcombe local person, and despite being under a heavy wind and rain we stayed there and spoke out and sang songs and showed our solidarity with what has happened in the Balcombe camps. If you want to show your solidarity and say no to the fracking in UK, Europe and even across America, you can share your thought with Simon on (www.simonwelshpoetry.co.uk) /facebook.com/simonthepoet or twitter.com/@simonthepoet.

After seeing some more new people, and some old friends, then with couple of friends we walked around the area for a bit, then we went into the National Portrait Gallery (@npglondon#npglateshift facebook/nationalportraitgallery), and spent some time in there, then we headed back to east London to a building which a few of my friends from the time of Occupy were living in. I visited their place and after some talking and seeing around the building, then having some food and drink, then planning what can we do in a place like that, one of my friends and I headed back towards my resting place. On our way back I helped my friend to get some food and drink from a free place so he could take it back to the rest of the people in the building, and then after a long walk we said goodnight to one another.


Today I tried to seek some help, I wanted to know if I can get the device which I used to use for writing my blog repaired. After some research and investigation I ended up with no luck and even the smartphone which I was using for texting and quick internet messaging went totally dead as well, so I ended up with using an old phone which is ok to get in touch in an emergency. It wasn’t a very fruitful or satisfying day, but every day is another beautiful day to me, and I am so happy with whatever comes to me and I welcome every news that encourages us to be in peace with one another.


As some of you might know today is the date of my arrival to the planet – as far as I know, forty odd years ago. The exact date is under dispute, something which my mum and my sister once told me, and I remember that I was born some time in spring, but my birth date is in autumn, so I never knew why this date? and perhaps it has never been important to me. Should I ask? Should I know? Why?! To make life easier, all I can do is welcome my existence to the planet Earth. A name that I was given on my birth is an old name and I don’t want to be known or affiliated to such a name, so I have chosen something which somehow after years it has come back to me, which is coincidently related to my peace journey, and so now I affiliate myself with something related to the planet. I have to emphasise and say, that the important thing to me is to say that throughout my existence I can’t recollect something that I have done and later regretted doing it, and I’ll try my best throughout the rest of my very short remaining life on the planet (comparing human being lives in general to the age of our little planet itself in a wide galaxy is like comparing a second to more than a thousand if not a million years), I will try to do my upmost not to do something, which will cause myself as a human being species or any other intelligent being unhappiness, and as far as I understood from this short period of time of my existence if we can get or reach in (oneself) a higher inner love and peace, you will never cause any harm to yourself or anyone else around you. So please, try to be in love and peace with yourself before trying to be in love and peace with someone else.

It was on 19 October that I met a good friend from the time of Occupy LSX from the Quakers group, who I saw again in the Anarchist Bookfair, and it was there that she told me about a programme which was going to be on at St. Pauls Cathedral for today about “how to change the world” and the subject of the night was coincidently on “peace”(www.stpauls.co.uk/forum), so I said to myself I have to go and find out all about it, after all I wanted to go to mainland Europe for a peace conference which didn’t happen, and now there’s a peace talk on my doorstep, it must be great, so I went there and the talk was from 1830-2000 hours and we were told if anyone wants to ask a question we could write it down and give it to the organisers and they will forward it to the speakers and they hopefully will have enough time to talk about it.

So the speakers for the evening were Stanley Hauerwas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Hauerwas ) and Brother Samuel SSF (http://www.franciscans.org.uk/about-francis-and-clare/why-after-you/samuel-ssf), which I met both of them at the end of their talk and told them what brought me here tonight, a talk about love and peace and how the mentality of the people could be changed on the planet. There is a YouTube video of the evening (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yeAkYMXCEM), also you can read on this blog about it (http://danielskuce.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/how-to-change-the-world-peace-stanley-hauerwas-and-brother-samuel-ssf/). The evening was chaired by a person called Canon Mark Oakley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Oakley). I asked a question and very wonderfully it was put forward to the panel, it was about how can we start to teach our children peace rather than war and fighting, and how we should have a peace book in every step of our education, so banning anything violent throughout our life span, and there should be books and films about peace throughout everywhere. As Stanley put it “When was last time you saw a film about peace – never”, so over all I think they spoke from my heart and it was very effective and a good learning evening for me.

Then I met my wonderful friend who told me earlier in the week about the talk, and after some talking she kindly offered me some food and a fleece as well, then we said goodbye to one another.


It was today that a year ago I started my first ever peace pilgrimage journey from London towards the Middle East and the essential thing about the journey was to highlight some of the major points in today’s society which has restricted a lot of the planet’s population from moving about and around the planet freely.

So I headed back to my starting point to just remind myself of how despite all the difficulties in front of me I managed to get to the places I wanted to, and to highlight my concern throughout my journey to those kind people who were coming in contact with me, and how it did happen with the help of other kind human beings.

I knew that my wonderful western brother and also our west London peace sister were going to come and pay a visit to the place to just celebrate their coming and joining the Occupy movement two years ago and the anniversary of my peace journey, and also just to be there and talk about our experiences ever since. Before they turned up after 6pm I managed to talk to some more kind and supportive people and tell them why I was there, and they very kindly helped me with some food and drink.

Also during this time I was sitting with a homeless person called Phil who brought some sandwiches as well and this was about 5pm and four armed police officers turned up with taser and a real gun. I didn’t know what was happening – don’t say a person on the steps has reported us to the police, and he has told them about me (a harmless peace pilgrim celebrating its anniversary, and a homeless person sitting by me and trying to talk to people and even offer free sandwiches)? When they turned up they asked me and Phil that they are looking for someone which we said we don’t know and I told them why I was there, and Phil told them as well, and they said no problem, that we are not causing any problem, and then after looking around and talking to this person on the steps, which later I found out he was Nigel Cutteridge, then they left.

So just before my guests turn up I started a conversation with this person, as he came up to to me after the police left, and I realised he has earlier called police to report me, asking them why am I here and why they are allowing me to be here? He told me directly that he has called them about me and he asked me why they didn’t arrest me because if I go to Paternoster Square then they will arrest me, and so why don’t I go there? I told him this is the place I have arranged to be and see those wonderful people who are going to come and see me, so we can remind ourselves of our time of being here a couple years back. As I was still talking to him my first wonderful visitor, my peace sister, turned up, and I was so happy when she turned up. I was telling her about this person (Nigel Cutteridge), how after all this he has done I am still talking to him, and she started to talk to him as well and then he suddenly changed his mind and gave us couple of St. Paul’s badges – a red one for my wonderful peace sister, and a white one for myself, and he was emphasising about the beauty of the dome in St. Paul’s . It was about this time that he asked my peace sister if she can take a photo of us and she did kindly so, as you can see both of us below.

for earthian

Soon after my wonderful brother turned up, and after we welcomed him Nigel straight away asked him a few questions and as he answered them directly and straightforwardly, Nigel got upset again and went back to the steps and was sitting by his musical instrument which was in a bag ( I think it was a guitar). As the rest of us were talking to each other and happy to see each other again for our anniversary, our second peace sister turned up, so we talked and chatted about our memories and nostalgia for the place then suddenly another woman police officer turned up and was asking us whether we are planning to stay or what was our planning? So don’t say that Nigel again has got on his phone, and has called police to say “their number has increased and what are the police going to do about it?” This lady police officer, as she had a cup of tea or coffee in her hand, knew that we are not the problem and it is him (Nigel) who is causing the problem; the officers knew why I was there and she knew that Nigel has called them again and it wasn’t something that she should worry about, so then she said goodbye to us, so she can go and drink her drink before it gets cold. After a while, when Nigel understood we are not going to go anywhere, he left the area and some of my guests did the same and then they went to a local pub for a drink, and I stayed there to catch up with some of my other friends and finish my final talk with some other people around there, then my brother kindly came back to meet me again, and we went back to the pub to join our peace sisters in the there.

After about another hour of talk and catching up and reminding ourselves and talking about the past, present and future, my wonderful brother from west had to say goodbye to us and wanted to go, and our west London peace sister decided to do the same with him. We said goodbye to them, and I just remained with my London peace sister, then after about another half an hour we said goodbye to the place and headed out from a place which was quite memorable from our past time of Occupy, since we were using it as our daily bathroom at the time, and also the whole area was haunting us with reflections of different memories. At the end my wonderful peace sister very kindly topped up my London oyster card for public transport and I said goodbye to her as well.

Just before I left the area I saw couple of people from the time of Occupy who were at the St. Paul’s station and I talked to one of them about some different subjects and also “I am 132 Mexico” , which she was mentioning to me about other movements around the world (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yo_Soy_132). I told her that this and Occupy London, Wall Street and many others are just part of our awakening and change that we all go through, and I hope to see a very good outcome at the end of every one of them, so we spoke for another hour then I said goodbye to them and headed back to my resting place not far from the city.


Today and the following day I was busy trying to repair some of the electronic equipment that I had which they all went dead during the last week, and also finally after almost more than a week I got my laptop back and I started to do my writing for the blog, so I had a busy two days to catch up and to prepare for the next day’s journey to north London, to the Bohemia building.(http://occupylondon.org.uk/bohemia-the-occupied-pub-holds-its-first-meeting/) for one of our friend’s birthdays.


Today I have been invited by one of our friends from the time of Occupy London, Bank of Ideas and School of Ideas for his birthday, to a place which they have managed to Occupy very recently, and he has invited a lot of other friends to his birthday. I made an arrangement to get there for the evening and I was quite happy to see this massive building to be utilised for such good community activities with people from afar and especially locals coming and enjoying their time in the place which was provided by some of our old friends from Occupy. Also I managed to see many of my friends and talk to some other new wonderful people in there and some of them have heard about this new centre after they have had a visit to the local Friern Barnet library (http://www.friernbarnetlibrary.org/) last year. Occupiers and local managed to take the library back into the hands of locals, after a long stay in the place, and the visitors were hoping the same thing will be the outcome of this new place “Bohemia building”.

A good friend who was there for our friend’s birthday  has taken a photo while I was advocating my peace journey and here is a short film which he has produced (http://vimeo.com/72845389).


The Bohemia building was an old pub and restaurant, which now is in a subject of dispute between so called landlords and some other people who wanted to run the building, so we are hoping that this will get back to the hands of community and locals again and they will enjoy the rest of the building’s lifetime with the people who love it seeing it is functioning well rather than facing a closure (http://www.barnet-today.co.uk/news.cfm?id=33347).


After a long night last night and ending up being awake all day and night at the Bohemia community centre, then I was forced to rest the rest of my day and did a little catch up later in the evening.  Also next day I managed to do some more catching up with writing again, and later in the evening I linked with a friend to rescue some of his old files and documents from a smart phone, and then meet up with a group of Occupiers who were coming back from a new working group meeting (http://occupylondon.org.uk/eu-us-free-trade-agreement-tafta-ttip-ceta-tpp/ ) around the city area, for an evening meal which my friend and I end up to be offered by a very kind and active occupier and livestreamer, which I have to thanks him here for his kindness.


Today I did manage to get back up to date with my blog and try to catch up with some of the mainstream media and alternative ones too and also plan to get in touch with some of my old friends to help each other with some sustainable material for living and try to find out what else do we need to do to be more sustainable and slowly get to become off grid living for our future.


Today as I arranged from before I went to this wonderful peace meeting, which with a great respect I met some of my old friends which one of them was a person called Dan (http://worldmarchpeace.blogspot.co.uk/) which we did a peace walk back in 2oo9 from north west London all the way to near Parliament then they carried on to Battersea, it was great to see more than half a dozen peace campaigners including Simon (http://diggers2012.wordpress.com/press/21st-century-diggers-at-runnymede/), and Maria (http://peacenews.info/node/6514/parliament-square-peace-camp-resists-eviction) as well which we walked together to Runnymede (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runnymede ) back in 2012. These were just three of which I knew and the others I am sure they had a lot of loving and peacefulness in them as well, which due to being short in time I couldn’t get engaged to talk to them at this moment of time, but I hope in the future gathering and meetings I’ll learn more about them as well and pick up their loving and caring and peacefulness for our human race and the planet as well, and link you to their sites and blogs.

So at the end of the meeting we decided to have another peace vigil day and I am hoping to make this one which will be between 9-11 November which I have to say here that on my birthday they had a peace vigil day, (http://veteransforpeace.org.uk/2013/syria-vigil-tomorrow-tuesday-22-october/), when I was back in St. Paul’s, so our next meet up for the Syria group will be on 13th November with films, talks and discussions on the subject on immediate ceasefire and peace for Syria right now and the rest of the world to follow. I hope to update you on full details when I get more from the whole group when it is sent out, so after a wonderful evening which I spent with them I said goodnight to all, and I walked back to my resting place.

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Exploring Calderdale


Today, after having breakfast at my wonderful place of rest, which has been very kindly provided for me by my wonderful sister and brother from the north west of England (on the planet earth and part of the wider universe), I managed to bring one month of lagging- behind in my writing to an end, and uploaded the missing parts of my summer peace pilgrimage journey to the festivals and gatherings.

Later in the evening, after having our meal and talking about our daily activities, then we said goodnight to each other.


It was today that I was introduced very briefly to another place in the hostel which is called “The Shed”, which is really the best room, it is like a heaven in which to get busy and be making things (as my sister put it). Later on I did try to help her with some of Holly’s lighting (Holly is a van) and I also tried to change some other bits and pieces, but even with the help of wonderful Joe (who is helping with recycling, and other building and electrical activities in the hostel), due to the rain and rusty screws we couldn’t complete the lighting activities I had intended and planned to do, and we had to postpone some of them to a later date.

Later this evening we had another wonderful evening meal together, and a bit more talk, then we had to say goodnight to one another early, as a journey to Wales was planned.


So it was today that my wonderful brother and sister planned to go for a few days down to Wales.

In the afternoon, after saying goodbye to them, I did a bit of general help with Danni and she kindly cooked us a wonderful meal, which I enjoyed very much and then after our washing up and a tea break, and some general talk to her and some of the other people in the hostel, I said goodnight to everyone and the universe around us.


It was last night that I found out after talking to a person who was staying in the hostel that today a group of more than 30 people are planning to go for a walk around the area, and I asked him to ask the person who is organising it, if it is ok for me to go with them, and he told me no problem, so today I went to the centre of Hebden Bridge to meet them and do the walk, and after speaking to a wonderful woman called Sue she told me it is no problem to join them, and we started the walk.

It was about 11am and a member of the group who knew a bit of the history of the town told us a bit about the bridge that we have just crossed, and how it has passed its half millennium in 2010, and then a bit more about the history of the town of Hebden Bridge, which is located at the conflux where the river Hebden and the river Calder meet. We went to the top of the town towards the village of Heptonstall, then he introduced us to a new church and then the ruins of an old one, then as we were passing through the village we also saw the village museum, then the village cemetery which is quite famous for a deceased poet Sylvia Plath (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Plath), then we carried on to the next valley to the west of the village and then at the bottom of the valley we rested for about 10 minutes by another river or big stream.

In the afternoon we did walk mainly along the Pennine Way, then we stopped for our lunch break by the Graining water and then the group had a drink break at the Packhorse Inn near to an old railway bridge which is now has collapsed, which used to be on the top of the Hebden river. We were told it was purely there to build a water reservoir near the area, so they could carry the necessary material from nearby.

Then we carried on walking and the group had a 10 minute break just near Hardcastle Crags (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardcastle_Crags), and it was here that I found an opportunity to talk to everyone and let them know why am I doing this walk and let them know that the first anniversary of my peace pilgrimage journey from London to the Middle East is coming, and also the second anniversary of Occupy London, so between 15-23 October I welcome anyone to come and join me in London. Later on I handed out some of my Occupy badges and I told them that if I had an Earthian one as well I could have given it to them, but for now that is all I have got, and they were all very much supportive and helpful.

Hebden Bridge Walk

I am talking to the group in a circle about my peace journey.

After leaving that place we headed back towards Hebden Bridge and the group stopped again for a second drink at the Blue Pig pub and it was here that some of the group members offered me some food and drink as well, and I handed out the Occupy badges, and got the website from Sue for the group, so if anyone would like to join them, in future, they can check them out at Outdoor Duo (http://www.outdoorduo.co.uk/). After a bit of rest, then we headed back to the town of Hebden Bridge and we got back at about 1800 hours, and then people were going back to different places and some of them arranged to meet up later in the town for a dinner.

I got back to my resting place at about 1830 and after a nice and wonderful shower, I came down to the lobby and the lounge to speak to Danni to see if she wants me to prepare something for both of us because the people from the Trees group were doing different things and she told me she wasn’t very hungry, and also she wasn’t feeling very well, so I offered her a cup of tea and then as I had some food from the walking group I ate that and stayed for a little around the lobby and lounge while I said to Danni goodnight. She went to rest, then I said goodnight to some other people around the area and the universe around me, and that is how another day of my peace journey came to an end.


It was today that I knew it was going to be another wonderful dry day and I planned to cycle out and the destination was Stoodley Pike monument (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoodley_Pike), so after cycling down the hill to the town and around the town then joining the canal, I headed towards Todmorden by the canal and just before I entred the town I turned left towards the village of Mankinholes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mankinholes) near to the Stoodley Pike monument. After a good hour of cycling and half an hour of walking with the bike, finally I managed to get to the top of this peace monument from 1815, and throughout my cycling and walking I managed to talk to some people as well.


a photo of the monument from far.


a photo of the monument from a closer range.


a photo of me with the bike by the peace monument.

After a good rest, I headed downwards from the monument towards Hebden Bridge and I managed to cycle all the way down and uphill into the hostel, and apart from a couple of dismounts I managed to ride all the way, and it was really a good day out exploring the area of “Calderdale”, and I felt at home.

So I got back to my resting place at about 1730 and after a nice and wonderful shower, then I came down to the lobby and the lounge to help Mikael (who is a member of an international tree planting group). I asked him if I can offer my help and he said he was ok and he kindly cooked for all of us and we really enjoyed his wonderful dinner, then after washing up we had our wonderful tea and drink break, so after talking about our day out we said goodnight to one another.


Today I had another day of catching up and updating and checking on some old photos and videos to prepare them for the YouTube and a link to a video file called “Earthian at Glastonbury Festival 2013″, and then link it to the weblog here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm7lpmTrb88).

I spent another evening with the international tree planting group and we did talk about the remaining few extra days which they will be here, and I am as here as well so we can spend some more time with one another, and I hope we all can have an opportunity to talk about our experiences all around the world, and why we are all here.

Later on my wonderful sister and brother turned up after a long journey from Wales, and I welcomed them back and instead of me offering them a cup of tea my sister kindly did so, while I was busy washing the group’s dishes, so after having a drink together we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that I spent some time writing up and catching up on the second week of my stay here in Hebden Bridge, and in the afternoon and early evening I got in touch with International Voluntary Services (IVS) tree planting group, and asked them if I could help them in any way for the preparation of the International evening, and I found out that there are few different menus and dishes going to be made from different parts of Europe, and quite a lot of people were already engaged with the activity and there wasn’t anything that I could help with, so I waited till later when everyone turned up and then we had our dinner together.

There were more than 20 people in the lounge and while I was there someone from IVS did speak about their international experience in Africa, and then a person from France shared a personal experience of hers from here in the UK, then later another person from Spain has kindly shared some of his thoughts about Spain and the different parts/regions of the country, by using a powerpoint presentation.

Later on, just before 2200 hours, a wonderful person from Belgium (Mikael) has shared some of his eating and drinking culture of his region with us and he kindly offered us all some different types of chocolates, cheese, and drinks.

Here I have to say all these wonderful people helped making different dishes according to their local traditions, we all tried to do our best to help with whatever we could, and at the event there were some locals and some from Treesponsibility as well, and they all helped us to share all the food that was provided for us very kindly by the IVS group, and by individuals.

At the end of everyones talk I just managed to find a few minutes time to raise the issue of why I am here and to respond to one of the members of IVS who was reflecting the idea of Scottish independence, and I had to say why I wasn’t happy or in line with her idea as well.

Later in the night, after all the locals went back after 2200 hours, the main IVS group members engaged in wonderful evening conversation and a member of the IVS who was pro Scottish independence showed us some traditional Scottish products and clothes and customs. Then another member of IVS from Finland, who didn’t have a chance to say much in the main crowd (apart from very kindly explaining about the type of pancakes that she made, and to say they are eating them with jam as well; and I told some of the people that where I come from we have pancakes with jam and/or cheese as well), so the Finnish person kindly introduced us to a wonderful evening quiz from Finland, which we all loved.

Later in the night we all managed to wash up together and then say goodnight to one another, and that is how our wonderful international evening has came to an end.


Today I woke up early, as I’d told the tree planting people I wanted to go out with them for another amazing day.

We started our journey by having difficulty opening the main door for our minibus which we were supposed to go to the site with, but finally after some struggle we managed to get it opened and then we moved out from the hostel car park, then when we got to a local co-op some of the group wanted to go in and get some stuff, but again we had difficulty opening the door, so it was here that one of the organisers very kindly took us to a local cafe and they offered us all a wonderful drink while we were all waiting for the second car to arrive. By this time it was already about midday, and then finally we headed out to the site where we were going to help Treesponsibility. We were 12 people, 2 were local and organisers, and the rest were volunteers from different parts of the planet. One of the main IVS organisers had a car and the local organisers provided another family estate car, which meant we all managed to get to the site comfortably, but as soon as we arrived at the site, the rain started and due to the hilly situation of the site and it being very windy as well, after managing to keep ourselves under a heavy rain and wind for about half an hour, then the organisers with us got to consensus to abandon the site and come back to the town and go to Nutclough Housing Co-op (formerly known as Zion Housing Co-op), and dry ourselves and rest there, eat, and watch some British comedy show called Faulty Towers, then playing some games before we headed back to the hostel at 1700 hours.

After coming back and having a shower and resting a bit we went back to Nutclough Co-op’s “creative space” and the people over there very kindly made us a wonderful dinner and then a very nice two- types of dessert, and then after some talking from the people who were hosting us for the evening about the idea behind Zion and co-ops and Radical Routes, and how they got involved, and then different input from different members, then later on some people decided to go out for a Japanese concert and the rest of us, after helping with some washing and cleaning up, headed back to the hostel.

After coming back and having a little more talk about our day of activities and a nice cup of tea we all said goodnight to one another.


Today I have to pack most of my stuff, and try to be ready for the next day when I’m moving out of my wonderful and very comfortable room that I’ve been occupying for the last 18 days (which is the maximum number of days of staying indoors throughout my whole peace pilgrimage journey). After having our wonderful breakfast together with my brother and sister I did prepare all my camping stuff to move them out and took my famous KSA peace tent out so that I can set it up on a platform which has been made outside the hostel for situations like this when the whole hostel has been booked there are no places left indoors, and I was so happy to have the opportunity of taking my peace pilgrimage tent out from the hostel building, and to stay outdoors on the platform.

In the afternoon we headed out to the carpark and started to work on the lighting system for Holly, which as I mentioned before I didn’t manage to complete with Joe, and we have postponed it, and this time I was doing it with my wonderful north brother, so while my sister was busy scraping and painting Holly, I was busy with Boris (the old red van), taking out the fog light and replacing it with the broken Holly’s red fog light, and this was at the time my wonderful brother was busy repairing the whole back lighting system of Holly and replacing anything that is needed from Boris into Holly’s back lighting system. Finally after almost three hours of struggle and patience I managed to replace the light and same with my brother he managed to do what he intended to do and some little bits from here and there as well, and then we all came back to the main building at about 1645 just before the opening of the hostel for when the guests may enter their rooms, and then I had to go to the platform and put up my historic peace tent and move my main sleeping stuff in there and be ready to move out if it was need it even tonight, but at the end I found out I can stay indoors for one more night.

Tonight we had a wonderful light meal each of us helping ourselves with different things, and I had a nice tea break and a final chat at the end of the night with the tree planting and IVS group of people for the last time, then we all said good night to one another.


Today after having my breakfast I did move out into my peace tent after staying indoors in my own room for 19 days, the longest ever indoor stay throughout my peace pilgrimage journey.

Just before midday I helped my sister with cleaning of the room which I was staying (Horsehold), and also another room (Mankinholes) opposite to me, which two teenage boys with all their odd behaviour and their adopted mum had been staying in. We prepared the rooms for some new guests which they have booked the rooms from a long time ago.

Then in the afternoon my brother and I went out to the town to take some laundrette materials, going to the post office, and also to sort out some lighting problem and get some local free range eggs, it was here that after visiting the laundrette and post office that I mentioned to him about a small hydraulic car that I have seen near to the church by the hostel, that was written on it “water car” and “zero emission”, and I told him I was looking for a water tank but I couldn’t see anything like that, and he kindly took me to the mill building near Hebden Bridge river, and showed me a water turbine which he told me it is producing 10 KW of power and that electric car is running with batteries which has been charged with that turbine, and that is how it is called a water car.

Then he kindly took me inside the Hebden Bridge mill and showed me the old water wheel, and then we changed some lights and brought back one which wasn’t working for repair, and then picked up some eggs for our pancakes (Shalkanah), which I was going to make them for our gathering tonight, then we went back to the hostel.

Since I have arrived in my new temporary home in the north west of England (West Yorkshire) I have asked my brother to see if we can make a device which will extended the life of my phone battery, and here we go he did finally offer me a batter, which will extend the life of the phone by almost five times, and an in-car charger, which we made in The Shed (my first heaven room) and made all the necessary connections together while he was repairing the lighting connection for the mill building, which we brought back earlier from there.

It was about 5pm that we were talking about our brother from west, that whether he will turn up with his girlfriend “Kate” soon or not? and as I was in the kitchen and checking for the ingredients of the stuff for my pancakes (Shalkanah), and also washing up from our afternoon tea break, that I have heard and seen them both have just turned up, and I was so happy and over the moon, because we all knew apart from them that tonight we all are going to be together for the dinner and the pancakes (Shalkanah), and also it was our brother’s birthday which Kate has very kindly made, and brought a wonderful birthday cake, which unfortunately had nuts in it and my sister is allergic to nuts, but Kate has brought some flapjack as well and some dark chocolate digestive biscuits, so we were all happy with what we were going to have and our gathering and catching up with each other.

While we were having our tea break and talking, and catching up with one another I came across two new words which I heard to be mentioned by our north brother, and I’d like to share them with you so it will remind me, if anyone else mentions them to me, that where I have heard them first was here: one was the word “pre/post-prandial”, and second “frith”, and earlier I was told by my sister what was the name of the room which I had described it in my previous blog without a name and just description, so she told me and also it is written on the door but due to the door is always opened I have not noticed it, and it is called “the Snug” room, right at the end of the lounge, and I mentioned this to our new visitors which they didn’t know about it.

Later our wonderful brother from north cooked us another wonderful risotto and we all really loved it and after that I made my pancakes (Shalkanah), which I ended up to make both style of American and English with the help of our wonderful Stuart who kindly helped with some parts of it and wonderful Joe as well, then I managed to make as much as everyone was happy for me to stop making them due to they had enough of it, and then the birthday cake came with tea and drink and over all I think everybody enjoyed their evening very much, then later on after some more talk and catching up we all said goodnight to one another.


Today after having our wonderful breakfast all together we all walked to the town and crossed the town then by the canal and we walked for a little then just before we turn to a hillside my wonderful sister took us to a place where she used to live many years ago, and she had done some painting decoration in and outside around the place and there were still signs of it, and then she kindly took us to the hill which was about 400m above the sea level towards a place called Horsehold (same as the room I had stayed in), and it was here that we said we should have a walking guide for those people who are visiting the hostel and staying in those different rooms, so they can visit the place their room is named after, and I mentioned that in the future I might make a guide according to my walks to those places which are the name of the rooms.

After walking and exploring the area all five of us and enjoying our walk we came back to the town, then after my brother and I got into a cheese store which they had more than 50 types of cheese and tasting some we chose four types to take back to the hostel so we could have a wonderful buffet all together, then Kate kindly brought some delicious apples as well, this all was at a time around 1600 hours which my sister and my brother from north did go back to the hostel a bit earlier, and I took my west brother to the mill building near Hebden river to show him a water turbine which I was told it is producing about 10KW of electricity and that charges batteries for a car which is written that it runs with water, and then I took both my brother and Kate to inside the old mill building to see the mill wheel and as I was showing them around I saw on the wheel was written on it “first built in 1314″, which I was very surprised to see a wheel this much old, but you can read the story yourself, at (http://www.hebdenbridge.co.uk/news/2013/066.html). After this the three of us headed back to the hostel as well, and we climbed up almost 100m to the place which was a nice steep uphill walk for all of us.

So we got back and we all had a wonderful buffet together, and then my two brothers had arranged from before to go to Manchester to see a gig which is called Deep Purple band, and then Kate was resting and my sister was busy with people at the reception of the hostel till about 2015 hours and I have heard that people have turned up late looking for a place but the hostel is full, which has been not usual, and she has kindly found a place for them nearby instead.

So after we had our own different drinks and talked about few other stuffs we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that finally after three weeks staying in the Calderdale area – my new home in north west – I had to put down my peace tent and pack and get ready to head back to south west first and then London, but before this I was offered by my wonderful south west brother some breakfast and my wonderful bonded north west brother, some clothes in a style of a northerner (!), so after having my breakfast with everyone I did try on my new outfit and then before I packed my peace tent from the platform my sister has taken some photos of me in my new outfit, just by my peace tent on the platform which they have built.

earthian platform

A photo of me by my peace tent in my new northern outfit on the platform outside the hostel

After all this we all packed everything, because everyone had to get somewhere, my northern sister and brother plus their friend the caretaker wanted to go to Leeds to see a preview of a film called Spied Upon (http://spiedupon.com/), while my west brother, Kate and I had to head back down to Gloucestershire area, so we all at about 1255 hours said goodbye to one another and we have given each other a wonderful heart to heart hug until the next episode of our meet up, and that is a time in which the universe will connect us all together, and we left the hostel carpark towards our destinations.

So we headed towards south west and after my brother very kindly despite being a bit tired from yesterday’s wonderful walk and last night’s gig, did drive us almost about four hours. During this time we did our best to talk to each other throughout the journey and covering different topics and subjects so we wouldn’t get bored from the road, and then he kindly stopped in a service station on our way south for us and especially for himself to rest a bit, and after getting some delicious traditional English food “Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s” sandwich for me and for himself and Kate their favourite one as well, and Kate on the other hand had very kindly got us our tea, then after a nice food and tea break we were back in the car and had some of the remaining birthday cake with our tea for our dessert, then he again started driving back into the M5 and this time towards our final destination, South Cerney in Gloucestershire, we arrived at our destination very safely at 1755 hours.

At the end I just wanted to say thank you to everyone providing such a warm and welcoming home during my stay and the time I was in the north and my wonderful west home that I have always been welcomed ever since I was back, and for participating in helping me to get from one destination to the next, and I hope tomorrow the universe will connect me to London for my coming One Year of peace pilgrimage journey and two years of Occupying anniversary.

love and peace

your humbled Earthian brother


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Hebden Bridge

Once we stopped the vans in Yorkshire, our wonderful brother – despite driving for more than three hours – did prepare a wonderful meal of risotto (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaT-CEIVHhE). While he was cooking I was familiarising myself with my new home for the next week or two, which is an independent hostel (www.hebdenbridgehostel.co.uk, also known as “mama weirdigan’s”).

There was a lot to take in, including reading all the signs around the place, which sometimes were about describing an animal and even one describing a human being. Slowly I was introduced to a cat which is called “Kipper” (the hostel cat), after I had read all about her on the sign on the lobby wall, and as I introduced myself to her as an Earthian peace pilgrim she appeared to be very lovely and friendly. Then I was reading about a human description below the Kipper story, and I met the wonderful person I was reading about, as he just turned up in the lobby area and entered the kitchen and very kindly said hello to me as he was coming out of the kitchen, and he is one of the main caretakers for the place. Finally I did meet a beautiful woman called Danni who is helping the hostel to run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible during the day and even sometimes at night, especially when they have more people staying.

As I introduced myself to them, slowly we started talking to each other and then had a wonderful evening meal and drink together. I was taking in a lot of information, especially in the lobby and the lounge area (and clearly there was a distance like between Earth and Moon, if not Mars, between Larry’s Lounge at Small World and Over the Moon festivals and this lounge here), and then we all said goodnight to one another.


After having a wonderful rest from days and weeks of running from one festival to another, I had a good night’s sleep in my new home in a very civilised way, and I can guarantee that some of the Egyptian pharaohs even didn’t have such a life and resting place (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pharaohs), and then I had a great breakfast and started writing up and catching up all about my daily activities for the duration of more than a month.

It was today that I was shown the workshop for LEDfantastic and some other little projects. As Dave and I were talking about some of the projects, my sister came in and said I was “in a little heaven room”, and it was indeed a place where I would love to do things during my spare and free time. It was here as well that my brother showed me how he had made some bread which he brought to the Alchemy festival, which we had enjoyed eating there, he was making it by using a machine and all he has to do is to add all the ingredients and then after about two hours the bread will be ready.

Later in the evening our caretaking friend kindly cooked us a very nice vegetarian stew (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stew) with some beautiful potatoes, and then after that we did washing up, and having our tea, and some more catching up, then we said goodnight to one another.


Today we were all quite busy with our daily tasks and my brother went to the Isle of Arran in Scotland for a duration of almost five days (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Arran), and he has left us at about 6am. The rest of us had our breakfast in our own time as appropriate, and I am sure we all enjoyed it.

In the evening our sister cooked us a wonderful rice and some vegetable and also some fried eggs, just for three of us, and we all enjoyed eating together, and afterwards as usual we all helped to do the cleaning and washing up, and later we had our nice tea break with some wonderful cake which Danni has kindly made.


Today during the morning, and afternoon apart from trying to write and catch up for the blog, I went down to the lobby and lounge and tried to find out all about everything on the many boards all over the lobby and the lounge, and it was very interesting. I think there is a lot of information here if you want to know more about the area, and the whole world as one.

Later Danni has kindly made us a wonderful dinner with a very nice vegetable stew and white couscous, and again we all helped with washing up, and shared another evening with each other while having our tea break after our dinner on the table in the lounge area.


Today during the morning and afternoon, apart from trying to write and catch up again for the blog, I studied more in depth the lobby and the lounge area, and also right at the back of the lounge where there is a wonderful and very quiet meditative room, which as you enter the lounge it draws your attention due to always having its door open. In that room there is a small library of books and many different games for you to explore, and even you can have your own music to be played if you want to, and if all the material in there is not enough, or just you want to have an auxiliary mental boost, I found two books which have drawn my attention, being “God and the new Physics” by Paul Davies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_and_the_New_Physics) and “The Pennine Way” by Martin Collins (http://books.google.ca/books/about/The_Pennine_Way.html?id=rOGwll7kGY4C).

Finally, after spending some time looking at one wall of the lobby, I managed to find out what all those seemingly to me at first glance mixed and confusing maps and photos were about. If anyone wants to do or fancies more than 250 miles (268 miles/431 km to be exact) of walk in spring or summer time (I don’t recommend in autumn or winter), I think you should definitely get in touch with my brother Dave, who has done this walk (the Pennine Way) and he has managed to get the certificate for it as well. It is a walk where you will start from Edale and go to Kirk Yetholm, crossing at least two major counties here in England as far as I understood – Derbyshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derbyshire) and Yorkshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorkshire) – then Northumberland National Park, and finally into Scotland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland). It must be a wonderful walk, which I wouldn’t mind doing if I find the right time for it, but please, this is what I understood – before you decide to do it, talk to Dave as he is a wonderful and nature-loving walker in the area (and now he is doing one in Scotland on the Isle of Arran), or else do some good research about the long walk before you go.

Later today in the evening, again the cooking came back in the circle to my beautiful sister, and this was due to be my turn, but because I didn’t have all the ingredients for my dish, so she kindly cooked something, which she was thinking it was simple but it was the most wonderful veggie burgers plus organic beans, and I have seen her spending a lot of time making and then baking blackberry crumble cake yesterday, which I tasted, and it was great, and now today after our wonderful evening meal she prepared some custard for its dressing. So we had another wonderful evening meal all together, and the place for my brother Dave was really looking empty and already I felt we were all missing him, and we were looking forward to seeing him again soon.


It was today that we had another beautiful day and I wanted to go to the little town and explore the area while the weather was looking very good for this time of the year, but I knew that the family of my sister are coming, so I decided not to go out and I asked my sister “if it is ok, I really would like to stay in and try to meet them all and spend some time with them”, especially I wanted to do this as I have heard it is her sister’s eldest son’s birthday. Definitely, I was over the moon to stay and talk to them.

I came down to the lobby at about midday, and here we go they were all around the kitchen and the lobby and the lounge area, so I was introduced to our mum and another two sisters and two wonderful boys, then slowly as we were chatting and talking to each other the birthday boy and his little brother came along and I introduced myself to them and gave them my heart to heart hug as I did with the rest, then they slowly start to open their presents and we did start to play with their presents and the toys, which they both have got including “play doh” for the little one and “uno” and some more for the older one, and I didn’t have a chance to play with all the presents that he got due to the lunch being ready and so we were all called out for the lunch.

After we all had a delicious lunch together, and I really enjoyed it, then we had our fruit dessert and then it was washing up and then our tea break, which we all had outside in the garden, while we were playing uno, and then finally the birthday cake arrived and our wonderful nephew was so happy. Of course the little one was a bit upset, for the reason that he couldn’t understand why his big brother is getting more stuff then him and getting his slice of cake first. I hope he will understand soon before it all gets complicated and the rest to follow.

Later in the afternoon after having our tea and the birthday cake, we all went up to a platform very near to the hostel as the sun was moving from the garden towards the platform, which has been made to be used at times like this just to get some more sunshine, and also in emergency someone can easily put up a tent there and have a nice camping area. As the clock was approaching to about 5pm the family slowly prepared themselves and they said goodbye to us, and I have to say here I really enjoyed and had a wonderful time with my extended family, and as I told them earlier I hoped that they will all one day very soon in the future meet my side of the family as well, and we all enjoy living for what is the most beautiful thing in the whole planet – “our love for each other, and our coexisting in peacefulness and harmony with mother nature”, and nothing should separate us from one another.

Later, we didn’t need to cook as we had a lot of food from lunch time, and also some wonderful people who were staying in the hostel have cooked a lot of food and a big pan of stew which they very kindly asked us to share it with them. After we’d helped ourselves and then helped with washing up, then it was our tea break, and I’d really had another wonderful day and evening in my new home in Calderdale.


Today after waking up and having some wonderful breakfast, finally – after staying indoors for almost five days while trying to catch up with my last month’s peace journey to festivals and gatherings and many other places – I decided to go out into the little town of Hebden Bridge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebden_Bridge).

It was just after 1130 hours when I left the hostel with one aim in my mind – to take my peace journey with much love into the Calderdale area (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calderdale).

After walking down into the town of Hebden Bridge I went to the centre which is marked with a fustian knife sundial (http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMFWT9_Fustian_Knife_Sundial_Hebden_Bridge_UK). I sat down on a bench near there and looked at the shadow of the sundial on the hours, and the time was just a few minutes past the 1100 hours which is GMT, and not BST, and I stayed there for about a good two hours.

I managed to speak to a good number of people and I started with a wonderful rainbow brother Ralph (http://www.cam.net.uk/home/nimmann/dances/calderdale.htm). After speaking to each other for about 10-15 minutes, he was kindly offering me a meal and he did tell me that if I am going to be there in the centre for another half an hour or so, he would be quite happy to bring me some sandwiches, which he did very kindly bring on a tray, both food and drink from his home, which I really appreciated. I gave him more than twice my heart to heart hug. I have heard before I even got to the town about Ralph and his hug story, and he had brought his small yellow “free hug” sign to the square and as I was eating, I have seen he was hugging quite a number of people. Also he kindly introduced some of his friends to me while I was there, and he told me he has linked my weblog to his one and I think to his face book as well, all when he had gone back to his place to get some food. Also he told me that he has just been in a Quakers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quakers) meeting and he offered me to go to a singing combined with dancing event in a local church between 1600-1800 hours, which I told him if I was around at the time I’d be happy to come and join you, but later on I couldn’t make it due to my peace journey around the area.

After engaging and speaking to some more of the locals and non locals (maybe guests of the town), about myself and my peace journey so far, then I said goodbye to my wonderful rainbow brother Ralph and after a journey round the town, canal, river and railway, I headed up towards the old village of the Heptonstall (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heptonstall), starting from the bottom of the tallest mill chimney in the town of Hebden Bridge.

After visiting the village, cemetery and the church I asked some locals about how to get to the next villages of Pecket Well and Old Town before going back to my final destination of the Hebden Bridge Hostel. As I was walking and leaving the village of Heptonstall, going down towards the Blue Pig Working Men’s Club at the bottom of the valley, I met the minibus driver from Reclaim The Power (RTP), and he straightaway knew me and called me from far, and then I met a few more locals as I was going down to the bottom of the valley and then crossing another bridge on top of the Hebden Water. Then I was heading up again, towards the village of Pecket Well, then I carried on to Old Town, of course on my way stopping a few times to look at the surrounding landscape and also the two eye-catching structures that had drawn my attention to them and that I wanted to see from close range; one of these was the wind generators (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_turbine), and the second one was called Stoodley Pike (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoodley_Pike). After seeing them from Heptonstall, I still couldn’t get very near to them from Pecket Well or Old Town.


If you look closely you can see Stoodley Pike, and further on the right there are some wind turbines.

It was a wonderful walk and great connections with the people and the nature around the wonderful little town of Hebden Bridge, and somehow the landscapes and surroundings were reminding me of my birth place, except the only difference was the geographical location and the surrounding area, and the landscape was about ten times lower than my original home place. I have to say I do understand that we might all have some childhood attachment to our birth place, but I believe that where your heart and love is happy, there should be the place you could stay and do what you think is good for nature and all her inhabitants, including humanity as a whole.



A place that I am staying in Hebden Bridge taken from Heptonstall side.

As I was thinking and walking towards my final destination, I managed to find a lot of natural blackberries, and then as I was thinking of other fruits, and as I entered the town again, I came across a house with some plums and apples on their doorstep which they were putting there for donations, and I looked around and didn’t see anyone to talk to, and so I helped myself as my body needed and then thanked those people, who were providing them to me, and I carried on, and just before the sunset (which you can see a photo of it below), then I managed to get back to my wonderful resting place, and I have to say, after been indoors for more than few days, I think I enjoyed every step of the walk around the area.


So, after arriving back to the hostel just after 1830 hours I managed to rest for a bit and then I start to prepare a simple and light Kurdish meal which is called “Shalamin”.

Since I have arrived in my new home and wonderful little town of Hebden Bridge, I was made aware by my sister that from Alchemy festival we had some “Shalamin”, because it came about during my first peace journey from London to Lincolnshire back in May (when I ended up in Leeds), that one of my brothers there had some of it, and he kindly cooked some for me, and gave the rest to me, so I left it in the Cotswolds place, then after I cooked some for my brother and Paul, then the rest came to Alchemy festival just in case if we had a chance to cook it, but there wasn’t a chance, and then it came back with us on 23/9/13 to Calderdale, and ever since I was planning to cook it but due to not enough ingredients it never happened till today.

So, finally I managed to cook it and all of us here in the hostel managed to taste and eat it, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed it, and now I am collecting ingredients for the third or fourth dish, and I am looking forward to cooking again very soon according to the available ingredients.

So we all helped each other to wash up and clear up then after our tea break and catch up with some of our daily activities we said good night to one another.


Today as I was having my breakfast in the lobby area I spoke to someone who is staying in the hostel and she is part of an International Voluntary Services group (IVS) invited by Treesponsibility (http://www.treesponsibility.com), and I was told there will be some more volunteers coming this evening and she is going to welcome them with some locals and I asked her if it is ok I’d like to come and welcome them as well, so she told me “not a problem” and if I go to the lobby at around 1730 hours we can go together and if she wasn’t around I should make my way to the rail station and be there by 6pm, and that was it.

The rest of the day I tried to write as much as I could of my backlog for my blog and I did quite a lot of writing, so late afternoon and early evening I came down and here we go, there were some more people from Treesponsibility and I spoke to them and they were quite happy for me to go to the rail station and welcome new people, and bring them back to the hostel, and because the hosts were a bit late, one of them asked me, while she is cooking for us all, I can go with the person I spoke to this morning, and go to the station and bring back the rest of the volunteers back to the hostel, and we did go and welcomed the new arrivals to the little town, and brought them back to the hostel.

Later this evening we all had a wonderful meal together and then we all helped each other washing up and cleaning and then we had our tea break with some chocolate which one of the guests and volunteers (Michael) brought us from Belgium, so after a short briefing by the host and the organisers of the tree planting group we all said goodnight to each other.


Today after waking up and having our breakfast we headed out altogether about nine of us, seven volunteers and two organisers in a minibus and a fairly new family estate car.

After a short stop in our host town we headed towards the bigger town of Todmorden (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todmorden), and after passing through the town we headed out into wonderful countryside and then uphill for about five minutes, then we arrived near to a farmhouse where is the tree planting area, that later we were told it is called “Sagar Lane”. The journey took us about 35-40 minutes, then after changing of our shoes and getting some planting equipment we started the preparation.

Some of us did preparation for protection of some trees which were planted before, and some of us cleared the ground and prepared it for the new trees to be planted, and after about an hour and half we stopped for a wonderful homemade soup and bread and then some tea.

Later in the afternoon we moved some new trees and other protection materials for those trees from the left side of Sagar Lane to the right side, and we started to plant some trees. By about 3pm when we stopped for our tea break we had managed to plant 100 trees, and then we carried on for another hour or so, and this time we managed to plant 63 trees, so as you know we managed to plant 163 trees which is about 20 trees per person. One of the organiser didn’t plant any and he was busy sorting other stuff out. We planted as follows: every three hawthorn tree, then one oak, rose or willow – so you tell me how many hawthorn trees per person?

It was just after 1630 hours that we start packing and coming back and this time totally in the opposite direction just for us to see the different scenery of the beautiful landscape of the area and after passing the old petrol station (I think more than 60 years old!?) in Kerbs, and then BlacksShawHead (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackshaw) area, we came back just close to Heptonstall village and then arrived back in our host town, at about 1730 hours and after light exercise with the chocolate loving Belgium person (Michael), we headed back to our rooms to quickly take a shower and head back to the town for our evening meal in a public house for a Tibetan spicy dinner.

In the pub I came across a few more people from the time of the RTP gathering, and also those who are going to organise and help with tree planting for the next day. Later some of us headed to the Heptonstall village and few of us went back to the hostel. After getting back to the hostel and hearing the news that one of the people who is helping the hostel had a bad back ache I didn’t feel good, then he was taken to Halifax after arranging an appointment and having some food.

Later on after having a bit of rest and saying goodnight to everyone, and then catching up with some more of my writing for the blog, I said goodnight to the universe and my surroundings.

There is a video similar to what we did today from last year’s group (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKTDzy3bY2w), and I hope that you’ll all enjoy watching it, and if you have a video or a photo of our tree planting today, please make me be aware of it, so I can link it to the blog.


A photo of us while we were having our lunch, and I am serving bread for their wonderful soup

Finally, I have to say it has been a wonderful and amazing spring and summer full of love and peace, connecting to so many wonderful people, and again I should mention I started to go to my first festival back in May in Lincolnshire and then ended up going to the same county in September, for my 18th festival!

It has been an amazing and beautiful peace pilgrimage journey for me, full of love and happiness. I believe we can all do a lot more useful things in the nature with each other without any repercussion to one another, just by being truthful to ourselves and one another. I’ll head down to London to celebrate a year of peace journey where I started from, and if any one of you would like to come along, I’ll be in the birth place of Occupy London from 15th to 23rd of October.

So may love and peace be upon all of you, wherever you are on the planet Earth.

till then,

your humbled Earthian brother

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Noisy alchemists & ideal domes


Today I managed to do some general cleaning, and tried to do some catching up with the world of internet which I was away from for almost a month, and then later our wonderful friend Paul very kindly cooked us a delicious meal and a nice dessert as well, we really enjoyed it, and after some chatting and more catch up we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that I felt I have to prepare something for my brother and Paul, and I managed to get the recipe for a meal which is called Qobli (Yakawasora), and I managed to gather the ingredients and also a small dessert which we managed to eat together and I have heard that they really liked it and I thanked them for their trying to eat it with me, again it was another wonderful evening to be together. As we had planned before, my brother and I had to go to Lincolnshire for the Alchemy festival next, so we had to prepare ourselves and then later on we said goodnight to each other.


Today before my brother came back from the place of antiquity, I managed to prepare myself and also make some sandwiches for our way, due to it being a long three or four hours of driving, and then I packed everything that I could, so when my brother came back I was ready and all I have to do is ask him if there is anything that I can be of help with. He came back at about 4pm and he managed to make himself ready in less than an hour, so we managed to leave the area at about 5pm and headed towards the north east of England (towards Alchemy festival in Lincolnshire).

After leaving our region of Gloucestershire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloucestershire), and entering Shakespeare’s Warwickshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warwickshire), then we passed the fox’s county of Leicestershire, and finally we entered the famous county of Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, and many more in Lincolnshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincolnshire). After crossing few little towns and villages we managed to enter the festival town of Coningsby, and after a small GPS mapping error we managed to correct our way and we safely arrived in the festival area just about 9pm. After a little wait outside the box office we said the magic words that our sister had arranged to let us in and everything went well.  Just a bit later we managed to find our wonderful sister, behind the famous Kaplick Solar Stage (which later made my brother and I a bit dysfunctional, due to its loud noise for almost three days).

Our sister had kindly arranged for us to be there, to be part of her wonderful “ideal dome exhibition”. There is a website for how to make a geodesic dome if you visit (www.werdigans.co.uk) and there were LEDs (www.LEDfantastic.com) all around this beautiful geodesic dome, and also there was a lot of literature in the dome including the Occupied Times, which made me busy reading some of the new issues and even I found some old articles about my time in Occupy, and especially the Occupy Nomads (OT#13 page3 and OT#16 page19/22) – some of the photos in those papers were taken by my brother, and it was just before I start my Occupy Everywhere.

So, just before we started talking and trying to catch up with each other we managed to eat some food, and then my brother put up his tent and I was offered to stay in this wonderful dome, and also we talked about how we can offer our time to talk to the wonderful people who will come to see the dome from tomorrow.


The first day of the festival was a beautiful sunny day and I managed to put up my peace tent – for more than the 180th time – and also I went around the festival and talked to some more wonderful and interesting people in different areas of the festival, then came back and helping with interacting with more people. This time it was not only about my peace journey, but also about how we can live in a geodesic dome as a shelter or for any other purpose, also we talked to people to say how lighting can be provided just using ultra low power LEDs with a 12V battery, which can be charged by a solar panel. If the person was really keen on knowing more, we could explore more areas with them, in terms of the literature we had inside the dome as well.

It was today that a person came along and told my sister that she had inspired him two years ago, and now he has designed a geodesic dome with hollow metal pipe, which can be put together in ten minutes; he came to thank her, and he was a blacksmith and they had a workshop just opposite to our ideal dome, and this triggered me to go along  and ask if there was a possibility of making something for my enamel bowl, as I couldn’t carry it on my belt, and they kindly helped me with this problem and I thanked the blacksmith for helping me with the bowl.

Later my brother very kindly cooked a wonderful dinner for us, and we really enjoyed it, also we were waiting for a couple more people to join us for the rest of the weekend (our brother Dave, and sister Ali), so then after they came we had a wonderful drink and more catching up, then we said goodnight to each other.


Today I managed to make a rocket stove with a group of wonderful people in Earthy Steve’s workshop. If you want to see how it does look like you can see this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRLR07GRgvQ), and for how to make it yourself he has got “rocketstove workshops” or “Earthy Steve” on facebook, and also you can see how to start a fire without a lighter or a match – watch this video which is not very green but effective (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzXOVbYUamc) or effective and green here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa5Pk6qRniY).

Also Steve told me about story of a person who is called Chris from Manchester, and he has designed something which can produce electricity, he had a model in his workshop, but if you want to know more about it you can look up at www.scraptopower.co.uk, I hope you will find it interesting.

After making the rocket stove and filling it with wet soil I brought it back to the area where I was staying and tried to test it but it didn’t perform well. Later on we found out it was because the soil was still wet. I gave the stove to David Phillips who invited me for a dinner, and later he told me he would like to give it to one of his friends called Matt Parker as a birthday present, and I was happy that he has used it after the soil dried out and he found it very useful, and also it has found a nice place to go and has made someone happy to have it; after all, I as a peace pilgrim wouldn’t be able to carry it and the whole idea of going to the workshop was to learn how to make it, and hopefully one day show others how to do it all over the planet.

Later on I managed to speak to some people who were running some of the main stages, in order to organise with them to slot me in to speak about my journey just for a short time, so if anyone was interested they can then check my blog for more details. Also I managed to do some help with the “ideal dome exhibition” as well as cooking some food (Qobli/Yakawasora), so we could all have our wonderful dinner together, and then later we had some wonderful black chocolate cake which was made by Ali, and we all enjoyed it with our tea.

Music from our neighbouring stage was great, it just had too much bass in it and I couldn’t cope so sometimes I had to put in some earplugs and it was the same with my brother as well, but we managed to cope just for another day.

It was today that I met Joel Robb’s dad, and he kindly asked Joel to make my first “Earthian a free citizen of planet Earth” badge, and I thanked both of them. They had this little caravan home full of scientific exploration, and I gave them both a heart to heart hug and told them I’ll mention the website address on my blog, so you can find them on www.curiovan.org, and read all about them yourself.


Today I asked Joel if he could kindly make another badge for my hat, saying “Earthian with love and peace” on it and he very kindly made it for me, and then I went around the festival and spoke to some more people and confirmed some of the times I’d arranged for my talks on two of the main stages. Then I did some help with the dome, and talked to a person who I knew from Small World and Solar A Fayre, but we never had a chance to sit down and talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it. He gave us some literature for the dome and details of a website for all the information from his friend Paul Mobbs (www.fraw.org.uk).

I managed to speak in Kaplick Solar Stage and reached some more people for a very short time at about 1715 hours, and I also spoke at the Liberty Solar Stage at about 1930 hours, which I was told would be on livestream on Alchemy festival’s website (http://www.alchemyfestival.co.uk/).

In the evening we had a wonderful meal made by Ali, who kindly dedicated her time to the meal. We also had homemade black chocolate cake from yesterday, and we really enjoyed the meal and I found tofu was something I’d never had before – I thought it was some kind of chicken fat till I was told the correct name for it!

Before sleeping we said goodbye to my brother and Ali who wanted to go earlier than our waking up time in the morning. We all hugged them and we hoped to see them soon, and then we said goodnight to each other.


It was another beautiful day, and when we woke up a lot of people already had left the festival including our brother Ben and sister Ali. Dave, Emma and myself started to pack slowly after eating our morning food, and I put down my peace tent and also helped with packing the ideal dome and did some other little chores all around the festival, then we were ready to leave the festival area.

It has been and always was my intention to come and visit my sister’s place, ever since my arrival back into the UK in April, because of her very kindness and inspirational view on what I was doing during my peace pilgrimage to the Middle East and back here in UK, but it had not happened yet, so I asked her if it was ok for me to go and stay for a little while and she said to me “it is fine”, and that is how I decided to go back with her and Dave to the north west of England.

So after having some light food and a nice tea break, we went around the festival in opposite directions from each other and met in the middle then carried on, saying goodbye to those who we knew or had bonded with at the time of the festival or before, and then around 1700 hours we left the festival area and left the east of England and the county of Lincolnshire.

After passing the famous county of Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottinghamshire) we entered the famous white rose county, the greenest and largest county of England – Yorkshire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorkshire), which is the home of my northern sister and brother. Soon we arrived in an area known as the Pennines, or Calderdale, in the town where the beautiful rivers of Calder and Hebden Water meet.

It was about 2100 when we arrived at our resting place, and I had to thank my sister for such a wonderful and nice and slow, safe journey in the wonderful Holly (the big green van) and also I had to be thankful to my wonderful brother for his calm, loving and peaceful patience as he followed in a small van (named Tchorkie). I have to say, apart from a little glitch at the start of the journey when we were still back in Lincolnshire, everything went so smoothly and wonderfully. I was sitting with my brother in the smaller van and we were following my sister and wondering whether Holly will be taken all the way up onto the hill we were going to, as my sister had never driven that way before, and I told my brother “watch, and she is going to do it” and indeed she did it, and it made the whole journey much more wonderful, and peaceful.

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From solar to lunar

While I was helping out a few of the festival stage managers, I managed to get in touch with a wonderful person named Stan, who ran Larry’s Lounge at Small World festival and had helped with providing stage equipment at Solar A Fayre. Stan was going next to Over the Moon festival and he kindly helped me to get to my next destination after we’d gathered all his stuff and put it in his big van.

So, after leaving at 1330 and passing through Staplehurst (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staplehurst), Hawkhurst (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawkhurst), Hurst Green (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurst_Green,_East_Sussex), Battle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle,_East_Sussex) and finally Boreham Street (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boreham_Street), we managed to arrive in the town of Hailsham (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hailsham). The festival site was only about two miles away from the town and we finally arrived at 1500 hours in a farm which was called Knotch Hatch Farm, and Over the Moon festival was there.

As I arrived, obviously people at the main gate asked who I am and why am I here? however, some of them knew me very well from other festivals and they asked me to go to the production office. After going to the production office and speaking to some wonderful people – especially Hanna – I managed to get in touch with the main organiser of the festival, someone called Jim, and then Hanna kindly took me to the quietest area of the festival, in the healing area and I set up my peace tent. Then I went back to the production office and reminded them that usually I speak to people about my peace journey, and they kindly help me with my food and drink, but now that I am in and have set up my peace tent, I would like to arrange some talking time and also I would like to help in the crew kitchen in order to get some daily food. Hanna again kindly took me to the kitchen crew area and she introduced me to someone who was running the crew’s kitchen – and I knew him from the time of my Sunrise festival, and here we go it was Chef, who had his cafe and also was helping the festival with the crew’s daily food. Anton (a Rainbow brother from the last festival, Solar A Fayre) was also helping to cook, and also Hanna put me in touch with some people in the areas where I wanted to talk and already I knew most of the people she was introducing me to, from previous festivals. It was very nice to see them and organising my talk was very much easier to arrange, because I was known to them too.

So, that was how everything went at the Over the Moon festival; I managed to arrange some talk time in a few different venues and my favourite place was the roundhouse in the healing area, and also there was a stage which I knew from the Green Gathering called ” Avalon Rising talk space”, and it was my favourite stage in the festival, where I was spending some of my time listening to some informative material and documentary films.


Today I helped the main kitchen to get ready and be set up for tomorrow so crew can come in and help themselves with tea, coffee and music, and later on I helped to distribute some food past its sell-by date around the festival site, including to the Castle Stage which I knew from Small World festival, and also I helped Stan (the person who kindly gave me a lift to the festival), and also I introduced myself to a new geodesic sauna and shower system which was very different from the one I have seen in Green Gathering and Small World. So my day ended by talking to different new and old friends all around the festival.


Today I did help the main crew kitchen and also I went around the festival again and helped some other stages and visited the main stage – called “The Moon” – to see if I could arrange a time to talk for about five minutes before the main music would start at 4pm, but due to the full programme and delay in their set up there wasn’t any gap for me to speak there, but still I managed to get into some other stages and announce that next day (Saturday) I would be doing my talk in the roundhouse, after the Shamanic wisdom.


Today I had another busy day around the festival and also met up again with some old friends from other festivals and also went around the site again to tell more new people about my talk at 6pm, and later on some people turned up and I did have good conversation with them, and one of them was someone was called Ben Popple who was making raw chocolate, and he kindly offered me some as well, if you want to find out more check out his site (http://www.mrpoppleschocolate.co.uk/).

Later today also I met two more wonderful people from the “love revolution” (www.neadsandprince.com), who had seen me at previous festivals, and they kindly took couple of photos and they have uploaded them to the web and we can see them below.


Prince and I at the Over the Moon festival.


Neads and I at the Over the Moon festival.


Today was my last day of the festival and I tried my best to do my outreach all around the camp, going out and speaking to a lot of people starting from crew kitchen area and also I went back to the roundhouse and met Colin Willby who had just finished a workshop about his Peace Mandalas Publishing (www.peacemandalas.org), and then after his workshop I spoke to some more people in there as well, and due to rain forecast from yesterday I did pack my peace tent and said goodbye to the people near me and I was ready to head west back to my brother’s home if anyone was ready to go in that direction. I had everything packed and it was all in the roundhouse, while I had a long journey around the festival site asking if anyone was going in my direction. I had no luck so on my way back to my favourite place, the roundhouse, I met Colin again in Larry’s Lounge, and spoke to a few other people there, and then listened to a speaker and a video documentary on my favourite stage Avalon Rising, and there was a website address which they were showing this film from (http://www.theorionconspiracy.com/) – it is quite awakening, see it for yourself!?


After going all around the site and saying goodbye to almost everyone, and telling everyone about my weblog and my peace journey, finally I headed out of the festival to the main exit gate. Just before leaving the festival, as I was waiting for a lift towards the west of England, something came to me and I said to myself “I have to mention this”. It was that I felt in a way so released and relieved after coming out of the festival, due to a lack of decent conversation with the majority of the people who I met since after the Small World festival. I had a decent conversation maybe once or twice, but the majority of those wonderful people who I met and tried to have a conversation with were under influence of drugs or alcohol – mainly drugs – and they were all saying to me “you don’t know how creative you will be if you use this type of drug, you will see things clearly”, but their speech and movements were all slowed down and I hardly could make sense of what they were saying. It was as if they were really on a major breaking point of a massive project but they didn’t know how to solve the mystery, and they thought taking these sort of drugs will help them to solve it, but I couldn’t see anything like that – there wasn’t any mystery to be solved, and they were really to me just escaping from the reality in front of them. I wasn’t convinced for a second that the drugs would help, I don’t know how else to put it but to say I was disappointed by the amount of drugs consumed in the name of pleasure or recreation; I’ll leave that thought with you, and hope I’ll be more clear in the future about what I have seen, enough to say that it is not encouraging to me at all.

Anyway, after waiting for about two hours a wonderful person gave me a lift and he told me he is going back to Bristol, and I asked him if it is ok I’d like to go with him till Swindon and he kindly offered me the lift. Later on as we were speaking he told me that he was originally coming from Ankara (capital of today’s Turkey), and he has been in the UK for about 15 years and he is very much enjoying the freedom and the society of Bristol, and also he kindly offered me a drink and some food on our way back in a service station on the M25 just before getting on to the M4 westbound. After almost about three hours driving he very kindly dropped me in a layby at J15 of M4 at about 1400 hours and after giving him a heart to heart hug I said goodbye to him.

It was here that I waited for more than five hours and I calculated that almost 30,000 vehicles passed and none of them offered me a lift and I had to finally start walking and then try to find a place to put up my peace tent, due to the time was getting late. It was about 8pm when a police car appeared and the police saw the sign of my destination and they kindly gave me a lift and I gave one of them a heart to heart hug and had a good handshake with the driver who couldn’t get out of the car for some reason. I said goodnight to them after about a 15 minute drive, and when I arrived at my brother’s place it was wonderful to see him finally after almost a month, and he kindly had some wonderful food ready and all three of us had a great dinner and later a nice dessert together, and after some catch up we said goodnight to each other.

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Apples & fayres


After a good night’s sleep in Mark and Andria’s wonderful place and after having a good breakfast we headed out to the first apple orchard in the afternoon and we picked some Worcester Tydeman’s apples (http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/tydemanns-early-worcester), then we said goodbye to some other wonderful friends who were helping Mark and Andria and then later in the evening we came back to our resting place, and after some rest we did some grading and other general help. Due to Mark having to go to London Market the next day, so Andria and I did help him till quite late, and then we said goodbye to each other.


Me in my first day of picking apples in an orchard near the town of Paddock Wood


A group of us in our first day of picking apples in an orchard near the town of Paddock Wood in Kent


After having our breakfast I did some clothes and sleeping-bag washing, and some general tidying and organising things, and in the afternoon Andria and I went to a very close by apple orchard and we did pick about 30 bushels of discovery apples (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_%28apple%29, then we called it a day after that and had a wonderful dinner and another good night’s rest.


On Saturday we had to do some grading of discovery apples which we picked on Friday, and then some other general organising of recycling and composting old apples, and a bit of general cleaning and over all we had a great and satisfying day.


Sunday was a resting and an exploring day for me around the area, so after a good night’s rest and a nice breakfast I headed out on a bicycle northbound towards another little village called Yalding and then after a nice rest in a local green area near historic Twyford Bridge (http://yaldinghistory.webplus.net/page17.html) where people were out and enjoying their time, I followed the river Medway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Medway) and Medway Valley (http://www.medwayvalley.org/) to a place where the river and a canal meet up together, and then over the famous Medway/Yalding historic bridge towards the town of Tonbridge, then I had to come back and go southbound towards the little town of Marden and explored the area before heading back to my resting place by about 1600, by which I had to get ready to go with Mark at about 1900 to his parents’ place, but he never came back and the trip never happened, so I helped out with some other activities around the place until about 2100, which by then Mark and Andria came back from Mark’s parents place and then we had another tea and talking break before we said goodnight to each other.


On Monday again after a good night’s rest I did help with some general cleaning up and later in the afternoon I did pick some 18 bushels of discovery apples in a local orchard very close to our resting place, and then in the evening I met Mark’s brother Tim who visits Mark every Monday and we had a lovely dinner and a good chat, then after spending another good evening together, we said good night to each other.


After a good breakfast we headed out to one of the old orchards where we went on our first day, and this time instead of picking Worcester Tydeman’s apple we picked discovery apples and we managed to pick more than 30 cardboard boxes so we were busy till quite late in the evening, and we have even delivered them to a local depot distributor in the town of Paddock Wood not very far from the orchard, then we went to a local public house to have a drink and use some internet while we were waiting for Javier, a wonderful human being from South America (Colombia) who was coming from London to the town of Paddock Wood to join us. It was at this time when I could briefly send a message out on facebook to say I am ok and very briefly saying what I was doing since I left London, then at about 2100 our wonderful guest turned up at the town and we all went back and had a wonderful dinner together and shared some foods from different continents, and after some late night chatting we said goodnight to each other.


We all woke up and had a wonderful breakfast and then we did some general tidying up and preparing some bushels to go to a new orchard and we went to a new orchard and we picked till late about 2030 hours but this time a new type of apples “Laxton’s fortune” (http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/fortune-laxtons), and we managed to pick 72 bushels which was a record pick for just four of us, and then we headed back to our resting place and again we managed to have a wonderful evening meal together and this was my final evening in the farmhouse, so we all tried to have an enjoyable and memorable evening together, then we said good night to each other.


Today was my last day in the farmhouse so I had to pack everything and be ready to head out to my 16th festival of the year www.solarafayre.co.uk, and I had my final breakfast with my wonderful hosts Mark and Andria and our wonderful friend Javier from Colombia, then we loaded some more bushels and headed to one of the old orchards and this time we all picked more than 30 bushels of discovery apples and I remember it was a hot day and usually we weren’t going out till after 2pm but today somehow we hit the heat of the day and by 2pm we headed to another orchard, and this time we picked some 10 boxes of wonderful plums, and then about 4pm we headed back to our resting place.

After a brief rest and taking a shower I packed everything and just before 1630 I said goodbye to Andria and Javier. Mark was going to pick up some grading boxes for all those 72 bushels of apples from yesterday, and then dropping a broken apple picking ladder to a farm engineering site and on his way to his farm place he kindly dropped me at about 1730 hours about two miles from the nearest village to the festival, which was called Boughton Monchelsea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boughton_Monchelsea), and it was here that I had to say goodbye to Mark and thank him and Andria for all the goodness and kindness that they showed me during my time staying with them, and I told them that I hope that I have been just a little help to whatever goodness that you are doing on the planet, and I am happy for what you are doing and for you encouraging others to do what is right to do for people and the planet. I have to say, despite there being almost 30 different types of apples I managed to just pick less than half dozen varieties, and I hope that the universe will connect me to pick some more other types very soon, before the end of the autumn season. (You can see for yourself the rest of other types on their website http://ashgreenorganics.com/). After a good heart to heart hug I said goodbye to these beautiful people and started walking towards my next destination.

I did walk for about two miles, and then I came across a few young boys who wanted to get to the festival as well, and they were asking me about its location, and I told them I don’t know and I am looking myself and I have to just ask people, and they went to a direction which they thought it is a right one, and I stayed there by the roadside in a green area and after about ten minutes a man and a lady came to me and they said “we would like you to move from our green area” and then they asked me where do I want to get to? Clearly they didn’t know about the festival and they wanted to send me back towards a place which I was just coming from, and I knew that those young boys have gone in a direction opposite to what they are saying, so I told them “Thank you for your help and you should not worry, I will find it” and I said goodbye to them and I started to walk again and then after another two miles there wasn’t a sign of any festival and no one knew anything about it ,then I came across two wonderful women who were walking around the area and I asked them and showed them the address and one of them kindly checked the address and she told me the direction and after thanking them and heading on for a bit longer, I wasn’t sure I was going in the right direction and I asked a person who was delivering some stuff around the area and he kindly looked in his smartphone and he told me “You have come in the wrong direction, you are just coming from a place which I am saying you should go to!”, so I was up and down with all my home on my back, shoulders and chest. After walking for another three to four miles, again there wasn’t any sign of the festival and even there wasn’t anyone around to ask, and as it was getting dark a car came and stopped a little way away and they called me so they can give me a lift, and as I was running to get to the car but they pulled away, and then as it was really going to get dark I decided to put up my peace tent on a road near to a mansion with a swimming pool and tennis court on Weirton Hill, between the Weirton Road and a long lane. I was very close to the road address for the festival, but because it was getting very dark and I was very tired by this time, I knew there will be tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to make it that night, so I said good night to the universe and everyone else around me including those in the mansion, and I put my head down in my peace tent for almost the 180th time in my beloved and historic rescued-from-KSA tent.


Today, after packing up my peace tent, I headed towards the festival and I got there finally after another two or three miles of walking again, and I managed by asking wonderful people to find the organiser of the festival named Richard, who kindly invited me to the festival when we were at Small World, and he told me about a place where I could set up my peace tent. Then I started to talk to people, and also I arranged with a person who was organising talks in the healing area that I could talk for an hour from 1430 to 1530 hours on Saturday and Sunday, in a bell tent in Trixie’s garden. After my peace pilgrimage journey around the festival, and getting in touch by talking to more people, I rested in my peace tent and said goodnight to all the people around me and the universe.


Today I went around the site again to tell more people about my peace talk, and later on some people turned up and I did my talk and it was very good. Later on I got in touch with the kitchen crew and helped them with some kitchen chores, and organising and helping to cook.

There are two photos of me from the festival with some wonderful people who I met here and at Small World.


A photo of Lorraine Kashdan  and I taken by someone from the Solar A Fayre festival.


Today I met a wonderful human being called Mason who was helping with recycling on the site and he kindly offered me a full vegetarian English breakfast, and then I helped out with some cleaning up of the site and later on I did help the main crew kitchen with some food serving. Despite heavy dance music close to the kitchen, I enjoyed another day of talking to people about what I am doing and why I am here, and I met some nice people who were helping in the children’s area, and they were dressed like they were from Mars (http://www.seeliecourtfaeries.co.uk/).


With Mason (a wonderful human being who looks after the environment and the planet as a whole), at the end of clearing up at the Solar A Fayre festival just before heading to Over The Moon festival.


Today it was the final day of the festival and I helped for a good few hours Anton and Liz, a Rainbow brother and sister, to make some bhajis using potatoes and cauliflower, and some other ingredients for the camp crew and everyone really liked the meal and I enjoyed helping them and serving them as well, here is a video of how to make them as well (http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-onion-bhaji) or this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlIZs9ZhX1s).

Later in the day when I went back to my peace tent I saw some money by my board, and I asked Alexandra (Anton’s daughter), who just happened to be around by perhaps a lucky universe connection, to help me to take it to a shop in the festival and get an enamel bowl which I really liked and the rest for herself to get whatever she liked, so in this way both of us were happy, then after another very busy day of talking and helping in the festival, I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me.


Today I managed to speak to some more people who I have never had a chance to speak to during the busy time of the festival, and also in the crew kitchen there were a lot of vegetables and because most of the crew were busy packing and tatting down, I managed to make a wonderful stew out of all those vegetables and then I served some of the crews and also, some others helped themselves, and even I saw some more members of the crew using it the next day. I was quite happy to see everyone was happy when they had some of it, and even people were still thanking me at other, later, festivals like Over the Moon and Alchemy. All together I had another good day helping to clear the area of the festival, to let the land go back to its natural status.


So that is how my 16th festival came to an end. Today was my last day on the festival site so I had to bring down my peace tent and be ready in case anyone was heading towards my 17th festival of the year – Over the Moon (http://www.overthemoonfestival.com/).

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Small World

After saying goodbye to Simone and Kazia I walked for a while and then tried to get a connection to the Small World festival, and the universe did connect me to within almost eight miles of the festival site with another two wonderful human beings “Colin and Steve”, who were going to visit the wonderful driver’s mum in a hospital, and I wished her a quick and full recovery. This was from 1530 hours to 1545hours, so I’d had to wait for about three hours for the connection to be made, and then after another 15 minutes of waiting wonderful Phil, an electrical engineer, arrived and he very kindly offered me another lift and this time to Headcorn, as I thanked him for the lift and said goodbye to him and then I realised I am just by a florist, and as I told him about my peace journey, he just told me don’t go anywhere, and he kindly went and brought me a bottle of apple juice. I asked him about the place of the festival and I was told it is not far from here and I had to start walking towards the place, but after a while I was worried I might have gone to a wrong place and I started to ask people and a wonderful cyclist found the way and she kindly took me in the right direction and then as I was walking a rainbow brother called Tom passed by with his bicycle and a person in the back of his trailer and another cyclist, and I said hello to them, and then I knew that I am going in the right direction definitely. As I was walking a wonderful driver called Simon and his partner, who had a child with them, came about and they offered me a lift for my stuff and I thanked them for their help with one of my bags, and I started walking towards the festival again, then another two wonderful women with a child on board just offered me a lift to the festival site.

So I arrived at the gate of the festival at about 1730 hours, and now you know how I made this journey and all the connections with just pure love, and being in harmony with all around us.

Right at the main gate I saw another two friends, and as I was invited to the festival to speak about my peace journey, I didn’t have to talk and arrange at the gate how to get in. As I was walking towards the welcome area of the festival I came across a fruit and vegetable store (http://ashgreenorganics.com/), and I asked a wonderful lady who was called Andria for an apple, and after I explained what I was doing, she very nicely looked through some apples and she very kindly handed two nice apples to me and she told me to come back whenever you need something else, and that was it, I went back and helped them for the duration of the festival almost every day for an hour or so, and I was having my organic food there almost every day. I did press apples and grapes and washed potatoes and dishes, so I was almost part of the Ash Green Organic store, especially after I did introduce myself to Mark the manager of the store, and he welcomed me as well, and that is how I came to know them and after the festival they did invite me back to their place, and I went back to their place to set up some internet connectivity and ended up staying there and helping them with some apple picking and other help for more than a week – which was a first time experience of apple picking here in the UK. I enjoyed it, and it did remind me of Cyprus and my experiences in the orange, grapefruit and lemon orchards, except there was in a very warm climate and not a lot of farmers around.

Back to the festival I arrived to the welcome area and a wonderful human being offered me a cup of Earl Grey tea , and I told him it is a posh cup of tea, but if you are offering me a cup I’ll welcome it with my open heart, and as I was waiting for my cup of rich tea I saw Tim, a wonderful friend from time of Occupy LSX and Green Gathering, and it was he who did kindly arrange for me to get into the Small World festival, after hearing about my story at the Speakers’ Forum at the Green Gathering few weeks back. Tim showed me one of the new big geodesic domes with a blue top, opposite to the main Small World Solar Stage, which was called “a 1000 Words Stage”, and he kindly arranged for me to talk about my peace journey for about an hour on Monday 26 August, a bank holiday. He also kindly introduced me to some of the crews and it was here that I discovered a green and solar stage which was supported by wonderful “Puffin Green” and “Mark Kaplick Solar Stage” (their names on face book), and that was one of the stages that I was going to talk in. During my next festivals after Small World I have seen their stage two more times, at “Solar Afayre” and “Alchemy”, and I did talk again on that stage in Alchemy festival.

Back to my wonderful cup of Earl Grey tea, which by this time was ready, and as I was having it I told a bit about my story to the people around the welcome home fire and especially to the wonderful person who offered me the cup of tea, and then I told him about my talk times and said goodbye to them.

At the Small World festival I met again a few Rainbow brothers and sisters, and I spoke to them about my peace journey, and also I did a peace pilgrimage around the inner festival site, and I met a few new people and talked about my peace journey and told them my talk times.

After this journey, at one of the gates, as I was looking for a quiet area to set up my peace tent, a steward called Martin helped me to find a place. Later on I found out not only it wasn’t a quiet place but also I had a neighbour who was snoring, and you could hear his snores from yards, if not miles!? but because I was tired after setting up my peace tent, I slept like there wasn’t anything around me.


I started my day by going back to the organic store and helping them with some chores and then having my lovely breakfast and meeting a few new people from the store as well as wonderful Shaun who was very kind. After that I went around the site stages and tried to make some other arrangement to talk at a free time on the stage or “open mic” time, and I managed to make an arrangement with Ian a stage organiser to talk at about 7pm on his little Village Stage, and then went around the festival again and talked to more people to tell them to come to the little Village Stage, then back to my talk which went well for about 5 to 10 minutes and I let more people know that on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I have talks on different stages if they want to hear more. I finished my day by talking to more people and I remember before it got rainy  I went back to Ash Green Organic because I knew from previous day that they had some rainbow umbrellas, and I asked to borrow one, and a nice person there kindly helped me, and it helped me a lot throughout the festivals, while my black and white one was left in a car.


I woke up and went to Ash Green Organic and told Andria and Mark about the umbrella story and I asked them how can I help, to be able to have the umbrella, because I have left my one in a car as I was coming to the festival? And then they asked me to help them with some chores in the store, then I had some breakfast before I went around the festival and talked to more people and let them know about my peace talks at the open mic on the Castle Stage (after arranging this with Brandon the stage manager for 12pm yesterday) and also at Cricket Jam Dome for 1630 hours for an hour. Both talks went very well and I reached a lot of people as well, after here I went to SAMs Sauna where I knew the owner Mark from other festivals including the Green Gathering, and I and another person who was there already helped Mark with chopping some wood, then I had a shower in the washing area behind the sauna, then did some more outreach to different people all around the festival.


I started my day as usual going to my favourite store and helping them and getting my organic breakfast and then at 3pm I had a short open mic talk in the Solar Cycle Stage, having made an arrangement with Phil the stage manager, and I let more people know about my long hour talk at the new 1000 Words geodesic dome Stage.

So today in the evening I finally did my main peace talk and I was told it did reach a lot people’s hearts and minds, and I was happy myself to tell my real story to those people who were really keen on knowing why and how I am doing my peace journey.

Tonight about 9pm I went to a wonderful shell of a wooden geodesic dome which was just opposite to the blue dome and during the day nothing was inside it and during the night there was this wonderful telescope in there, and people were queuing to watch the moon and other stuff, and I saw moon through it and it was so real and I thanked the person who was called Elisa from the Travelling Observatory (http://www.thetravellingobservatory.co.uk/contact.html) and later on she became a good friend and even next day when I went back to see the sun I asked her about an instrument which you can see the sky constellations, and she kindly donated one to me, and even at a later date in another festival called Over the Moon she brought me a page of Astronomy Now magazine (http://www.astronomynow.com/magazine.shtml) with some information about lunar data, which I asked her and she didn’t know at the time.

So as she has organised all this, I told her I should like to give you a heart to heart hug in return, because I have never seen a moon as close as on this telescope. Then someone told me “In Welsh we say CWTCH for a hug (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cwtch), and I told her, “Ok, I didn’t know that”, and I asked her “How do you say love and peace?” and she told me CARIED means beloved, but she didn’t know peace as well, so here we go, I found out beloved will be annwyl, love is caru and peace would be heddwch, so now I can tell to them may Caru and Heddwch be upon you all wherever you are.


I started my day by going to Ash Organic, helped them with the final apple pressing and some other general kitchen chores, and then I went back to my main place the 1000 Words geodesic dome stage to help them with tatting down and make it easy to bring the dome down next day.

I have to say there was a lot of good programs run in the dome for the duration of four days of the festival, and many of them including children programs, music and poem, films about Occupy, talks about police arrest, and discussions on fracking which were all knowledge-based and making more people to be more aware of what is really happening in and around the planet.

So by far this stage was new and had something new to offer people comparing to some other stages.

I have to say I have helped the organisers of the stage in their cafe as well at film showing time, and it was a great place for me to go and talk to people at a time when there weren’t a lot of people around to have a sensible conversation with, and I found out about this after going into my next two festivals, where this became more obvious to me.

So, the stage was called 1000 Words and if I could talk about it for a thousand words I could touch all the subjects and matters which went on in the dome for the duration of almost a week, but I think this is not something that I should attempt here. I hope I can find some photos and the link to my peace talk.

After my help with the dome I went all around the festival again to say goodbye to people and tell those who didn’t know about my peace journey what I was doing there, and then I headed to the main gate or exit area to talk to more people as they were leaving the festival area.


I started my day again by going to Ash Organic, helped them with the final grape pressing and with bringing down their kitchen marquee and gazebos and then I went and helped the 1000 Words geodesic dome Stage to be brought down as well, and Phoenix kindly donated a tent to me and I thanked him and I couldn’t carry anything more, like after Glastonbury and tatting there. I can’t carry things if I can’t walk with them by myself.

After this I went around the festival area again to see how I could help to make the area cleaner and try to help the land to be returned back to its natural status, and meanwhile I was talking to different wonderful people and saying the final goodbye to them before heading out towards my next resting and helping place for more than a week.  That was with the wonderful Ash Green Organic people, and at about 1845 hours we went towards their resting place very close to many of their apple farms (orchards), and after crossing a few little places and the town of Marden then we entered the village of Benover where I stayed in until my 16th festival, which was Solar Afayre (http://www.solarafayre.co.uk/) on Friday 6th of September.

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Beautiful Balcombe

It has been more than a month now, that I wasn’t able to update the blog, so I have a lot to catch up on. I hope that you’ll find some time to read all about my peace journey adventure  throughout England, without using any money and ID, surviving purely out of people’s love and kindness.

After staying with a very good friend of mine in London for about a week, having a rest after a month of peace journeying, while updating and writing about my journey for the blog, I finally linked up with another good friend from OLSX, who I came to know more at the Green Gathering festival. He told me he had kindly arranged for me to go to the Small World festival to talk about my peace journey on the coming-soon August bank holiday weekend. This is the autumn version of Small World, and it was the spring Small World festival which I spent almost a week trying to get to in May, when I went to Lincolnshire and the festival was happening elsewhere. So, at last the universe did connect me to the Small World festival through this wonderful human being, but first we went on a journey, in his car, to Balcombe.


We headed out of London southward and our first destination was a place which is called Balcombe, situated between London and Brighton. After passing more than four different  boroughs of London, through some heavy traffic, we finally managed to get to our destination before dark.

Let me tell you a bit about this place, and why I started my fourth stage of my peace pilgrimage journey towards Balcombe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balcombe):

As some of you might already know, there are so many people – including the majority of locals in Balcombe – who are not happy about the exploration of deep underground fossil fuels on the edge of the village (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil_fuel), and therefore people have camped on a roadside very close to the drilling site, and they are not happy with the current government and the land owner of the site, who are happy for fracking (http://www.what-is-fracking.com/) to go ahead there. Naturally there is disagreement between the parties, and amongst the group of people who are not happy about drilling the land, some people have done some research on the subject, including a group or network called Frack Off (http://frack-off.org.uk/) and also from a more spiritual point of view, Claire Smith  of Geohealing (http://www.geohealing.co.uk/about-me). You can check the internet for further self enhancement on this subject, there is a lot of information available.

I had heard from many wonderful human beings that they wanted to go there and show their support and solidarity with the locals, and so I have joined these wonderful friends of mine and headed down to take my peace journey there.


A photo from the drilling site in Balcombe.

After seeing many old friends from OLSX and saying hello to them, then we went a bit further for about two miles to a newly built camp set up by a group of people calling themselves RTP (Reclaim The Power), and some of my wonderful friends including my brother and sister were there showing their support, and I joined them and stayed with them, and helped them in any way that I could to live in peace and harmony with each other and with the locals. I stayed in the RTP camp till about 10pm and then I headed back to the main, original roadside camp right beside the fracking site, which is run by a company called Cuadrilla. More information is here http://blogs.marketwatch.com/energy-ticker/2013/08/22/cuadrilla-drilling-resumes-at-u-k-site-occupied-by-anti-fracking-protesters/ and also here http://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/2013/aug/20/fracking-balcombe-sussex-gas – in this report you can see a friend of mine standing in front of a lot of police officers in front of a lorry; this has been a daily event now for more than a month, with people in the camp trying to stop or slow down the lorries coming to work on the drilling site. I stayed overnight with some wonderful people who were there in support of the roadside camp, and I was introduced to them by a good friend from OLSX.

So I stayed there overnight and spoke to them a bit about my journey and why I was there to show my support, and asked if I can be in any way a help to the camp, and later on I went back to the RTP camp and on my way I spoke to some people about my peace journey, and why I am here, including some journalists from the Observer and another newspaper reporter.

At the time of my stay at the RTP camp I tried to observe and take in what was going on in the camp, and indeed one of the most interesting subjects was living together in a very short-term but loving, peaceful, tranquil way. Experiencing this gave me a hope that what I was doing and advocating in a greater geographical space is possible to implement and make it happen on a small scale, so we should be able to do it in a local way but all across the planet, and so live without the problem of modern day stress and all the rat race things that comes with it.

If I briefly describe the camp that I was in for those four days , I can tell you as if you were just coming into the camp, and wanted to find out what was going on or happening.

There was a main gate and outside it was always present a minimum of two police officers, and sometimes I have counted more than ten of them, in many different outfits and with different outlooks. I never knew the reason for this amount of police officers being present there!? Anyway, on the camp side of the gate we had two people present at all times to let people to come in, and also to be in communication with police and media people, so we could radio the main press office or to let them know we have the presence of media; the reason I know about this is because I did help with some gate control shifts.


A photo taken from the main gate to the RTP site.

So, as you were entering the site you had this big banner which was written on it “Reclaim The Power” with some art work on it, and immediately on your left was the “welcoming and info tent”, then the site office for storage of food and other donated materials; then you had the purple village and inside the purple village you had the healing and meditation tent and the children’s tent; then it was the red village, which had one of the main kitchens – “the Bradford kitchen” – and also there was an old style brown big tent with small windows which was a place to sleep and was also used as a meeting point; after that you had the showers, and the toilets were right at the back end of the camp (apart from a disabled toilet which was near to the kitchen – I didn’t understand the idea behind this positioning and we weren’t there long enough for me to question the reason behind it!)  anyway, next around the central circle after the red village was the blue village, which was situated right at the top right corner of the camp, and in here we had the first aid tent, the legal tent and the legal observers’ training tent, and we also had another kitchen – “the Oxford kitchen” – and next to this kitchen you were coming to my favourite space in the camp, which was the workshop space number 3… At the camp you had three workshop spaces and for at least three days so many different workshops were going on about many different subjects, and number 3 space was a geodesic dome which my brother had made (the same one we put up already at Green Gathering festival and there we were calling it Green Energy Exploration Dome), and at RTP this dome was one of the main workshops and also it was one of the charging stations in the camp, with electricity from solar panels; and this dome was also the beginning of the final village in the camp, the pink village. Every day each village had their own morning meeting at about 0930 hours to talk about what the camp needs and how each villager can help to allocate some of their wonderful time to the camp.


A photo from the camp which shows the main gathering tent and the “Bradford kitchen”.


A view of the camp which shows the “Oxford kitchen”.

Further around the circle of the camp was another dome, which was the press office, and every day villagers during their free time were going there to check a board which was all the news about what was happening at the drilling site, and how media was putting things out into the public domain, and you could have a chance to put your own story to the public domain via the no dash for gas website (http://www.nodashforgas.org.uk/) so that many more people all around the world could see it. Also there were so many other messages to read that sometimes you could be there in that dome for quite a while before you come out! This wonderful wooden geodesic dome was also at the Green Gathering festival and there it was used by a Radical Wales people’s organisation.

Next in the pink village we had our wonderful Veggies kitchen, and a big green bus, and finally the site control room or liaison tent, which was called “Communication Tent”. That was the layout of the camp, and apart from the main gate we had two more gates, which people from the camp were looking after – gate 2 and 3 – as you were entering the site from the main gate on your right about 200 metres away and then another 100m away – you could see the whole site quite nicely from there, and outside of these gates you had police present as well.


A photo of the site taken near gate 2 and 3 as you were going back to the main Balcombe camp.

In the middle of the camp (which was in the middle of all villages, as you can see from the above photo) we had a massive marquee which could take up to about 500 people and we had talks during the days and entertainment during the evenings. In day time it was divided into two main sections for workshops 1 and 2 and it was a wonderful place to be there. I helped to bring down this tent and the geodesic dome at the end of the RTP camp as well.

During my stay in the camp I met quite a few wonderful new people and two of my favourites were first a film maker called “Richard Herring” from Vision on TV (http://visionon.tv/people), and I had a talk on his channel, and then “Danny Chivers” who is a climate change researcher, activist and performance poet (http://dannychivers.blogspot.co.uk/) from the press and media team, and I enjoyed an evening of his life story about how he got involved with the current climate change situation.

I certainly have learnt a lot from the camp. and I hope that I can use the experience to help build many of such communities and villages, without the pressure of so-called a landlord and/or police forces, all across the planet in the future.

After seeing the land was slowly returning back to its natural status I headed back to the main roadside camp by the drilling site, and stayed there for another extra two days, and I helped the camp to set up two geodesic dome and a few other tents, plus installed three old “linesman’s telephones”.


A linesman’s telephone schematic for communication between people from the camp.

After saying goodbye to all those wonderful people from the Balcombe camp, I headed out with two wonderful and kind human beings “Simone and Kazia” who were going back to East Anglia. They kindly gave me a lift from Balcombe camp all the way past East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells to junction 4 of the M20, which took from about 1130 hours to about 1245 hours; we had a wonderful time of getting to know each other and had a safe journey there, then I had to say goodbye to them and get off at a main junction while they were waiting for a red light to go green – I had to jump out quickly, and this made me forget my black and white umbrella in their car, but on the other hand this made me to connect with another wonderful human being, just because of that umbrella, next day in the Small World festival.

So, after leaving RTP and Balcombe (my 13th and 14th gatherings), I made my way towards my 15th festival – “Small World” – travelling from Sussex to Kent in the south east of England.

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From Green to Rainbow

This is the story of my peace pilgrimage journey to my 11th and 12th festivals (Green Gathering, and European Rainbow Family Gathering).

On Monday 29.07.13 we finally, after heavy rains, at about 1430 hours left the Cotswold home towards Piercefield Park in Chepstow, Monmouthshire for the “getting bigger Green Gathering” (greengathering.org.uk).

After a stop in Cirencester for some laminating and photocopying and a few other little things, as well as a late afternoon lunchbreak while getting some food stuff for the crew members of the Weirdigans cafe, we managed to get going towards the GG festival in Chepstow.

We arrived late afternoon at about 1630 hours and at the gate we were greeted quite well I had a pass code number which was given to me by my north sister and I didn’t have to talk my way into the festival because my passage was already opened for me by my sister, and some other organisers of the festival, for me to talk in one of the main stages of the festival for about an hour. So we went in and a little later on we met our host in Weirdigans cafe and our brother and sister from north.

We were told what sort of space we do have, and where we are going to put up the geodesic dome and the wind generator and our space for our personal camping, so after some discussion we started by putting up the dome with the help of already made props and we enjoyed putting it up quite nicely in a way, and by using our safety helmet and my hi vis jacket we looked like we really knew what are doing! Anyway before it gets very dark I asked if we can put up our tents so we don’t have to do it when it is very dark, and finally we put up our tents and we found out we have intruded by about half a metre from our allocated place and we were kindly told we will be ok and we don’t have to move them back.

So people were coming and going through our allocated space due to early days of the festival and it took us a few days to redirect people to the correct path and let them know where to get in and out through our allocated space which has been given for the duration of the festival from 1-4 August.

On Tuesday 30.07.13 we started our second day by putting up the three different colour tarps on the dome with mainly green at the front and white at the back and a top with blue. We managed to make sure the dome is safe and securely waterproof, so we can have our lunch or dinner in there if there is a heavy rains.

It was this day that we had a wonderful training about how we can use the Weirdigans cafe to prepare lunch for ourselves and the crew and also about using the washing up system which is designed for a remote kitchen in a festival area with less water and more efficiency; I liked it very much, the fact that we could could use this system and also the hand washing system as well, which was a very good system indeed.

It was this night that I have heard people from outside my peace camp reading my board and they were talking about why I am here in this part of the world and seemed not very happy or friendly, and it was then that I felt my tent was in an untenable position, so next day after my sister from north wanted to make some more space for public to pass and crew to camp, I was happy to move my peace tent for the 173rd time, so that it was closer to the dome and the Weirdigans cafe tent, where – despite a little bit of disagreement about its exact place – finally we managed to set its place and I stayed happily in there for the rest of the festival duration.

On Wednesday 31.07.13 just a day or two away from the public opening of the festival we had to do a lot before we start talking to people about our wonderful Green Energy Exploration Dome. We have to again make sure the dome is safe and secure then set up the other equipments, things like the controllers for the solar panels, kinetic energy created by a bike, and also we managed to put up the wind generator by using a tripod and secured it and cordoned off the area so people wouldn’t just walk through too close to the turbine, for the matter of health and safety.

We managed to make the dome almost ready to speak to the public in case on Thursday morning people might start to come to the festival and we could engage with them.

On Thursday 01.08.13 it was the first opening day of the festival and I was told I might have my talk to do at 7pm, but later on I was told by my sister it will be next day at 7pm (on Friday). So Thursday lighting and signs were the two things that remained and they were done with some help from our wonderful brother Dave from LEDfantastic (ultra low power lighting; www.LEDfantastic.com), and Kate another wonderful member of the Weirdigan crew, who did help indeed my brother Ben and things were getting completely ready by about 1700.

It was this day that I met some other crews from the festival including Colin who was into a lot of green stuff and he showed me around his camp site and how he is helping our main Speakers’ Forum get powered up by his 24 solar panels and many banks of batteries; he was indeed an electronic wizard engineer, and I enjoyed talking to him as well.

Friday was the 2nd main day into the festival and we did start talking to the public and explored and shared some possibilities of green energy with other people in the festival and we directed people to the Speakers’ Forum and listened to some of the speakers ourselves, and it was today at 7pm when I had to talk about my 1st peace journey from London to the Middle East, at the Speakers’ Forum, and some photos were taken by wonderful Janie Mac which I will attach here if I can.

Saturday 03.08.13 we carried on exploring green energy with people at the festival and also we arranged for us (my brother and I) to explore some other places of the festival and especially it was a great time for me to talk to more people in many different places in the festival and tell more people about my peace journey. It was today that my brother had earlier been in the town of Chepstow and very kindly did get me a rainproof jacket which I found quite helpful later on in the festival on the rainy days, and I have been wearing it all the time since, hope to last for many years to come.

Sunday 04.08.13 was our last exploration day at the festival and we engaged with a lot more people also my brother’s girlfriend has turned up to the festival as well and he was quite happy to be in the dome with her, speaking to public and then they set off themselves to explore the whole festival together and they came back with some more wood and leather and many old gadgets to the geodome later in the day.

Tony from a local radio Bristol (www.dialectradio.co.uk) interviewed my brother and then I had my interview with him late afternoon at about 1400, and I did enjoy talking to him (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wU8X3D0rYo).

On the same day a nice human being called Ollie came around and he kindly shared one of his nice poems in the dome, and we had wonderful chai about 1600 as our afternoon tea, and we enjoyed another lovely day at our festival.

I have to say here that my brother and I promised to help the Weirdigans crew with lunch preparation and washing up which due to our deep and 1st time involvement with public, we couldn’t always make on time, and we most of the time had to be reminded by our sister about doing the lovely task of preparation, which I hope did not put them under a lot of pressure, because they were quite punctual and busy and knew what they were doing. I really enjoyed the time there and hope we have learnt a lot from our time sharing which the festival brought us all together, thanks to our wonderful sister and brother from north of England.

Sunday we wrapped up our day by going to another talk at the Speakers’ Forum stage by Janie Mac (about the World Social Forum in Tunisia and beyond) and that talk was almost hijacked by someone so-called “Commonly known as Dom”. I had to say what was right in my heart and that was that the Forum was not a stage for personal attacks, and people were very much agreed and Janie Mac kindly rounded up her journey and we were all happy, and myself I went out for some more open mic speaking around the festival e.g. at the Radical Wales Dome, and later that day I went back to a stage where I had been before and met three members of a community called Avalon Rising, including Nolan Shone and Darren, and I stayed and spoke in their community till early morning of Monday, and after saying goodbye to the community I headed back to our camp area.

Monday 05.08.13 we managed to bring down the wind generator and pack some other stuff and it was a very heavy on-off rainy day, but we had a nice and a relaxing day as well due to the end of the festival and less people were around, also we sent back some considerable weight of stuff with my brother’s kind girlfriend, and we had our lunch inside the geodome, and over all it was a wonderful day.

Tuesday 06.08.13 I was told by the Rainbow Family that they have an open European ceremony in the Forest of Dean and I wanted to go there and be part of it, but first I managed to help my brother by using our wonderful tripod to bring the top of the geodome down with no problem and my wonderful brother was happy for me to go ahead and go to the Rainbow Gathering in the late afternoon, and I said goodbye to everyone and headed out towards outside of the festival. I have to say here that throughout the festival I met so many wonderful human beings, especially a few more new members of the Weirdigans crew, and many other members of the public, and I hope that love and peace one day soon will prevail over what is not right in humanity today.

Late in the afternoon, Catherine (who I’d met earlier in the festival) joined me and we headed together towards the RFEG (Rainbow Family European Gathering), and after speaking to some other nice people throughout our walk towards the exit gate of the festival, we met Dominic who I’d met the day before in the festival Sauna and he told me he is going to the RFEG and he kindly with his girlfriend Melanie gave us a lift, despite having not much space and they had two more nice people too (Anton and Paula) and we all headed towards Monmouth to get closer to the gathering. At the Lidl market in Monmouth we saw many other nice people going to the gathering and I asked Dom if it is ok for me to go with Delvin who I saw him briefly at the GG festival in the early days and he kindly offered me a lift to the gathering from Monmouth, and we said goodbye to the rest of the people who were there.

So we managed to get to the gathering at about 1830 hours, and I put up my peace camp and I met some more new people there.

On Wednesday 07.08.13 we had a nice opening ceremony and nearly 30 people including some children did participate in the event and later that day I paid a visit to the welcome home which the previous day I’d skipped due to being with Delvin who knew the main camp. Also we took Delvin’s wooden (hazel tree branches) geodesic dome, and we put it up together and it was wonderful to see another dome to be set up and to be used as a communal area and a place for focalising different things.

Thursday 08.08.13 I explored the camp area and also helped with some more new people, and helped to make the camp and the gathering to look more welcoming and also managed to walk from (http://www.sungreen.co.uk/Coleford-Glos/Biblins-Bridge.htm) Biblins foot bridge which was not very far from the gathering main site, and I walked to Symonds Yat West, and I told an operator who was crossing people from west to east about my peace journey and I told him and everyone on the boat a story of one of my border crossings, and I crossed with his boat, and told them about how my journey is not finished and please visit my weblog, then I headed back to the camp.

On Friday (09.08.13) I did help the camp trying to setup a couple of tipis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipi), and later I moved my peace camp down to the main pathway to engage with more people and on a couple of nights I shared some of my peace journey stories by the main fire and told more likeminded wonderful people to get in touch with me and look out for more stories from my peace journey.

On Saturday 10.08.13 I woke up a bit early due to yesterday I tried to swim in the river Wye (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Wye) by the Biblins bridge and I got unwell a bit, so I had a temperature all night and next day I went to the welcoming home and I shared all my 6 coconut macaroons (from Green Gathering) with some of the people in the “welcome home” area and then I headed to the main gathering site. On my way I met Teo, a wonderful person from the Rainbow Family, and Delfi who has just joined the gathering a day before, and they were about to go to the Symonds Yat East and see some members of the community who the night before had not been welcoming to Delfi and we wanted to know who were the people and why they were not welcoming? So I went with them and we talked to two couple locals and they were not aware of the people who were not happy to see Delfi, a wonderful person from global Rainbow Family who had travelled a lot and not seen people being unpleasant to him as they were in the car park of the Symonds Yat East. We got some info from the locals and headed back towards the main site to report back the news to the morning council of the main gathering site, then after seeing and meeting some more wonderful people and having some pancakes in our morning food and morning council, I said goodbye to the gathering and put down my 175th time peace camp, and then I headed back towards London at about 1635 hours.

Today I walked for more than 6 miles and finally with an injured right foot I arrived in Monmouth at about 1830, waited there by the same Lidl, which I had a lift to the gathering early this week on Tuesday.

I managed to get another wonderful universe connection at about 1925 hours, and this time by wonderful Gareth Baker from Wye Valley Apiaries (http://www.madeinmonmouthshire.com/eating/item/34021/Wye_Valley_Apiaries.html)

( http://www.wyevalleyhoney.co.uk/item/wye_valley_apiaries.html)

He did very kindly gave me a lift all the way to the mouth of M4(M48) motorway.

I remember early just before we enter M4 there were many balloons in the sky with different shapes and colours and Gareth was telling me that the biggest balloon making factory is in Bristol (http://www.bristolballoons.co.uk/?gclid=CJuGss33-rgCFbHKtAodpzYA0A).

Here I waited for a very little time before another two wonderful universe connections has just turned up at about 2000 hours and I arrived with them in London just about 2200 hours and after telling some of my stories to the wonderful couple, and telling them to visit my weblog for more stories, I said goodbye and a heart to heart hug to the wife and then the wonderful husband has very kindly brought me back to the City of London about 2230 hours, and also after hearing all my stories it was time for him to share one of his remarkable journeys by plane from London Heathrow to Germany Hamburg and from Frankfort Germany back to Heathrow London, England without using any passport; just another wonderful hint that we as human race can and do exist without passports and I am greatly advocating it to become a basic human right all across the planet to have free movement across borders.

So that is how my third peace pilgrimage journey has come to an end after more than a month away from London and after cris-crossing Wales and England in regular simple journeys, and crossing festival walls as high as 4m in Glastonbury (which seemed to me as a 16th country I entered, due to its high security and its high walls which I had’n’t seen before ( the yang festival), and balancing this, a festival as yin as the gathering near Pilton with no walls and just the wonderful voices of the women made me and my friend to respect their love and peacefulness and leave without any problem.

If we all trust each other, which is a key to human progression, I believe humanity will move forward in a very tranquil and positive way.

Again may love and peace be upon you all, and till than take care of yourself and each other.


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World music & wet tents

On 26.07.13 I set off on my journey to Womad (World of Music and Dance festival) after finishing a day of preparation at the Field Dwellers’ camp. From Cotswold area I continued my peace pilgrimage towards Charlton Park for the festival, which had already started on 25.07.13 (WOMAD.co.uk). I started walking towards Kemble/Cirencester and after about 3 miles walk, I got a wonderful first lift at about 1945 from Dave and his girlfriend. They kindly took me from somewhere between Kemble and Cirencester to a roundabout at the mouth of the A429 from Cirencester to Chippenham, and I said goodbye to them.

I waited here for about 30 minutes before Jane and her wonderful three angels just appeared and she offered me a lift to the festival “if I behave myself” because of the little angels on board and also she asked if know the way to the festival. I told her “that will be done and let’s go”, and it took us just under 30 minutes to get to the festival. We went straight to the box office and I spoke to a few people there about my journey and what I was doing, and after 5 minutes discussion I was welcomed and given a wrist band to go into the festival. As I came out, Jane was still there and she offered me a lift to the crew parking and green gate entrance and so, because I “behaved myself”, she and her angels were quite happy for me to go on board and carry on my peace journey towards the main entrance of the festival with them, and then in the car park I waited for Jane to get ready and put everything she wanted to bring for camping into a wheel barrow, and then I helped to carry most of the stuff and the three angels on the wheel barrow. Something which was not convenient was the handle bars of the wheel barrow were covered with very sharp dried cement and as Jane realised it was hurting my hands, she provided me with something soft for the handles so I can carry on easily. After about an hour finally we got to the main stage and the angels all wanted ice cream/lollies and Jane kindly provided them with one and one for me as well. After questioning our way to the family camping area, the angels were pretty sleepy and we found a place outside the arena and away from any stages and I helped Jane to set up their tent and then we said goodnight to each other and I set up my new single layer tent, which was just a trial one, for my peace camp just behind their tent. Then I said good night to the universe till next day.

I managed to get through the night despite the trial tent getting very wet. In the morning I put it down due to heavy rain forecast, and made myself ready for another day of exploration inside the festival.

Jane and the angels were awake quite early to go and see something in the children’s area and before they left they had some breakfast, and Jane very kindly offered me a cup of coffee and some eggs for my breakfast. Then we said goodbye to each other and then we came across each other again a bit later and said we hoped to see each other at some of the singing and dancing stages or at the healing and green area of the festival, but we never saw each other again after that. I hope they had a good time on the Saturday (27.07.13).

I met some wonderful new people at the festival including three nice people from Oxfam who were supporting the “love Syria” campaign. I spoke to them and had a photo taken by them to support their cause, and also I met Felix who invited me from the Green Area back to his tent and offered me some food for my lunch and his mum kindly offered me some fruit as well, then Felix told me if I ever go to south west of England I was welcome at his place and he told me how to get there, then we said goodbye to each other and I continued my journey around the festival. I met a lot of other like-minded people and in the afternoon, I manage to speak to some organisers of one of the small stages and they kindly let me talk about my peace journey very briefly, during a break. A lot of nice people welcomed me there and one of them was Dan from the Isle of Man who said he’d be very happy for me to visit there and take my peace journey there, and to Ireland as well.

Later that day I met a very nice group of young children who were very happy for what I was doing and they offered me some wonderful sweet with dark chocolate inside, and l told them a bit about my story and they were happy to tell my story to their school newsletter.

Due to heavy rain on Saturday I stayed in one of the main stages, which was called Siam Tent, from 1800 hour all the way to 0130 hours, listening to Malouma from Africa, Babylon Circus from Leon in France and Huun Hur Tu and finally Nynke. I tried to sleep there but I was told no one is allowed to stay there over night and I was woken up by some stewards before the main security turned up and then I made my way to outside the arena after having a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake from a wonderful person from a tea shop.

I managed to find another shelter but it was not good and it was leaking and then finally I found a storytelling and maths-teaching shelter where, after speaking to a security person at 0430, I managed to put my head down and get at least a good few hours sleep before I was woken up by a maths teacher to say they were starting a session very soon, so I thanked him for the night shelter and said goodbye.

Today 28.07.13 I had to come back and join my brother in Cotswold area for our joint ‘Green Energy Exploration Dome’ project at the Green Gathering festival. I had to organise my day in a way that I could be with him by about 1900 hours, so I managed to do a final peace walk around the festival before saying goodbye to the festival and heading back. Again I managed to meet a lot of nice people, and told them about my story and asked them to visit my blog and leave comments and send me any question if they have one. Meanwhile, I listened to some nice Italian and African music again in some of the main stages.

Then I said goodbye to the WOMAD festival, and tried to prepare to say hello to Green Gathering.

As I came out of the festival I managed to get a lift by wonderful Elspeth from Sheffield who very kindly dropped me off in Kemble and then because I was a bit earlier then my 1900 hours, I tried to follow the Thames path to go to the source of the river. Due to not knowing how far I have to go before I get there I had to abort my journey, but on my way I met some nice people and I told them about my story and also I got some nice wild cherries as well. As I was starting to walk back to Cotswold area the rain started a bit and I waited for a lift which just came at the right time by two wonderful brothers Dom and Chris Hartland from Kemble, who took me to South Cerney, and then I said goodbye to them and gave them a positive energy of heart-to-heart hug.

After getting back just before our arranged time at 1845, I managed to rest for a bit and then having a nice cup of tea with my brother, then we sorted few little issues with his green sources of energy, then after a wonderfully made omelette meal for our dinner, we prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s journey to my 11th festival – the Green Gathering.

After GG I went to the European Rainbow Gathering and at these gatherings I had no internet connection, so the blog is a little behind but very soon I will update on what happened there.

Love and peace,


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Field Dwelling

Dear All,

It has been more than a week since my last update, time to let you know what I was busy with for this period.

At the weekend (13/14.07.13), my brother and I were very busy organising and putting together a very small almost festival, called Field Dwellers – not as busy as the Worthy Farm Glastonbury festival in Pilton – but still busy in a smaller way, with family and good friends and like-minded human beings gathering together.

The idea was to display and put up together a wonderfully made geodesic dome (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic_dome), which could be used for multi purposes. Any ideas for creative names for our multi purpose dome are welcome, we are looking for one! It is quite stable in case of wind and rainy days out there in the nature.

Next we set up a wind generator (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_turbine) and some solar panels as well (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel). All these can be around the dome, so they can power up this wonderful structure, which I would love to live in one like this, it would make a wonderful living space (http://www.byexample.com/projects/current/dome_construction).

As many of you might know, trying to put up all these stuctures together and to organise all the other little things for a gathering is not straightforward, and not an easy task especially just with the two of us, but I am quite pleased that we managed to do it, with the help of some of those kind and wonderful people who came to the camp to share and enjoy their time with us in the dwellers’ field. I have heard that a lot of those wonderful people who did turn up and spend some time there have sent my brother messages of joy and pleasement, saying they have been happy to come and visit us, and to spend some of their time in the field.

Before the gathering we did spend a whole Wednesday (17.07.13) to go and collect a couple of solar panels and some tools in Welshpool and Birmingham. We visited some of our wonderful family at their home in Birmingham, and despite they were fasting, they kindly prepared and offered us a delicious lunch, then we had to say goodbye to them and headed out towards Telford and Welshpool in Wales, and we managed to get there just 15 minutes before the closing time of the place we were going, arriving at 1700 hours. On our way back through the countryside we really enjoyed seeing a place where my wonderful brother lived when he was a little and he shared with me some of his memories back to those days. We also found a place for our evening break by missing a turn, ending up in an old cemetery just before the high hill of Gloustershire county, stopping briefly to look down into one of the most wonderful valleys around the area.

On the Sat, Sun and Mon of the Field Dwellers’ gathering we managed to put up everything that we wanted to check and test for our next joint festival – the Green Gathering on 1-4 August (https://www.greengathering.org.uk/). Of course we had the pleasure of having our north sister and brother with us from the Friday night, and they stayed with us until late afternoon on Monday. They have very kindly provided us with a great wisdom of dance and music (with DJ), and LEDfantastic ultra low-power lights for the wonderful dome. I had a great pleasure of canoeing with my wonderful universe brother from north, despite a few hiccups we managed to get back to the field dwellers’ area on the river Thames. I have to say here that sister and brother from north were really a great help and support on our three main projects.

My brother and I had a few wonderful days together in my peace camp by the river (wherever I go and put up my tent – in any land, field, or other place – I refer to it as my peace camp or sometimes ‘love and peace’ camp), but my brother is referring to this one as Field Dwellers. It used to be called Ben’s Camp but this year he has changed its name, because a few years back one of his friends has written a poem about the gathering and has called it by this new name, and since my brother has liked the name he adopted it for this year’s joyful celebration of getting together again. I did meet the poet who named the camp a few times and he was indeed a kind human being who very kindly contributed a lot of nice fruit and vegtables from a farm which he is helping with, and on another occasion he brought few multi-different-language-speaking people to the camp, who were wwoofing at the farm (http://www.wwoof.org.uk/).

On Thursday (18.07.13) I met my brother’s beautiful sister and another handsome brother like himself, and his remarkable wife, so we all enjoyed our dinner together, and we chatted about a lot of other stuff in the camp.

On Friday our wonderful host farmer and his wife joined us for the dinner with our wonderful couple from north (our universe sister and brother) and a local friend, as well as my brother’s brother and his wife, and we had a wonderful evening meal together around our camp fire, including drinks, BBQ, and much more…

I have to say Saturday was the highlight of the gathering, during which I met a few wonderful old friends of my brother, and also the farmers’ extended family, and a wonderful special guest friend from Occupy. In total we reached to over 30 extraordinary and very nice human beings, and we all had many different food and drinks as well as BBQ.

We also at some point had a great and special South American music played right by the fire by wonderful Rose, with a Paraguyan harp, which made me feel much closer and attached to the nature.

There were many other little things contributed from here and there by other wonderful participants in the camp, which made us feel that we can all live in small communities and build in such a way that love, peace and a harmonious way of life will rule us, and not what we have now.

Many of these wonderful people at some point did help with our little projects, including dome, wind, and solar power, and I think the idea was that these wonderful people can come and share these ideas and perhaps take them back to their communities, in the hope that they can one day soon start their own local week or weekend camping and gathering, and begin to live in a totally new way than what we have at the present.

Now that the camp has finally come to an end we are trying to collect things and prepare ourselves for the main event: Green Gathering (1-4 August). Also, before this, I am planning to visit another festival which is called WOMAD (http://womad.co.uk/webcam/), and hope to see and meet as many people as I can, and talk about my peace pilgrimage journey so far.

I hope more wonderful human beings on our planet, will help us to build a better world.

At some point I am hoping that I can upload some photos, from different festivals, so you can see, how is it look like, what I am doing? I am trying to be out here, without using money, which a lot of us can’t live without it and we are so attached to it, and I am trying to discover how can we all build a community and society without it.

Till next update may love and peace be upon all of you, wherever you are on the planet Earth.


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Llechyd da (good health)

I woke up on Monday 08.07.13, in a wonderful farm field on the outskirts of the city of St. David’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Davids), it was another beautiful sunny day, and my friend came to pick me up at about 1000, and then we headed towards Fishguard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishguard). In a sudden decision I found myself in a carpark looking at the port and the town, for a nine minute break.

After this little break, and looking at the scenery, we headed north towards Cardigan Bay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardigan,_Ceredigion), but before we get there we stopped in a layby and got some hot water from a wonderful human being, which enabled us to have some hot drinks. We then headed towards Aberystwyth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberystwyth), but before Aberystwyth we waited in a wonderful little town called Aberaeron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberaeron), for a third break, and this time we enjoyed a wonderful and famous honey ice cream, and talked to some locals about the history of the town and the Victorian layout of the buildings, also the special stones which they have used to build some of their houses. With my friend’s camera we took some photos, then after about an hour’s rest (from 1515 -1615 hours) we continued north to Aberystwyth.

When we got there we had another nice break. My friend told me he had been in the town before, and we explored the town again, from its town hall (library), to its peace memorial (DROS RYDDID) (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hefhoover/6160016339/) which I did visited as a peace pilgrim, then to its ruined castle. We talked about the history of this famous town as we walked, a history which goes back to the Middle Ages, and we looked at many other aspects of the town layout, such as its buildings, cemetery and other scenery (from 1715 – 1830 hours), and again after taking some photos we left the town.

This time we headed north towards Snowdonia Park, and on our way we passed Machynlleth, Dolgellau, Corris, Ganllwyd, Trawsfynydd, Maentwfog, Penrhyndeudrath, Porthmadog, Prenteg, Beddgelert, until finally we arrived in Llyn Gwynant campsite. By this time it was about 2145 hours and we were at the bottom of Mount Snowdon with a height of 1085.

After looking around and exploring the different areas of the campsite we decided to camp near a German couple by the lake Llyn Gwynant, but later we realised we have to put up our tent before sunset so the midges (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midge) wouldn’t trouble us, but then we realised it was too late already, and my friend decided to go to a local YHA. I decided to carry on walking towards the mountain somewhere between the Pen-y-pass track and the Miners’ track, but by this time it was about 2330, and I was too tired to carry on in the dark towards Mount Snowdon, and so I found a little place on my way and slept there till next day.

Tuesday 09.07.13 I found myself in a middle of somewhere with no way of communicating with my friend. I knew that this might be the only opportunity for me to climb Snowdon in great sunny weather. I’d told my friend “I’ll let you know next day where I am and where I’m heading to”, but I knew he isn’t going to be worried until some time after 1000 hours, so I headed towards the top of the mountain in a completely new invented route with all my stuff, which I take with me wherever I go throughout my peace pilgrimage, apart from my tent which I’d left in the campsite office for my friend to pick it up for me.

So after a few hours of walking towards the top of the Snowdon via a new route, some of the way following a massive pipe which was bringing water from a lake down to an electrical power station (in Dolgarrog Conwy Gwynedd LL 32 8QE in Wales), I found my way onto a track which climbers told me was called the Miners’ track. I carried on climbing while I was talking to people about what I was doing, and soon the news went around the climbers and many of them very kindly helped me with water, drink and energy based food, so I managed to find another quick route to climb to the top, and at the top I spoke to many more people and climbers about my peace journey. I was telling them that Wales is my 17th country – after Glastonbury – to get to without using money. I took some photos and some other people took my photo and I asked them if they could kindly email it to me and check on my blog and leave comments.

By this time it was about 1300, and I managed to speak to my friend who told me he had got worried about my situation, and had changed the plan so that we are not going to what was going to be the last part of our journey, to the Isle of Anglesey, and we are instead now going back towards Swansea. So I had to rush away, I couldn’t stay up there on the mountain which I would have loved to do in such wonderful weather, but I couldn’t ask him to go ahead and go back to Swansea and leave me there, due to my tent being with him, because he had kindly picked it up from last night’s campsite of Llyn Gwynant (I didn’t take the tent with me, because I was told due to heavy wind on Snowden I wouldn’t be able to put it up). Also, I had left some other stuff in my friend’s brother’s place in Swansea, and I really didn’t wanted to be a burden, so I decided to walk down in the heat of 1400 hours while most people were resting and enjoying their time until the heat cooled down, then to come slowly down. But anyway, in a short period of time I spoke to many people. If I’d had enough time I could have talked to the people who were running the train to help me to come down, but there wasn’t just enough time to do it, and as you might know by now from following my blog, a peace pilgrimage really appreciates patience and plenty of time to go well. On this occasion I just didn’t have that plenty of time, I had to rush down to catch up with my friend to get back to Swansea as soon as it was possible.

I managed to finally get down through the longest track (Llwybyr Llanberis Path), at about 1730, and we headed back towards Swansea after going back through some of our old routes on the A470, then passing through Cemmaes Road and Lyanbrynmair, where the sun was about to set and the weather was getting dark, and we start trying to find a place to camp. After two attempts in some farm places, we finally found a third farm which was located between Llanbrynmail/Carno and Clatter/Caersws on A470 near river Afon Carno (http://www.canoewales.com/afon-carno.aspx), and we camped there in a field for the night, and we had a good night’s sleep after all.

Next day on 10.07.13, after packing everything nicely and having a simple breakfast, we thanked the mother nature and the universe for its cradle, then we headed south towards our destination, Swansea.

After passing the river Severn, and the villages and towns of Llandinam, Llanidloes, Llanguring, Rhayader, Newbridge on Wye, Bulith Wells and Erwood, finally we stopped at the beautiful village of Llyswen, where a building caught my friend’s eyes like a magic surprise (http://www.griffininnllyswen.co.uk/), so we had a wonderful cold drink break, and we read some of the 27 different topics in “The Little Book of Ideas”, by the Occupy Economics Working Group (EWG), and we had some discussion on them. At the end of our break we practiced some Welsh language, which was quite interesting to me as I’d never before had a chance to come this close to the language and the people of Wales. Despite being one of the closest neighbours to England, Welsh is a totally different language route, for example “Good morning” is “Bore da”, and “How are you?” is “Sut mae?”, “Thank you” is “Diolch”, and so on…

So after spending about an hour (from 1300 – 1400 hours) there, we said Good day or “Dydd da” to our Welsh villagers, and headed down towards Swansea again. After passing Bronllys, Brecon, Glyntawe, Glynneath, Resolven and Neath we arrived in Swansea at about 1600, almost an hour ahead of my friend’s arrangement with his brother.

I have to say we stopped on our way twice and on one occasion we did watch sheep grazing the land in a Welsh valley, and again immediately after in a layby we stopped for a very nice and warm cup of tea with some biscuits. I have to say here that my friend would have loved to show me the Brecon Beacons park and its lovely highest mountain, but somehow on our route we missed a few turns here and there and we ended up not being able to see the area apart from some Welsh valleys in the Black Mountains area of south and mid Wales, but never mind, I hope in future visits we can explore this and some other areas which we didn’t have a chance to see.

It was because of my friend’s brother’s birthday that we aborted or dismissed a lot of our trip to many places in North Wales, so due to this we wanted to make sure that his brother at least will have a wonderful day, so we looked around and explored different things, but finally my friend got a wonderful birthday cake, a nice drink, and a card in which we both wished his brother a birthday full of happiness, love and peace, all day and everyday for the rest of his life. After a final and wonderful food break we headed back to my friend’s brother’s place of living, and we got there at about 1830, and after waiting for a bit, because they were all out, he kindly opened the doors for us and we waited for the rest of the family to turn up, and then later on we all participated in preparing the dining table to make it as wonderful as it could be so my friend’s brother will enjoy his day “happily ever after”. Even he very kindly and wonderfully helped us towards most of the preparation if not all, despite wewould all have loved him to sit down and put his feet up and just enjoy the remainder of the day with us and the family! By about 2130 – 2200 hours, because the kids of the family had to go to school, and the wife of the family had to travel somewhere the next day, so we have to say good night or “Nos da” to them, but before this we all, before we started eating, we drunk a drink, and we said to my friend’s brother “to your good health!” or “Lechyd da”. When we left it was my friend’s brother, my friend and I. After nearly midnight we said goodnight to my friend who was very tired after a lot of driving, and then it was just my friend’s brother and I left, and we discussed a few different topics and issues, again some of them from the “Little Book of Ideas” from EWG, then we said good day or “Dydd da” to each other, because it was already another day, about 0300 hours.

Next day on 11.07.13 after waking up and having a nice shower and a smoked fish we prepared ourselves for our next journey back to England, myself and my friend, but due to much stuff and our different destinations back in England, my friend decided to do his trip alone, and I decided I’ll make my way back to England in the way I have done along my peace pilgrimage journey, although this time I had more stuff that I couldn’t walk with very easily. So, all I had to to is to just observe more than before patience, and wait and hope that my universe will connect me back to my brother in England, and that’s all I had to do. I didn’t want to carry that much stuff, but I didn’t have the choice of leaving or abandoning it, so maybe the universe just wanted to try my patience, but already someone else was right beside me, and that was my friend’s brother, who very kindly offered me a lift to the mouth of the M4 motorway, which made my life a lot easier. He dropped me off at about 1330 in a petrol station, just before entering the motorway, and it was here that I had to say goodbye to my friend’s brother, giving him a lot of positive energy from the universe and through my heart to his heart with a “heart to heart hug” while saying goodbye and thanking him for all of his and his family’s hospitality for the duration that my friend and I were staying in their place of living.

I stayed in this petrol station and talked to some people about what I was doing and why I was there for the duration of a few hours before my universe sent  my next connection to take me back to England: two wonderful human beings called “Bob and Clair”, who very kindly offered me a lift to almost my next destination in Tetbury (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetbury) at about 1700. After a wonderful conversation with these two beautiful human beings, with me telling them what I am doing?, and them telling me a lot of information about the area where they were living, in the west of England, specifically a place which is called “Forest of Dean” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_of_Dean), which I’ve always wanted to pay a visit to. I hope the universe will connect me there at some point.

The wonderful Bob dropped me off in a Tesco car park at about 1845, and as always I offered a heart to heart hug, to transfer some good and positive love and peace energy from the universe back to the universe through these beautiful and kind human beings. Bob asked Clair to take a photo of us, which I hope to post here, and then we said goodbye to each other, and hoped the universe will connect us again at some point.

While I was waiting to be picked up again, I spoke to more wonderful human beings here in the Tesco carpark and one came along and spoke to me about what I was doing, and after me telling him what I was doing, his friend and he brought me two nice sandwiches and some delicious small red apples which was all I needed for food to keep me going. I talked to them about advocating love and peace all over the planet Earth as an Earthian, and then I said goodbye to them with my usual greeting, and then after few more hours of waiting, at about 2150 my wonderful brother came and picked me up, and we headed back home. On our way and at home we talked about the last two weeks during which we have been away from each other, and then after a nice cup of tea and then a little bit more of an update, we said goodnight to each other and I rested on my usual and wonderful bed again after being away for two weeks.

I have slept in many different and unusual places during these two weeks in England and Wales, like:

-in a busy carpark at Glastonbury festival, where sometimes it was raining heavily and the G4S Security people told me “you are not allowed to camp here” and moved me under a raining condition;

-in the famous field of Avalon between Glastonbury Tor and the festival;

-on a hill looking out over the whole festival, while people who were involved in the festival were taking down the walls and cleaning up others’ leftovers, see Worthy Farm going back to its natural condition;

-in a neighboring farm to Worthy Farm, where the farmer has called the festival Security and they woke me up again at about midnight saying I have to move, but later I saw the farmer himself and after hearing my story he was happy for me to stay until the next day;

-and finally, near to a cave and a river at the bottom of Mount Snowdon, in Snowdonia in Wales.

On 12.07.13 I woke up after having a wonderful rest at the end of my more than two weeks’ of peace pilgrimage journey in England and Wales around festivals and historic places.

After eating some food, washing my clothes, and hanging them to dry, I began to write my blog.

In the late afternoon, my wonderful brother offered my favourite breakfast (scrambled eggs with organic eggs), which I loved it, and then we repaired a controller for the solar panels, then he very kindly prepared a wonderful BarbiQ for his girlfriend and her friend, himself and I. Later on another local joined us and we all loved the evening and we talked about a few different topics while we enjoyed our food, drink and the fire, and then later in the night we said goodnight to each other, and went to bed to be prepared for another day in the wonderful universe.

love and peace,

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Wandering in Wales

Yesterday after having a nice breakfast and sending the email update, at about 1300 we said goodbye to my friend’s brother’s family and left Swansea to go to our second destination in Wales (St David’s).

After heading west and passing through Llanelli, and up north west through Carmarthen, we then headed south west towards Pembroke, which we arrived at about 1630. The countryside was excellent and it was looking like the nature was not much touched in terms of environmental destruction, despite Wales having been one of the most important engines of Britain in the industrial revolution in terms of coal, copper and tin. I have to say, when I arrived in Swansea for the first time on Sat 06.07.13 at about 2200, it did remind me of industrial Britain, with the high chimneys and the smoke which was coming out of them.

On our way to Pembroke we stopped a few times and I spoke to a few people as well. In Pembroke my friend wanted to watch a historic tennis match of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon on a big screen in a pub, so meanwhile I went around the famous Pembroke Castle. Pembroke is an ancient and historic town, and has one of the finest Norman castles in the country, so after going around it I went to the information place and made an enquiry to see if it was possible for me to get in. I was told I have to have a ticket for the insurance purpose, so if anything happened to me the Trust wouldn’t be liable, and also the castle was closing in just less than half an hour, so I couldn’t get in but they kindly gave me a cold cup of water, and they told me I can go and watch some swans while I am waiting for my friend, not very far from there, so I thanked them for all this info, and I headed towards the place of swans. After watching them for about 20 minutes I went back towards the pub where my friend was, and he had just come out, and he told me the news of Andy’s match and “bringing Britain out of 77 years of waiting agony” as he put it, which I don’t agree with.

Anyway, back to our journey, and this time heading north west towards our final destination for the day – St David’s.

On our way we stopped in a camping area between Haverfordwest and St David’s and it was a lovely place. I went and spoke to some of the people who were camping there, and I told them about my journey and they were quite happy for me to stay there, but my friend found the place quite windy and not suitable, so we had to carry on travelling towards St David’s.

We went to a YHA place and after I spoke to them they were quite sympathetic but they couldn’t help me to stay and I left my details on their visitor’s book and then we said goodbye to them, then I asked my friend to kindly take me to a nearby field so I could put
up my peace camp, and then he went back to the city of St David’s, to find somewhere else for himself.

I saw a wonderful sunset and had a great sleep in the field despite a very strong wind, but I managed to survive, and now that I am writing this update it is beautiful sunshine out there in my peace camp and I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of the day, and to send more updates on my further peace journey into Wales soon. Until than may peace be upon you all and love be your word of mouth at all times.


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Pilton Pilgrim

So, after a few days on the outside of the festival, an angel and her dad were sent to me by her mum, and they provided all the necessary stuff for me to get into the festival. I went in and it felt like I was entering my 16th country, I had to show paperwork and go through gates and checkpoints, and at 2215 on the Sunday I entered Glastonbury Festival and between then and the Monday morning I tried to see everything before it began to be taken down.

I visited the Pyramid Stage and the ribbon tower and the tipis and Greenpeace and the beautiful gardens of earth and fire in the Healing Field (I didn’t find the air and water gardens but they were there too). I visited Paula in the Peace Dome where the Peace flame of Hiroshima is kept, which will be alight until all nuclear weapons are gone. And I dozed in the Peace Garden and found friends in the Permaculture and Crafts areas. I met so many nice people, including the Tin Village person who has kindly left a wonderful message, and the LEDfantastic crew – including my sister from the North – who cooked for me a lovely and delicious dinner, and then went with me for a wonderful sauna in the Green Fields area of the festival, where I was reminded of the sauna that Des built in the Bank of Ideas. The LEDfantastic crew were very welcoming and kind and I want to thank Kate and Ed, also Maggie and Ellie with their great gifts of a pair of trainers and a mobile shower (respectively), for many good memories.

After I have left my northern sister and Dave on the Tuesday lunchtime I managed to meet many nice and wonderful new people all around the festival, as I did a pilgrimage around the inside of the walls, and I stayed there until Wednesday and saw that by then everything was almost cleaned up, and the walls were coming down, and those artificially created borders were abolished in front of my eyes – I hope to see the world’s borders come down like this, like the Berlin wall in 1989, sooner rather than later!

I managed to do some tatting and save some tents, sleeping bags and trollies from being thrown in the rubbish, and then I headed out from the main gate, “gate A”. I saw all the top security people who’d been telling me outside the festival “Earthian brother, you won’t make it to Australia”, and I’d told them “I’ll not only make it there but also I will make it to NewZealand as well!” and they were laughing, and then some of them saw me inside and said “How did you make it?!” and I told them “Didn’t I tell you that the universe and Michael and the great people around me will help me to get in and do an inner peace pilgrimage, and a visit to the Peace Garden and the Stone Circle and the Green Fields!?” and in a jokey way I said to them “And didn’t I say I’ll even make it to New Zealand!?” When they saw me again on the outside as I left Worthy Farm they laughed and said they were astonished at my determination, and they all shook hands with me and greeted me and wished me luck with the rest of my peace journey.

And I went towards my next festival, which was the “Earth Gathering”, and I managed to get there with the help of a kind friend but then found out this festival was just for women. My friend and I greeted them and I told them “Never mind, I hope my peace journey will anyway bring you all goodness, and nice weather, despite I’m not able to be here myself”, and we stayed overnight in the neighbouring farm and then we said goodbye.

On the next day we headed to a “seed festival” near Stroud and I managed to speak to the organisers and they kindly allowed me to get in and they allocated a short time on the main stage for me to talk about my peace journey, and also I spoke to many nice and wonderful people over there before and after the festival, and at about 2020 we said goodbye and I headed towards the wonderful country of Wales, as there was an opportunity for me to take my peace journey further into Wales. I am updating this blog at the place of my friend’s kind brother, and next I hope to head towards St David’s Head (further west) and then hopefully to go north and west into Snowdonia and Anglesey, but only the time will tell and I hope to update again in the near future.

love and peace,

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From Cotswolds to Rabbit Holes

This is the tale of my journey from Gloucestershire to Glastonbury Festival.

So I got back for a night’s rest at my wonderful new home in the Cotswold area, and saw my brother and his wonderful friend again, and my brother kindly prepared a jacket potato and some other food for me before he went to his singing class. Later we talked about the latest phases of my peace journey, then we said goodnight to each other.

After having a wonderful and good night’s rest at home, I woke up and had a lovely shower and a nice breakfast and prepared myself for my peace journey towards Glastonbury. I left the house  in the Cotswold area at about 1300 and I walked all the way to Kemble (about 5 miles), arriving at about 1615.

After a rest from here I did try some hitch hiking and the universe connected me to another wonderful human being who was called
Raj the beardy pilot, and he did kindly gave me a lift to Junction 17 of the M4 motorway and from there after a bit of a walk I got to a layby on the south of the motorway junction, towards Glastonbury.

Before I started to try hitch hiking I saw a brand new VW car had just arrived at the layby and the driver was signaling for me to
go and  talk to her. When I got to the car there she was, another wonderful human being named Liz, who asked me “Don’t you want to go to Glastonbury festival?” and I said “Of course, how do you know I am going there, and when did you see me?” and she told me that she had seen me coming from the main M4 J17 roundabout and “I stopped for you just in case you might want to go there”. She told me that she lives in the village between Pilton and Glastonbury, so she can take me right into the festival area.

In the car with Liz I spoke a bit about my peace journey and she very kindly listened to me and she talked to me a bit about her life situation and also how last Glastonbury festival they wanted to go but her husband couldn’t make it due to a stroke, which I was sad to hear, but happy that her husband is now recovering very well. I wished them a happiest rest of the life with each other, and also said what a coincidence it was, her being at  J17 right at the time I was just dropped off near there by Raj, and I mentioned how the universe must have wanted to connect us together. She also on our way told me a bit of story of the area we were passing through, such as about the river Avon and a place where the canal, river and railway all meet each other and some famous places where they make special stone/marble in quarries, and finally she kindly dropped me at 1825 on 26.06.13 right by one of the main pedestrian gates which later I found out was Gate D, which made my journey at least two days earlier than if I was going to walk all the way. I gave Liz my biggest heart to heart hug and we said goodbye to each other.

As soon as I arrived I started helping people and talking to them about my peace journey and soon very nice people helped me back with food and drink. I was at Gate D of the festival, and because I hadn’t managed yet to speak to the organisers I had to start my peace walk around the outside of the festival from one gate to another until I got to Gate B which did have an enquiry office where I spoke to Denise, a very nice lady. Before this I spoke to an enquiry office near Gate A with no luck apart from a map of the site, and in Gate A itself I spoke to Anna and Yara and they couldn’t help me with my enquiry but kindly offered me some biscuit and water. Anyway, at Gate D Denise kindly gave me a programme of the festival and I explained what I was doing. By now time it was about
midnight and I had walked around almost half of the festival. Denise told me I have to wait to see if their head office can get in
touch with Michael, Emily or Robert – the three main organisers of the event – and I said to her “I feel I am a bit tired and I will head
towards Gate C and hope to find somewhere to rest for the night”.

It was about 0130 that I was in communication with my wonderful sister from the North, who was inside the festival, and she has already gone to Gate B looking for me, where Denise has told her that I have left for Gate C. It was about 0200 time that I finally managed to see my wonderful sister in Gate C, and we walked towards a place on the hill near to Gate C, where I was about to pitch my peace camp and it was now that I realised the screws my brother and I made to fix the poles of the tent were missing! I thought and I rememberd that I have left them in Heston Services between J2 and 3 of the M4, so my sister and I came up with the idea of putting some pegs in the holes of the poles instead, and we managed together to put up the tent and I put everything inside and by now time was going late. My sister kindly offered me a nice warm cup of tea, which she had to go back into the festival to get, and some very kind stewards did make the tea for free in their caravan, and then we said goodbye afterwards, and later on I said goodnight to everyone and the universe as well.

Next day I was woken up by Cooky Luck and Danny from Green Patrol of the carpark and after explaining what I was doing they helped me with some food and then I told them I’ll de-pitch my tent and I moved on to carry on with the rest of my peace pilgrimage around the site. It was on 27.6.13 at about 1300, in front of the Cockmill Farm/Barn, that I met Michael Eavis himself and I told him about my peace journey. He said “You are ok around the site of the festival but there is no promise for inside the festival yet”, and I said “If there is a chance I’ll really appreciate it if I can pay a visit to the Peace Garden inside the festival, and the Stone Circle and the rest of the green area in the festival as well” but there wasn’t any promise, and we said goodbye to each other after taking a photo with him which I’ll put on the blog when I get chance.

Next I headed towards Gate D again, where I started my peace journey around the outer area of the festival the day before and I encountered a few security issues, but by telling them “I have seen Michael himself and this is our photo of us together, and he is aware of my peace pilgrimage” they were helpful to me to finish my first round journey.

I wanted to go back to the enquiry office and find out about my situation and whether Michael, Emily or Robert can help me to get in, but that the enquiry office was very busy and it started to rain at about 1600 so I left to put up my peace camp right at the bottom of the carpark, near to Gate D so that later on I could go back and find out what was happening.

A few people from the public kindly brought me some tickets but later on I found out that they are not transferable, and then G4S security people got on to my peace camp and asked me to move despite it was raining, so I had to move home while it was raining to a neighbouring carpark outside of Michael’s farm. The kind person from the neighbouring carpark allowed me to re-camp for the night after I explained what I was doing and what had happened to me earlier. By this time it was after midnight and I said goodnight to everyone and the universe again and hoped the following day would bring a wonderful and nice day to us all.

I have to thank everyone here for their help throughout my peace journey and in the next blog I will explain how I did get in to Worthy Farm and what happened there.

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en route to Worthy Farm

As I mentioned on my last blog, after almost 20 days, phase one of my round-the-UK peace pilgrimage ended with me coming back to my starting point here into London.

I had an arrangement prior to starting this phase, to go and visit some wonderful family and friends in Birmingham who did very kindly help me when I was on my peace journey to the Middle East, so I traveled to Birmingham to see them.

I had a wonderful and a great time with them all. While there I put it to consensus “if it would be ok to go and pay a visit to Leamington Spa for Leamington Peace Festival (http://www.peacefestival.org.uk/)”. I wanted to see if they would like to come with me, after all it wasn’t very far from Birmingham, but apart from myself no one wanted to go and they were not happy to let me go; they were telling me “What? After all these months not seeing you, and now you are coming here to see us for just two days, but you want to go somewhere else?!”. So I couldn’t go to the peace festival despite getting into it was free, so I decided to spend some more time with them all, then I headed back to London on Sunday night.

When I got back to London I met a good friend of mine from the time of Occupy, who kindly invited me for a nice drink, and I arranged to meet them again at some point before I set up the second phase of my round- the-UK peace pilgrimage journey, and after being together till about midnight we said goodbye to each other and I headed back to a friend’s place near to the City of London.

For a few days I met some of my good old friends and a few more new people from London. I helped them with some of their activities in their places of living, and spent time with them and talked about my past, present and future plans for my peace
pilgrimage journey.

It was this week that I arranged to meet up again with my West Country brother here in London at the RFH (Royal Festival Hall) to exchange some stuff, including his laptop for his notebook, which was going to help me if I get access to wifi. That will make it easier for me to update my journeys for the blog. He did kindly wanted to livestream me talking about the next step of my peace journey, but after a few attempts we failed to do this. Later on I realised that there was going to be two Occupy meetings, and I was quite happy to be part of them, and they were live streamed by a very kind member of Occupy who kindly has provided some food and refreshment as well.

At the first part of the meeting I mentioned how I’d like to get involved in a peace conference in Austria, Vienna, which Occupy had been contacted about. It was clear to me that there wasn’t any objection for me to directly get in touch with the organiser of the conference and ask them if still there is a chance for me to travel there.

At the second part of those two meetings I thought there would be an opportunity for me to talk, and give some feedback about the J11 StopG8 event, which I mentioned my opinion on in my last blog, but it was too late for me to talk about it by the time I asked the facilitator. However, many good topics were discussed at the second part of the meeting as well and there was oppurtunity for many different people to share their thoughts with the rest of the group of 15-20 people, who were from all walks of life. Especially one of the topics caught the attention of my brother and I, this was the “Reclaim the Power” camp with No Dash for Gas, in West Burton on 17-20th of August 2013. My brother mentioned that we could go there and be part of an Occupy peace camp and provide an 8m dome place for people to come and express their point of view, as he did at the last Green Gathering festival, and I said I would be quite happy to be part of it to help as well. Later that day I said goodbye to everyone in RFH and went back to my friend’s place.

Next day I prepared myself to travel all the way to north London and visit another old friend from the time of Occupy, and stayed there for a wonderful evening meal, which has been kindly prepared by my friend, and then after some talk about the past half year or more, I had to travel to west London to catch up with another friend, who I’d arranged earlier in the week to meet; we met in the city and by the time we got to west London it was late, and we were too tired to talk, so we had to rest till next day, with another busy day ahead of us. So, the next day, after catching up with last week’s events, we made our way back to the City of London to deliver a bike to a good friend of ours from the time of Occupy, to somewhere near the old Occupy Finsbury Square camp, in Old Street. I met some old and new faces, and I told some of those who didn’t know what I was busy with for the last eight months or so, then we said
goodbye to them and headed down to our old OLSX camp. My friend wanted to help me with a new tent and a sleeping bag, but after a couple of hours of walking and looking with no luck in finding anything which might be helping me for my peace journey, instead I got
a wonderful silver cup, and two carabiners (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carabiner) in silver and lime colour, so it will make it easy for me to carry my cups with me again, after the Saudis got my old one.

After that we went to Trafalgar Square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trafalgar_Square), where there was an event about West End music and also some movies with old cars, and we didn’t fancy any of that so we headed down from there through Downing Street (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downing_Street), and then Parliament Square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliament_Square), to our final destination, which was Westminster Hall, to meet up with some old and new friends, who managed to attend, and also to livestream the event of People’s Assembly. We met all those nice people after the event in a little park just opposite to the Westminster Hall, then we said goodbye to everyone, and my friend and I went for a drink near to an old building from the 15th Century opposite to Downing Street, and then after that we headed back to west London and found a nice place where I had the most delicious Italian food and dessert since my south Cyprus ministerial restaurant meal! Then we went back to my friend’s place of rest for the night, and I managed to find some opportunity to write this little update for the blog.

Now my next plan of action, the next part of my peace pilgrimage journey, is towards the south west of England, and it is apparently the biggest festival of all. I have to try to get in there, and talk to as many people as I can, also I hope that I can speak to Michael Eavis in his Worthy Farm in Pilton – or if not, then his daughter Emily – so I can try to convince them how my love and peace can change and give a positive energy around his farm, and the surroundings. I hope that my “master of the universe” will make it as easy and as smooth as possible for me to get there, and will connect me with them, but if not, then hopefully I will connect with many other wonderful human beings inside and outside the festival.

So, coming out of London, I have put up my peace camp with my rainbow peace flag on my famous black and red tent, right at the exit part of the Heston Services car park towards M4, which is between junctions 2 & 3 of the M4. I got there after a lift from a nice black cab taxi driver named Peter, who was going on holiday to Spain – I think he was so happy that he couldn’t ignore me and he kindly helped me and offered me a lift in his taxi, and this was the first time after being here for the last 16 years that I was offered a drive with a London black cab taxi. I had been at the Chiswick roundabout on the last exit, the one which will join M4 by the petrol station, I had stood there for more than three hours trying to hich hike towards Swindon, but with no luck, and finally at about 17.30, Peter kindly turned up and he told me that, “at the next petrol station you would be having much more chance of getting to Swindon than here, would you like to jump in and I’ll take you there?”, and I told him “Yes please that will be great even if it is just a mile as well”.

As I was putting my stuff into his black London cab, he told me “What is all this stuff? Are moving a house?”, and I said to him “Yes it is
actually this partially is all my house”, and I laughed and he laughed as well, but anyway he kindly gave me a lift for about three miles on the M4 towards Heathrrow. He kept saying “it is not a great lift, but that is all I can help with”, and I said to him (Peter) “this is
wonderful and to me it is like 30 miles, since I was there for such a long time (more than three hours) with no offers, and I couldn’t walk on M4 as well, so now this is a great offer and I’ll accept it with my open heart and arms”.

Peter kindly offered me an apple and a mandarin on our way and later on at the end of the lift some H2O as well, and I didn’t have any water with me at the time, and I am so grateful for Peter giving me this great lift, and my first black cab drive in all my time in the
UK. We did talk a bit about tolerance, which he said this country has got and I did agree with him, and also we talked about some other issues, about which we respected each others’ opinions, and then we said goodbye – but before this I told him that each time I meet up with people who kindly help me, I usually offer them a big heart to heart hug so we can transfer some good and positive energy, and he told me “no problem”, and he told me “we as British give a nice and good big handshake”, which I did that as well.

Earlier today I woke up in my wonderful friend’s place in west London, and after having a nice shower and then some breakfast and later after midday some lunch, I said goodbye to my wonderful friend who has kindly looked after me very well indeed since Friday night, and on Sunday we went to a pub by the river Thames and we had a delightful drink and later on some light and healthy evening meal in a French style restaurant, then after coming back to the place where we were staying and chatting a bit more about our situation, we said goodnight to each other, and it was here that I got a 3 network dongle, which will enable me to send emails on the go, via my wonderful brother’s notebook. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of them and also especially for all the help in these few days before the second phase of my round the UK peace journey, for everything that has been arranged for me to make my journey easier.

Back to the trip westwards – after just over two miles walk and three miles hitch hiking, due to my heavy home moving and M4 restrictions, I was grounded just a few miles into the mouth of M4 and went to sleep in a busy carpark at Heston services on the M4, hoping that the next day the master of the universe would provide me with some good new connections to enable me to link with my western brother (and to leave some of my mobile home at the static Cotswolds’ home), and then hopefully to head down to my main destination at Pilton/Glastonbury (Worthy Farm).

Next day: I have arrived at about 1800 hours in Cotswold area, my new home place for a night rest, after a wonderful day of peace journey from junction 2 & 3 of M4. It was about 12:30/45 that another wonderful human being called Richard (a self engaged gardener) offered me a lift from between J2 & 3 to J7 & 8 and after a nice conversation with him, he kindly dropped me in J7 into the Slough-Maidenhead roundabout on A4. I have to say he did kindly offer me his only orange, and after this we said goodbye to each other.

I stayed in this roundabout in Slough towards Swindon for about 30-45 mins, then another wonderful car driver, who was called Ben, welcomed me on board at about 1315 hours, and he and a friend were going to Swindon. Later on we found out that they were going to West Swindon as well (a place to which I was going), and Ben was telling me that he used to be at the University of Hertfordshire, and when he was driving there he used to see a lot of people trying to hitch hike, but he couldn’t give them a lift because he was alone and scared of what might happen, but as soon as he saw me he just want to help me. I told him not to worry, “I’ll be no threat or problem to you”, and Ben and his wonderful friend just laughed, in a nice and accepting way. I talked a bit about what I was doing, and I gave them my weblog address, and Facebook contact, so they could follow me and leave comments about when and how they have given me a help. Ben was worried that they didn’t have anything to give me like drink or food, and I told them “What you have done is much greater than the food and drink, and you shouldn’t feel that you haven’t helped!” Because I didn’t have any warm drink in the morning I had a bit headache, and I rested a bit in their wonderful car, then somewhere towards my next destination at the right place they kindly let me get off, and I gave them my “heart to heart hug” which I recommend as full of the love and peace in the universe, and I said goodbye to them.

It was here that somehow I felt, “I am almost home again”, and I walked for about 2-3 miles, on and off due to my heavy load, then I had to rest a bit, and I was about to start walking again another wonderful human being called “Hosam” who was born here and grew up in Syria, offered me at about 1740 a lift from a petrol station in West Swindon. He was living in Swindon and was going towards Cirencester, he kindly gave me a lift, and he took me all the way to my final destination for the day, he even kindly offered me a sugary drink, which I needed most at the time, then after our hug we said goodbye to each other.

So here I’d like to take this opportunity, and thank all those wonderful human beings who have helped me to get this much closer to my next and final destination in Pilton at Worthy Farm near Glastonbury.

My plan for tomorrow is to get to Kemble, Crudwell, Malmesbury on A429, and then Radstock, Shepton Mallet, and finally Pilton on A361.

Let me take this opportunity and do a shout out, or ask if anyone sees me on the route I’ll appreciate if they can help me to get there, obviously if they are going there themselves.

love and peace,


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Policing, power & human kindness


Today I woke up at about 0930 hours from my wonderful resting place (my new home) for the last few days in Cotswold’s area, and after having a shower, and finalising my writing, then I had something to eat. By this time it was about 1500 hours and my brother came home a bit late from the place of antiquity, and he was telling me about bringing forward some of his activities in Swindon from Monday to Friday in order to be able help me get to my next destination – Bilderberg Festival in Watford – a bit quicker than if I walked for about 15km. So, he did very kindly give me a lift to Swindon train station at about 1600 hours.

Earthian Swindon

I arrived at the station, as you can see from the above photo, and after saying goodbye to my brother I walked inside the station, and I asked for the manager. The people at the gate control told me he is not available, and said “Please contact him before your journey if you want us to help you”, and I told them “I have already started my peace journey and I can’t email or phone him, so may I go upstairs to the platforms and speak to the supervisor or the manager of the trains, and hopefully they can help me get to Oxford or Watford?” They kindly let me go through the barriers, and I managed to go up to the platforms and tried to speak to some of the train supervisors, and they were worrying about that I am not insured, and said I have to go and get a letter from the manager of the ticket office (Jane), and hopefully then I can travel, but without a letter it would be difficult for them to let me travel.

I had to come back down through the barriers again and go to the ticket office, and by now the time was about 1700 hours and they said to me that Jane had gone home and no one can help, and I have to send in writing a letter regarding my peace pilgrimage to the main head office, then if they consider it is ok for me to travel, then they can help. I thanked them all for their time and effort, and I told them that I have to go now, and not in the future, and I’ll consider the future plan of my peace pilgrimage if I wanted to do so in this way.

So I made my way, walking out of the train station and headed towards Farringdon, and hopefully Oxford next. I walked for about five miles, during the walk I did try to do some hitch hiking about five times with no luck any of the times, and now it was about 2030 hours and it was in a petrol station on my way towards Oxford on the A420 that two wonderful human being, who were like a lovely couple, gave me a lift for about six miles to near a lay-by (slipway) on the way before you enter the little town of Farringdon, and they kindly offered me a little of their sugary drink, which I didn’t like the brand, but here I have to say, I have never said no to wonderful people who are offering me food or drink throughout my peace pilgrimage journey. I thanked them for the great third lift of my whole journey since leaving London more than two weeks before, and I stayed there for another hour or so, and had no luck with getting a fourth lift to Oxford, so I put up my peace camp and slept on the lay-by for the night. It was so noisy, but I went to sleep like there wasn’t any noise at all, until next day.


I woke up today happy and alive in a busy lay-by on the A420, and the weather was sunny spells with patchy clouds, and slowly I was packing my camp, and as soon as I finished, here we go there was a van just coming into the lay-by, and I went to the driver and asked him, “may I ask where are you going to?”, and he asked me back, “may I ask where are you going to?”, and I told him “I am going to Watford, there is a festival called Bilderberg, and I would like to go there, it has already started on Thursday, and today is Saturday, so I just have today and Sunday to go”, and he told me “Watford is a bit away, but I can take you to Oxford”, and I said to him “another 20 miles closer towards my destination is just a great opportunity that the universe has just connected you to me, and I can’t afford to miss this, and you are my fourth hitch on my around-the-UK peace pilgrimage”.

He kindly helped me to load and we headed to Oxford, and as he was driving I introduced myself to him and I told him all about who am I?, and what am I doing?, and I said to him, as I told you earlier, “Bilderberg is my third festival”, and I told him why I am going to this festival. Then he did kindly introduce himself to me as “Noddy”, and he told me he has being doing gardening for the last 15 years and he has used this van for the last nine years, and this old van has done 250,000 miles already. The van was full of gadgets and electronic stuff, and solar on the roof to boil water and many other things, so he had a little mobile home on board of a van which was environmentally friendly as well apart from the fuel for the van. I asked him if he has come up with a solution to make the whole van CO2- free, and he kindly answered “you can use vegetable oil or just drive slower and that is the only solution that I know”, and I mentioned about battery operated cars/van, which are quite expensive, and it was here that he mentioned “I don’t know why people and companies don’t use solar or wind operated devices to pump water up a hill and that water can later drive a water turbine when there is no sun or wind, as that can produce a lot of power for when it’s cloudy or night time”, so I told him “I haven’t done any research in this area but I love your idea and suggestion, and I’ll put it up on my blog for people to comment on”.

I have to say here that Noddy was the coolest, the most wonderful driver and the first I have ever got on board with and not been scared; it has happened to me on many occasions when people have given me a lift, that they have scared me a lot, but I have to say here that Noddy was the greatest one.

As he was driving he had a text from his dad to say to call him back, and he kindly pulled aside somewhere before Oxford and made the phone call, and then he even offered me some nice orange juice at that time as well, and then again we headed towards Oxford. Before we got to Oxford he kept thinking about where he should drop me so someone else can give me a lift to Watford, and then when we got to Oxford he told me “I don’t know why I am so early here for my rock climbing session, it is now just about 1100 hours and the session is not until 3pm”, and then he told me he’d like to take me to the festival, despite not having been in or near London for the last 15 years.

Although I was happy so much from my heart, thinking that “great I can make it on time to see the festival before it finishes”, I had to say the same thing that I always say to people – “please don’t make a trip to anywhere just because of me!” and here we go, he just replied back to me that he would love to take me there so it can be his first festival, and I told him “no problem, I hope that I can introduce you to all of my friends which are there and hope you will enjoy it”. Noddy was a wonderful gardener, and he just had a day off, and he told me that apart from the rock climbing appointment in Oxford at about 1500 hours, he hadn’t got much else to do for the day. So he actually drove me all the way to the festival, and on our way, on the M40 as you come from Oxford and before you approach to M25, there is a place which looks like an artificially created valley and Noddy told me it was here that a bird called the red bird of prey had been introduced back into the wild. I didn’t know about this, and it just came to him as I was saying “look at the scenery outside, isn’t it so beautiful?”



We got to the Grove Hotel but police told us it was closed to the public, but “if you want to go to the other one [he meant the Bilderberg Fringe Festival] it is a bit further down and you should be able to park and go in with no problem”. So Noddy kindly drove into a designated parking place and we headed towards the entrance of the BFF, and at the entrance they were searching everyone and you weren’t allowed to take with you a tent, and I said to Noddy “you can kindly go in and have a look around and hopefully I’ll come up with a solution and I’ll join you soon”, and he did so, but after more than half an hour still there wasn’t any sign of me getting in. I was saying to the organizers and the G4S “my tent is part of my home on my peace pilgrimage”, and they were saying “if we let you, everyone else will complain and it is not fair on others” and I was saying “if anyone complains I’ll hand it over and I promise I’ll not put it up”, and they were saying “No!” By this time I think Noddy had looked all around the festival and he came back to the entrance and he told me he would like to make his way back to Oxford for his appointment, and I told him “sorry that I couldn’t come in with you on time, and I wasn’t able to introduce some of my friends to you, but if you have to go, please go ahead and let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your kindness”, and I gave him a heart to heart hug to transfer some good love, peace and positive energy into each other and to spread that into the universe as well, and then we said goodbye to each other.

The time by now was about 1330 hours, and I stayed at the entrance and I spoke to a lot of people and I asked them “Why I can’t get in?” I saw some of my good friends, including Dan, who kindly stood by my stuff while I went in and spoke to some friends from inside to see what can we do, and also I saw Steve who was part of the organisation of the BFF and I spoke to him and then my matter quickly went all the way up to the main organisers and the police liaison officers. Three of them came to me and they said to me “We can do a deal – if we can take the poles from your tent, then you can go in”, and one of them said “I have told the top man that I guarantee you won’t cause any problem and if you do, I will pull you out myself”, but he said “they” “the top hierarchy” wouldn’t accept that option, the only option they would accept is for me to leave the poles and at the end of the day get them back. I laughed and told them “Do you know that this was what the Saudis did to me, did you show them the trick, or have you learned from them?” And they laughed back at me as well, but they said “We are afraid this is the only option on the table, so think about it”, and I said to them, “I’ll think about it”.

I stayed there for more than two hours and then Steve came to me and said “We can’t do much about it, you have to surrender your poles to me”, and I told him “I can hand the poles over to you and then at the end of the event I can take them back from you” and he said ok, but the head of police liaison and G4S security said “No! it has to be left with us”, and I told Steve “If you make sure they won’t go missing, and if they guarantee that I can get them back for tonight, I don’t mind” and the head of G4S told me himself “You can get them back from myself with guarantee”, and I remember at the end of the show he came to me to say “Here we go, these are your poles, and I haven’t forgotten them for your camp tonight”, and I told him “Thank you, I was about to look for you, and here you are”, and I thanked him again for the safeguard of my tent poles. This was sometime after 2000 hours. I had managed to get into the festival at about 1500 hours, and I enjoyed talking to nice people in there. I saw many old friends from OLSX and Occupy Finsbury Square, and I was so happy to see them all, and to meet new people as well, and I managed to listen to David Icke http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Icke and Alex Jones http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Jones.

Speeches in the BFF:



I did try to talk about my peace pilgrimage in the Bilderberg Fringe Festival, but I was told it was fully booked with people’s talks and performances. Slowly at the end of the day I made my way towards the exit of the place, and I was told by some people that there had been a lot of people turned away from the festival because of the small venue, and I want to say here that I enjoyed it a lot, and I liked the atmosphere, but I would like to say that we could have more space and those people who were turned away, it was a shame that they couldn’t make it inside the place. I hope that they can see the above links to watch some of the programmes which were scheduled at the BFF.

I think the organisers could have negotiated to take more space and everyone could have enjoyed it more, but never mind, more awareness is coming, and people are more hungry to find out about what is going on inside the real Bilderberg’s closed doors, and I am so happy about this interest, and I was planning to try to go in through those closed doors myself!

I got a lot of water and juice from the organisers of the BFF, and I gave a lot to those people who were going back to the camp, which was about 5-6 miles away from the area, in a scout campsite in a lay-by on the A41 towards Hemel Hempstead, which was called Phasels Wood Activity Centre, in Dacorum Borough Council.

As I was talking to people to see if anyone was going back there to the campsite, I spoke to a nice lady who was called Lora, and she kindly offered me a lift in a taxi to a place which I thought was the campsite, but it was an after-party bar and pub, which was three miles from the campsite. When we went to the pub, and they wanted to have a drink, I told them I had to find the campsite first to put up my peace camp and then I’d come back and speak to them some more. I said to them goodbye, and I came out and asked other people “Where is the campsite?” and then I was told “There is at least another three or four miles more to go”. By this time the taxi was gone and wonderful Lora and another nice human being were already in the pub and had started their drink. There was another pub across the road, and I went there to see if I can link up with some more good people so I can get to the campsite earlier, and there I met some more old friends from different camps at the time of Occupy.

There was some salads and vegetable food outside the pub and people were coming out of this pub and going to the other one. Later on I found out there was a private function going on, and I remember that my board was facing the entrance of the pub and people were looking at it. While I was eating a man came out and I asked him if he was from the pub and if he knew anything about this food. He told me he is a chef and said I can have the salad and the vegetables, then I asked for some bread as well, I asked him if it was ok, and I told him what I was doing and why I was there, and he kindly brought me some bread. Then, as I was eating, I saw a piece of black paper with white hand writing in front of my board, at the place where it says I am doing this peace pilgrimage without using money and passport, and on this paper was written something like, “Get a job so you can have money”. After finishing eating I took a container inside the pub, I wanted to thank the chef and see who has written that and why?, but I couldn’t find the chef. I asked some people if they had written the paper and they said to me they hadn’t, so I came out.

This reminded me of my first peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East, during which I was encountering some people in the Eastern European places, and some in the Middle East as well, who were telling me “Why don’t you work and get money and do it with money rather than doing it without money?” and my answer to them was “It is not because I can’t get money or I can’t get a job that I do this!” I told them “If I do work back in London in my profession, I can earn as much as you can earn here in one year in just a month” and I explained to them it was to advocate a resource-based economy rather than a monetary-based one, that I do this. It was saddening me to see the same mentality here amongst people who were working in the pub, it was not far from the mentality of those who I have come across before. It doesn’t matter, which part of the planet they were born from.

I couldn’t find the person who has written the paper, to just talk to them, anyway it was a little story I wanted to just share it with you.

By the pub, I managed to find two more nice people, who were taking a taxi back to the campsite, and they told me they can kindly help me to get to the campsite as well. I thanked them and jumped into the taxi to the camp, and at the entrance to the camp they told me “The people in charge of the camp charge £5 per person if you want to stay in the camp, what are you going to do about this?” and I told them “You have very kindly helped me to get here, please leave me here and you can go back to your tent, and I’ll speak to those people myself”.

I remember I was trying to go the way they were going to the camp and a few people were calling me that “You have to come through here and register here before you go in”. When I went there and told them what I was doing they were a bit surprised, and they were saying “So does that mean that you are an illegal immigrant?” I remember there was a police van at the main entrance about 50 yards away from these people, and I told them and pointed to the police van and I said “You can call them and let them know if you think so”. After this they asked me to fill in a form to say who I am and where do I live, and many other questions, and they told me “If you want to comply with our requests then you can put up your tent and sleep here”, and I told them “What I have to say is all on my board, if it is good enough for you I’ll put up my peace camp here, if not I’ll go and put up my peace camp by that police van or anywhere outside your camp area”. They said “It is ok, because you don’t have an address you can write “no fixed abode”, then they told me to read all their terms and conditions and then I can go in. I told them “Have you written anything that is bad for a human being and a peace pilgrim or not?” And they said “No!”, and I told them “So I don’t have to read any of this, and I am ok with it”, so I managed to get in.

As I was going in and trying to find all my friends and also looking for a place to set up my camp, a young boy came to me and he said to me “You have forgotten to put this green wristband on your hand” and I said “No problem, if you feel it is good you can put it on my right hand”, and then we said goodbye to each other, and I carried on talking and looking for my friends and finding a nice place to camp. After seeing some of my good friends again I managed to find a nice place to set up my peace camp for the night, and I said goodnight to the universe and everything around it until the next day.


I woke up after having a second good night’s sleep in my tent and on my new air mattress. The mattress I got from my brother in exchange for recycling all those Daily Mails and many other newspapers which I was carrying as a mat instead of a mattress – and I was so happy to do so! Then, after a nice conversation with my new neighbour in the camp, about why I am here and what I am doing, he kindly offered me a nice cup of tea in his wonderful cup, similar to the one that I had which the Saudis took from me.

It was about this time that another nice and wonderful human being called Alex came and offered me a bar of chocolate, and he was telling me “I wish I could help you more, after what I have seen of what you were doing from yesterday”, and he asked me whether I was cold last night, and if everything was ok with me? I mentioned about having got a new mattress from my brother and said “Now I am just looking for a good sleeping bag, because my -16 degree one has been taken away from me by the Saudis and the one that I have got now is not that great”. He asked if I can show it to him, and I brought it out and showed it to him and as soon as he touched it he told me that, “You are right, it is not a good one, but I have got one which is very good, and I have slept in it outside with no tent last night with no problem, and the only problem is it needs some patching after a dog scratched it and tried to make a hole in it, and if it is ok I can bring it to you”. It was here that I told him the story of when I was in Lubijiana, the capital of Slovenia, and a wonderful person offered me his nice small and compact sleeping bag in exchange for my bulky one in which, when I was camping at the cliff of Dover, I remember shivering. This man in Lubijiana told me that he has one which he got to climb K2/Everest, but the trip was cancelled, and now that I was trying to do my journey he wanted to kindly offer it to me. That one was taken by the Saudis. So, I said to Alex “I’ll be quite happy if you accept my one for me to take your one”, and then we did exchange, and then we said goodbye until the next festival, hopefully one in the Norfolk area, where Alex was coming from before Watford.

Alex kindly offered me a lift, but later on he told me he has offered me the lift without the driver’s permission, and I told him “You don’t have to do so, after I take down my camp I can go to the main gate and try from there if anyone is going back to the festival and if they have enough space then I can go with them, and you don’t have to worry about it”. Later on I went to the main gate of the camp and as I was walking towards the festival, Alex and his friends turned up and they offered me a lift saying they’d have to do some rearrangement in order to make some free space for me, so I told them “Please don’t make any rearrangement, carry on and I am sure I can get to the festival area with no problem – worse case scenario is to walk all the way, which is just something over five miles and it is normal to me”. I thanked them all again and we said goodbye to each other and I carried on walking towards the festival area.

When I left the camp I saw from afar some of the people I knew were packing and still in the camp. This was about 1000 hours and I said to myself “If I walk in the direction of the traffic they might turn up and offer me a lift”, but this didn’t happen. In one of the lay-by parking areas, when I was resting and hoping I might still get a lift to the festival area, a man and a woman in a police patrol car turned up, and the man who was driving asked me “Where are you coming from? And where are you going to?” I told him that I was coming from the camp and going to the festival, and he told me, “We saw you earlier entering the dual carriageway [A41], and it is good for you to walk in the opposite direction to the traffic if you want to live longer!” I told them “I was hoping that if any of my friends come and pass they might help me with a lift to the festival, but now that I am just about three miles away from I’ll cross the dual carriageway, and walk all the way to the festival”, and I did so and walked all the way to the festival.

On my way I came across a taxi and the driver asked me if I am going back to the camp and I said to him “No thank you” and carried on walking. I also came across a press team from the Sovereign Independent UK (http://www.sovereignindependentuk.co.uk/) and Rick Margaret asked me if he could take a photo of my board, and I told him “Of course you can”, then I came across many more police officers who were on the main road towards the festival area, and they asked me to go around the back way if I wanted to speak to someone to get into the Grove Hotel.

I walked all the way back to the Fringe Festival area and I talked to some of the police over there about getting into the Bilderberg event in the Grove Hotel, and they told me “Please go into the protest area, or go outside the main gate, we won’t allow you to get to the hotel and the pathway to the hotel has been banned for the public to walk through”. They said I couldn’t speak to the organisers of the private event inside the hotel, and if I wanted to find out who has imposed the ban on walking in the area, I should get in touch with detective superintendent Dave Rhodes on 101, free from my mobile. While talking with the police officers I kept telling them “I am here on a peace pilgrimage, I am not here to protest”, and I explained that yesterday I had been in the place they were calling the ‘protest area’ and in there I heard lots of not-loving words, and some of the people in there were calling the people inside the hotel not very good things. I said to the police “I would like to find out why they are talking about these people in such a manner, and I’d like to speak to some of the people inside as well, to see for myself, as a true peace pilgrim, so I can make my own mind up”. And also I said that I would prefer for them to refer to one another in a much more respectful way, which another wonderful human being does deserve. All this conversation was recorded by the police cameraman and they kept reminding me “You’ll be arrested, and you know how this can have an impact on your life, if you carry on talking to us right at the main gate here”. They were also telling me “There is no other festival called ‘Bilderberg’, the only festival here is the Bilderberg Fringe Festival, and what is going on in the hotel is just a private party, and you don’t have to know anything about it”.

After more than five minutes of talking to the police, I very peacefully moved to the area they asked me to go to. Then I started to see if I could speak to the person responsible for imposing the curfew on the public pathway towards the Grove Hotel. After many attempts there was still no response from the number, so I started to talk to many people about why I was there, and why I don’t want to go inside the BFF again. My wonderful friend Dan came to me and we chatted for a bit, and later on he brought some food for me as well, and he was very supportive.

After 1400 hours people started to come out, and they were all saying goodbye to each other, and police started to force us all to move another 200 yards away from the gate and the Fringe Festival, and we all peacefully made our way there. After staying in this area for another hour or so, I started to speak to a nice person, who later on gave me a lift to near the entrance to the M1 / A41 outside Watford, southbound towards London. Before he went, he asked me, “What are you going to achieve by doing this, and for how long do you want to do it?” I said to him a short answer, by quoting a famous peace pilgrim Mahatma Gandhi, who has famously said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. He looked quite happy at that, and told me that I have reassured him that what he is doing is the right thing, and then we said goodbye to each other.

I tried to do some hitch hiking just before approaching the main roundabout of the M1, but here I wasn’t having any luck, no one was trying to stop and give me a lift to London, so I moved up to the main traffic lights, still with no luck, so I decided to go and find the main A-road to walk to London. As I was trying to get off the roundabout, here we go, a blue van just stopped, and at first I was a bit hesitant to go and talk to the driver, but then I looked and saw there weren’t any cars behind it, so I ran to talk to the driver, and I realised she was a wonderful woman human being and she asked me “Aren’t you going to London?” and I said yes, so she just told me “Jump in”, and I did. I asked her “How come you are coming from here to go to London?” and she told me that she just missed a turn. I told her “Perhaps the universe has wanted us to connect, perhaps for you to have company and hear about my peace journey, and for me to get back to London without walking for another two days, and so I will be able to connect with more people and spread the word of love and peace everywhere”.

Anyway, after introducing myself to her and telling her about my third festival of peace, she kindly introduced herself to me as Karin and she told me that her son has gone to the BFF as well, and I said probably he might have seen me there if he was there on Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th June.

She kindly asked me where is my final destination in London and I said to her “Whitechapel will be my place of rest, at my friend’s place”, and then we talked for a bit more and she said to me “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?” and I said to her “Yes, please” and here we go, within 5-10 minutes I was in a wonderful family house, and she kindly introduced me to her husband Simon and two more wonderful woman human beings Franken and Tracy, and then five beautiful and handsome children – in total Karin and Simon had seven kids, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet all those children and I felt they are all my brothers and sisters if not my children as well. I told the children it doesn’t have to be blood brothers and sisters, we are all connected through the planet Earth and the universe, and then we had a nice cup of tea and a very special meal of pasta which was kindly prepared for me by Karin.

At the table when we were eating I thanked them all for their support for love and peace, and for humanity as a whole on the planet, then wonderful Franken told me “I can take you all the way to Whitechapel” and I said to her “Please don’t put yourself in any trouble just because of me, I can go back there by myself” but they very kindly (Franken and her friend Tracy) offered me a lift after Franken had dropped off her daughter in north London.

Before we left Karin was showing me around the house, which had art and statues and a wonderful pool, and a canal or pond-like water place at the back of the house, then I said goodbye to all the children and Karin, Simon and their wonderful dog, and we headed out towards our next destination in north and central London.

Tracy kindly drove me all the way to my friend’s place in Whitechapel, and on our way we found out Tracy was born in Royal Whitechapel hospital and she was a true Eastender and cockney speaker. It was pleasure to meet her, but she was a bit upset about all the modification and materials around the wonderful old hospital which she remembered from the past.

I have to take this opportunity and say a special thanks to the universe for making me known to Karin (who gave me my sixth lift), and to her for letting me know all these beautiful people amongst her family and friends, including Tracy and also wonderful Franken (and daughter) (who gave me my seventh lift, kindly bringing me back to central London, whereh I started my round-the-UK peace pilgrimage almost 20 days before).


After a great indoor sleep after coming back from my third festival, and after a wonderful shower and breakfast, I walked to a local library to write some of my blog and plan my next few days in London, where I’ll meet up with wonderful people and advocate my love and peace here in London, before heading out to Birmingham to visit wonderful family and friends over there. If I have sometime in hand, I’d also love to visit a Peace Festival in Leamington Spa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Leamington_Spa)

The Leamington Peace Festival is organised for 15th and 16th of June, it is free to all, so I won’t have to wait at the gate for two days before I get in – unless I have to do my peace talk at the main gate! Of the festival (www.peacefestival.org.uk) it is written by Spark Magazine’s Festival Guide that the festival’s specialities are “peace talk, the latest activism news, practical empowerment workshops, conscious music, organic food, co-ops, den-making in the kids’ area, fair-trade and sustainable ethos”.

I am looking forward to see if I can make it, and then hope to report some good news back from it on my blog.

I had a great day here back in the capital, and look forward to seeing more wonderful people in the City of London (another world in itself), and to spreading some of my love and peace around the CoL again.


After having another great night in my friend’s place, I woke up a bit early to just go out and have some fresh air in a park, but I couldn’t find one that was not blotted or affected by the amount of traffic in the area. I went back to the library to do some updates, then I had to leave early to make an appointment on time by the Swiss Clock in Leicester Square (http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Sights_and_Attractions/Leicester_Square/6dab/). I was expecting this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SHZJ73WLGw) on the building, which is what I saw the last time I have been there, but instead I saw this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-15930226.

I didn’t know what to say to my wonderful people (my brother from West and sister from North), which I had to meet, as I was already late by 19 minutes when I looked at the clock, and they had moved on by then. I have to say that I was told I have to be there by “1100 hours sharp”, (it has been long since time in tune with me, and I am not in tune with time). It was around this time I realised I had forgotten my Whitechapel friend’s wonderful white umbrella (my peace symbol on my journey around the UK) in the library, so I had to call him and say what had happened and ask him if he could kindly check it for me, and he told me he is busy and he wouldn’t be able to check, so I had to get on the library’s website myself and find the phone number, and call them to keep it for me before it got lost or taken away by someone else (my last black umbrella was taken away from me by the Saudis).

Anyway, I knew I might not have time to pick it up because of the amount of running around that I might have for today, and it did turn out just like that, and the next day when I went back to the place I left the umbrella, and checked with the reception of the library, I was told “Nothing has been brought back to us”, so I have lost my wonderful friend’s umbrella at the end of this episode of my peace pilgrimage. Apart from that the whole journey over all – three weeks from London around the country and back to London – went very well.

So, back to the Swiss clock area in Leicester Square, and my wonderful family, by now because I was late about 20 minutes I had to call and find out where can I find them, and I was told to get to Beak Street in Soho (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soho), and I did. When I got near there I saw John, and we were quite happy to see each other and he told me where to go, he was in rush to get to somewhere else but he reminded me of an event on 14th of June, then we said goodbye to each other – although later on, a few more times, we bumped into each other again, due to a special circumstances, which perhaps we both didn’t anticipate.

When I got to Beak Street and saw the amount of police in many different uniforms, shapes and forms, straightaway my heart was squashed, and I knew that today peace here was under threat, and I must try to make and spread peace and love as much as I could. After all, I couldn’t try to avoid seeing my brother and sister, who were there trying to do some livestreaming, and they might be able to help people in need of help. I forgot about my umbrella which I had left in the library. I couldn’t avoid here like how I could avoid going to Syria on my first peace mission, due to degradation of human life, so I said to myself “In the birthplace of many peaceful people, here in this place the world is looking at us, and if we are so much under threat, then I have to do my absolute best peace and non-violence presence as I can”. So I started to look for my brother and sister from one corner to another until finally I found them, and gave my love and peace for their courage to stand there in support of many other wonderful human beings, who they under attack in a building not far from us, about 100 yards away.

I stood there with them until about 1500 and saw so many of my old friends from old times. As people were finally released from the building, I started welcoming many of these wonderful friends and human beings who were frightened and shaken by the amount of pressure they had been through. By the time they were getting back to us and joining us they needed a welcome and some water which I wanted to be helping with, after all many of them I had met already from the time of Occupy.

After this period passed we were told that many people were gathering on the next street in Golden Square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Square), so we went, and there was a lot of heavily armed police again there, who were clashing with people who were unhappy about the current situation and what will happen at the G8 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G8) gathering in Northern Ireland.

The whole story started this morning about 1000 hours, when police wanted to raid a building – “the Convergence Centre for StopG8” – an old police station, which had been squatted and was a place for people gathering and sharing thoughts about how they can prevent the G8 deciding a lot of things on behalf of people who are not happy to be represented by them.

It was in this square, while my brother and sister had gone to get some food and drink, that I witnessed a lot of excessive and unfair use of force against peaceful people by the police. I went to some of those police men and women, and told them “This is not just and fair”, and I asked them to be patient, and told them “Please do not use any force, which you may regret after this event – after all, these people are all your brothers, sisters”.

After this event they were back with some food and drink and I got a wonderful and delicious jacket potato with beans with a nice cup of tea, and also some cake and plenty of ginger biscuits, which we shared with some of our friends who were in the square at the time, including Cat Wizard, who has kindly read us a wonderful poem from the time of Occupy. So that was our wonderful late lunch and afternoon tea, after traumatic events had unfolded in an intense way from 1100 hours all the way to 1700 hours, with empty-handed people versus heavily armed police going forwards and backwards in the square and around the vicinity of the City of Westminster – which is the borough of power here in the heart of one of the most dynamic and vibrant and metropolitan cities of the world; and this power has caused a lot of misery all around the world.

I have to mention here that we had a person injured in the square which we were sad about, and also we saw a police van which wouldn’t start and we saw a group of police pushing the van all around the square just to try and bumpstart it, which made some people to laugh even while we were sad about the previous incident, and the police pushing the van was livestreamed.

Finally people started to go to Piccadilly Circus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piccadilly_Circus), a place which I’d been told earlier would have a carnival atmosphere this night, and then we did walk down there as well. Over there we really enjoyed seeing some more of our old friends from the time of Occupy, there was a platform for people who wanted to talk about whatever they wanted to talk about, and some people decided to use the platform and share their opinions on what had just went on during the day. Also different people were using the opportunity to talk to people and some comedians stood up, and the carnival atmosphere went on for about a good two hours.

After here we walked down towards Charing Cross police station (http://content.met.police.uk/PoliceStation/charingcross) in support of those people who were arrested during the day. We walked there through Leicester Square (known for the famous Swiss clock and the premiers of some films – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odeon_Leicester_Square), and then we walked further, to Trafalgar Square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trafalgar_Square), where I saw some people from Turkey who were chanting and demanding “people’s power” and the resignation of the Turkish prime minster. I noticed there wasn’t a single police officer present there, and I asked my brother if he can do some livestreaming of their event as well, which he kindly did, and there I saw a few old friends as well and waved my hands at them and said hello to them across the crowd. It was here that I saw John again and he kindly took us personally to Charing Cross police station. When we got there a lot of people were banging on pans and pots, and the carnival atmosphere was still there. Of course, I have to mention here that all this time heavily armed police were following these people in the name of so-called ‘public protection’!?

(See http://www.cityoflondon.police.uk/CityPolice/Departments/CT/ppu/, and this http://www.justice.gov.uk/offenders/public-protection-manual, and also many other laws of which I am not aware of them all.)

Everywhere that we have gone and most of the day’s events were livestreamed and can be seen on bambuser – http://bambuser.com/ – or Occupy News Network (ONN) – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupynewsnetwork – and many other social networks, so you can see and understand what I am talking about when I say “excessive use of force”, and that this is not the way forward. What I have seen today was reminding me of my peace pilgrimage from London to the Middle East, and the main borders in between south east of Turkey and the northern Iraqi region and Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Israel, which weren’t guarded as heavily as what I have seen today in the capital of England.

I stayed for a little longer outside Charing Cross police station, after most of the crowds headed down towards Parliament Square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliament_Square), and it was here that while I was waiting for my brother and sister (who had gone to a place round the corner to charge their equipment), my right eye got an elbow punch by accident from an old occupier who was accusing another one of spying. I was telling him “This isn’t the right place to discuss things like this, and we should all be nice human beings towards each other”, then I realised the police were coming to get him, and then I got this unexpected surprise of a punch.

I’d like to tell everyone, that as a peace pilgrim and an advocate of love and peace, I can assure you that this sort of heavily-handled event is designed to provoke the nature of human beings as a whole, and no matter how peaceful you want to be, the authorities will try to provoke you so you will react. It is here that the matter of losers and winners comes into play, and I have to say – we need the inner change first, before we can change anything or anyone else. What I have seen in this eventful day, and what I have gone through, from my personal experience, shows me we need more patience in order to see the change we want to see in the world. We can’t afforded to be provoked so easily, and we have to unite to stand the chance of moving forwards and making the world a better place for humanity as a whole.

It was around 2130 hours when we said goodbye to our West Country brother in Charing Cross Station (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charing_Cross_railway_station), and then my sister and I walked through Strand, Fleet Street, and then Ludgate Hill, passing many famous places such as Covent Garden (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covent_Garden) and Bush House (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_House) while we were talking a bit about what went on today, and about the past and what might come in the future. We walked past The Royal Courts of Justice (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Courts_of_Justice), which is where the City of London took OLSX to court and got permission to evict us. Then we walked right through our home where we all got to know each other, the place of the old Occupy camp (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupy_London), the Occupy village, where as a sign of respect she went back to the exact place of her old home tent, and also we looked at our brother’s tree, which was grown wonderfully. I couldn’t say anything about my place of stay, because the whole camp was like my home and I could stay anywhere that I wanted, but the place of every home (tent) was reminding me of who was in that tent and for how long. We walked all around St. Paul’s Cathedral (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Paul’s_Cathedral), and passed many other well known places in the City of London too.

Anyway, back to the reality, after finding out that my sister had got a place to stay for the night, I said goodbye to her and made my way out of the City of London to stay for the night with my friend, and on my way there I saw another occupier (Crazy Red Fox), who was kindly offering to get me some water, and I thanked him and said I was ok, and we said goodnight to each other.

After a tiring and hectic day got back to my friend’s place and told him some of the day’s events and then we said good night to each other straightaway I went to sleep.

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Trains, Angels, Sunrise


After resting, reflecting, and writing an update for the blog about what I had gone through during my journey from London to Lincolnshire for the Small World Festival, I said goodbye to my wonderful Leeds friend, and I walked towards the top security train station. After arriving I looked around to find a place to sit down, rest a bit, and then try to think what to do next.

A man was already sitting on the bench, and after him seeing my peace pilgrimage board, he asked me whether I am a Muslim or not? This was happening while my board was facing a camera – I realised this later, when a security man came to me and asked me to take away the board. This man was also asking me about what do I mean by peace? and I did explain what I was doing and then he was apologetic, and said that he shouldn’t have asked me the question! I told him “You don’t have to be sorry, if I didn’t want to talk about religion, nationality, and many other questions, I wouldn’t and couldn’t carry on my peace pilgrimage this far”. So I told him my point of view on the subjects, and then we said goodbye.

I then went to the information point of the station to ask for the manager and the person on duty kindly pointed out to me how I can get through the barriers and find the duty passenger manager of the Leeds City Station.

Finally, after finding the right office, and going a few times from one office to another, I managed to find the right person and explain to her what I was doing and asked if there was a possibility of getting on board a train going as far south-west as possible. She kindly, after about five minutes, came back to me with a paper of “authority to travel” with northern rail (www.northernrail.org) as far as Nottingham, and she did very kindly direct me to platform 17 and train time 1805, so after thanking her and saying goodbye to her, I walked towards my destination train and waited at the platform until the train arrived.

I caught the right train and after passing through Wakefield, Barnsley Interchange, Meadowhall Interchange, Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Alfreton, and Langley Mill, I arrived at Nottingham Station at about 2005.

I have to mention that the supervisor of the train has kindly checked my letter and corrected the date of the letter, and allowed me to stay on the train until the end of my destination, I have to thank him here for his kindness towards me and my peace mission.

As I arrived at the Nottingham station I had to make my way to the manager/duty manager of the station and ask them if I can catch a train which was going to Birmingham at 2037 and he told me, that I have to speak to the supervisor of the train and there isn’t anything he can do, so I had to wait for the train to arrive and then see if I can find the manager of the train and then hopefully head down further towards south west of England.

I looked around the inner and outer areas of the station, and I noticed that the station is under a lot of construction work, as I have seen in Peterborough station as well, and I have realised a lot of people, if they aren’t careful, might not be able to catch the right train.

So by the time I found my right train it was too late to be able to speak to the train manager, and I had to jump on it and not to lose the last train to Birmingham.  As I am on the train and on the last carriage (an 8 coach train), I saw the manger and the inspector of the train is coming towards me, and I went towards him as well, and here we go head to head I was square about all my story and he kindly told me, “I can’t issue a train ticket, but when you get to Birmingham please go to the station manager and try to speak to them in order for them to help you with the rest of the journey”, so here we go it was another wonderful human being has helped me towards my destination without any problem.

After passing Beeston, Long Eaton, Derby, Willington, Burton on Trent, Tamworth, and Wilnecote, I have safely arrived at Birmingham New Street at about 2145.

As I have been advised by the train supervisor I straight went to the station manager, despite at this station there was a lot of work was going on as well, but finally managed to find the manager and she told me again the same thing that the manager of the Nottingham train station told me, so I have to make my way to the right platform to see what the reaction would be of the manager/supervisor of the last train to BTM (Bristol Temple Meads).

I managed to find the right platform and the right supervisor of the right train to BTM, and he was very kind, but he had a dilemma of whether he should tell me “Yes, get on this massive train with a few passengers on board and carry on with the peace pilgrimage” or “No, wait till next day and ask the same question at the next supervisor”. I clearly remember he was scratching his head in the last few remaining seconds before the train left the station at 2212, and again – here we go – heart and kindness has prevailed over money and greed!

So I remember he did come along, later when the train started going, and shouted out “Birmingham New Street tickets please”, and he came and passed me with a peaceful smile, so after passing Cheltenham spa, Bristol Parkway, I arrived at the BTM at 2344.

From here my destination was towards Bath Spa, so hopefully I can make my way on time  towards the Sunrise Festival, which was near a place called Frome. The last train to my destination had gone at about 2300 and the station was looking deserted of passengers and just left with the people who were maintaining the rails, and there wasn’t any sign of the station manager either, so I made my way to see if I can catch the last bus to Bath. I managed to get to it on time (I remember there was a last man to step into the bus, and he told me “you made this one just on time!”), but now I had to talk to the driver and he straight away said “No, without £3.50 you’ll not be able to get on my bus”, and he drove away from the stop.


After the bus left a nice man turned up at the bus stop and he kindly double-checked the place of the Sunrise Festival (because of my last missed festival I wanted dearly to get this one right) and we found out it is near Bath and Frome, so the only way for me to make it on time was to try and use the train to get there, so I headed back to the station, to catch a last train which was coming from London Paddington. Passing the station was a First Great Western train to Cardiff at 0145, so I took that one with no problem and I took my peace pilgrimage into another region of the UK, the capital of Wales, of course after passing Newport, then I arrived in the capital (Cardiff Central station) at 0222.

I had to go out of the station, because they were closing the station, and I went out and put up my peace camp in the capital and I remember next day at about 7am some people were calling me to say “We are people from the outreach, and we help people who are sleeping out rough, and if you would like us to give you something to eat, come to the car park.” The car park was just opposite to my peace camp, so I did go there and they even filmed me when I was coming out of my tent and getting the food from them, and they told me if I wanted to stay longer I can go to their outreach office and they can help me to find somewhere to stay, so I packed up my peace camp and headed to this place which was called “The Huggard Centre Cardiff Action for single homeless”, and I told them about what has happened this morning, and asked if they can help me to get in touch with the right people to get a copy of the video which this outreach action group were making, and the manager of the centre kindly got in touch with the right person and sent my email to them, so they can email the video link to me so that I can put the link on my blog.

A bit later I went to the place that the outreach people told me I might be able to get a place to stay for the night, and they told me that I have to fill up a form and go for an interview etc… and I thanked them for their time, and said goodbye to the centre after having some bread and a bowl of soup, and headed back towards the Cardiff Central station. Once there I asked for the station manager and he kindly assisted me to find the train manager, so I managed to get on board of a 1230 train and after going through Newport, Filton Abbey Wood, BTW then I arrived at 1334 in Bath Spa. Here again to get to Frome I managed to speak to the train supervisor and he kindly agreed to help me to get on board the 1407 train from Bath Spa to Frome, and after passing Freshford, Avoncliff, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge Hill and Westbury, I arrived at 1448 in Frome.

It was here that I managed to speak to some of the people who were going to the Sunrise Festival and I was so happy that I have made it to the right place this time, and I told them about my story and they were happy to help me to get to the main place of the festival by a shuttle bus, as it was pouring down rain like cats and dogs, so I couldn’t walk towards it – still I had to get to Chapmanslade and then the Thoulstone farm to get to the festival itself, so it was a wonderful opportunity that just came up and I couldn’t miss it.

After more than a week of planning to carry on with my peace pilgrimage all the way from the north east of England to the south west, finally half of my effort to get to the Sunrise Festival was done. After arriving at the site at about 1530, the other half – talking to the organisers to get into the festival, and telling about my first peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East – had just begun.

Straight away I went to the orange box office and a lady in there told me come back a bit later, we are very busy at the moment. I went to an old big London routemaster red bus, which had a lovely marquee by its side, and I waited and rested there, meanwhile talking to some of the crews as they were helping public to get into the festival, and some of them were very kind, and after telling my story, they kindly helped me with some food and drink.

Later that day I went back to the orange box office and the lady told me she has spoken to the director of the festival, and he has wished me luck on my peace journey and she told me that they can’t help me to get into the festival, to talk about my peace pilgrimage, so then I told her “Ok, if you can’t help me to get into the venue and talk to the public and the crews, then I have to find alternatives in order to do so. I will go to the main gate, and I will try to speak to the people (public and crews) from there. At the end of the day, I am here to speak to them, and not to a piece of land (the farm), that you have organised your event in”, so she told me, “go ahead”. I walked back to the old big London routemaster red bus and after taking my stuff, and thanking the crew over there for their kind help, I straight went back to the main gate and started to speak to people; by now the time was about 1830.

I managed to speak to a lot of people and gained a lot of support, and even some crews suggested that, “If we all pay £1 each, we can easily get you into the festival and you can talk to more people about your story”, and I told them, “No thank you, not at the moment, at this early days, I don’t want you to feel any pressure”, then I carried on with my peace mission advocacy, until about 2100. By now I told myself I had to start scouting for a nice place outside the festival so I can sleep at night there, and during the day come back to the main gate and start speaking to people again, then I went and found a nice place to set up my peace camp, and then went back to the main gate, and I spoke to people that night all the way till 2230. By then the main gate was going to close, and I said goodnight to two of the main gate crew and went back to my peace camp to sleep, and to prepare myself for another busy day at the main festival gate.

The two main gate crew were: Andy, who was a wonderful nice man who has been doing these sort of activities since 1983 for major festivals across UK, and lived in a basic and sustainable way of life ever since; and we had another gate crew member, who was Andy’s friend as well, called Taff (as Andy told me, this is a nickname in Wales  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Taff from this Welsh river https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Taff).

I have to say here, Taff wasn’t as friendly with me as his wonderful nice friend Andy, but this was at the time of him being operating the gate; later on, when he was having few drinks, I found out he could sense my humour after all, and he was much nicer and friendlier to me than when he was at the gate. I remember he was trying to tell people that “this man [he meant me] has got nothing to do with the festival, so please don’t listen to him”, but I was trying my best to be as friendly as I could possibly be to him, and not to make him upset. He told me that he has been worked in Glastonbury for more than 20 years, and I couldn’t blame him, he just couldn’t be as friendly to people, and make people smile so much, as Andy and I could.


Today I started my day by welcoming public and crews from the outside festival area to the festival area, and vice versa, and then talking about my peace pilgrimage to those who were interested and loved to hear about it, so I had a wonderful day, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

It was today that a crew member told me she’d try to speak to one of the organisers of the festival to see whether he will help me with permission to get into the festival area. It was about 1430 that she kindly brought out a gentleman called Fred (one of the organisers), and I spoke to him and he seemed to be a bit difficult to convince that what I was doing was good for humanity, and he was trying to question how on earth all those rail companies and other people had helped me to get here! He was also saying “What we are doing has incurred some costs and I can’t just let you have a ticket”, and he was even suggesting I should ask people to see if they can pay £5 each so I can raise the money for the ticket. In response to all of this I told him, “I want to take this opportunity and thank this nice crew member who has very kindly asked you to come to the main gate to visit me, and thank you for all your effort and time to come here, but this is not how I get from A to Z or see places by raising money; it doesn’t work like this, the only time I have done such a thing was at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, now I don’t see your’s and my position to be at that top governmental level, and I won’t make here as tough as the (what now remains of the) Ottoman Empire border crossing, but anyway, enjoy your festival, and I hope we do have good sunshine so I can carry on and speak to people with an open heart here at this main gate, after all I am here to talk to people and advocate peace and say what I think is going on in the current capitalist system”. Then he said goodbye, and I carried on talking to people at the main gate.

It was after 1900 in the evening, that a tricycle came by with a wonderful rider called Paul McGarry and on board was Leigh from Glitter Junkies Angels, and three little girls (angels), and they kindly presented me with a crew ticket to get into the festival. I thanked them so much for what they have done, and told them “I’ll always remember the Sunrise Festival as you two, these three little angels, and the tricycle ticket delivery to me at the main gate”.

Here I have to mention that yesterday and today I have seen many of my old friends from Occupy. Phoenix with his partner, who were there to do an Earth Circus Production at the festival (their networking website was www.squashcampaign.org); Bear, and his partner, who kindly read a nice poem to me each, and I enjoyed it; Joshua; and James who famously was known as “James the Window Cleaner”; Danny from  www.nemusend.co.uk; and also Andy, of the famous Occupy tricycle sound system, with his partner and a lovely child; and few more, not to mention all their names.

It was earlier today, about 1100, when I was at the main gate and welcoming people, I saw Phoenix and his partner with a lot of stuff that they were carrying, and I offered to help them into the festival area called “story lands”, which I did. I went with them all the way there, without any problem, but when I was coming back security people stopped me and made a big issue out of it, wanting to know why am I wandering about without a wristband. I told them “All I was doing was helping my friends, and now I am going back to the main gate, where I was coming from”, but they didn’t let me go back myself, they had to call for more security people to come and escort me back. I told them who I was, and what I was doing, told them that I have been in communication with organisers and people to see if I can manage to get in, but with no luck so far, and I told them “I’ll solve the problem of your wristband if I solve the problem of a ticket!”

Anyway, finally I managed to get into the festival after two days of talking to people, and then I started to talk to organisers of venues for my peace talk. I managed to secure two places inside the festival area, one in Groovie Movie (the first solar cinema in the world) originally for 1100 on Sunday but later changed to 1400, and the second in Cat’s Cradle, a place for green talks, at 2130, during the time of a banquet of free food.

Here I have to thank Holly (crew and volunteer manager), Jon, and also Paul for their help in organising for my peace talk. After confirming that I would talk for about 30-45 min in each venue, I started to go around all the festival area and tell people the time and the venue of my talks.


Today because I was so excited from last night’s events, and after having a wonderful day yesterday, so I woke up quite early, and I decided to go all the way around the festival area “outer and inner” to just familiarise myself with the size and the amount of people who were at the site, and it took me about three hours (from 0630-0930) to go all around it. Later I stayed a bit at the main gate, welcoming people again, and going around the whole site as well to talk to people, and it was today that at the Cat’s Cradle dome I met Satish Kumar, who has done a peace walk from India to America (http://www.resurgence.org/satish-kumar/). Also I met many other nice people, and I have to say my favourite dome at the festival was the Cat’s Cradle. During the day, I was going around and talking to people and at night coming back to my peace camp, and many nice people were leaving food and drink at my camp, which was still outside the festival area, and I decided not to move it, because people knew me from the beginning from outside the festival as a peace campaigner.


I started my final day of the festival by greeting people from the main gate and then went into the festival area and talked to people about what I was doing and asked if they would like to hear more about my story, so they can come to my talks.

I had a great time at the venues doing my talks, and again many people were sharing their solidarity with what I did, and over all it was another great day.


Yesterday at the end of the night, I went to the info desk at the festival to say if anyone was going towards Swindon and/or Cirencester, saying if so, I’d love to go with them and I left my contact details and I was told to go back if no one got in touch. I was told they will be open until just after midday today.

After waking up and going through the main gate, where there wasn’t any sign of my good friend Andy and everyone was trying to leave the area, and a lot of security personnel were at the gate and there wasn’t any place for me to say goodbye to people, I made my way towards the inner area of the festival. For the final time I went through all the venues just to say my final goodbye to people who I knew, and new people who I have just met at the festival, and as usual everyone was packing and preparing to leave the festival area, so I made my way back to the main gate. On my way back I wanted to talk to the second organiser of the festival whose name was Dan, I managed to see him in the production area, and I just said hello to him, because he was so busy, so I told him if he had few minutes I’d like to talk to him, and he asked me, “What’s it regarding?”, and I said “Peace” and I told him “I’ll be waiting outside, so whenever you’ve finished you can allocate few minutes of your time for me to talk to you”, but unfortunately long before I know, I found out he is gone and I couldn’t speak to him.

After asking the production area’s manager for the wifi code I managed to send an email, then headed out towards an area which by now was known as the hitch hiking area. I stayed there for quite a long time with no luck of a lift, so I made my way towards the A36 to see if I can increase my chances of getting a lift and finally at about 2050 I got a lift from a wonderful human being called Chief, who was coming out from the festival area and going towards my direction, and he kindly gave me a lift to a place called Nailsworth. There my wonderful brother from Cotswolds area came and kindly picked me up at about 2215, so we said goodbye to another wonderful human being known to his friends as Chief (www.outer-regions.net) and after that we were heading back to our home.

After getting back to my brother’s place I met a very nice person who his dad was from Yazd right in the middle of old Persia, then I had a wonderful welcome home with a cup of tea, which I had some digestives to eat with, and later on, after taking a nice shower after almost a week, then a wonderful supper of a potato meal, was already prepared for me by my brother, and we sat down eaten, and chatted a bit more again, before we said goodnight to each other.


Today I woke up after a wonderful sleep and rest, then had a great breakfast, then I did wash all my clothes, and hanged them in the sun, and in the afternoon I visited a great place where I helped with recording some very old maps and books, which have been photographed, including a couple of books which they came across to me as very interesting: Firstly, The Story of a Pilgrimage to Hijaz by Jahan Begam in 1909, and secondly Travels in Various Countries of the East, more particularly Persia in 1821. I also touched some books which were more than 400 years old, and have seen very old different maps of London as well, which was very interesting to me, and then I had my lunch, and afternoon tea with dessert at this place of old antiquity, and all I did was to record all these interesting materials.

Later on we came back to the house and my brother had to go for an evening singing, so I had some more time to talk to my brother’s friend, while he was away for few hours, and then later on we had a great evening meal together then I started to write about my days out there on my peace journey for the blog, and later on we said goodnight to each other and another day passed.


After waking up and having a wonderful breakfast I met another friend of my brother, who  asked me what I think about the area (Cotswolds), and whether I like or not, and straightaway I said “I love it”, and after talking a little about the current situation over a cup of tea, my brother and him went to the place of antiquity and I started to write about my peace journey for the blog again.

In the evening it was apparently my brother’s turn to cook for today’s evening meal, and he cooked us a wonderful semi vegetarian meal and we really enjoyed it, but before this I had to say I made the hottest starter ever with some local made food (Doyan/Shalam), which I had with me since I left Leeds, so I could have a little of it dry whenever I liked, and I really was happy that both of them did like it, while myself I had difficulty eating it after adding many other continents’ different condiments. After our evening meal, and having a great dessert, I carried on writing, and we said goodnight to each other.


Today after waking up a bit late I was lucky enough to get wonderful scrambled eggs for my breakfast, and then I did some more writing for the blog. Later in the day (about 1700) my brother and I went out for a little trip to some farmland near the Thames river and I met my first farmer here in the Cotswolds area, I was so happy to meet someone who had a similar background to myself, and who was also very conscious about what we are doing to our planet and very aware of what is going on all around us – it did really make my day. Then we went for a short trip on the river Thames to a little town on the bank of the Thames, and my brother, did kindly let me steer the boat on the river for a little, I was navigating the boat on the Thames river towards Lechlade for the first time, then we walked a bit around the little town while we were waiting for a wonderful fish and chips, which he got us for our dinner.

Earthian boating

We had rock-salmon/huss and haddock, because cod are in danger so we should avoid eating them my brother said, I didn’t know in the past that they were in danger (the cod) but I really didn’t feel much difference between the rock huss and the cod, so if you want to eat fish this is the one I recommend as well. The haddock was very strong for me, and I couldn’t eat a lot of it, but after a wonderful evening meal and twice having a tea break on the boat, while my brother driving the boat, we finally headed back to the house before it was getting very dark. On our way back to the docking and mooring place of the boat I saw a wonderful swan with a few of her babies on her back, carrying them around. Also, earlier on our way to the little town, we met a nice man called Tony from the north of England, who was telling us about how they were sharing a narrow boat between six couples, each year.

By the time we got home it was almost midnight and I managed to write a bit more of my daily encounter for the blog and we said goodnight to each other.

It is here that I would like to thank every member of the public and every crew member of every station that I have been through and especially the cross country and the first Great Western train people, that they have kindly allowed me and given me the opportunity to carry on with my peace pilgrimage, and spread the words of peace, tranquility and non-violent solution throughout the UK, and in particular at my first Sunrise Festival.

As I was writing this for the blog, I did hear the news about the Paris incident and my heart went out to the family of the victim, and humanity as a whole, so I would like to take this opportunity, and share with you my view, and some others on what is happening right now all across the world.

Aiming to raise awareness about state of peace in the world

I myself am in love with peace. I think if humanity wants to carry on its existence on the planet we should think at the present time more than ever of peace, so I call upon all the citizens of the planet earth, myself amongst them, that we must stand united if we are going to be effective as a peace movement. We must not be divided by the hate propaganda of the current climate, which is overwhelming the media; once divided we are more easily controlled; fear is the key to controlling the masses as we become increasingly afraid of each other. If we allow this to happen, we will lose the peace movement in a giant tsunami of hysterical racist bombardment; I believe this is happening not by accident but rather by design. We need to stand strong and resolute now more than ever, we must be prepared to face the challenges of more trouble on the horizon, and this time we must stop it before it’s too late. United we can stand, and be prepared, at some point, to go “on strike for Peace”.

What’s going on at the present time in Syria, Palestine, Africa, Asia, and now in Europe’s cities and towns; it is just the beginning, of a bitter taste on what they are planning for us.

So, let’s come and join in solidarity, with people of the world at the Bilderberg festival in Watford, which is my next peace destination, and let’s tell the world we don’t want to see all these barbaric and uncivilised acts on the planet.

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A tragedy-threaded trip

Day 1: 22.05.13

After having a great few days off from the school where I’d been helping with IT Support, I began preparing myself for my peace pilgrimage around England, with the aim of visiting many peaceful and nonviolent festivals to talk about the ideas of peacefulness, harmony and tranquility – of an event, and also of my pilgrimage as a whole. My first festival was to be Small World in Lincolnshire in the north east of England.

I woke up on 22.05.13 at the place of a good friend of mine in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. After having a late breakfast and an early lunch together, we said goodbye and I headed out at about 1pm towards my starting point, which in my mind is a place of much respect, a place which has given me love and courage throughout my OLSX (Occupy London Stock Exchange) time, which stayed with me throughout my peace pilgrimage to the Middle East and was now to launch my second peace mission; you guessed it right – St Paul’s Cathedral.

After walking for about 15 minutes from Whitechapel (Tower Hamlets) I entered another borough – Westminster – or should I say, the separate entity of the City of London around the Royal Exchange, which reminded me of 12th May last year when Occupy gathered there. I had a five minute rest then I begin walking towards my starting point, and it was here that I saw some of my good old friends who were coming from Downing St. They had just reached the place of the old OLSX camp and were on their way to the Royal Exchange (RE).

I greeted them and they took some photos and I spoke to some people who were doing live streaming, and I told the viewers about my second peace journey around the UK, so after this nice interaction, they walked towards the RE and I started towards King’s Cross Station.

On my way I went via the London Stock Exchange (LSX), which I always do as a starting point to a journey, first going through the centre of love and peace, St Paul’s Cathedral (this might only be symbolic, because St Paul’s has changed throughout the years and a lot of people believe it has become a centre for mainstream power itself), and then continuing through the centre of power and greed; LSX.

I got to King’s Cross (KC) about late afternoon, then I did go to the ticket office and told the duty manager about my peace mission, but they told me they can’t help me, and I was told by the duty manager of East Coast Rail that if I want to make a proposal I can send it to East Coast Customer Relations, Plymouth, PL4 6AB with a Freepost code  RSRJ-LJCX-GHST; or I can email to customer@eastcoast.co.uk; or call 08457225333.  If they like my proposal – and only a big IF “they like it” – then they might consider offering me a ticket to travel to Lincolnshire.

So I told them thank you so much, and I knew that I am already going to be late for the festival anyway and I’d not be able to make this proposal in time, but I might consider doing so for the next time, and I said goodbye to them and to KC station and I headed out towards a third borough of London – Camden. On my way north I always tried to hitch hike and without any luck, so I have to carry on walking towards the north. The weather was nice and kind and I got to Hampstead Heath at about 18:30 and this is the highest point in London at about 135m near to the pond, the history of which goes back to 986 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampstead_Heath

After a bit of rest I tried to do some hitch hiking for about half an hour, but again with no luck, so I started to walk towards the northbound A1(M), and after about 20 minutes I entered the fourth London borough of the day – Barnet. It was here, near Golders Green coach, bus and underground station, that I had a chance to ask some of the drivers and the manager of the National Express coach office for help with my transport. The manager said to me the same as the duty manager of the East Coast Rail at King’s Cross: for me to get in touch with nationalexpress.co.uk and apply in advance, then they might help, so I thanked him and I got back to the coach stop and I tried to ask some of the coaches which were coming with just one or two passengers, but the drivers were saying no to me. I’ve already described an incident back in Swindon when a driver was even trying not to let me get on board with a handwritten reservation code, let alone without any things at all, so I had a little hope of convincing one now, with the drivers thinking of the safety and the insurance and many other stuff which was going on in their minds.

I was comparing this to the time I was in an Egyption coach station and the drivers were not worried about putting seats in the middle of their coach to accommodate extra people, let alone worried about insurance and the rest. And here were these coaches going empty and not even considering to give any help.

I moved out of the station and walked towards the north, and by this time it was about 9pm and that means the last time I had something to eat or drink was before midday, apart from a bite of  bread with a taste of olive from an occupier at St. Paul’s while we were chatting, so it was time to go into some places of food and ask for some, and guess what, it was plenty of bakeries on the main road towards the north circular near Golders Green station. I went to a bakery and I told the woman there can I speak to the manager and she said the manager isn’t here but, how can I help you?, and I told her what I was doing and it seems to be I used the right remedy of talking human-to-human and forget about the money, and she kindly gave me a choice of a sandwich and a sliced loaf of bread as well, and to this day I am carrying the bread. It was so good that in an emergency I had one or two slices with some water, and that has kept me going without any problem, when I am in a difficult situation and can’t get any food, from anywhere.

So I walked out of the bakery feeling a great respect and thanks-giving and I headed towards the north circular, and at the junction I stopped and while I was watching the traffic I had my sandwich. Then I tried to do some hitch hiking again but with no luck and even a group of young boys that were passing by wished me good luck, and that was showing the likelihood of difficulties that I might have to go through in order to get picked up by a driver! So with no sign of a lift and the skies getting dark, I walked for another 5-10 minutes and I realised it was going to get difficult to find a place to stop. The time was about 21:45, and I had to find a shelter before it got very dark because I don’t like to put up a peace camp in the dark. After a quick evaluation of the area I found what I thought was the backyard of an old church. By the time I’d set up my peace camp, I think the time had just gone to 22:30, and I was preparing myself to say goodnight to my beautiful Mother Nature and the whole universe that was going to protect me till the next day… and then I realised that I have no sleeping mat and that the last good one I had, with aluminum foil on one side, has gone in the no man’s land between Al Hadiythah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Al Omari in Jordan. Sleeping on concrete is very difficult, so I had to put all my clothes and a small blanket, which I was using as my pillow, underneath my sleeping bag to protect myself from the cold weather.

After on and off waking up and sleeping due to traffic noise and the cold, finally I was woken properly by the conversation of a man and a women who were reading my board which explains that I have had done a peace pilgrimage to the Middle East as well. Later, at about 10am, I spoke to someone from the building whose yard I slept in, he was telling me all about the place and that it was a church that had been converted to a hotel. He began to tell me “I know you are not causing any problem for us”, but before he said another word I told him I am about to disassemble my peace camp as I have a whole day ahead of me with good weather again, and I asked him if he can get me the name of the place that has given me refuge for the night so I can mention it on my blog so the readers of the blog will imagine where I have been sleeping for my first night out and still in London, and he kindly brought the details of the place and also he offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted. The place was: The Pillar Hotel, 19 Brent St, London NW42; phone 0208 4574000; email info@thepillar.co.uk; website www.thepillar.co.uk.

If I’d known it was a hotel I could have asked to see if I could get a room for the night, but  never mind, next time around, if such a thing is going to happen again. After packing my stuff I headed north again, but I needed to go to a place to use a bathroom and further up at no.35-37 Brent St was an office for DODD Harris chartered accountants, with the main door open, so I went in and put everything down and relaxed sitting on the sofa waiting for someone to come out of the main office, so I can ask if I can use the bathroom, and I realised a man was struggling to get in from the other side of the building, and I went to open the door for him and he was apologetic and sorry for forgetting his keys and I told him “you don’t have to worry”, and I asked him if he’d kindly let me know where can I use the bathroom? He and another person, who came out from somewhere else, showed me how to get there and after using the bathroom, I came out much more relaxed and sat down on the sofas again and made my first audio tape, of day 1 of my journey, and the beginning of day 2, then I left the office to carry on with the rest of my journey.

Day 2: 23.05.13

I walked for about a mile or so and I found myself at the mouth of A1 / M1 and after some rest, and after trying to do some hitch hiking with no joy, I had to carry on walking. I got to near a bridge and before I got onto the motorway I said to myself “Let me ask the last shop for some water.” From outside, the shop appeared to be a distributer of popcorn machinery and plenty of popcorn, so I asked a young boy there if I can have some water and he took me into the shop, and here we go there were two older people there, and I told one of them (the second one was on the phone), what I was doing and asked if I could have some water, because since yesterday I hadn’t had any, and could he kindly help me with some and he asked me, “no one gave you some?”, and I answered “no”. He asked the young boy in a Hebrew language to go to another room and he just filled my cup half full of water. Even though I clearly told him that I didn’t have any water for almost two days, he just gave me half of a plastic cup of water, so I was wondering what would happen if I asked for anything else (especially some popcorn), but my gut instinct told me to get out of these as soon as possible and so I came out, then I had the water with one or two of my slices of bread from the Day 1 bakery and that was all my breakfast.

I walked towards the motorway and after about half a mile going along it a police bike turned up and the policeman told me in a very bad mood that if I carry on and don’t return he was going to arrest me, and I said to myself “arrest, doesn’t go with my peace mission”, so I had to turn back and find an alternative way towards the north.

After some more walking I got to a BP petrol station and I said to myself “I might be able to just catch a car so I can hitch hike towards the north east”, but more than an hour went by with no luck and then I saw outside and in the window of the petrol station shop the front page photos and stories in every newspaper and magazine, all filled with this barbaric killing in Woolwich. Just the day before I’d been wondering to myself about the mentality of 1982 and the Hyde Park bombing, which they now have a suspect arrested for, and today this news! What is going on, what has happened to humanity? Must we consider it lucky if we don’t go out and just massacre each other? After seeing this my heart nearly stopped beating and I was so saddened that I couldn’t even go in and ask for some water, which I needed very much.

Behind the petrol station and near to a shopping area there was a place with a sign saying “every day here is Always Fridays” and I said to myself “I’ll call in for food before I head out towards the main junction of Apex Corner and the split of the A1 and M1”, so I went in and one of the waiters came to me and asked “How can I help you?”, and I replied by saying “I’d like to speak to the manager of this place”, and he told me, “May I ask what it regards?” and I shortly told him, and he said to me “Of course, I’ll go and ask her.” I went back to the main reception area and waited for about five minutes, and suddenly this wonderful manager called Carrie came and she immediately said to me “So, Earthian, I have heard you have done a peace pilgrimage and all that, tell me a little about that,” and I was so keen to tell her all about it, but I tried to be short and concise as well, and she kindly told me “Yes, we do have this managerial discretion, and you can choose anything up to £12.99.” I said to myself, and to Mother Nature “Yes!!” and “Here we go, the universe has provided for me again, five minutes ago I was out there for more than an hour in the rain and the cloud, and the sun, and the bad news in the papers, and now I can sit down and order a lovely chicken steak with spring onion and mashed potato meal!” And I got two lemonades with it as well, thanks to the kindness of the waitresses.

So many thanks to Carrie and all the personnel at the Always Fridays. After a little discussion with some of the waitresses about the current situation in the world and the distribution of the wealth – because Carrie wasn’t there and she has gone for a meeting – I told the rest goodbye and headed out towards further north.

After walking for some more miles I passed Apex Corner and it was here again that I tried to do some more hitch hiking and after no luck for about 30 minutes I moved on and got to a main junction where I have to decide whether I should go towards M1-Watford or A1(M)-Hatfield. I had to go to a petrol station to ask members of the staff to borrow a UK map to find out which way was the right one, and I found out I had to go towards the north east to get to Lincolnshire. Because it was on and off raining I waited there for another 30 minutes and then, after no luck with anyone offering a lift, I headed out by myself again and walked towards the north east.

Further up, near a parking area, I asked two stationary cars, which I thought might be going north, but both declined to even talk to me, so I tried some more hitch hiking with no luck again. By this time it was about 20:30 and a young boy came and I asked him how far I can go before I get to Hatfield and before he answered my question he said “What you are doing, it is just amazing, and I hope and wish you every success in your peace journey”, and then he looked it up on his mobile and found out I was about 5-6 miles away from Hatfield and very near to Borehamwood, which was just after another main roundabout near to a Morrisons store. I asked him what he was doing at this time of the night here, and he told me his grandmother has come to Morrisons to get some stuff and he has come to help her, then he took a photo of me and my board, and I asked him to get in touch when he has access to the internet and also he can become my friend on facebook as well, and then he can upload the photo there with his comments and the position to show that he has seen me in this place. We walked for a little more together and I saw his grandma was coming and after saying hello to her, he told me that she speaks only a little of English and she speaks more Chinese and I told him I have a Chinese friend and also I tried to learn some Chinese, so I can say to her “Nihao”, and then we said goodbye and I headed north east and they headed south.

I walked another mile or so and I got to the main roundabout and the Morrisons store and I headed into the store and I asked for the manager or duty manager of the store at the info desk and after about five minutes a nice gentleman came and I told him about what I was doing and asked if he could help me with some food and drink, and he took me to a sandwich area and asked me what I would like and I told him “Can I have some vegetarian one?” and he asked me whether I can eat an egg sandwich and also a cheese one, and I thanked him and I also asked him if I can have some drinks, and he offered me a small bottle of sparkling water which reminded me of Hungary, where almost everyone was drinking sparkling water (I didn’t know why, and now thanks to the internet and wikipedia, I do know why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonated_water)

After eating the egg sandwich and some of the sparkling water in there, and leaving the cheese one for the next day, I said thank you to the duty manager Mo Thayudeen, and told the customer services to thank the manager Aytan Tuncel, who wasn’t there at the time, and I got the details of the store so I can send them a thankyou letter after my journey and can also invite them to read more about my peace journey. Their details were given to me by a very nice and wonderful lady from customer services, as follows:  Morrisons, Borehamwood: 388 Sterling Retail Park, Stirling Corner, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 2BT; 020 89536828; www.morrisons.co.uk

I came out of the store and the time was about 21:30 and I had to find a place to shelter for the night, so I walked further and got to an industrial area with a lot of carparks and found a small place near to a high voltage building, and set up my second peace camp, hoping that Mother Nature and the universe will connect and provide me with more wonderful people and another wonderful day. After I went into my tent I had to cope with more rain and more coldness of the night due to my insufficient sleeping equipment, but after doing my end of the night audio record I said goodnight to my surroundings and slept.

Day 3: 24.05.13

I woke up with more rain, and wetness of my tent and my sleeping bag as well, but after some struggle I began to get out and found immediately in front of my tent there was a box of ginger biscuits wrapped in a Morrisons bag, and I thanked whoever has provided that to me the night before. I had left my peace flag and my board outside my tent and I think early morning people have seen it and they just perhaps wanted to show their solidarity with me with that little ginger biscuit, which is one of my favourite biscuits, and so all I can say to them is “Thank you!” again.

As I got out further, I found out too much rain has caused the water to pool and try to penetrate into the tent, I managed to shake the tent a bit and tried to redirect the water, and then I walked around the industrial area and after a first refusal to get into the bathroom of a building I managed to talk to a receptionist of another building, and she kindly let me use the bathroom, and after I told her what I was doing she got me a cup of water as well. At first she thought I was a lorry driver, but then when she heard about my peace mission she was trying to be more helpful.

I went back to my camp area and I found out the building near me had gone into administration and no one was going in or out of it, so at some point during the day, in the late afternoon, when the rain for a duration of 5-10 minutes had stopped, I moved my peace camp and everything within it to about 10-15 yards from the building, into a more sheltered area, and I waited the whole day, not going anywhere due to the heavy rain. I went back to the same office that gave me two cups of water earlier, to get more water, and I had already eaten earlier in the day the cheese sandwich from last night, so all I had for the afternoon was a few chips and some ginger biscuits and one or two slices of bread. I was close to Borehamwood and I noticed some of the locals were paying attention to my tent and board, and I tried to talk to some of them, and they were kind and trying to be helpful.

I tried to get to sleep early in order to wake up early the next day, because I had a feeling that the universe would provide me with a lovely, maybe more sunny day for me to keep going after this day of rest, which I think my body wanted to have after two long days of walking all the way from the centre of London to Borehamwood. My ligaments were hurting and that rainy day was just enough of a break to have time to recover, so I did go to sleep early and said goodnight to my surroundings for the third night in row.

Day 4: 25.05.13

I woke up with the noise of traffic from the A1(M) in Borehamwood and it was a lovely day of sunny spells and I managed to dry my tent nicely and I packed everything and headed out towards the north. After about 15 minutes of walking I got to an accommodation place, and I went in and I asked the receptionist if I can use the bathroom. The time was about 08:30 and she asked me “Are you staying here?” and I said “No, I am just a peace pilgrim”, and she kindly let me use the bathroom and after this I went back to her and asked if I can speak to the manager or duty manager of the place, and she pointed out to me where was the duty manager. I went towards her and told her what I was doing, and asked her if I can have some breakfast, and she told me “Let me check something with my manager”, then after about five minutes she came back to me and she said “You can’t have a full breakfast, but you can have some toast and coffee, but not in the main area, come over on this side towards the main entrance.” She also asked me if I can put away my stuff somewhere near to the main entrance, then I did wait for about another five minutes and she kindly brought me a couple of toasts and some small sachets of butter and jam and a cup of coffee, so I started eating my lovely breakfast and I also managed to charge my phone battery, which I hadn’t done for almost five days. After this I went back to the receptionist and told her that I am writing on my blog about where I have gone and who has helped me throughout my journey, and I would like to see if the duty manager would like their name to be mentioned or not. I was told by the receptionist that they would like to remain anonymous and don’t want any publicity, so although I asked for the address of the place and the receptionist kindly provided me with it, I will not say what it was here.

After leaving the place and walking towards the A1(M) junction 23, I saw a massive statue of a dinosaur and some small ones as well; it was on the other side of the dual carriageway so I couldn’t go there to find out what was that all about – if anyone knows anything about it, I would really love to hear from them, I couldn’t find anything about it on the internet either, so please get in touch!

I walked and tried to hitch hike and entered the junction 23 area and tried again to do some hitch hiking but with no luck, so I carried on again and I walked for about 15 minutes, then I could hear someone is honking at me, and when I looked back it was a police motorway maintenance patrol and the driver asked whether I can speak English and I said yes, and he told me “You are doing an arrestable act by walking on the motorway and we would like to ask you if you can cross the fences and walk on the public footpaths and not on the motorway”, and they told me I am lucky, that the weather is not bad as well. I told them “No problem, if you are saying that people, especially university students, are doing this and people are being killed doing it, clearly I don’t want that happen to me and I will take your advise and move into the footpath”, and so the patrol man kindly helped me and he was very nice, and a lady who was with him watched us moving my stuff over from the motorway. Then I said goodbye to them and I carried on walking, despite I knew it was going to be longer and I wasn’t going to be able to do any hitch hiking, still I carried on walking from the side of a field and headed north.

After about 2-3 miles I got to a private farm place near to a WWI & WWII memorial, and I went into the farm to ask for some food. I rang the bell of some of the houses there and in one of them I saw a lady with her daughter and a massive dog came out and I explained what I was doing and I asked if she was able to help with any food or drink, but as soon as I finished talking, she went into a state of disbelief, I could tell it from her body language, and I think that it was a direct response to the events of the past few days reported in the media. She didn’t say a word, just went back into the house. I didn’t wait for other people to come out, I just headed away as fast as I could, thinking that clearly the media has done a great deal of damage to people’s trains of thought and in that woman it was a fume of hate that I could see. As peacefully as I could, I headed out of the area and I went to the memorial and sat on the bench and reflected on what could have made these people so sad if it wasn’t for our corrupt media? It seems that the people behind the media do not analyse what will be the consequences of the images they show before they put them in the public domain.

It was about 14:00, and I tried to fetch some water from a golf course and they told me, when I rang them, that they are miles away from the main gate where I was, so they advised me with the direction towards Hatfield and after this I headed out and started walking again towards the north east, and after a couple of miles walk and a rest I got to a place called Welham Green, which had a train station, and I waited here to take the 14:43 train to Welwyn Garden City.

I arrived in Welwyn Garden City station with no problem, then I was waiting for a train to go to Peterborough at 15:01, when – as the train approached – an inspector came to me and told me “You have frightened children with your board and all your stuff and in light of recent events, I ask you to put away all this stuff”, and I was like shocked, thinking “What children?” and “Why is my board explaining my peace mission frightening children?” Clearly, to me, it was something he had imagined in his mind and wanted to transfer to me, he was using mention of children but it wasn’t about children. As I heard him telling me this, I realised I couldn’t allow myself to get on board this train and I decided not to get on board this train with him being an inspector. I said to myself “I haven’t said anything, this is about his own state of mind, but if I get on board this train, clearly I won’t get very far”, so I sat down again and I was a bit sad. I waited, and reflected on what just happened, and I could wait another hour for the next train to Peterborough, but I decided to take a different train, the 15:31 towards Cambridge, with the hope of more opportunities. I got off in Stevenage with no problem, and it was just as I thought, when I got to Stevenage at 15:43 there was a train going to Peterborough at 15:47, so I got that one and after going through Hitchin, Arlesey, Biggleswade, Sandy, St Neots, and Huntingdon, I arrived in Peterborough at 16:41 with no problem.

In Huntingdon, while the train was waiting for passengers to come on board, I saw a lady with a pushchair had dropped her baby’s jacket underneath the train, then she was talking to the driver to say she has just dropped her baby’s jacket, and the driver didn’t have a solution and was about to leave, so I offered the lady my white umbrella to get the jacket out and it did work. After getting her baby’s jacket back she lifted her head and looked at me and, surprisingly to me, she didn’t even said thankyou. I wasn’t doing this for her to tell me thankyou, but  it was my fourth bad encounter which I put down to what was going on in the media impacting on me directly – not in a violent way, but in the change of people’s perceptions.

After waiting and having some more water, ginger biscuit and bread at the wonderful Peterborough station, I managed to get the 18:59 train going through and stopping at Grantham, Newark North Gate and arriving at Lincoln Central at 20:02, so finally, after four days of peace walk, train catching, and nil successful hitch hiking, I got to my first intended destination in Lincolnshire. Now, my main task was to find the Small World festival, which at the station, and in the surrounding area, apparently no one knew anything about it.

As I was walking outside the station, on my left I saw an old church, and I looked around and found out it has been converted to a homeless place, so I went there and I asked the people who were running the place, and one of them told me there is a festival near here, so they asked a young boy who was waiting to get a place for the night to come with me and show me where it was, and when I got to the place I found out it was a Lincoln Beer Festival. I asked the security at the main entrance if they know anything about such a festival (Small World), and they told me they hadn’t heard anything like this, and told me if I can go to a minicab or taxi service in a building opposite to them and ask them, they might know. So, I headed there and I got upstairs, and I asked people over there and they didn’t know about it either! They told me “There is another festival which is about 20 miles away from here, and that is the only one we know about”, and I said to them “What is the guarantee, if I go there, that it is the one I am here for?” and there wasn’t any internet connectivity to check, but they told me to go further down the street, there’s a pub with free wifi.

I headed out and looked around and I put down my stuff and waited for a bit to ask some more people if they might know about the Small World festival and a couple of ladies turned up, and I asked them if they know about Small World, and one of them immediately knew the name and she told me “It is in August”, and I told her “Yes, but there is one in spring as well”, and she checked on her phone and told me “The spring one is in Kent!!!!!!!!!!!” And I was shocked that I had spent almost five days getting to Lincolnshire and the festival is all the way down in Kent, so as I was digesting this news and the time was also running out and the weather was cloudy and it was getting dark; the time was about 21:00, and I had to find a shelter for the night and try to find out what to do next?

It was at this time a few young people were reading my board and they were disbelieving what I was doing and they told me “So, you are coming up from London and you got here in four days – you must be in a wrong profession, you should be in the army” and I said “No, I don’t want to be in the army”, and then they started telling me about the news and what has happened in Woolwich in London and I told them loss of a life is regrettable and the way that the media has portrayed these events is barbaric too, and I want to send my condolences to the family and the relatives of the victim. The girls were standing and we were chatting, and the boys were asking the girls “What are you doing here?” and they replied “We were just trying to help this peaceful man” and the boys offered me a drink or an orange juice and I thanked them and then we said goodbye to each other, and I headed back to the homeless place (it was called “Nomads”), and by the time I got there it was closed and I thought to myself, “What to do now?”

I had a gut feeling that staying in a place which almost everyone was drunk would not be a good idea so I headed back to the station and in there there was a train going to Sheffield. I spoke to the conductor, told him what I was doing, and asked if he can help, so he very kindly told me to just jump on the train and come with us, so I jumped on the train and the train was just two coaches and the first one was full of drunken people and the second one a bit quieter. As the conductor asked me to get on board on the first coach, everyone was looking at me and saying to me “Where are you moving to?”, and I said to them “Nowhere, I am  just doing a peace pilgrimage round the UK” and everyone with a loud noise said “Hooray!!!!!!!!!!” I managed to get to the end of the first carriage, and then showed the people my board and some were quite shocked that I have managed to do so much. A man looked at me and said to me, “Is it for real?” and I said “Yes!” and he took some photos, and then I found a seat in the second carriage of the train, and started to eat some more bread and water. The time was just 21:27, and as the train left the station I start looking out there into the sky and the surroundings, and after passing Saxilby, Gainsborough Lea Road, Retford, Worksop, Shireoaks, Kiveton Park, Kiveton Bridge, Woodhouse and Darnall, we finally arrived at Sheffield at 22:48.

One thing that I noticed on my way from Lincoln to Sheffield was two massive power stations near Gainsborough Lea Road station, and I was wondering how many of these we have to power the whole country. One of them may have been the power station where No Dash For Gas activists climbed chimneys and camped up there for a whole week in 2012 to highlight the environmental problems with these kind of power stations and soon these activists will be sentenced and may go to jail.

Here I want to thank the Serco & Abellio joint venture with www.northernrail.org for letting me cross the country and spread the word of peace everywhere.

In Sheffield I had two choices: I could go to Nottingham or Leeds and I had just 30 minutes to make a decision; that is if I was allowed to make any choice at all, otherwise I had to stay in the station. I had few days in hand before the next festival, Sunrise in the south west, so quickly I made two phone calls, one to Leeds and one to Nottingham, to see if my good friends in those places would let me go and stay with them to recuperate and rest before I head south. Nottingham was not available but Leeds was, so thanks to the cross country rail, (crosscountrytrains.co.uk) I took the direct train from Sheffield at 23:31 and I arrived in Leeds at 00:12. My wonderful friend very kindly picked me up from the station and we went to his nice friend’s pizza shop and got a lovely vegetarian pizza, and then we headed to his place. By the time we got to his place and had eaten and chit-chatted away, it was 03:30. We said good day to each other and slept away, till next day, and I managed to write all about my peace journey from London to Leeds while at his place, and after a very good rest we said goodbye, and I headed on my way to the south west.

Some thoughts on the media, and on reproduction

I have a bad habit of picking up a Metro or London Evening Standard (ES), to check the current news, whenever I pass a station. At the beginning of this journey that ended in Leeds, I picked up an ES in the late afternoon at King’s Cross. On the front page on that day (22.05.13) was the headline “Man is charged with 1982 Hyde Park bombing.” There was a photo of a smashed car and dead animals.

To me it is an illusion to think that the media are unbiased and tell the truth and have no agenda. It is not true that those creating the media all want to publish the real news, just to let the public know what has come out of a police investigation (for example). It seems to me that they are hatching something very bad and putting wrong things in people’s minds. In this case, they were taking people’s memory all the way back into the past, which has happened and gone, and it was something bad as well, I ask you all: Why?

It is not always true that “If you want to move forward, you should leave the past behind” – it is correct that we learn lessons from the past, but what past? A past where we see the good things and take something from them, and leave the bad things behind. Why do we have a violent society? Perhaps because of the everyday perpetuation of violence through media, films, games and more; what do you expect, with all this violence?

If you ask me about today’s media, I’d say 99% of it is perpetuating violence every day and if we could reverse this, we could live in peace and harmony, side by side, no matter our colour, race or gender. So I ask the mainstream media to publish good news always, and leave the bad news out, until we as a wise community of the planet can solve things in an amicable way.

I strongly believe our brains haven’t yet developed the right mindset, and must develop much more in order to leave the violence behind, and all of us together need to work to create a free and fairer society without violence and in a peaceful way. I would advocate to have a book of peace at even before primary school level (maybe in nursery), to teach our children compassion, nonviolence, and freedom from hate and the mentality of today’s society which is all about competition, and win and lose, and the fittest, the strongest… With today’s science and technology, and free from money, greed and profit, we can develop such a society. It is not a dream.

I don’t want to see a human with a violent and destructive mind try to bring or create another look-alike human being. I don’t want us to recreate bad genes or bad mindsets, we are already struggling with bad genes left from our ancestors, and we can’t afford to reproduce violence in this manner. It isn’t a Big Brother mentality to say this, to say to yourself “Do I need to bring a child into this world while we have this level of violence and brutality?” I believe a lot of families think to recreate and reproduce so that their wealth won’t go into the wrong hands – it is not for the good of humanity, as a whole, all over the planet.

So please, please, before you bring another human being into the planet, think about all the aspects of the planet and do not reproduce just for the sake of your family line, or for making someone else happy by them becoming a grandma/dad. Humanity will not become extinct if you don’t reproduce, so let us all come together and rectify the failures of the past before we make it any more difficult for each other by bringing more humans into this world.

The violence and the barbaric acts that we have seen, in the heart of so-called Western democracy here in London, has affected me as a peace pilgrim. The only advice I have to the media and to the people in so-called “power” is that we can’t live in peace and harmony – even if we leave the planet  - if we don’t try to eradicate acts of violence altogether and all over the world; in the current situation, violence will stay with us, wherever we try to go!

As I have said always on my first peace pilgrimage to the Middle East, the only way forward is to abolish artificially-created borders and try to stop all the wars and get rid of all our arsenals. We call ourselves intelligent human beings and we can show this by doing these things. I promise you we won’t see this sort of violence in our streets, no matter which street in the world – whether in Dimashq, Gaza, Kashmir, Tokyo or London – if and only if we start to teach our school children with a book of peace and tranquility and living all together. When we are at the age of 40+, and by this age you have seen and experienced every kind of violence, then to try to come to terms with “Now we should stop”… well, I am afraid it may be too late by then.

When our media talks about love, and compassion, and living side by side, it is only then we will be able to create a harmonious family and society. Communication is very important; we don’t know how to talk to each other, we don’t have time for each other, the rat-race is holding us back and it hasn’t left any time for us to communicate and try to understand each other.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why are we busy so much”? Going to school, then university, buying a car, and/or a home, getting married, raising a family, paying bills and now with the modern lifestyle we have to update ourselves with the latest gadget otherwise we will be left behind. There is no time left for any peacefulness in our hearts, for tolerance, compassion, or even celebration.

At the end I’ll leave you with a thought about our future, which is all dependent on our hands.

We can’t leave it for a Martian to come and rescue us, it is only us the citizens of this planet who can take us through to a good time.

I believe no one else can do it.

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Life in England


Dear all,

It has been more than a month now, since I had to abort the continuation of my peace pilgrimage from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to the Gulf States, and had to come back to the UK.

But here, it really has felt like I have come back home, and I’ve seen a lot of my good friends who have been very supportive and helpful to me, in order to forget about all those incidents and difficulties which I encountered throughout my peace journey.

On my first two weeks back in London, I managed to visit few of my good old friends and talked to them about my peace journey, and told them about how much I would like to write about my peace journey and suggested maybe even a book might be a good idea, to write down what I have seen and encountered throughout my journey, because I do not think anyone who is going to visit as a tourist or even as a journalist will be able to see and feel what I have seen and felt.

On my first week back in London I paid a visit to a place called “Passing Clouds” with a good friend of mine, who told me there was going to be an evening of poetry (“Lyrically Challenged”). He kindly wrote a poem about my peace journey and what has happened to me, then kindly introduced me to the people there. I very briefly spoke about my journey, and I mentioned I am going to write a book about my first peace journey from London to the Middle East. (“First” because there will be more.)

The following weekend I went back to Passing Clouds again, with the hope of making an arrangement to have an evening to talk about my peace journey in more detail, and there I heard from a person who has been through a few different detention centres here in the UK and he was explaining about what has happened to him. At the end of it I mentioned to him and to the audience that what you can see here in the UK is just a drop in the ocean compared with what is going on throughout the world, things I have seen throughout my peace journey and we have to do a lot of work to eradicate all this.

As you all know life here is a bit faster-going than the place that I have just come back from (Middle East), and I wasn’t yet adjusted to the speed of life here when already an opportunity came up to do some IT support work. I saw this as a good way of adjusting back to the fast-going life here in the UK, while reflect back on what I have been doing for the last six months or so, therefore I took the opportunity, and I have been working in this school for almost four weeks now. It is a school that I worked in before, and it has been a great pleasure to see all those old faces in the school and talk to them about my experiences as and when I was getting a little gap of free time.

It has been a fascinating and a curious peace journey to many and particularly a few specific teachers in the school were very interested to hear more. Even the head of media asked me if I wanted to do an interview with some other people he knew, and I told him I’m always happy to talk about my peace journey to anyone who is interested in listening.

Towards the end of my third week back in the UK I went to west London to see two of my very best friends who I came to know during the Occupy (OLSX) camp, and they have been excellent supporters of my peace pilgrimage throughout the whole journey. One of them runs “the PHOENIX Project”, which is a very good project with a film show almost every Friday night. After about two hours of very good conversation and chit-chat and telling them a little bit of my journey here and there while having a very lovely dinner, I said goodbye to them, promising to go back the next day to see a film.

So it was Friday evening when I went back to west London to see the film, which was about Utopian London, that I saw another very good friend of mine who I came to know him through OLSX and he has been almost like my brother here. Even during the time of my ten days in HELL in KSA I did call him to say “I am ok for now, and no need for a panic and tell others as well not to panic and don’t go to KSA embassy yet to protest”, so he meant a lot to me, and after the film show at “the Phoenix Project”, I saw another two friends from the time of OLSX as well, and they did talk about the film in a little discussion group.  After that we had some refreshments, and I told them a little more about my peace journey, a couple of photos has been taken by one of my good friend, that shows the event.

At “the PHOENIX Project” talking about my peace journey, after the film show!

then later that evening I went back to the West Country to a place where my very good friend lives.

On Saturday we woke up a bit late because we went to sleep quite late. After having a great late breakfast (and early lunch) I was reminded of ‘meal times’ which I totally lost track of throughout my journey, because I could just eat whenever there was something to eat and if there wasn’t anything I couldn’t complain, that’s just how it was. Then I told my very good friend a little bit more about the story of the peace journey, and after having a great day of good food eating (he was trying to feast me to make me put on a bit of weight again) our time went beautifully well, in and around the garden. My friend also had his lovely new girlfriend there, and we got to know each other slowly since the Friday night, and she was such a wonderful woman, a good companion for my well-deserved friend. I noticed that they could talk for hours without any problems, it was like they hadn’t seen each other for years, and I really enjoyed being with both of them.

Late afternoon, after his lovely girlfriend left us, we were getting ready to go to a boatyard near to the Thames river to get a cover for my friend’s boat and he took me through nice places in the countryside and showed me around the area and explained how the place used to be in the past, and also he pointed out to me where his boat is located and hopefully in the near future we will go and see the boat. On our way going and coming back we saw a camping area and he told me in a jokey way “you should go and tell them their tents are not in a straight line” and that was a great loud laugh “LOL” based on the time of OLSX (and many other occupations). Later that evening we had a great pizza meal and then some more chat before going to sleep.

On Sunday after scrambled eggs for breakfast he kindly took me for a lovely, almost 6km of walk around the village where he lives and it was a great walk and a reminder of my peace walk; I had to do a walk like this throughout my journey and even sometimes three times longer than this as well. He took some nice photos of me around the village too, which you can see, few of them here.

The River Churn beside me.


The River Churn behind me.

The River Churn behind me present day!

You can see the past in this link!.


My friend also showed and photo me, on our route, that we were walking, the river Churn and the water which was going to an old mill as you have seen some photos of them, and also he was explaining to me that what was going to happen to the old canal, that in some places you couldn’t even tell there was a canal there, it was just, like a piece of land covered with trees, but he was hoping that the restoration programmes for the canals, which he is involved with, will hopefully restore almost the whole 40km or so of this beautiful canal before it gets too late. I was saying to him “it will be a great route for your boat to come this close to the village”.

The Old Canal!

The Old Mill behind me!

After coming back and taking a quick shower, and having an absolutely delightful two days of talk and rest over there, my wonderful friend kindly took me to a place in Swindon and I caught a megabus and headed back to London to attend the school again on Monday.

It was another new week at the school and while I was helping them with their technical questions they were also asking me about my moral peace journey.  I had to talk a lot, to many of people there, telling the story about my peace journey from the start and only very briefly, so I decided at the end of the week, when we were going to have three days off 04/05/06.05/13 (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), send a brief message to all staff and students at the school for their kind patience with me during this hard period, many of them will be aware of what I was being doing for the last six months, and most of them have been absolutely great in supporting what I have done,and also giving them a link to my blog so they would have enough time to read my story and I have to tell less about it and more about why I did it, and If they wanted to become my friend on facebook as well, I have written that they could send friendship requests and we can keep in touch more often.

Also in the e-mail I mentioned that they might have to bear with me if I am a bit slowed down and even sometimes might not be able to remember some password or the cause of some technical problems, just to let everyone know that if I wasn’t as fast as before, the reason behind it was, that I have been away on this journey, and I am very much capable to catch up with what whatever I could do in the past here in the school, and now with more confident and clearer mind, so I left the message just like this for them to absorb.

Here we go again it was another weekend and this time towards where? You guessed it right, to the West Country again; the second time was going to be a very special one, because we were going to have a micro gathering with a very special friend of us from the time of OLSX, reuniting again three of us and spending some good quality time together, talking about what has really happened to all of us during the past six months while we have been away from each other.

In London it was about 10pm that I was waiting for my best West Country’s friend to come and pick me up, because I had too much with me to carry on a bicycle all the way to west London to meet up at the PHOENIX Project, so I had to ask him to kindly come to near central London and give me a lift from there.

I had with me a bicycle, some clean clothes and some clothes for washing, and the flysheet of my historical ‘peace journey to Middle East’ tent, which survived the hands of KSA’s police. After almost all of my stuff was taken away from me at the Saudi border I was lucky enough to get some of my things back, which had been scattered all around the no man’s land between the Jordanian Al Omari border and KSA’s Al Hadithah border. When I found the cover for the historic tent, there was the cork of a wine bottle on top of it, like it had been planted there to make me think this theft had been done by some drunk people. I had big doubts – it felt like a set up, a way they (the KSA authorities) had thought of to get rid of me after I was there for ten days. They took the poles from my tent, but they didn’t take the cover, knowing then I wouldn’t be able to put up the tent and so it would be very hard to continue (a drunk person wouldn’t think that way, at least I haven’t seen one in my life thinking that way, and this along with many other things made me feel sure the theft was the work of KSA intelligence, intended to make me head back to UK as soon as possible).

Anyway, back to the Friday in London: I also had a laptop which my wonderful friend had lent to me the first time I visited him, so I could start to write about my peace journey as soon as possible.  I was carrying all of this, and also all day on that Friday I had been running around the school which made me tired, so I did not have enough energy to cycle all the way to west London with all this stuff (it was almost 10km), so I had to ask my friend if possible to kindly come and pick me up, so we could then head towards the West Country together, which he did. He kindly turned up on time and then because of a bit of misunderstanding on both our parts we got lost, but after me giving some directions and then him having to go back a bit and then listening to the lady navigator (Satnav), we finally started talking to each other again and told one another how our week had gone, because it was just a week ago when we had seen each other and now it was time for a catch up.

After almost two hours we got to our lovely destination and we were about to send a text to our wonderful guest who was coming from the north, when we got a text from her to say she wouldn’t be able to make it on time and we shouldn’t wait for her; she is well equipped and she is going to sleep in the middle of West Country’s forest.

By this time it was almost 2am and my friend and I both decided to go to a deep sleep each one of us in our own bed, in luxury compared with what I have been through in the last six months of my peace journey. We woke up in style as well, knowing we have this special guest who will turn up soon from the north and who has slept in the forest last night.

So, here we go! it was just at the right time as we were preparing for our breakfast that our special guest turned up. We were so delighted as we saw each other after quite a long time – I had just seen her for a brief two hours the previous week, but now I was going to see her for more than a day and this made my wonderful friend (the West Country host) and I so happy. He set up a video and audio so I could talk about my peace journey to the Middle East and it would be recorded, he did this hoping to encourage me to find a best way to record and write it all down. He also made toast for us and our visitor told us about her more than four hours journey from the north, through road closures on M6 and how when she stopped for the night she was already quite close to us and we were still awake, but she has decided not to come and disturb us and the neighbours so late.

Below you can see a nice photo of me and my great friend from North, while we are talking about what has happened in the past six month, which it has been taken by our wonderful host.

My great friend from North in our wonderful host’s place in West Country!

So on Saturday 4th of May the weather in the village of the West Country was an absolute delight and after our nice breakfast and talk it was almost afternoon and we decided to go out to the garden and try to find some poles so we can make the historic peace journey tent cover into a proper tent again; this is the tent which I have put up more than 100 times in towns, villages and even capital cities all the way from UK to KSA. The idea that I’ll just throw it away because it’ll be no use to me with the poles stolen was completely false, and within about half an hour, with the help of my great friend with his tools and equipment and spare parts, the tent was up again in the garden. I cleaned out all the sand which had got into the tent in no man’s land during the time of the biggest storm I have ever seen (beside which the heavy gales and storms of OLSX were nothing but I managed to save the tent after that, too)… and here we go!, it was up and running and ready for the next expedition, ready to complete the round-the-world peace journey.

After this we started to put up the most wonderful pentagon /geodesic 2.5m dome that my friend has made it (it is 8m in total, but because of the space we just put up this small one and it was a wonderful experience to spend some time together putting it up. While we were doing this my friend told me that last year he had been in the Green Gathering festival and it was a great experience to put up the 5m geodesic dome there. I told him if I am around I’ll be happy to come and help to set it up with you at this year’s Green Gathering. Last time I helped to put up a geodesic dome was in OLSX and that was just a 5m one but an 8m one would be more fun. I also said I could talk to people at the Green Gathering about my journey as well. My aim of a peace visit round the UK to spring and summer festivals is now approved to go, next I have to go and see if I can speak to the organisers of nine or more festivals and get to go there, to talk about my peace journey to Middle East.

Below you can see a few photos from the historic tent, the Dome and some working equipment in the garden:

I am putting up the historic tent, while my great friend is watching and enjoying the sunshine of the West Country!

The historic tent, the 2.5m Dome, and our great friend in West Country!

I am cutting some screws for the base of the historic tent!

After having a wonderful breakfast, repairing and finding two missing poles for the tent and making some extra bits with some screws so that the tent can stand very nicely, and also putting up the dome, we had enough time to have a wonderful afternoon tea and then head out for a great walk again around the village, this time in a new direction because I was always reminding my good friend “no repeat and always go forward”, and he kindly did arrange that and three of us had a wonderful almost 5km walk. On our way home we went to a place which is called LONDIS and I asked my good friends “what does it mean?” and I did not get an answer, but now with the help of Internet we don’t have to worry about anything, and here we go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Londis. From LONDIS we got some stuff for our evening meal, and we got back about 8pm and after a little bit our host’s wonderful girlfriend turned up and she has come with plenty of cakes, dessert, and ginger cookies, so we didn’t have to worry about after our meal.

Our evening meal was a nice vegetarian one and almost all of us loved it our wonderful friend from the North has brought a little bit of fresh vegetables from her Garden and we all had a bit of it as well, and then as I mentioned our dessert was already there and we enjoyed it very much, then talking was on till late into the evening and there it was, we had enjoyed another day out in the West Country, and after saying goodnight to each other, we all went to our luxury beds again.

At “the West Country in our host’s place” talking about my peace journey, after a great vegetarian dinner which was made by our great friend in West Country!

At “the West Country in our host’s place” talking about my peace journey, after a great vegetarian dinner and a wonderful dessert made by my great friend’s girlfriend!

On Sunday it was another new day and another new dawn and because our wonderful friend from north was going to leave us at 12pm we managed to have another good two hours together around the breakfast table, and chatted away about whatever we have missed from yesterday, and then we said goodbye and a big hug till next meeting which isn’t set yet, except that we know there is going to be a Green Gathering on 1st – 4th of August in Chepstow (https://www.greengathering.org.uk/), so we hope to meet up again there and catch up with a bit more of our different stories and adventures.

After saying goodbye to our northern friend, then we were just left with my good West Country friend, his girlfriend and I, and we had another good day ahead of us, and we did some more camping repairs and after completing those and putting down the precious (priceless) peace tent then we disassembled the dome and then we started repairing bicycles, just in case we had a chance to go for a ride the next day on Monday, which was another day off. Then my friend did some gardening, and then again he kindly arranged for us to go for another wonderful walk around the countryside in a different direction than before, but on the way we encountered mosquitoes (or some strange flies) which we didn’t expect to see at this time of the year, but we managed to survive, and again it was a great continuation to my journey, walking every weekend, I wasn’t feeling that I have stopped my travels. So, after about another 5-6km walk we got back to the house then while we were relaxing and listening to some nice Gramophone music they kindly made a nice Italian pasta dish and after talking about a little bit of art, we planned our next day, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

On Monday after again having our wonderful breakfast we did go to a camping equipment show and we enjoyed the exploration of different tent experiences and even talked to a man from the show about my peace journey, and then my good friend’s girlfriend said goodbye to us and we headed towards his boat on the Thames river. On our way I saw some people were playing with some handheld helicopter and airplanes and I really enjoyed watching them, and then we headed to the riverside where my good friend’s boat was anchored. I found out that the platform for the boat had been damaged and we tried together to put four new poles into the ground and push them down with a tool, which was new to me! a “post rammer” , also this new tool caused a little bit of injury to my left hand thumb,but also I was bitten by a plant which was all around the area, “Nettle”, of course I forgot all of this after having a nice late lunch on the board of the boat, as you can see me here.

An enjoyable meal on the board of the boat!

I really enjoyed helping to do this temporary platform, and after that my very good friend kindly took me back to Swindon through the famous magic roundabout and then after a bit of debate with the driver of the National Express coach (the driver was asking for my ticket and I was saying “here is my booking reference number” and he was telling me “I can’t accept this, it is just your writing” and his argument was “if I said to a bar man, ‘here is a £10′ and gave a piece of paper with £10 written on it to the bar man, so will the bar man give me a few pints of beer? he wouldn’t, would he?” And he said “what you are asking me is like this, and anyone could write this and come and try to get on board a coach, will I allow them?” and I was telling him “these are two quite different issues, here I have a reference number and in your example it is just writing.” Finally I had to call National Express head office and they talked to him, and he let me get on board, and so I managed to head back to London for another week of action at the school with IT, and my peace talk.

The last weekend and this one I tried to gather some of my thought to write about the period that I have been back and also about  my main peace journey and also plan for the next few weeks, during which I have to start my peace journey again, and this time around the UK’s spring and summer festivals. I haven’t had much time for visiting anywhere far, apart from going to a swimming pool a few times here in London, and spending some good quality time with few of my nice friends here in the capital.

I have spent almost four weeks running around and trying to be a little help to the great school where I was working, and I have seen a lot of good people there trying their best to teach and prepare many of the younger generation, despite the harsh reality of the outside world. All we can do, wherever we are, as human species is to be just helpful to our fellow human beings, nothing less and nothing more. I have seen that the austerity measures here in the UK is affecting the heart of education which isn’t really doing much to prepare our young students for the world that they deserve to live in! The school where I have been working is affected, like many other sectors of society like the NHS. Here in the school people were talking about who and what departments might be the victims of the austerities. I can’t see the world is going to be any better by just saying “I can’t do much – I am just an individual and we have to do it all together”; I will carry on with my peace mission and will tell the world it is not going to be any easier for us if we just accept what we have got and expect the world to change itself!

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “if you want to see the change in the world, you have to be part of it”.


I am very concerned about where I can best deploy myself to be much more effective than just going into a school to help with IT and trying to earn some so-called “money”. Doing this is definitely not satisfying me and I am saying to myself that if even I am drawn to go and work despite knowing I can live without it, well why am I doing it?! Then the bigger question is – how can we make society work, all co-operating together, not just acting as individuals?

I have about 20-30 more years of good active life if I am lucky and I don’t want to do what everyone has done before me, and I am saying lets do things together – togetherness makes us stronger! – but how can we do it? We are all interconnected with the planet, we can’t just do as we like and consume as we wish without any consequences, let’s face the reality. I know that there is something that we can do, which will be better than this, and it must be soon, we cannot wait 30-50 years, I believe it is going to be too late for humanity as a whole if we are going to wait that long.  With today’s technology and availability of resources we can do much better than what we do now – if (and a big IF) all of the resources and technology are not used just for creating profit.

In a society where profit has the first say in every aspect of it, it is a sick and depressing society, and we all should think much more carefully before we do anything to keep this system going, otherwise we just become ‘the matrix’, creating the very bitter reality of our lives.

Till next time, may peace be upon you all, where ever you are in the world.

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Back in the UK!

I’d like to say, first, why I am back in the UK and then I will go back in my memory almost a month to say what I couldn’t when I was in the hands of the Saudi Arabians.

I arrived early morning of March 29 in the east of Jordan at the Al Omari border crossing. I was welcomed by the border police after showing them my letter in Arabic, which explained what I was doing and why I was there, and they kindly sent someone with me to see the manager of the border who I hoped would help me to cross.

After about an hour or so I managed to convince the authorities and they kindly helped me, even paying for my exit tax. They knew I didn’t have a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) visa and in Arabic they were saying “the Saudis will deport him back,” but they let me go through and there I was, going into my 14th country, towards the 80th town, city or village of my journey. I had a nice breakfast in the no man’s land between the borders with some truck drivers, who had already seen me on my way from Al Aqaba, then I headed straight towards the border town of Al Hadithah in the KSA.

Near to the border building I was stopped and asked “where are you going and what are you doing?” so, as I have done before, I showed them my message in Arabic but the border police kept saying “Visa, visa, no visa, no Saudi Arabia!” They said I have to go back to Amman, the capital of Jordan, to get a visa for KSA, then come back. I was saying “I have not gone to any embassy to get a visa and I don’t go now as well,” and I asked if I can see the manager of the border. They let me go another 300 yards to another set of buildings where passport issues are dealt with. After about an hour they were still just saying “visa, visa” over and over, as though they were thinking I didn’t understand, so again I asked for the manager. They told me it was Friday and the manager was not available and even the governor of Al Hadithah town was not available. They asked me to stay in a room and wait to see what we can do, see if they could get in touch with the main people by phone and hopefully get a response from them.

I waited until late afternoon and the border guards kindly invited me to have a late lunch with them, which was a mixture of rice, chicken and some kind of vegetable in a big round tray. All of them were eating with their right hands, and I realised I was eating with my left hand and they were sort of offended and told me to eat with my right hand, as this is their tradition and I should do as they do. I found out later that the reason for this is to do with using your left hand in the bathroom and it is not good to use the same hand for eating, you must always use the right hand and never mind how much dirt you might have under your right hand finger nails! There was no sign of any spoon or fork, so I got on with it and ate as much as I could and thanked them for the food.

The authorities made a copy of all the pages of my passport and of my Arabic letter and my letter of support from Occupy. The news quickly went around that the Israelis had refused to let me into Palestine. After another hour or so (by this time it was about 5:30 pm) they asked me to get into a car and they were going to take me back to Jordan. I refused and walked to the first checkpoint of the KSA border and told them “I don’t go anywhere unless I hear a refusal from the manager of the border or the governor of the town” and I told them I wanted to see the manager and the governor before doing anything more, so they asked the guard at the border to make sure I didn’t go anywhere until Saturday or Sunday, by which time they thought they could get some official letters ordering me to go back to Jordan.

So it was over this weekend that I managed to get friendly with the border police and one of them kindly lent me his ipad so I could briefly go online and tell people what was happening. It was around this time that I found out my weblog was not accessible.

I stayed in the border building until Sunday and in the morning some police officers in civilian clothes arrived and they were telling me “we are like the FBI in America” and “we are just here to find out that you are ok and you are eating well and being looked after.” I told them I was ok and again I reiterated that I would like to see the border manager or the town governor and I showed them my Arabic letter again. Surprisingly they all said it was a great letter but soon after they left, at about 2pm, the same officer who had tried to take me back to Jordan on Friday came along with a letter written in Arabic to say both the governor and the manager of the border wanted me to be deported.

I went to look at the time on my phone and realised my phone was missing, so I said “I am not going anywhere without my phone.” I decided to leave the border buildings and walk about 150 yards towards Jordan and set up my peace camp. I told the officials that I wasn’t going to leave without first seeing the manager or governor. In the area I moved to people were coming and going and seeing me and seeing the board that explained about my peace mission. I was talking to people about why I was there and I found a good person who passed some messages to friends in England who were worried about me and he also took the photo that is now on my weblog. My camp survived only a day due to heavy sandstorms that came every day, so I move my camp into an abandoned car beside the main dual carriageway.

I have managed to stay on the dual carriageway for a little more than a week (from 31.03.13 to 07.04.13). It was on 31.03.13 – the day the Saudi authorities wanted to deport me back to Jordan – that I lost (or, I believe, had taken away by border police) my dual sim card mobile phone, which had all my contacts on it and other data. The border guards were telling me that truck drivers might have taken my phone to sell, so “we can’t do much about it,” and I told them “you can’t hold me in a place like you did, with all my stuff there, and just let truck drivers come and look at all my stuff and anyway, why would they just take my phone and nothing else, when I have other stuff with me which is more expensive than the phone?” After this I didn’t want to talk with them anymore so that was why I decided to go and camp about 150 yards away from their building. They were not allowed to come out to me but I wasn’t far from them, so I could have called upon them if I ever got into any trouble on the dual carriageway.

So, this stretch of road was about a mile long and I was camped at the far end of it near the Saudi side and not near the Jordanian side. On one side of the road, the side going towards Jordan, it was mostly trucks with Lebanese number plates waiting for the war in the part of Syria close to Lebanon to stop, so that these trucks could set off to go back to Lebanon. Some of the drivers were there on the road and some had flown back from Jordan to see their families and then were coming and going, waiting hopefully until they could all go back through Jordan and Syria and back to Lebanon (and some to Turkey as well). My message of peace and saying the war in Syria has to stopped immediately was well received and the truckers were telling me “you are welcome to come and have your food and drink with us for as long as you are here.”

On the other side of the dual carriageway it was mainly vehicles coming from Jordan and going back to KSA and it was on this side where I put all my stuff into an abandoned, broken windowed car to shelter there after my tent was blown away by strong winds on 01.04.13. I was based in the car until 06.04.13 and it was on 05.04.13 that all my belongings were stolen while I was away having some food at the other end (Jordanian end) of the road. I was away between 8pm and 11pm, mostly talking with the different truck drivers, and when I came back, I found myself in my shelter place with nothing left, almost everything had been taken away from me. It was too late for me to go out and enquire about what had happened so I waited until the next day and then I started to look for my stuff. I found some of my clothes, papers and food, they had been taken and then abandoned, but there wasn’t any sign of my passport, driving licence, Samsung Galaxy note 2 and -16 degree sleeping bag, nor my rucksacks and many more items (later on I did list them and discovered that more than 25 major items were missing). I spoke to the British Embassy in Riyadh about the theft and they told me they would make an official enquiry with the Saudis and get back to me, but before I heard anything about my stolen stuff, the Saudis decided to deport me back over the Al Omari border into Jordan.

The day before I lost everything in my shelter place, a Saudi policeman and a civilian came in the early morning to my place and said “so you are sheltering here overnight, are you ok here?” and I told them “it is better than your place, where my phone went missing.” The next day the incident of my stuff going missing happened, so I had a feeling that I better had move out before they did any harm to me. That’s why this time I didn’t resist going back to Jordan, because I just told myself “they can easily get rid of me, as they did to my stuff.” I really didn’t feel at all safe in that place any more.

I have to say, there was so much going on at this mile stretch of land between Saudi and Jordan; I heard from Saudi people that this was the busiest route in their country, linking India, Pakistan and all the other Gulf states to Jordan Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Europe as a whole. People in this border land were consuming alcohol and drugs and doing business with petrol. In Saudi petrol apparently is cheaper and in Jordan more expensive, so there were many locals trying to go to Jordan to sell petrol every day, and some of these people were helping me with food and water.

On the 07.04.13, my last day on this border, I did finally meet the manager of the border and I spoke to him about my ordeal and he told me “we will sort things out before end of the day.” I really thought he was going to help me go through, but by 3pm three officers turned up to take me back to the Jordanian side of the border – that as what the manager meant by “sort things out” – and my 10 days in hell finished without me get hurt, at least the not getting hurt was a good thing.

I call it ten days in hell because I really didn’t enjoy my time there on the Saudi border. After me losing everything, the authorities were still just saying “where is your passport?” and not taking into account my losses; they were talking to me as if they didn’t know anything about what had happened or about peace or my pilgrimage, all they cared about was a passport and a visa. When I had the conversation with the manager of the border he was telling me, “you know this is Saudi Arabia and everyone needs a visa if they want to come here and it really doesn’t matter whether you do a peace pilgrimage or anything else.” I even told the three guards, when they were taking me back, “wherever you are taking me to is better than this hell,” and they were laughing and saying “we are taking you back to Jordan.”

So, that was how I lost everything, and had to come back with nothing. After going back into the hands of the Jordanians I was questioned by their intelligence agency, as happened before at the Jordanian-Israeli border when I was deported back from Israel. I told them what I had lost and gave them a copy of my list of lost items and they kindly arranged for me to get to Amman, the capital of Jordan.

I got into Amman about midnight and went to the British Embassy with a copy of my stolen passport and the security people at the embassy told me go back the next day because they were closed for the night, so I stayed around a busy area near the embassy until morning. It was busy all night until about 4am, so I went into a 24 hour shop and I told them my story and said that if I had a razor I could have shave, so if the embassy needed a photo I wouldn’t look like I had come back from hell. As soon as the person working there saw my Arabic letter he provided me with a razor and so I went to another place to ask if I could use their bathroom to shave and they were happy and even brought me a cup of coffee as well. That was the last time I was doing my peace mission without money.

The next day, 08.04.13, I went back to the British Embassy and explained to them what had happened. I was given 20JD which is about £20 and I went out and I started to eat by buying food, rather than by talking to people, for the first time in very nearly six months (five months, 16 days and 10 hours to be exact).

This peace mission without money was the greatest challenge of my life so far. I am sure it has prepared me to do more and next time with different ways of looking at things and with more experience in hand.

One thing I realised on my journey was that a lot of problematic things to do with money can be escaped from and it is good to be away from these things but I missed many things too and had cravings for things that I couldn’t often get with my talking! I learned I have to just be more patient and wait until those things come later. That last day in Amman I realised that I wanted to have a lot of icecreams and mixed juices which throughout my journey I didn’t have. In Amman with the embassy money I had plenty of it and now I don’t crave it any more.

I have to say I was a bit demoralised after that ten days in the Saudi border land but I managed to get in touch with some good people back in the UK and they kindly helped me to get an emergency travel passport and a plane ticket from Amman back to the UK and now am I back in England, reflecting on the journey.

Before I finish up this chapter of my journey, I would like to go back to Al Arish in Egypt and say some more about my travel from there all the way to the Jordanian-Saudi border.

In Al Arish, as I mentioned before, I met Mr Mohamed Abu Eta, a journalist from AA Egypt-Sinai and he interviewed me and told me the interview would be published in the local newspaper (their Turkish branch already had an interview with me back in November).

I travelled down from the north east of Egypt to the south east and in the town of Nuweiba Mr Ramdan Mohamed, director of Canal shipping agencies, kindly helped me and managed to safely secure my passage to Al Aqaba.

On board the ship I met my third round-the-world cyclist, Mr Somen Debnath, who has spent almost 10 years of his life doing a bicycle tour for an HIV/AIDS awareness programme and also seminars on Indian culture (www.somen2020world.com, www.somen2020world.org and somen_debnath.livejournal.com). He was very impressed by what I had managed to do in just less than six months and surprised that I am speaking on so many different topics. He suggested I should be sending an email to many different organisations, companies and government bodies which might be agreeing on my peace mission and any of my main points, to ask them for support and to raise awareness about what I am doing; he said just letting people know about my mission in every place that I was heading towards could have helped greatly, but he was also saying “it is amazing that you have done all this yourself without any sponsor!” He said people will help you greatly so long as money is not involved. And he was so happy about what I was doing that he was almost talking more to people about my journey than about his own, which has been going on for a decade. I think our meeting had a good impact and I believe Somen will probably advocate more than just one cause now that he has seen me doing that!

After finding a tour manager at the Al Aqaba border who was willing to pay for my exit tax out of Jordan, and after convincing the Jordanians to let me pass, I crossed the border and was heading towards Eilat. As soon as I got near to the entrance for Eilat I was asked for my passport by an Israeli woman while being studied and monitored by a policeman in civilian dress but with an automatic weapon. Before I could go anywhere I was asked to take off everything apart from my shirt and trousers. Another two women joined us and questioned me. After a bit more than half an hour, I and all my stuff went through a scanning machine and I was taken about 100 yards further for more elaborate investigation and scanning. This time six more officers joined in and got busy with my stuff and I was undressed almost totally and checked with electronic devices to see whether I am carrying anything harmful. I realised the word peace has lost its meaning here a long time ago. They were not at all convinced I am on a peace pilgrimage.

After more than an hour of investigation of my physical body and my stuff and then waiting some more, maybe 2-3 hours, I was told I had passed all the security checks but they still wanted to know what was my intention of taking peace into Eilat? They also wanted to know how many other places was I going to visit on my peace journey, how many places had I visited so far, how long had I stayed there, and what have I been doing for the more than 40 years of my life? Also, where are my family members and what are they doing, what are their contact numbers? What organisations and governments are supporting me on this peace mission and who has given me the Samsung Galaxy note 2, and what are their contact details? It was like more than 16 years ago when I landed in the UK and asked for asylum, except this time it was just a visit and a peace visit at that, to a land that has had so many troubles since the Roman times.

When I approached the border and saw the man in civilian clothes with the automatic weapon I had a bad feeling but I said to myself “just hope to get through and meet some of the people of this land.” Despite the bad feeling I patiently waited for all these procedures to go through and let them check every single item that I had and then I was deported back to Jordan. After more than 7 hours of questioning and searching, I was told “we will take you back to Jordan” and they put two big red stamps on a page of my passport, saying in big letters “entry denied.” It was sad that, just like this, the Israeli border guards could get everything out of you and then not let you go anywhere.

Later, I realised that as soon as I had entered the border area near Eilat, security guards were checking the address for my weblog on my information board. I think they looked at the blog and read all about my journey and possibly they found something that they didn’t like and possibly they thought I might see something to write about in their country that they wouldn’t like me to write about. When I heard from the Saudi police “here is going to be your last place of peace, it is a good time now for you to go back to UK”, and then all my stuff went missing, I wondered whether they got advice from the Israelis to take everything I own and so force me to go back that way.

As soon as I got my first refusal of entering a land, I was expecting more refusals to come. The Saudi refusal was an expected one. I could have continued but once everything was taken, I didn’t have any room to manoeuvre and finding an alternative route to India and then the rest of the world was just too hard to plan and cope with. The Jordanians were kind to me, but I think that was because of my status as a British national, not as a stateless Earthian. And so, I decided to call off my mission, after visiting more than 15 countries and over 80 towns, cities and villages during the first (to Iraq) and second (to Saudi) legs of my peace journey. The mission is definitely not finished yet and with the help of many good people all over the world, I aim to complete it one day – sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, I was thinking to prepare something for seminars and suchlike, so I can go to places and talk about what we can achieve as human beings, if we don’t look at each other as tools within a broken capitalist system in which life is good for a few and the rest are their slaves, but try to truly see each other, as human beings with hearts full of joy and no limiting fear or hatred.

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No Man’s Land

This is a friend of Earthian’s, updating his blog at his request.

Earthian’s passport and phone have gone missing, however, he is ok!

He is still near Al Hadithah and is camping in no man’s land between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He managed to make a phone call from the phone of “a kind passing taxi driver.”

I will try to add a photo of him taken by another friend.

on the road
on the road
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Saudi Arabian custody

I last tried to update this blog yesterday while in Saudi Arabian police custody at the border between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, near the town of Al Hadithah. They were trying to send me back to Jordan and I was saying “No, I have to speak to the governor of Al Hadithah, or the manager of the border, and explain my case to them.” I wrote, describing what had happened in the previous week, while waiting for their reply.

The update loaded onto my weblog. Soon after, friends reported that it had disappeared. We don’t know if this happened because of an internet hiccup or because someone in authority somewhere didn’t like what I had written and decided to take it offline. My good friends became worried but luckily today I was able to email and reassure them.

I am ok here in the hands of the Saudis. The authorities here are not trying to help me but I am still trying to communicate with them through the kind people in the border security guard.

Going back almost a week to carry on from my last blog post:

In Al Arish, in Egypt, the security people checked all my stuff and even went through my Samsung Galaxy, keeping my stuff in their custody for a day. Then I was given it back but found out that I wasn’t going to be getting any help from the governor of Al Arish or the security forces, so I headed down towards the cities of Ismailia and Suez. People were, as usual, very helpful. From there I went to the Gulf of Aqaba and managed to enter the port of Al Aqaba in Jordan. Then I tried to cross the border towards Eilat, which is controlled by the Israeli people, who looked at me as a very dangerous man. I was searched and questioned. After about a day in custody I was asked to go back to Jordan and my entry to Israel/Palestine was denied. Then I headed back north and tried other borders but with no luck.

This is just a brief explanation of what has happened with a few bits missed out.
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Life in Egypt

I have been remembering the OccupyLSX camp in London and that made me want to share what I am seeing here, as a man of peace, from the heart of Egypt, which is different from what I have seen on TV and what tourists see when they come to Egypt for a week or two.

I am in the dusty and windy city of Al Arish, 40km from Gaza in Palestine.

Life here is definitely a hundred times worse than the Occupy camp we lived in.

I have to eat bread which is picked up from the ground and more than 10 flys have mated on top of it. At all times 5-10 flys are on you and you have to keep trying to make them go away, and after a while you give up and let them eat whatever they have found on you, and then maybe they will go away.

Donkeys and horses pull carts and are used for every kind of transportation, the sound of them is everywhere and the smell of their poo and urine is almost unbearable. The dust is on everything you pick up, so if you wash your clothes by the time you bring them back to wear, they need washing again and you will give up washing them after a while.

Many people here are using cars and other motor vehicles very little, even if they own one. The other day at the terminal I was speaking to an old man who offered to help me get to Nakhal in South Sinai and I asked him “How old is your car?” and he couldn’t remember, and after looking at his papers we found out it is more than 40 years old. It was still going.

As I entered Egypt at the port of Damietta I founded myself going back in time to around 30 years ago. What I saw reminded me of very remote villages in Iran, which when I was young I visited with others to see how we could improve the lives of villagers. Here in the cities of Egypt, rubbish is everywhere and flys and smells and dust are everywhere. When cars do pass you need a shower straight afterwards, that is how much dust is going to land on you. I found it is unbearable to walk on the roads because of this, also car drivers and motorcycle riders use their horns all the time to avoid colliding with each other, so where there is traffic it is very noisy. I saw a glimpse of this in Romania and Bulgaria, but not to this extreme.

When people talk about ‘third world’ maybe they don’t know these bitter realities, it hit me hard after being away from it for more than three decades. And Egypt is way ahead compared with some other African countries, which makes me imagine that in those countries life is totally broken, and no wonder people hope they will get a better life after their life on this planet.

With the connections of the internet people have seen the western world – no wonder many want to go there and have and see and enjoy some of it before they die.

The only book I have seen here is the Koran, and the only music is Muslim. I have met a lot of people who want me to find them a Muslim woman from England for them to marry, so they can live in England. Some men here have four wives or even more and sometimes they make a joke saying that they would swap them for just one in England.

This is just a little of what I can describe and let you know.

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Spring, and hopes

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the arrival of Spring across many nations and send good wishes from here in the Middle East to all the people who are celebrating this festive season of Nawroz, or the Spring Equinox. I also would like to say that tomorrow I will have been on my peace walk for five months. Hopefully this year is going to be a year of peaceful solutions to the world’s many problems, here in the Middle East and across the rest of the world.

Today I went out with my good contact Mr Shokar Abdolaziz, who I met by chance a few days ago near to the Al Arish bus terminal (when he offered to let me go to his place for a shower and refreshments). Now I am staying with him again and we went together to see the governor of the city of Al Arish.

We walked for about 15 minutes, with Shokar showing me different places in the city, then arrived at the office of the governor and spoke to some people in the office, talking about why I am here and how the governor might be able to help me to cross from Rafah to Gaza.

After a short wait I managed to see the secretary general of the governor’s office and he was quite happy to see me. I showed my British passport (I prefer not, but have learned that sometimes there will be no progress if I refuse) as well as my Arabic translated message and the letter of support from Occupy London. Copies were made of these things and the copies were passed around different people to see what they can make of my journey, and my message. Someone named Faried spoke to me in English, telling me “This is a bit odd,” and “We haven’t seen anything like this before” and “Your message is great, the security forces here might be able to help,” then he told me wait until I speak to the governor himself and see what we can do.

While I was waiting, I spoke to a journalist to say why I am here and he took some photos and another person who said he was from Aljazeera (English and Arabic section) filmed me with a camcorder as well, and I told my story in English outside the governor’s office.

After about 20 minutes Faried and another guy from the office of the governor came out and there was a car waiting outside for us. Me and Shokar were taken to the internal security forces office, and after more questions and making copies of my passport and my translated message in Arabic and the Occupy London letter, the person who was in charge in the office told the people from the governor’s office (Faried and the other guy) to go, and it was just me and Shokar. Then there was some more questioning about the places I stayed in Rafah and people who I talked to and so on. Meanwhile Shokar told the security officer that I have a device on which I write about what I see and the was a bit worried about what I am writing (on my Samsung Galaxy note 2, a kind donation), and I told him “All I do is write what I see, I write it for my blog so people can follow what I do and know where I am and they can stay in touch with me, nothing else”.

After this the officer asked us to leave the office to and stay in the reception area while they had a look at my passport, my notebook, the letter from Occupy London and the card of the kind person who paid for my visa at the port of Damietta.

After about 20 minutes my notebook was returned and a little afterwards Shokar was called back. He came back after about five minutes and said we can go back to his place, leaving my passport and the Occupy letter and the kind port person’s card with the security office.

So we headed back to his place and on the way we visited an office which gives licences to charities and NGOs and I spoke to people there, and then we headed back to Shokar’s place.

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At Rafah Crossing

On March 18 I went straight to the manager of the main terminal for transport between Al Arish and Rafah and explained to him what I am doing, and that locals had told me it’s not a good idea to hitch hike in North Sinai. He kindly provided me with transportation to Rafah.

After getting to Rafah Crossing safely I explained to the Egyptian border guards what I am doing. They refused to let me cross. They asked me to go back to Cairo and the British embassy, to get a special visa to go to Gaza. This would involve getting in touch with an organisation with an interest in Gaza, to see if they can appprove my peace pilgrimage. With this approval and permission from the embassy, the border guards said I would be able to depart Egypt for the Gaza strips in the land of Palestine.

My reply to them was simple and clear, I said “This border has been created by our hands. Let me, ‘the man of peace’, go through this land, it is a way to say yes to peace which we all desperately need, especially here and now in the land known as Palestine”.

As I was speaking to the guards some people who were working at the gate heard what I am all about and spread the word around that “This man wants to abolish all the artificially created borders, including this one here, he is doing this peace mission alone and not for any organisation or government!” So then I had to sit down and explain to the people more about what I am doing, especially the younger generation were interested and quite happy to hear what I had to say. They offered to write me a letter of support in my notepad and some of them even offered to get me to Gaza through a secret tunnel. I thanked them and said “We have to get rid of this border so that everything which is necessary to life can go through here and not through dangerous tunnels.”

At 4:30pm the border officially closes and the army moves in and takes everyone out of the area, and if anyone refuses they take them out by force. So I had to explain again what I am doing and asked if would be okay for me to set up my camp there. The soldiers made contact with their superior and after about half an hour another pick-up full of military personnel turned up and they told me I have to go all the way outside the area, even outside the UN camp area as well. They seemed quite scared.

After leaving Port Said in the north of Egypt I had found that the area from Al Kantara towards Al Arish is very military. It even reminded me of Iraq, especially in Al Arish and then out towards Rafah and the surrounding area. Apparently this has happened after about 16 Egyptian military personnel were killed by insurgents last year.

Anyway, after a few hours scouting about I managed to speak to a coffee shop owner and he kindly let me to sleep inside overnight and even offered me some basic dinner and breakfast,  which I want to thank him for here.

Next day I went straight back to the gate again, this time to speak to the manager and show them my translated message in Arabic and the Occupy support letter, which together I hoped would ease my passage. Unfortunately after about an hour in the queue, and even though everyone was showing me support,  they said that I am not going anywhere with just this.

While in the queue I was speaking to a kind young person who was very supportive and he asked me to stay at his place for the night so he could show me around the area and see the life of the Bedouin, which is similar here and in Gaza on the other side of the Rafah gate. I accepted his kind offer to stay and decided that next day I’d travel back to Al Arish.

I really enjoyed staying with the Bedouin and seeing their way of life and their places for gathering and socialising after work. The young guy even took me to near where the Egyptian, Israeli and Gaza areas meet, with his motorcycle. After I’d enjoyed their good hospitality and had thanked them, he also helped me to get back to Al Arish.

From Al Arish I tried to go to the next gate into Palestine, in the south east of Egypt, but I was told by some people at the bus terminal that I have to find a different route and it will take me more than a day, so I decided to go back to the kind person I met on my first day in Al Arish, which is where I am now writing this.

I hope tomorrow I’ll find some alternative way to meet the next challenge of my peace mission.

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Across Egypt

After a day’s walk from the port and a welcome lift from a nice car driver, I arrived in a village near Port Said, on the main road towards Al Arish. I went to a coffee shop and told them what I am doing and asked if they would let me put up my tent until the next day when I’d be going on towards Palestine. They investigated who am I a bit and then they kindly let me stay in a little room until the next day.

In the morning they generously offered me something to eat and then I headed towards Al Arish. After some distance of walking a kind driver gave me a lift and then a nice person with a tricycle helped me to get to the town of West Kantara on the Suez canal. After a police check and an ok from them we got on a boat to cross to East Kantara. The tricycle driver then kindly helped me with some food and also helped me to find the bus station, then we said goodbye and I spoke to people in the station. A lady helped me with my bus fare and I managed to get to Al Arish about midday, after crossing a few Egyptian checkpoints. Some people on the bus were unhappy that the lady had helped me to get on and they went to one of these checkpoints and reported me. The authorities checked me out and found everything was ok and let me go, and after that everyone on the bus was happy and reassured.

At the bus station in Al Arish I couldn’t find someone to help me go towards Rafah Crossing into Gaza, so I came out of the bus station and asked some people what direction I have to go in to walk towards Palestine and suddenly a man appeared and asked me to follow him to his place. He kindly invited me for lunch and to use his internet. He said I must find out how can I get into Gaza, perhaps if I can find a friend from there it will make it easy for me to cross. I have e-mailed friends in Britian to see if they have information on how to go across Rafah crossing and maybe I can find some contacts in Gaza.

I am just 40km away now and I would like to get to the border tomorrow.

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Journey to Egypt, Part II

Turkey to Egypt…

On 13.03.13 the day of departure came and I managed to get onboard the ship “Aqua Herculous” under a British flag. As I entered the ship I met the manager of the ship, Mr Murat Gulfidan www.almakrani.com.tr and I thanked him and his wife, as they and Mr Gefisi Sabony and especially Mr Yeman Alanbari www.cefizi.com all very kindly helped me to get on the ship.

I admire the kindness and courage of the Syrian people that I have met on my journey, first in Iraq and then in Turkey. Despite their country being in a state of war, in my experience they have always been very open-minded and helpful.After being onboard the Aqua Herculos for about 24 hours, finally the ship started moving. After another 30 hours at sea  we got into the port of Damietta in Egypt. There they asked me for a visa and I said “I am on a peace pilgrimage on foot from London to Palestine,” and I showed them my Occupy letter and also my board displaying my message of peace (translated into Arabic). Then Mr Nagy Ziada of the Ziada Shipping Agency did kindly pay for my visa, and I could enter the land of Pharoahs; my first visit to the country of Egypt and my first entry into the continent of Africa.

Here I would like to mention something that I saw onboard the Aqua Herculous at 10.30am and again at 20.30 on 15.03.13. I was outside my cabin and I saw members of the kitchen crew throwing rubbish into the sea. I spoke to the manager of the kitchen and she denied anything like this would happen, she told me they take all the waste back to Mersin. This didn’t convince me at all, as I had just seen it happening, so I tried to speak to the captain of the ship but was told he was busy. The amount of waste on the ship was saddening, hundreds of plastic cups and plastic sticks being used just once. I spoke to the manager of the kitchen about this and she said that with 200 people on board they don’t have the resources to give all these passengers real cups and they don’t have washing up facilities. I suggested they could just give every passnger one cup and then it would be their responsibility to use it and take care of it, but she said that wouldn’t be hygenic. I didn’t continue to argue the point, but clearly I didn’t like the idea of all this stuff being used once and wasted, and at least some of it being thrown out into the sea.This is the kind of thing we all could take responsibility for, try to make sure we are not part of bad management systems like this, and I would like to see the dumping of waste into the sea from boats like this one investigated, and better systems put in in place. If anyone can help with this – perhaps the EEE (Energy, Equity and Environment) group from OccupyLSX – I would be glad.

Back to the Egyptian port of Damitta. After my entry, the investigation by all sorts of police branches did start. “Why are you here on this peace mission?” “Why are you doing it in this way?” and so on, but after few hours they found out that I don’t have anything to hide, I am a genuine peace pilgrim. Then I was welcomed to Egypt by them, and after my first cup of Egyptian tea I start walking towards Port Said and Al Arish, which are near to the border crossing of Rafah in Gaza.

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Journey to Egypt, Part I

From Cyprus into Turkey…

After I got onto land in Tasucu, the little Turkish town which I had left two weeks before, I met some Syrians and they helped me to get to the city of Mersin. There I began speaking to people about what I am doing and they helped me to get to Mersin port. By this time it was too late to speak to the port authorities, so I spoke to the guards and told them “I don’t have anywhere to go, so where is a good place that I can camp until I can speak to the authority of the port?” and they showed me a place and afterwards they kindly helped me with dinner, then I went and rested in my tent until the next day.

About 7am the police wanted me to clear the area. Without me knowing there had been a dispute between the port authority and the workers and every day the police were coming into the port area to defuse the tension between the two parties, and I was caught in the
middle. Some of the police officers were joking and telling me that if I am a man of peace I should go and sort out the dispute, and I told them I’d need to hear the story from the two parties and then I could give my opinion, but they didn’t get back to me and I didn’t want to interfere with the problem, I just left it for the men who are involved to sort it out.

Anyway, there were no ships going to Lebanon but there was a ship going to Egypt, so my mission was to convince the port authority to let me get onboard this ship. I started talking to people but unfortunately there was no way that anyone could get me on the ship that day. In the end I found a helpful Syrian who worked in an agency and was sending people to Egypt, I went to his office and spoke to the director of the agency and he very kindly promised to book me a ticket to Egypt on the boat which had just left, which would be back in three days. He also asked me to stay in the office overnight.

I thanked him very much and stayed in the office overnight and then the next day I went to the Mersin governor’s office. I explained that these kind Syrian people have helped me to book a ticket to Egypt and now all I need is a place to stay for few days until my ship is coming back and I go to Egypt. They told me I have to leave my details and they’ll get back to me, and then I may be able to make an appointment. I told them “I’m not here for months, just for a few days!”.

Next I went to the municipality office and told them what I am doing and they took me to the traffic police, who checked me out, asking questions and making sure what I say is true, and then they told me to set up my camp nearby. After a few hours another branch of the police arrived and told me I can’t stay there after all, so I have to pack everything up and go back to the port. I told the port authority that I am tired of setting up my camp and every time a different branch of police is coming and asking me to move, without talking to the other branch of police. I said “I need to stay here until my ship is coming back,” and so after some talking they asked me to stay in the port. Then I asked for food and water from the port resturant and they gave it to me, so all I had to do then was stay in the departure area and talk to all the different people who were coming and going.

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Trying to get off the island!

Sorry I’ve been unable to update for the last days. I am now on my way back to the mainland of Turkey.

I left the lovely place of my good friends in Limassol ancd tried talking with the mayor or governor of the town, but after spending almost four hours going around in circles I realised that this strategy was getting me nowhere in terms of facilitating my crossing to Lebanon, so I headed out to the private marina 13 km outside the city.

I was told by the manger of the marina that there was no boat going from there towards Lebanon at all for the next few weeks, so I decided to head out towards the town of Pafos, and any other ports that could posible take me off the island. By this time it was very late afternoon. After some walking and a hitch hike I managed to get to the village of Ypsonas, and here people were very helpful. After getting my dinner from a kind person, I was given sweet dessert by someone else very kind. I then got an offer of an old building like a dungeon to sleep in. By this time it was very late. I was near to the motorway trying to hitch hike people but were not stopping and I couldn’t walk on the motorway; also I was tired, so I decided to call it a day and I stayed in this dungeon-like place until morning.

I started my day by going back to the motorway to hitch hike again and after about an hour the universe did bring me luck. A nice person from Latvia kindly took me to the town of Pafos.

It was almost midday when I got to the town and straight away I headed towards the harbour. After a walk of about 5km I got there and again I was told by the port authority that there was no boat going out anywhere from there, only one which just left to go to the Greek island of Rhodes. By this time it was late afternoon again and I was trying to head north to check every port to try and get off the island.

It was about 5:30 pm, after some distance walking and trying to hitch hike, heading towards the port of Latchi, that I found myself in a bus terminal, and after speaking to the young driver of a bus which was going to Polis, he kindly gave me a lift. By the time I got to Polis it was dark and I managed to find my way by asking the locals how to get to the port of Latchi. I managed to walk all the way to the port but by the time I got there everything was closed. I spoke to some locals and even to the police there and they all told me to see the authority of the port the next morning after 8am.

In the port there were a few restaurants and by asking just one of them I managed to get my dinner, and soon after I set up my peace camp in the port. The next day I saw the manager of the port and I was told the same familiar answer: “No boats are going or coming into the port very soon,” and so I found myself walking and trying to hitch hike my way back to the same port that I arrived in almost two weeks before.

I went through Polis seaside camp site, then the village of Nea Dimmata and the town of Pomos, before finally arriving very late at the border village of Pachyammos. After speaking to kind local people they offered me the yard of the church of St Raphael to set up my peace camp until the next day.

In the morning I started my day by going to the community centre of the village and they kindly offered me a nice cup of tea and from the night before I had some cheese which they had given me left over. The day before a number of good people helped me and gave me food and there were even plenty of orange gardens which I was helping myself from to stock up on vitamin C, so I felt quite well nourished.

After leaving Pachyammos, I walked until I got to the next village, Mosfeli, and here was a kind local restaurant owner. After I explained what I was doing he offered me a full plate of eggs. I could see his mum and dad still helping in the restaurant, it was a family business. He was telling me how important it is what I am doing, trying to abolish borders, because between Pachyammmos and the neighbouring village of Mansoura they have to travel five times the real distance, through the mountains, in order to reach each other, because of the division of Cyprus. While I was there I saw some UN cars and personnel passing by and monitoring the disputed border around the village of Kokkina. It was really a heart-breaking story to hear first about the divided capital of Nicosia and now this remote village in the far north west of the island being affected by the dispute.  I just hope one day soon the two communities can live together, like they did before the date of separation.

I walked through Mansoura, and then through the town of Katopyrgos, from where I managed to get a lift towards Morfou (Guzelyurt). After passing through another checkpoint I realised that I have probably gone through three times as many passport controls within this two weeks on Cyprus than all the time before that since I was born, more than 40 years ago.

I have to emphasise that if people all over the world were together, and there weren’t any borders anywhere else, we could not stand all these checkpoints, but people have come to think this level of control is normal. They feel they don’t have any power to do anything about it, they just have to put up with it to get by in their day to day lives. This is one of the main points of my journey. I would like to see us all boycott the checkpoints and just go about our business like they didn’t exist, let the passport control people sit there for days without anything to do. People power could crumble the borders; it might sound too easy but I think we all have to try one day soon.

Anyway, back to my peace journey. The kind person who gave me a lift dropped me in Morfou and from there again I walked and hitch hiked towards the place of my arrival in Cyprus, the town of Girne (Kyrenia). I spoke to some local people and was asked by a kind bus driver to jump on his bus and here I go! I got back to Girne about 7:30pm and headed straight towards the town port. I spoke to the port army and police officers they told me that because the manager of the port is not available until next day, I can stay in the area where people buy their tickets, so I camped there overnight and next day went to speak to the manager as soon as it was possible. I found out that there is only one cargo ship, which goes after midnight. The port authority told me they will try to send me on the first one, so I waited until midnight yesterday but was then told they can’t send me on that one, but they promised I could go the next day, which is today. After a lot of running around I managed to get a ticket for the same boat that I took more than two weeks ago, when I travelled to Cyprus. Now I am on the boat and word is going around from one side of the boat to another that “Earthian is doing a peaceful walk without money, it is unbelievable what he is doing,” and so after I finish this update I have to show them my Turkish video which was made by Anadolu news agency a few months ago when I was first in Turkey, in order for them to believe that what I am doing is true.

One interesting connection I have made is meeting a motorcyclist who has been doing a tour of Africa, from Angola then back through Europe to Portugal. https://en-gb.facebook.com/WakivucaAfrica is his Facebook address. When I met him he was coming with his girlfriend from the port of Haifa in Israel (which I tried to go to but couldn’t get there), and they told me about Israel’s security measures, about how tight it is.

I hope everyone reading this is happy that I am still kicking and trying to get to the land of Palestine.

Next destination: Mersin, from where I will try to go to Lebanon. I hope to get there soon.

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Staying Hopeful

I have spoken to the Salamis shipping company here in Limassol and they told me if I know someone in Haifa who wants to invite me to Israel, then this person should get in touch with the authorities there, and I should get a letter or email of invitation to show to the shipping company, and then if I can raise 235 euro as well, then I can go. The reality is I don’t want to do all this stuff and I don’t want to put anyone to any trouble at all, so I think this route is not going to work for me.

Yesterday I went to the city centre of Limassol and after speaking to the manager of the famous Limassol castle I went inside and enjoyed  a good look around, then I headed out towards the city’s private marina, which is about 10km from the centre. Throughout the day I spoke to more than 15 people about my journey and they were all helpful to me. I am going to return to the marina on Monday to find out if there are any private boats going out towards Lebanon or Israel in the next days.

The nice person who I am staying with has agreed that I can stay until Monday, so hopefully today and tomorrow I will make some more contacts in the city and maybe I will find more people who are able to help towards my peace journey.

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City of Limassol

I headed out from the southern side of Nicosia towards the city of Larnaka on the south east coast of Cyprus. After some miles walk I met  a woman from the University of Cyprus’ faculty of languages and she kindly asked me to use their university restaurant, so I went there and after speaking to various people about my peace walk, I managed to have a wonderful lunch.

I then continued towards Larnaka, walking some more miles and then meeting a friendly local cyclist who helped me to find my way. After discussing my ideas about the reasons for this peace walk he took details of this web blog and my Facebook address and promised to get in touch in the future; he even kindly offered me some money, which I refused.

Then it was head down again and carrying on walking until I reached near to the motorway. Before I quite entered the motorway this kind young  electronic engineer has stopped his car ahead of me and has even walked back for a few hundred yards to tap me on my shoulder and say “I have stopped to take you to Larnaka”. As we drove I talked about my peace walk and when we arrived he even kindly offered me a dinner as well.

After saying goodbye to the engineer I started enquiring about whether a ship is going from here to Lebanon/Palestine, but soon I found out that there are no passenger/car ferries crossing, only cargo ships and some private yachts which only operate seasonally, starting from June.

So I walked around most of the town and found somewhere to camp over night. The  next day I made sure that there really are no ferries crossing to anywhere from here and then, before heading to Limasol (Cyprus’ second largest city, aka Lemesos), I visited a little castle where you can see the hanging chamber (gallows) which was last used in 1945 by British forces. Seeing this made me feel so sad and upset that I decided to bring the abolition of the death penalty to the top of my list of things I want to achieve on this peace walk:

1) abolition of death penalty.
2) abolition of weapons of mass destructions.
3) abolition of all artificially created borders across the world.
4) advocacy of a resource-based economy instead of a monetary-based economy.

In addition, of course, to the stopping of all wars across the world immediately, and advocating a week of peace instead of just a day of peace across the globe, from 21/09/13 to 28/09/13 and every year onwards.

Returning to the walk:

After more than 10km of walking towards the city of Limassol a nice Cypriot man stopped and gave me a lift all the way to the port of the city, and then he did kindly offer me some food and drink as well.

At the port I soon found out that there is only one ferry company operating here, and they just have one trip a week from here to Haifa in Israel, and for this you have to be a businessman or have someone inviting you over; otherwise they don’t let you go. Or, you can go back to mainland Greece, to Athina, and they were asking for 210 euros for this. Another problem I have to mention is, I have entered the island from what they say is an illegal port, because the port of Girne and area of Kyrenia where I have entered is an occupied land. This means that officially I have to go back, and go out of the island from where I have come in.

After all this running around finding out this information I sat down in a bus stop to reflect on what to do next. Soon I saw this kind person reading my board and then we started to talk all about my journey and peace walk, and she kindly offered me a bath and a night staying at her place. I am grateful for the universe that connects us all in a good and mysterious way, and I have just heard this morning that I am being offered another night staying here, so I am going out to explore the city while I have a roof above my head and I will do some more reflecting on what to do next.

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Criss-crossing Borders

After occupying two nights and three days in the north of the capital (Nicosia, also known as Lefkosia), I made my way towards the south side of the capital. By this time I’d been three times to the presidential palace only to be told it will not be possible for me to see anyone from there.

I also tried to go and see the mayor or governor of the north side of the capital but by the time I got there it was already Friday and offices are closed on Fridays in the Turkish-ruled north.

My first experience of Cypriot border crossings was unpleasant, this was at the border which had an Occupy camp for a while (Lidras St) and a policeman there was very heavy-handed with me. I went back to the north after that and then the next day tried my second crossing.

On my way to make the second crossing I talked to many people and they were quite helpful to me. After almost four hours walking, I crossed the border at 30 minutes past midnight without any problems, apart from a hostile attitude from the border police because I have entered from an illegal port (now it is called Girne, and before the 1974 war it was Keryna). I told the border police that the northern Cypriots have treated me quite well, and after that it seemed their hospitality improved.

I have been learning a little bit about the island of Cyprus,  it has apparently about ten thousand years of history and civilisation.

8200-1050 BC: Prehistoric.
1050-480 BC: Geometric and Archaic periods.
480 BC – 330 AD: Classical,  Hellenic and Roman periods.
330-1191 AD: Byzantine period.
1192-1489 AD: Frankish period.
1489-1571 AD: Venetians in Cyprus.
1571-1878 AD: Cyprus becomes part of the Ottoman Empire.
1878-1960 AD: British rule.
1960- today: the Cyprus Republic

In 1974 the division has started as we see it today, and it is most depressing and heart-breaking to see two communities that cannot live together side by side. I have noticed that people over here in the south are not generally minded to be helpful, especially the older generation; however, the younger generation on both sides are trying to leave the past behind and look forward into the future,  and I hope to see more evidence of this very soon.

So, back to my peace mission:

After my second crossing I headed towards the centre of the capital again, this time from the south side, and after about an hour’s walk I got tired and I set up my first peace camp here in the south, and had good night’s sleep. The next day I started exploring the south of the capital, and I managed to speak to many people.

On Sunday when I woke up, I heard music and celebration coming from a park near my camp (I’d been using the public toilets in the park and had been pleased to find it was called “The Garden of Peace”). I went to see what the music was about and found it was from people who were migrant workers from the Philippines and India and Pakistan; apparently every Sunday, on their day off, they gather and celebrate and play games. I participated in some of the games, there was plenty of food, and I was given a body wash and two bars of soap! It was a good day to spread my message among these people and many of them said they were hoping that one day I can make it to their countries. I made a video clip with someone who was videoing the Sunday gathering celebration, and he said he’d try to email it to me.

On Monday, soon after waking up, I was on my way back from the Peace Garden bathroom, when I saw two police officers – a man and a woman – opening my tent and making phone calls. They told me I have camped in front of a government building and asked me to move my camp as soon as possible. I told them I am going to the municipality building to see if they can offer me a place to stay for another two days,  and so they showed me how to get there.

After about an hour’s walk I managed to find the building and after speaking to various people I managed to get a booking for two nights in a youth hostel bed. I headed towards the hostel and made myself at home there. The hostel has five rooms and each room has four beds. While I was camping out, all these beds were empty, and apart from me they are still all empty now. How sad can you be? Anyway, once I had shelter I had to go out and fetch some food; after about two hours food hunting I managed to get enough food for the night and for my next day’s breakfast as well, and after this I had a good night’s sleep.

Today I started my day by going to the UN Peacekeeping offices and there I spoke to a couple of the guards from the entrance to the building; both of them were from Britain (one from Cheshire and the other from Portsmouth). I told them I wanted to report the rudeness of one of the police officers at my first border crossing and I also asked how can I make the commissioner aware of what I am doing and find out how they can help me? The answers to these questions required much bureaucracy and were very time-consuming and not terribly helpful.

Next I headed to the third and final border crossing to go back into the Turkish-run north. From the Greek side there was no problem but on the Turkish side I had to wait for nearly half an hour and then, after many phone calls and discussions amongst themselves, the border officials finally let me go.

I went back to the community cafe shop where they had helped me to find my first camp site and they were kind again and offered me food and drink again, and I had to thank them again, for the last time. I started to walk about to the places I didn’t see when I was first there, and after speaking to some more people I then went back to my first crossing point, where I had the problem with one of the police officers before, and this time there was no problem, so I crossed back to the south and am now in the youth hostel for my second night, and after writing this I have to head out again for food hunting.

I wanted very much to camp at the buffer zone which is controlled by the UN Peacekeeping forces, but after being near to the site twice I’ve found people over there aren’t very friendly so I don’t  know whether they’ll flush me out as they did with the Occupy people there last year. I don’t have any answers or support, so I might skip that and head down towards Larnaka/Lemesos in the south east and south of the island. From there I hope to get to Lebanon/Palestine… so wish me luck on my journey.

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I have arrıved at the port of Girne ın Cyprus after being ınsıde a shıp for more than eight hours. I managed to secure the tıcket for the ferry by askıng for help at the town councıl in Tasucu, Turkey.

At the port, before getting on the boat, I met Samuel Erıkson, the second round the world cyclist (http://thebikeadventure.blogspot.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/samueleriksson).

After arrıvıng in Gırne, a seaside town, I had somethıng to eat wıth Samuel and then we saıd goodbye to each other and I headed out towards the capıtal cıty of north Cyprus – Nıcosıa (Lefkoşa). After some dıstance a car stopped and they were happy to see my peace flag and they told me they are quıte happy to take me to the capıtal and they wıll also be quıte happy ıf I allow them to take a photo wıth them and me; and I was quıte happy to do so!

So I got to the capıtal and at the old and famous gate of Gırne (Kyrenıa) we took a photo and then they went and I started to walk about ınsıde the cıty, towards the famous and first border poınt ınsıde the capıtal. Some of the border guards came out and they told me ıf I want to cross I have to show them my passport, so I saıd “I would lıke to see the mayor or the governor of the town before I leave towards the south,” and they dırected me to the town hall. By the tıme I got there ıt was all closed and they told me to come back next day.

Then I was lookıng for somewhere to set up my peace camp, so I vısıted many places, ıncludıng an army barracks, and they all told me they couldn’t help. Next I went to a community club and one of the locals took me to a piece of ground whıch he told me belongs to the local councıl and he said ıf I camp there noone ıs goıng to hassle me, so I went and I set up my camp there.

I rested there overnıght and the next day I went to see the governor of the cıty. I was told “he ıs ın a meetıng” but I can leave a phone number or wrıte what I want to say and they can get back to me. I reıterated that I am not on a holıday, I am on a peace mıssıon, and I need a place to stay. I explained that  ıf they allocate a place for me, then I can waıt and take my tıme to see them, but they told me just “come back tomorrow and hopefully you can see someone,” so I left theır offıce and headed out towards the cıty and talked to more people.

I hope tomorrow to tell someone ın the town hall or presıdent’s offıce that I am not happy wıth thıs dıvısıon and border across Cyprus at all. I would like people to consider our fundamental rıght of movement.

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West & South

I have managed to get into a little seaside town of Tasucu in the  province of Mersin in south-western Turkey, after a long walk and hitch-hiking with the help of peace-loving people. I have gone through Gazintap, Iskendrun in Antakia and Adana in southern Turkey to get here. Even the police helped me to get onto a main road when I was hitch-hiking towards Mersin city.

Last night I put up my tent and made my first peace camp here in Turkey. I did this in the bus terminal of Mersin city. I slept a little and then I could hear that people were talking about my protest/peace tent and that I needed to get to the town of Tasucu, and then they woke me up to help me get there – the story everywhere in the terminal was about what I am doing and why I am doing it. I explained “This is a peace camp and I don’t have anywhere else to go and sleep and this is where my journey has brought me and that’s why I have camped here.” After my explanation the people were very helpful.


In the town of Tasucu I spent from morning to late afternoon trying to convince private ferries to cross me to Cyprus, but this was difficult and I didn’t have success. Later in the afternoon I came up with the idea of going to speak to the mayor or the governor of the town, but before I could even get to the town hall someone found me who could secure a ticket to Cyprus for me without any problem. After that I came out to a cafe which looks out towards the island of Cyprus,  and I hope by tomorrow I will be there and then I will try to get a step nearer to Lebanon and then Palestine… but let’s hope to get to Cyprus first and then think about the next steps.


I didn’t keep trying to go to Baghdad because the people at the last checkpoint wouldn’t let me go through with what I had in my hand in terms of paperwork, so to carry on would have meant the risk of hiding from the authorities and from the insurgents and I would have had no help. Sometimes you feel when a problem becomes so obviously clear, then to still try to do it is going to be a madness. I decided not to risk it when it became so obvious and clear. So that is why I am now trying this alternate route.

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Around-About & Back to Turkey!

A lot has happened since my last blog post.

The day after that post, I packed up and left the Malito Hotel, then headed towards the Time Centre (an NGO which I talked about before). On my way I talked to some people, including members of a fire station who kindly invited me for lunch and took many photos, then one of the firemen gave me a lift to the Time Centre where I left my baggage. Then the fireman kindly topped up my mobile as well, and then he took me to Salahadin University to make an appointment for that evening.

After that I spoke to some students there, and promised that if I stayed in town I would visit them again. Then I headed back to the Time Centre where I saw the person who had introduced me to Salahadin University in the first place and he was supposed to be coming with me to the appointment but told me he was going to be late, but that if I wanted to go myself it would be ok. I asked him and the head of Centre if I could stay there that night and they told me “Sorry we can’t help you with this,” so I thanked them and took all my things and headed out to find somewhere else to stay.

I tried to call all the NGOs I had details for and they all said they couldn’t help, so I ended up setting up my peace camp right in front of the regional government parliament. After about two hours I was stripped and searched thoroughly, and I was taken to a police station and then after some investigation I was released (it was about 10pm) and I was told I can’t camp and I have to go somewhere else outside the
capital. They said it was because it is near to the anniversary of an event similar to the Arab uprising, which happened here, and this meant they didn’t want to see me here in the Kurdish capital camping anywhere at all.

I managed to get in touch with my good friend from the Syrian Kurdish community and he told me “You are welcome to come and stay here overnight.” After getting there I met some more new people and we talked about what I should do next.

So, the next day I headed out towards Baghdad garage and there was a car there that was going towards Baghdad. We passed Kirkuk and about 20km beyond Kirkuk – after passing about 15 checkpoints – I was stopped and told again that it would be a better choice to go back and find an alternative route for my journey rather than going to Baghdad and then Jordan. And so, after taking some photos with all
the people there (and one Arab journalist and the people I was travelling with took photos of me too), I thanked them all, especially the car driver, and I said goodbye to them. They went on to Baghdad and I waited at the checkpoint for an opportunity to go back in the direction from which I had just come, because everyone is telling me this is what I must do.

After a while I got a chance to come back towards the border with Turkey (through Mousal). After a few hours there I really felt I was in a military zone and then luckily I got through to the Kurdish region again and then there I was at the border for almost a week and couldn’t go through to Turkey, because I was told my visa has run out.

Eventually I managed to get through north Iraq and ınto eastern Turkey but before that I had to go back to the provınce of Duhok and try to see the governor, so on the way I have managed to go and vısıt the Syrıan refugees at the Domız camp. They dıdn’t let me sleep over there but I managed to camp at a buıldıng sıte near to the refugee camp and the builders were from Syrıa as well, and they were quıte happy for me to stay wıth them for the nıght.  The next day I went to the offıce of the governor ın Duhok but he wasn’t avaılable, so I managed to see hıs deputy and they helped me to sort out all the border problems. After that everyone was happy and helpful to me.

As soon as I got ınto the town of Cızre everyone over there was happy and helpful too and I hope that I can continue to western Turkey
safe and well.

I have gone through much more than I have written here but this is just an update to say that I am alive and I will still keep going on my peace mission.

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End of this era

I had about an hour meeting with the designer and he was quite happy to help me with the ID, but today I called him back and he told me still not finished, so I am still waiting to see what is going to happen after the first draft of his design, and also waiting to see if any Occupy London people can help me who have design skills.

On 10.02.13 I went out with the aim of making an appointment to see the leader of the regional government, but soon I was told the person I am there to see, who could help me make an appointment to see the leader, has got a lot of other appointments. I was told to come back next day, so I planned the rest of my day by trying to go to the governor’s office so I can get a letter from him to see the head of the parliament,  but over there as well I didn’t have any luck,  and I was told to come back tomorrow, so I started to go to a few other places and spoke to a few more people about my peace mission, then went back to my resting place at the Malito (means “your home”) hotel room.

Next day I started by going to my first appointment at the PDK office, soon I was told the person I have an appointment with doesn’t wish to see me and I should forget trying to see him, so I decided to abolish the idea of trying to see the head or the leader of the regional government, and soon headed down to the governor’s office again to see if I can see him and thank him for his hospitality, and also to see if I can get a letter to go and see the head of the parliament. I was told he is having an important meeting and I should come back the next day to see him,  so I headed out to a meeting that with the head of the Time Centre.

The head of the Time Centre did welcome me and told me all about their projects and his secretary took some photos and he promised to publish them on their Facebook. He also offered to make some other appointments for me including for a radio interview, seeing the UN, and going and doing a symbolic tree planting in the disputed area between Hawler/Erbil and Kirkuk. So, after the many disappointments, I had a good meeting with this NGO charity.

On 12.02.13 I went back to pay my last visit to the governor’s office, but before even I got to his office I was told I have to go to the council of ministers, so I headed down there and I was told I have to go to another government building, because they can’t do much there, so I headed down to this new building,  and soon I was told the person I am there to see, he is abroad, and they can call me to make an appointment for sometime in the next two weeks. It wasn’t even 11am and already I had received three rejections,  so I decided to go to some other government and NGO building, including to see the mayor of Hawler (Erbil) municipality. This time I was hunting totally different things – maps – and as I was going through the capital’s main park (Shanyder), I realised there was a cave here where the skeleton of a neanderthal human dating back 80000 years was found. I met a group of student who were on a tour of the park and I told them about my story and they were quite happy to talk with me and they started taking photos to put on their Facebook.

I started to visit all those buildings and people looking for maps and everyone was quite helpful and I got a map from one of them. I then started to walk back to my peaceful resting place, and as I put up my board showing my direction on it, a car stopped and a group of young people came out, and they told me “We have seen you on Facebook and would like to take some photos,”  and I told them “No problem, you are welcome,” and after that they asked me if I need to take a lift, but I told them “You don’t have enough space, so no worries, there will be some others.” Immediately after they left, a taxi stopped and asked me come on board and before I explained anything he told me ” Just jump on, I want to help.”

I got back to my hotel and as I arrived at the reception I was told by the receptionist that I have to pay for the hotel for tonight, and I said “What’s happened?” and he told me “We have got a call from the governor’s office to say this” and I said “Well now it is to late for me to find anywhere, but perhaps I can just put up my tent outside till tomorrow, because I don’t use money,” but the manger of the hotel said “No problem, I’ll pay for it tonight, and for dinner as well”. So the hospitality of the capital’s governor has finished, and now I have to thank everyone here in the Malito hotel and the governor’s office for my stay here and from tomorrow, I’ll be back to the life of camping, unless I find some other kind people here in the capital who put me up while I decide what to do next.

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Many meetings

A couple of days ago I met some of the people who are involved in a charity place called TIME CENTRE (www.center-time.org), and I stayed with them for about an hour and told them all about my peace mission. They were quite happy to help me to get in touch with the director of the centre, and they gave me his contact details so I can get in touch with him myself. I will see if he can link me with some other organisations such as UNHCR (the UN refugee agency).

There’s another university here in the capital called  Salahadin as well, but I tried to get in touch with them and the phone isn’t being answered so I have to just try again tomorrow.

I also have an appointment with a person who I was told is good at designing, so I am hoping he might be good to help me with the international Earthian ID as well.

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Today I started my day by going to the ‘Council of Ministers’ and there I managed to speak to someone who told me I have to go to another building, and see someone else, to make an appointment to see the leader of the regional government (Mr Masoud Barzani), who is out of the region at the moment. After some walking and hitch-hiking I managed to get there, and I got into their building, and I met a group of people who had all been living outside the region and now are all advisers to the PDK, of which Barzani is the head.

After a warm welcome they all advised me not to go to Jordan/Gulf States, because in those places are dictator governments who won’t respect my peace mission and won’t understand my message and “We all worry you will go missing”. They advised me I should see more organisations, maybe the head of UNHCR and more media outlets too. They think I should make here, the Kurdish capital, the end of my mission.

So, I told them “Thank you all for your concerns and advice, I’d like to make an appointment with the leader of your party who is also the head of the regional government”. As I knew from before, they told me he and many others are outside of the region and “We don’t know when he is coming back, but if you
come back on Sunday, you’ll see a person can make you an appointment for seeing the leader”.

I thanked them all again, and I told them that for time being I can’t do much until I see him and then I will make my decision, and I left the place, heading back to see the governor.

By the time I got there, the governor was busy again, and I went back to a person who is sort of his deputy, and he took my number and told me he is going to call me back. He also asked me to go and see another person in the area of identification, so I went there, and I met this person, and he told me all about how you can get an Iraqi ID! I told him “This is not what I am here for and I am not interested in getting one, all I need is something called an Earthian ID but I think you would not be able to make me one”. After taking
a photo of me with him, he called back to the governor’s deputy office again
and he told them that what I need wouldn’t be made here.

I then headed back to the governor’s deputy’s office and he again sent me to another office. I told the head of this office as well that what I need is something new, and that I have to speak to the head of the government, which is why I am trying to make an appointment, and that is the only way to go forward. I went back to the governor’s secretary’s office and I told him that really all I need is a letter so that I can see the head of the regional government/parliament, to see if he can help me with this ID or not. He told me to please come back on Sunday, because “it is too late now”.

After this I went to a place called Peace Radio. After two days of trying, I managed to get into their office and speak to the manager and exchange
details. He told me he is going to make an appointment with me, and will call me back to talk about my peace mission. I have to mention their fruit hospitality was great, it was just in time!

Next I headed out to another government building but when I got there the office was closed. As I was talking to the person in front of the gate, I was told, “How come you haven’t got a map from Britain? We have been told the UK has the best and most accurate map of Kurdistan from 1895, before the border creation and the division of Kurdistan between five different countries and the redrawing of the whole of the Middle East after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire”.

So, I think if I need to abolish some borders I have to start with some here, which have been created artificially and not according to the will of local people. I need some deep research for finding this map, which must exist in Britain and I am not aware of it. If anyone has seen one, please let me know.

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Practising patience

Today I have managed to get to the information and enquiries building
of the interior ministry, but soon I found out I have to have a link or someone has to recommend me to them, or I have to have a letter from someone
who they know, before they will see me. So I headed out to go and see the mayor or the governor himself, which is the only link I have got in order for me
to maybe get an audience with the ministers. When I got there, again I was told to come back tomorrow. Over here work days finish at about 2:30 – 3 pm and you have to wait until the next day.

So, I am walking around the capital and talking to people again about what and why am I doing this mission. Some people are very kind and helpful and some make me very disappointed, but I always tell myself if I have managed to get as far as here, I can carry on and finish the rest of my journey.

Interestingly I am now well known as the first man to walk and hitch- hike here in the Kurdish capital and a lot of people are stopping and asking me what am I doing, holding this board with my destination on it! Many people just stop to ask me out of curiosity and then I have a chance to explain all about my peace walk and peace mission.

As an example, today a car stopped and he told me “yesterday I saw you on the ring road and I couldn’t stop to ask you what are you doing, so now I see you again today and am stopping”! I explained and he told me “unfortunately I am not going towards your direction”, but he offered me a bottle of water and a Turkish delight. Also some of the taxi drivers are just wanting to help me and get me from one government building or one centre to another, although some other times I have to walk all the way, but it is all new and interesting.

Sometimes people are asking if they can have a photo with me, because they have seen me somewhere on TV or in a newspaper, or on Facebook or a website or somewhere else.

I am telling myself that as long as I have this place to stay, I can be active and try to arrange and do a lot of good things here, so while I feel I am doing something just about enough to satisfy my feelings, I will carry on with trying to make contacts and get official help for the next phase of the journey, and hopefully soon I will be ready to go.

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Elusive Officials

I am still in the hotel which has been provided by the governor and during the day I am going out and trying to make best use of my time while I have the privilege of not being under a  tent and having two main meals a day – it is a good news isn’t it? Yes, I think!


Today I started my day by going to the parliament of the regional government. I was hoping to see the head (leader) of the house of parliament / prime minster (head of the ministers) or the leader of the regional government. I have manged to get into the Information and Enquiries building and after that I was told “What time is your appointment and who has sent you to come here?”. It seems to be that in order to see any of these people you need to have a great link and someone has to recommend you and know you very well. I told them “I don’t know anyone and I am here to make an appointment and nothing else”. They were refusing to give me a number, so that I can make an enquiry to make such an appointment, so I came out of the information building of the parliament and made some phone calls with the hope of getting somewhere, but with no luck.

I came away from the parliament building and headed out to go to another department, this time the Kurdistan regional government council department of foreign relations. After about an hour’s discussion about my ideas and plans they told me they can’t do much about what I need, and they recommended another ministry building, so after a long hitch-hiking struggle I managed to get there, but by the time I got there they told me it is closed now. So, I did another hitch-hike to see the Director of Relations of the Iraqi Kurdistan NGOs’ Network (IKNN) www.facebook.com/ahmad.jamil.165. Because he had another meeting he asked me to send him what I want him to do for me, or what help from him do I want, and he can get back to me afterwards.


All this is because I wanted to have a safe passage to Jordan and wanted the regional government to help me organise to carry an Earthian ID with me to avoid paperwork problems. The government seems to be far from doing this very quickly, so while I am going from one place to another, here and there I go to different high schools, colleges and universities to make appointments, so I can talk about my peace mission in these places.


I feel I haven’t done much to satisfy what I am doing here, but I do my best to feel I have done what I can and have to do, so that afterwards I won’t regret and think “why haven’t I done enough?” I have my limitations as well, as soon as I feel I am not doing what I came here for, I’ll move on to the next stage, but I think that while I have the opportunity of the place that I am staying in, I shouldn’t give up so soon. I am hoping I can find someone out there who can help me with my ID and transportation, as they did with my accommodation; that is all I want from the regional government and I hope they will listen to me for the sake of just being human beings trying to do the right thing.

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